Thursday, March 31, 2016

Good and Bad Luck

Sweet Daryl has been with us for a couple of weeks. He was found with a strange virus and was doomed by many. Dr Vittorio gave him medicine and we found a foster home <3 and="" became="" darayl="" grew="" heavier.="" p="" stronger="">
Daryl had to move to another foster, and on his way up to the apartment his tail was caught in the elevator. 26 stitches !!!

Poor little thing.

Mio My Mio Searching for a Home

 Napolitano, Italy. Mio can travel to Sweden or the perfect home for him.

He is the sweetest thing, playful and happy. Loves people, other dogs and children. Preferable little older children since he is still a puppy.
Mio is 7 months old and his weight is 15 kg
He was left by his owner when they moved!!! Thanks to one wonderful animal friend he is safe but seeking his own home.
For more information please contact

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Time

Today is a hectic wet day. Baths and nail cuts ....11 dogs all rescuedogs!
Angelo is a three legged fur ball but the best client. He just sits there. His tounge is falling out due to only three teeth and a former broken jaw, and self healed.
He was found on the streets down in Napoli,Italy with his front leg hanging and jaw broken. It had self healed and despite that Angelo was a happy little boy.

We got him to Dr Damiani for amputation!
A better client you can never find. Due to what happens to this wonderful dogs, they always know how to find a thankfulness for something else. We got a lot to learn from them

Angelo our little man but big hero 

That's Amore!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Mitt företag heter Änglaskär och min hemsida

Min mail är anettegylder755@
Och mobil 070-7157180.
Jag har swish till 0707157180 el PG 658730-7 och alltid förskottsbetalning .

My company is Änglaskär and this is my homepage

email me for order anettegylder755@
cell phone 0046 70-7157180.

 Ny kollektion som säljs till förmån för Animal Without Limits och det arbete de lägger ner på att hjälpa utsatta hundar i Italien och Portugal.
25% går till organisationen för varje sålt smycke
199kr / 20 euro plus shipment 

New collection sold for the benefit to Animal Without Limits and their work they put in to help vulnerable dogs in Italy and Portugal.
25% will go to the organization for each sold smycke❤

299kr /30 euro plus shipment

Pluto 199kr /20 euro plus shipment

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Goodbye Italy Hello Sweden

This handsome boy is now in the hotel together with me! Big cuddle bug! Giada reacued him from street Tonya fostered him, Mia found a home and drove down to pick him up and have him transported all way from Naples Italy to southern Sweden

He is a life enjoyer! But hates to be alone!
A little more than one month together in Tonyas home! Thank you all, Team Work!

Time to Move

Picked up this handsome boy from a foster Tonya. Fluke is adorable cuddling sweet heart, but doesn't like to be left home alone!
We hope his new mom will have the patient but he is so sweet and adorable ❤️ Giada rescued him from the street, Tonya fostered him, Mia drove down and picked him up, found a home and will bring him home to Sweden. Good luck everyone Team Work!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Puppy Mios Story

Sweet 7 month old Mio was left behind when her family moved! Animal rescuers found him and brought him to safety 
Like with many rescue stories there is now an urge to find him a good warm home! He is in south Italy but can go anywhere to the right home!

Animals without Limits and Tails for Freedom are having a dog talk in a beautiful park!

That's Amore!

For more information

What's your Story

Hello Handsome, what is your story?Rescue dog from the streets sick and alone. AWL support the treatments.

I love this guy around 7-8 years old!
That's Amore!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

When your Friend is Sick

It's the worst that can happen when your children and your four legged friend becomes sick. Your heart breaks and your brain goes into a rescue mood. I shut everything away in the outside and focusing everything on my kids or dogs
Trooper showed blood from his urine, a lot of blood. Of course I rushed to the clinic for answers and treatment. 
I am very stubborn and wanted an ultra sound. No crystals! Antibiotic shots with vitamin injection 

The next day it was covered with blood everywhere I drove him in again. Blood tests and more injections. Then you get that phone call "we want to open up his bladder." 

My Trooper our boy, it breaks my heart!