Thursday, February 28, 2013


I saw her picture on FB. She was gorgeous. Big and gray-black with a wonderful smile, or was it her aura I saw?

Her name was Colomba and she was a senior dog that had been in a not-so-very-nice shelter in Southern Italy since 2005. In a cage with some other dogs and all together maybe 180 dogs.  All on concrete floors, and in a kind of darkness. The volunteers worked hard to do something; you could see in their eyes how tired they were. 

In the picture she sat in the sun, and around her neck a big thick chain. On our way down to Napoli we made a big turn to the eastern coast of Italy, into the shelter to pick Colomba up. My joy was enormous. Olivia who normally loved shelters and who always was my best volunteer didn’t like the place at all. She became very sad.

Colomba was mentally tired and we lifted her into our SUV. She smelled like a big horse barn with pigs and everything else included. My children sat and held their noses for the 3 hour trip to our Hospice in Lago Patria. There were a lot of giggles.

She was full of matted hair, and a big lump infection hanging from her neck. We had a veterinarian for a very short time at our clinic that did a fantastic job trimming her matted hair and generally helping Colomba.
Colomba loved her room at the hospice, with bed and mattresses. She was such a good girl, no accidents.  When the volunteers opened the door she would run out into the garden do her business, then straight back up to her room again.

In December, Colomba went in as an emergency to Dr. Damiani’s clinic for a long surgery. She made it through the surgery, our brave lady.  At the same time she also had dental work done. She came back to the hospice and recovered wonderfully, our Princess.

She was so loved by many, and they cared so much about her. The volunteers were amazed over how well she did.

Then one day recently, her internal organs started to say, “stop”. Cancer was growing fast within her, and we could see she was not doing very well. We worried, “another hard surgery and she would get maybe a couple of months?”  Was it worth putting her through the pain and suffering to only forestall the inevitable for so short a time?  Or would we could give her the peace that she so deserved.

My heart cried since I wanted her to have so much more experience with freedom, to love her bed, her room, her volunteers to have more of her around them.  But I realized then freedom was what she would truly get if I let her go --- her ultimate freedom.

My wonderful Colomba, it is a little while since you left us but my heart wouldn’t let me write. It was filled with such tremendous pain. You had a little taste of one kind of freedom, now you can lay truly free in the grass across the Rainbow Bridge, and wonder at the butterflies that are dancing on the warm breeze around you. Colomba, I am sorry life wasn’t better for you, but I hope you felt all of us loving and adoring you at the Hospice Casa dell Amore.

Forever loved. That’s Amore

Monday, February 25, 2013


Mia Mattsson-Mercer column from Swedish Magazine NARA, translated into English. FOR SWEDISH CLICK HERE

Last week I received a very nice compliment. A woman visited our hospice to see more of how we work with the sick and old dogs.

Our volunteers welcomed her and showed her around. The woman leaned forward and patted one of our seniors who wagged his tail happily, pleased with the attention.

The woman said: "Many people would kill most of the sick dogs, and even I myself would do it. I am shocked and overwhelmed when I see all these sick and dying dogs walking around like living skeletons. "

The woman looked embarrassed at the senior dogs round stomach and she blushed over her suddenly "honest" statement: "But Mia, she can see their soul and what it can become of them, I admire that. "

It got me thinking, why do not all see the same as me?
We can all see and feel everything that’s alive!
Is it our fear of feeling pain that blocks our vision?
Is it that we are afraid of death and afraid to see the suffering in other living beings?

Street Dogs live a hard life but have humility preserved within. Many dogs are cooped up in cages for several – or many -- years but still have a devotion to life and an affection for mankind. It amazes and can confound many.

I call them my "Mini-Mandela". Imagine Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison and came out with great humility and passion that had the power to change many people's thinking, and indeed history.

Often I call street dogs “mini-Buddhists”, because they know how to love unconditionally and humbly.

Perhaps it is because we are afraid of their greatness that we do not accept their greatness, for it would mean that we must take a stand. Consider changing the condemnation of others.

I love my job even though it is often hard work, with tears and despair. But it's wonderful to see new volunteers be surprised when they see a dog that has previously been severely injured, come wagging his tail, now fully healthy.

Seeing volunteers get the “ Ah ha!” experience that animals can be rescued no matter how horrible their situation may seem to be. In both good and bad, many of us are protected from seeing evil, but it is out there and also within ourselves.

But evil can make us grow and develop, or we may stand still out off fear. One of my teachers from my early youth said, "thank your enemies every day, it is they that will make you grow."

But children and animals never ask you for anything back. They accept the help graciously because they know already the knowledge since they are in harmony with the energies from the Universe.

Animals and children allow me to grow in terms of knowledge when they show the "problems" at once. I grow only if I listen, of course - if I have the time to listen.

A mom came to me with her dog. I realized immediately that the dog and its owner did not listen to each other. The dog ‘s mind was in a different world. The owners energies were at high voltage, "You must say to Robin that if he does not start listening to me, I must get rid of him." A weariness and despair welled up in the lady. I realized I had to work with the owner, not the dog.

Sometimes we do not hear in ourselves what we think and it creates confusion in the energies that also affect our environment, even our four-legged friend. No one else is responsible for our fears or thoughts, but if we dare to look at our fears and hear our thoughts, it will open the same humility and unconditional love held by the street dogs.

Balance, and the colors of all our senses will open up and the sixth sense can work undisturbed. Frequency signals will be stronger for the recipients and the changes can begin. Courage and clarity can walk further along Mother Earth’s streets. Just like the street dogs’ harmony with intuition, instinct and intelligence.

That’s Amore


 Mr Edgar Poe, mini Diablo with the golden heart is searching after his own family. Mr Edgar is a super fun character. 
He was found very sick, left to die when found by one of our great volunteers.
Is your door open for Poe?

 I am like a grumpy old man, I can make my volunteers crazy and the clients even more crazy. But that is who I am....Gods charm to everyone--well if you are a good animal psychologist.
 I love children, they are pure. But if I don't like an adult, I show it and I mean....I show it.

Ok, who the hell put this on me? I am not a drag dog!

But I am looking for a home so if you are into Pink, I am fine with that! That's Amore.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


This is our Guardian Angel, Craig Kleber, our wonderful supporter from Brentwood Los Angeles, US. He has a big heart for animals, and especially those who doesn't have an owner or isn't well treated.

Actually there are some Italian blood in his veins.

Thank you Craig for such a great friendship. That's Amore!

Monday, February 18, 2013


Gorgeous George was found wandering the streets in Campania, Italy. Being the friendly chap he is he sought human contact and as he was in dire need of some TLC an AWL volunteer, Valerie Funk, came to his rescue. George moved in with Valerie and her family while he was nursed back to health and slowly regained his strength. But still he was not doing well.

Gorgeous George kept being in luck! Far away in Germany wonderful people, Jacqui and Mike, their Boxer Bella and rescue cat Mya, saw a picture of George and immediately fell in love.

Not long after George was on his way to Germany and after a couple off weeks with AWL’s president, Mia, in Stuttgart he had to see a vet Mia suspected something was not correct. Xray was done and the horror to see the back leg broken was enormously. On top of everything he had bladder crystals. The family Jacqui and Mike came and picked him up and it was fantastic to met them. SO full of love. George continued his journey further north, now as a full member of his new fur-ever family and sitting next to his new sister, Beautiful Bella.

Bella and George hit it off from the word go, but….. there is a problem!

At some point in the past George was the victim of a car accident and the damage to his bag leg and hip is continuously causing him severe pain. He was not being x rayed in Italy or tested for blood work. It turned out that he has a blood disease and are being treated with injections now.
He can’t run and play with Bella which he so desperately wants to (and Bella too) and some days he is in so much discomfort and pain that he can hardly stand up.

The good news is that with the right treatment (extensive surgery and after care) George’s hip and leg can be saved and he can live a normal pain-free happy life with Jacqui, Mike, Bella and Mya for many years to come.

Jacqui and Mike knew that George had health problems and still they opened their home and their hearts and welcomed him in as a full member of their family. We want to help back we think this family is totally awesome.

The costs of George’s treatment will be very expensive and we would like to help cover some of the expenses.

Therefore if you would like to make a contribution to ‘’Gorgeous George’s Happy Health fund’’ and help get him back on his feet, then it would be very much appreciated.

Contributions earmarked ‘’George’’ can be made via direct transfer or Paypal which details can be found on the Animals Without Limits webpage:


IW BANK S.p.A.Via Cavriana, 2020134 Milan

On behalf of Gorgeous George, a big WUUF and MANY MANY THANKS.


 Jack Jr was rescued by the Italian fire department a couple of days ago.
Joleen, an American lady, was watching the whole procedure. She felt warm hearted over what she saw, until she heard that the fire department would drive this little puppy to one of the horrible shetlers. There in a shelter, cramped with other dogs, hundreds were the adoption rate is zero. Once behind the bars,...that's it! She rescued him and brought him home, bathed him and brushed him. Jack Jr is only a couple of months but a true sweet heart, already loving up on the family, other dogs and cats.
 Jack Jr is up for adoption--the family is already overloaded with rescue animals, and would keep him if they could. If you are serious to adopt, not being impulsive, and have what it takes to give Jack Jr a furever home, please contact us for more information.

Angelo is 10 years old and absolutely my favorite. AWL sponsored his amputation and he is doing wonderful. Fantastic sweet heart. Jack German Shepard mix is only a couple of months and rescued last week. Both are looking for perfect homes


 Even Stella Handbag thought it was a blast, with the Valentine Party. So many people were showing her attention
 Our yearly Valentine Party was so much fun, and we want to thank you all for showing up, and with many donations. Between 50-60 people showed up and the party begun.
 Sharon in the middle is one off our volunteers, greeted some friends.
 Martina our volunteer kept the food and guests happy.
 Mr Edgar Poe thought it was hilarious with all these little people
 More guests! And some dance at the Casa de'Amore.

 Our volunteer Yvonne hade made these yummi cakes.

 Lori from Pampered Chef donated this fantastic basket to our raffles.
 Angela won the Prize that Breezy from Breezy Cranford Photography had donated. A photo session worth 285 Dollar.
 She is a cutie, thinks Edgar Poe! Can I keep her?

 Have to clean in between too, thank you Roy.
 Donation brought from the SS base. Thank you all for drop off, and Olivia for driving it to our hospice.
Our volunteer Angelina brought these fantastic lollipops.

Volunteers, Chiara, Sandra, Amy,Valerie, Ivan, Pio, Martina, Yvonne, Sharon also all your help during the evening were fantstic. Couldn't have done it without you. That's Amore.

And a special thank you, to everyone that came and helped us having a good time.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


 UP FOR ADOPTION VIA AWL Gracie is a medium sized dog she weighs about 30 lbs. She is about 2 and a half years old. Gracie is up to date on all her shots and she is spayed. She is great with kids and very playful. Gracie is crate trained and house trained. Right now is Gracie  in a foster home and she loves to run but unfortunately the family dont have the space ( apartment) She isn't real keen on stray cats but have been introduced -- lately-- to cats while she was on a leash and she didnt mind. 

She will come with her crate, toys and food. Gracie was rescued from a family that had her in a kennel most of her life/muzzeled. 

She still is not arfaid of her kennel and is not the average "Naples" dog she is easy to train and sweet.

For more information please send us an email "subject Gracie"

Friday, February 15, 2013


Max! Max! whispers Universe. Time to come home! 
We didn’t want to hear that whisper, NO!! screamed our hearts, but only an empty echo was being heard.
He was loved by many, and made us smile at his goofy way of talking back to you. Yes, he could talk!  
MAX, not even one year old, with a black beautiful fur-coat charmed us all. Even us, who only saw him on a picture.
Yes he could talk. He talked to his foster mom every morning, well every minute he saw her. And she, as a good mom, answered him back with so much love and affection.

An American lady found him.  She thought he was very skinny and brought him to the veterinarian, who de-wormed him. Still he wouldn’t gain any weight, and they also thought he walked funny. He was taken to another veterinarian who said he probably had a neurologic problem. AWL was contacted and the pictures that were sent with a request made Mia’s eyes tear up. He was a young, black male with the saddest yet hopeful eyes.

Mia, our president, was in a hospital at that time, fighting her own fight against a disease.  She would sneak out from treatment to check the email updates.  The American lady had brought him in but couldn’t keep him.  MAX had terrible diarrhea and his rear-end was red, raw and horrible. Mia called down to Italy, to her friend and volunteer Martina. Rambling on, half sobbing, half begging Mia asked Martina to bring MAX in to the hospice.

He came to our hospice and was loved by everyone, some felt so bad for him because he often slipped in his own diarrhea.  Martina and Pio agreed to bring him to their home where they could better monitor him. There was so much love between Martina and MAX, every morning he would speak to her. He loved it, having his own jacket that she bought special for him--and on top of everything getting to lie next to the radiator. He was morning-lazy and didn’t want to go out but Martina smiled and helped him out.
Tests were done, many tests, many different opinions, many different medicines prescribed. Confusion started to fill our hearts and minds.
Martina and Pio fought for him, drove back and forth to the clinic, cried and tried to be brave.
He gained a little weight, and everything began to look positive until MAX started to have small seizures.  He was rushed back to the veterinarian for more medicine. A test to take out fluid from his brain was scheduled, but delayed.  Max got worse and started to suffer really bad seizures.  

At the end the pain to see this Angel suffer was enough. Dr. Vittorio was called to come Martina’s home to have MAX removed from his miseries. The pain inside Martina’s heart was so enormous that she shut the whole world out. Those who don’t know her cannot see anything different, but we who know her, can see the deep pain and scares left in her heart.

MAX will be buried under the tree in their garden, to ever be close, ever remembered, ever loved --- one who left this Earth far too early.
He left many smiles before leaving. It is not difficult to love a dog; the difficulty is to let go when heaven is calling.
Rest in Peace, MAX.  Rest in forever Amore.