Thursday, February 27, 2014


I've said all along, AWL is not an adoption agency. We are a rescue organization. But, because of our rescues, we end up in the mode of seeking qualified, quality homes for them when they are ready.

We have a lifelong responsibility to these dogs/cats, both a legal responsibility but more importantly an ethical and moral responsibility. When adopting a dog (or cat) via AWL we insist that you sign a contract after some time together with your knew friend. The contract demands that AWL must be informed and given FIRST CHANCE to take the animal back if you find you can't/don't want to keep your new family member. AWL must be part of any re-homing, because whomever you think you have found to take him/her from you MUST meet our screening and background requirements. The same goes for euthanization. We state clearly that any behavior problems you are having with the animal, we will work with you to resolve the problem(s)... but we can't do that without your involvement and contacting us. And most importantly, without you meeting YOUR contractual obligations as stipulated in the contract YOU signed when you committed to your adopted dog or cat.

Bluntly put, if YOU can't live with your obligations YOU will agreed to in the adoption contract, then DON'T ADOPT AN ANIMAL FROM AWL. We WILL bring violations of the terms of the contract to the attention of appropriate legal authorities and your chain of command.

Thank you
Mia Mattsson Mercer
President AWL

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


They were locked up for 13 years. Thanks to AWL they got out and got a wonderful place at our Hospice. No cages only bedrooms and living-rooms, garden, warm dog beds, great food and love. Love from all our wonderful volunteers, that cares and makes a difference.

Sunny (white male) is dying. Even if we know that helping Senior dogs means a short time. Maybe short for us but long for them. Cher (brown female) was locked in the cage together with him for 13 long years. Can you imagine?

She knew long time before us that Sunny is "shutting" down, and she wont leave his side. She licks him, looks after him...calm and loving.

I said to my volunteer yesterday, that each dog (Senior) has (is) taught us a lot about different personalities. I love them, I adore them

That's Amore!

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Dear Animal Friends,

We have many who follow our various blogs and websites.  I know you all care deeply for the animals that we help.  I sense that many of you would love to adopt or foster one or more of these animals, but cannot.

Now, there is an opportunity where you can sponsor a specific dog.  Your sponsorship will ensure that "your" dog has what he or she needs going forward, the money you provide will ONLY go to the dog(s) you sponsor.  This is a simple and effective way to help a dog who has touched your heart.
You set the amount you can provide each month (per dog).
You specify which dog(s) you want to sponsor.
Upon the initiation of your sponsorship, you will get a certificate attesting to your kindness, animal friendliness and sponsorship of the dog(s) by name(s).
You can even send care packages to your specific dog, with treats or things you believe your sponsoree needs or would like.  Of course, whatever you send will only go to the dog(s) you designate.

Each month, you will recieve a picture (digital) and an update about "your" dog(s).
Write to volunteer ULLA LINDERS and tell her which dog and the amount you would like to sponsor. She will answer you back with all the information, right away


Like we wrote earlier our Hospice client Sunny is not doing so well. He is not suffering or in pain. Many times I believe we humans suffer more when we see the one we love getting old. Animals or Humans, it is painful.  Cher his partner in the shelter for over 13 years never leaves his side. Plenty of kisses every day. It is so touching to watch.

Tonia his (their) guardian mom comes extra many times to the hospice to check on him. And today our veterinarian will stop by for a visit.

He has a mitral endocardiosis so he needs several medicines for his heart (Cardisure and Nelio) and an antibiotic for his gingivitis (Stomorgyl) Sunny also got arthritis to all his four legs.

Monday, February 17, 2014


 Nothing is more wonderful than receiving happy pictures from every adopted dog. That is when we feel "paid. We all work for free, several hours a day. Many times the hours are not so pleasent. But these pictures are fabilous. Senior Fochetta left in a horrible shelter, a volunteer smuggled her out. Now she lives a dream life in Sweden.
 MIA one of the naughty puppies, that made her earn the name "pain" Boy could that girl nibble. Now in a warm loving home in Sweden.
 MAX, charming Max, walked on base right into the vet clinic and sat down. We were lucky that a foster would take care of him until her husband came home. Well, when husband came home he fell madly in love with MAX. Lucky Max and lucky Steve. (USA/Italy)
 Rosie our love lady. Finally you got your home. SO sad waiting and hoping whenever a new person stepped into the hospice. But one day two wonderful people Thomas and Eva decided to adopt her up in Sweden. O dear what a story...and trip. --Sweden
 Capri sweet Capri, found on an airport, put in a shelter, adopted by a family. One day Capri didn't like all the dogs and started to attack. But she got her own space and new build garage with beds--but still the family could feel she wanted a small pack. A Swedish lady came and wanted to adopt Capri
together with Philippo that had been locked in a cage for two years, isolated. Now happy together in Sweden

That's Amore

Sunday, February 16, 2014


                                              I love our new design of Before and After

This little fellow was closed in a cage for 2 years, isolated. A Swedish volunteer came down to help us with our projects. One was to go to this shelter with donations (food)
Ulla fell in love and we started the adoption process. Oh my what a journey but worth every minute.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Gea 6 months old is adopted.

--Now we are collecting money to have her sterilized before we are handing her over to her new home. It is a safety we do for our "clients". Please help us with the donations, earmark it GEA

Spayed, vaccinated, and microchip.
We want that kind of safety to our four-legged friends to do our best to protect them into their future. Very few but some, don't do it since back in their mind they know they will not keep the dog. Why then bather with costs?
We have heard many scary stories. Families leaving, and throwing their four legged members out that they have had for a couple of years. Its a shame!

Gea is also on try with her new Master, to see if they are a great match. We are a very overprotective organization, with documents, contracts, and home visits/calls. AWL sees this as any relationship between two living creatures, spending time and love together under the same roof.

Wouldn't you like to feel protected?

That's Amore!


VALENTINE is coming up, only 3 days left. But when we think about it, everyday is Valentine together with our dogs.

Now That's Amore!