Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Donations can be made to www.animalswithoutlimits.com click donations

We also accept checks, receipt will be sent.

Sharing is Amore.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


The Troop 007 Boy Scouts from NSA Support Site came out and kept our clients in a very happy mood. A lot of Amore and even presents. That's lovely Amore.
From lovely generous supporters, donations were dropped off at NSA Support Site vet.clinic.
Olivia was kind driving all the great donations out to our hospice in Lago Patria. The food and medicine will be storage for our drive to the 387 dog shelter. The bed, I guess Layla already took that as hers. Cleaning suppliers we will share, hospice and shelter. This is wonderful Amore!

Thank you all who are making it possible for us to help animals in need and many people behind the rescuing.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


AWL wants to send the biggest hug to Los Angeles dog Vinnie who donated a good check to the sick “Little Girl” for medication. Vinnie’s heart is big and loving and even if he is himself going through chemotherapy for cancer , he doesn’t stop thinking of those who are not as lucky as he, his masters’ Craig and Tracey say. In Vinnie we see the same big heart as his “parents” he too, is Amore.

Casa dell’Amore clients are holding their paws crossed for Vinnie, for a fast recovery. “He is a Trooper”, said Tigro, one of the 16 year old Hospice clients in Italy.

We all are Amore, thanks to the Kleber Support in Los Angeles, USA

Friday, January 27, 2012


Monica, a great Italian volunteer has helped AWL rescuing the cat Edgar (see earlier blog) before.

Monica found this little sick girl on the street and brought her home. She is very sick but still wagging her tail and eats. But if not treated she will die, and it is a slow painful death.
She probably got leichaminios the mosquito disease and mange, probably scabies too. It is treatable but very expensive. That is why many people throws them on the street.
We would love to help this little girl.

Help us by sponsoring her and we will send you a certification for your generous help. We need 250 euro for medication and she also need special dog food that is very expensive but it works miracle (for kidney problem).

All together 350 euro and our AWL Martina will buy the food and medicine and deliver it to Monica.

We know your big hearts, and meet this girl with a bigger heart to survive. That's Amore!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Our lovely Dusty from the hospice--who was run over by a car and left on the street bleeding and paralyzed for 2 hours.--is adopted by a Swedish lovely lady who lives on a farm and works with acupuncture on animals.

I just think it is amazing that Dusty will get treatment for her sensible back.

Two weeks after the accident she could walk again but she could have an old hernia. But she is full of life and happy girl. And she loves when Pio our volunteers sits at the hospice reading for her.

That's Amore.

Sunday, January 22, 2012



URGENT! AWL have been asked to help a shelter with 385 dogs inside It is very urgent. It is a tragic!
It was a Townhall/Government shelter but in October they stopped paying and now the dogs are suffering badly. Starving, and slowly suffering a horrible death. They don't even have money for the disposal of carcasses so many dead dogs but no place where to put them!

AWL have started a collection and we beg you to help us. WE are in BIG need of dog food (any kind) antibiotic, de worming, frontline, latex gloves, cleaning detergent, blankets. Drop off : SS Veterinarian on Base, Hospice in Lago Patria or collect at your work. Deadline February 10th. If you are in another country like Germany you can send it to me or if American spouses want to help please let me know. We accept checks, and you can donate PAYPAL or Italian bank please ear mark CASERTA CANILE www.animalswithoutlimits.com (donations) I am driving down soon ♥

GERMANY awlrescueteam@gmail.com
ITALY ciccia1987@gmail.com

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Little 2 moth old cat was rescued by wonderful AWL helpers and brought into their home getting warm and some food.

AWL sponsored with Minu's first veterinarian visit, de worming and she also had an eye infection.

Thank you Ivan and Frederica for your hearts, and thank you AWL sponsors you make it possible for us to save life.

That's Meow Amore!

Friday, January 20, 2012


We got a hello from one off the "former" pups. I am big now!

AWL caught the mother and all her 9 puppies, treated and loved and all got homes. We love when we get these "hello" That's Amore!


(c) Mia Mattsson 2012

In 2003 I visited Bahrain, NAVY K9 LAter on I wrote about them in one of my books that was published 2006. READ EARLIER ON BLOG

I wrote about the four legged war heros.

Little would I know about Universe/Life that this passion would catch my heart again 2012. A friend Tracey sent me an article about war dogs not being shipped home if they were retired in the war zone. That blew off the chair! (and me)

Let me announce our new project;

Animals Without Limits announces the formation of a fund to transport retired War Dogs back to the US where they can be adopted.

Currently, US Military Working Dogs, who are retired overseas are not transported back to the United States, because they are considered “retired equipment”. However, there is a surplus of people waiting to adopt these heroes, and there is a long waiting period. The cost to transport one of these brave animals to their prospective adoptive parents in the US can be $2500 or more, sometimes putting the adoption out of financial bounds.

Animals Without Limits, a non-profit organization founded in 1999 to assist animals in Chaos, Crisis and War Zones, has established a special fund to help pay the cost of transporting these retired hero-dogs back to the United States to a waiting adoptive family, until the law can be changed that would ensure the government repatriates them before retirement.

For more information, or for information on how to donate, please contact the Executive Director of Animals Without Limits, Ms Mia Mattsson-Mercer, at info@animalswithoutlimits.com

Let me assure you that still Casa dell'AMore Hospice and Napoli Italy AID is our number #1 work and will always be.

This will be a fund and then letting the people fly our hero home, ALL THE WAY!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Update from MAX but before update yourself, Who is? MAX Read more here and here Read here Well now you can continue and have a look at the lovely pictures his "dad" sent us.
Tjohooo Dad!
"That I always have to wait for him!"

This is Amore MAX! Thanks Steve and Susie.


This is the follow up story if you need to up date please click and read.

The AWL rescue team and friends of Simona-- and her rescue team--, they went in and made a fantastic change for the lady. Angy took warm home made chicken soup, they brought cloths for the lady too. AWL sponsored with medication, de worming, adventix, dog bowls, dog food and blankets.
There are 8 dogs and one female with puppies. We are in an urgent need to have them transported to Dr Damiani for treatments --also spay and neuter. To be able to do that we are in big desperate need for donations. Please donate on paypal, you can find it here on our blog.

You can even send us checks; Maria Mattsson-Mercer--CMR 489 Box 1347, APO AE 09751 (that's it do not write any country--on the check you write Animals Without Limits. You can ear mark Castel Volturno dogs)

Outside AWL Hospice team Amore!
Cleaning mission in action. A whole day non stop cleaning and medicating.


"We went with food, deworming,advantix,clothes,blancket,a lot of water, hot chicken soup.

Ivomec for the dog with mange and a lot of bags to put the garbage.

We cleaned as much was possible. She was happy about the help.

She said that people put everything on fire twice and she also went to the Hospital :( this happen also because people want to occupate her house (it isn't her house since also the lady occupated it illegally).She lived for 7 years in another house that the mayor gave to her but there was the first time people put her on fire and she left that place and went in this house where again it happens.

The house is totally destroyed. She just can use one room but no windows or doors and the rain go inside and also the rats :(((

People put the garbage inside her house since the garbage container are in her garden, so we put these on the other side of the street.

We talked to her about the dogs and she would be happy to get help with care and sterilization. She said that we can bring some dogs but she would keep some since she really love them.

I think just two dogs really need care. The one with mange and another with a broken leg.

We will come back. We want to find foster home for the dogs that need care. It was a hard day but we are happy :)

Bacio bacio"

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Reminder how it all started read here CLICK

URGENT!!! This is William "Goof" he was happy roaming around a hotel, and I went there for 10 days medicating a very bad ear infection. We saved his life since he had a big infection in his body and worst was the liver--but got caught in time since we brought him to vet. After one month treatment he was healthy and we had him neutered.

BUT the hotel couldn't have him roaming around so two ladies found him a temperate foster home. He has doing very well. I got an email from one of the ladies saying that the foster family is now moving on base. WILLIAM IS IN A BIG NEED TO GET A FOSTER HOME OR ADOPTED OR HE WILL END UP .....please help! We all have been fighting for him, don't let this happen to him, he wont survive on the streets, he has been to long in the hands of humans and the dog catchers will lock him into a concentration shelter.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Remember earlier CLYDE blog I wrote about our lose. Click here

I had CLYDE cremated, and a German woman painted this beautiful urn. It's my first time I had an animal cremated, it feels strange in a way. I am constantly afraid that Max my little boy will find it and play, wondering what all the dust is inside.

I love this though, our handsome stray born in North Carolina, lived in Italy and died in Germany. That's Amore. RIP dust love.


Lindy (picture) and her husband David, are great animal friends. They have been following AWL missions down in Napoli many times and even helped fostering a very sick dog Bonita back to her health. But sadly they had to move to Germany.
That never changed their passion, and still they help AWL a lot.

For New Year Eve gift we got a wonderful donation -- Thank you!

We are so happy to have you guys, you make so many strays (and us) happy with your presence and love

That's Amore!


The Italian team with Simona and friends from us AWL team came these pictures from a lady living in Castel Volturno in Italy.
She lives in a room in a house with no roof, no water, nothing to cook. In Campania region you dont have any security net to fall on when you dont have a home, job or being sick.
Her only friends are 8 strays that she talks to and gives her love back in return. The people around want to have her removed, out on the street somewhere else. They claim it stinks. Her yard is full of trash, but outside on the streets there are same amount trash. Who is worse?

This dog is in need of treatment, she got mange. Another dog has a broken leg after a car accident.

Instead of wrinkling the nose and complain, Simona with friends and the lovely AWL team went there today to clean and medicate.

We are in desperate need of donation to be able to help this woman and the 8 strays. We need to have all the dogs spayed and neutered, vaccinated, examined and then find foster home.

We also need water containers to feel up and deliver to the lady. Cloths, blankets, dog food and of course food to the lady.

You can donate paypal or our Italian bank account www.animalswithoutlimits.eu

We cannot help all but those we help, we help!

Friday, January 13, 2012


Once in a while I remember why I do all this work, and for free.

Why do I love the work of finding these miserable lives nearly dead? Behind their eyes I see their sparkle of life still glowing. Is it because they never give up like we humans? Is it because they never complain like humans? Nor destroy?

I love being in the surgery room together with Dr Damiani, to hear him and Dr Fransesco discuss, take out their books and show me the explanation. They draw on papers, their eyes are sparkling, they can also see the life in the animals eyes, even if the dog's body tells another story.

Tonight I got a picture that reassured me why I am doing this....WE NEVER GAVE UP!

Read this story and then go back and look at the picture...This is LIFE!

Frank had to go through a 6 hour surgery since he was infected throught his whole body, Dr Damiani and Dr Fransesco did fantastic work. Then it was many drives from hospice to the clinic, some small complications but we did it!!! His beautiful mom sent me this picture with a note tonight:

" Chiara Buccolini He is amazing! Every day at work with me (I'm working in a shop of saddles) He sleeps in my room ... a beautiful love story. I take the photo and he is a friend of mine. Thank you very much. All this is thanks to you. now that I saw the old photos I weep while he sleeps. :-)"


It is a lovely feeling when you get that email "food donation --- bring a big car" First, Michael and his friend picked it up and drove it to our hospice in Lago Patria. Two Pallets of mixed cat and dog food.
Todd drove down from Germany and stopped by the hospice to help load all the food again into the SUV. Steve was there to help and they even had to load some into his car. AWL donated mostly all the food to Adrianne's shelter, where 400 dogs are sitting in cages. Some food went to people who feed dogs on the street. Steve fed some cats outside the base, too.
Then the following week we got a new message, "another pallet of dog food" Steve alone drove and filled his car and emptied it at the hospice. Anna and the co workers at the NEX helped Steve.
We are so thankful for these gift, it means a lot but for the four legged ones that are stuck in the cages for years; they will have a full stomach and freeze less on the cold nights.

For me it was very important to have Steve visiting this kind of shelters. They never come out on a walk, the horrible noise, just waiting.....

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


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Millions ..thank you NAVY Napoli for donation the cat and dog food. We will gladly share it with the oldies and also shelters in big need. Anna, thank you for helping and being our contact person.
A big thank you to Stephen Marty who picked up the donation and drove it to Lago Patria AWL Hospice. And on his way he fed some stray cats. That was a great action!

That's Amore!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Picture. Italian foster mom comforting cat Edgar.

During my monthly visit to Italy, Angy --- one of the hospice volunteers --- and I went to the veterinarian clinic with some of our hospice dogs. It was turmoil of emotional stress since one of our clients was going to be euthanized--- the eternal sleep. Even if Rosita was 19 years old and sick, it became stress since when love is involved it isn´t easy to make that decision (or go a head and say those words). Though it is a gift to be able to give them eternal peace, there are many feelings involved.

When we entered the clinic a man was going out and in his hand he carried a cat in a transportation cage. He stopped me and asked if he could donate some things for AWL. In a hurry I handed him our card and told him where he could leave the donations. I forgot all about him at the same moment I entered the examination room together with Rosita.

We had three other dogs for different check-ups. Angy and I walked out to the waiting room while Dr. Fransesco made the examination room ready for Layla. The man that had left with the cat earlier was now back in the waiting room, again with the cat. I asked our veterinarian what was wrong?

Nothing, was wrong with the cat, he was healthy as a 15-year-old cat can be, but the man´s wife didn´t want the cat anymore. They wanted to put the cat to sleep.

I could see that Dr. Fransesco was conflicted and didn´t want to do it. He had told the man to go home and speak to his wife that there was nothing wrong with the cat. And Dr. Fransesco had hoped the wife could come back and they could talk about another solution. She never came! Instead she sent her husband back and this time he had a book with him if-- he had to sit there and wait to have his cat put down to sleep, however long time it would take.

According to the man, the cat hid from the family --he told us several times-- “what kind of life is that to have a cat?” Upon my question if he had any children, he told us his daughter was 14 years old. What kind of morals do you teach your daughter by euthanizing a cat because he is hiding and making his business outside the cat litter box? “Well she hates the cat!”

“If I was the cat I would hide too if I knew the whole family hated me!” I replied.

He was charming telling us all these negative things about the cat and if we took the cat, we would also get all the cat things they had for him. We were angry, the poor cat Edgar didn´t have any voice of his own and when we open the cat box he looked with timid eyes and a small meow came out. This cat could not be put down to sleep!

More information was filling out to Edgar´s story, they were moving back to the States. More was being added, the owner apologized saying they had had an ad for Edgar on a Navy website but no one had answered. I couldn´t help telling him it was a very positive ad, totally opposite what he had just told the veterinarian. He blushed. I looked at him shaking my head.

He continued, “Well it is my wife who will take care of him she is the one who will deal with this cat while I am gone on a ship for a long time”

A cat that was hiding would suddenly give one person a lot of work after 15 years together!

We couldn´t believe how much he came up with and was obviously scared by his wife (or so he told), they didn´t do this together. I took up my phone and called our great volunteer Marty for help. When I hung up I turned around gave him our business card and told him to donate to AWL as a thank you since we would take care of Edgar. He thanked me several times and it was so hard not to show any anger, instead I said. “You might have a good heart but you sure don’t have any balls.”

1) Did we get any donations? Only the things Edgar had in his home that the owner had promised our foundation before we met Edgar and heard about his story. If I hadn´t overheard the conversation or been there that day, Edgar would have been dead.

2) According to the foster mom Marty found for Edgar, he was adorable and did not hide, nor did he pee or poo outside the box. He just wanted to cuddle all day with her.

We never got any email back from owner thanking or asking how Edgar was doing. When I saw their ad I wrote a message asking why no donations? Answer back: “we hadn´t had time we are packing!”

Yesterday I received an email from Marty that Edgar had passed away. He stopped eating and grieved his lost family --- the ones who callously abandoned him and wanted to put him to sleep for their convenience. The foster mom took him to the veterinarian who confirmed his grief and tried to give him fluid and even give him baby food with a syringe. Edgar´s only wish was to be close to his foster mom and his heart stopped beating out of heartache.

Edgar knew he was unwanted and as children who cannot speak for themselves, he had to express in actions. When not being seen or wanted anymore, a creature´s hope inside blows out like a candle, the pain is overwhelming and the heart and soul wanders away lost by pain.

Two different veterinarians met Edgar (not related or know each other), they confirmed that he was a healthy cat.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Yesterday me (Martina) and Chiara where on the Asse Mediano coming back home.
We saw 3 cars stopped on the right side of the street and also in the middle of the street near the guardrail. 5 people were near an handsome german shepard about one years old. He was laying down close to the people.
So we stopped the car and ran across the street to see the dog.
He was fine and sooo sweet! one boy told... us that he was running in the middle of the street. I have never seen so many people worried for a dog.
One younger man was a dog trainer volunteer in a kennel.
After me (Martina) and Chiara also another car stopped and another volunteer.
I had a collar and a leash in my bag.
A woman called the asl (dogcatcher to the horrible shelters in Campania, once you are inside the shelter no way bakc) but I asked PLEASE PLEASE to someone to bring him and I would help to find him a home...then one of the younger men (the one in the pic with the black jacket) said "i will adopt him!" :)
He also got 4 dogs :) 3 female and a male.
Then he said " now I've to castrate him..." so I said that we will sponsor the surgery...

Mia comment; wonderful story from Martina and Chiara. And for AWL that can sponsor the neutering. What a great day with people that work together That´s Team Amore! (All Italians ♥)

Thursday, January 5, 2012


It is thanks to all of you that we can save lifes. The Kleber family have a great big heart and fantastic passion, and we are so thankful for their support. That´s Amore.

Thank you to all the KLeber friends and AWL friends that joined and made this 2011 Challange work. You are Amore!