Saturday, August 29, 2009


This little fellow enjoyed the bath so much, she couldn't or not even wanted to move away after Vince and Elizabeth was done.
She was rescued from the terrible shelter. Back then she didn't have any fur, and her body was covered by some kind of skin problem. Today she looked so beautiful.


Ulla Linders, and Bella Appleblom our faithful animal sponsors, thank you so much for your donations. Also AWL want to thank old "animal friends" Jeanette, and her husband Waldemar --with their company Dreamlight AB --for their donation so we can keep up our work with the medical treatment to our fantastic strays.

Our next mission; going to get a dog with broken back legs out from a shelter.

Thank you Kim from Denmark, you and your wife donated a super fantastic dog bed, bowls, brushes. Millions Amore Thank you to all

Friday, August 28, 2009


Dog Orders given by AWL volunteer, Eric at the Shelter Cleaning Mission

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Hot Heros

Linda is a super trooper volunteer. She is loving, got speed and she is confident, just what AWL and the dogs need.

Jenny is a Swedish girl, living together with her Italian boyfriend in Napoli. Jenny is our translator and washer, a darn good one.
It was very hot this day so we didn't mind ourselves getting wet.

The volunteers used cups of water to wet those dogs down that was afraid of the hose. That is Amore thinking volunteers!

This German Shepard was a new comer to the Rossella shelter and was in a big need of grooming. The handy Mandy guys..Darren and Eric did wonders.

Darren and Erci cutting of some dreadlocks. What an Amore day! Thank you ALL.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rossella Shelter

This is where AWL had their Cleaning Mission 3. This time we focused on the dogs, and most of them loved it. It was a wet Amore day. And, the volunteers did all the work brilliant.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cleaning Day Shelter

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AWL Cleaning Day

AWL packed their cars with blankets and shampoo, treats and equipment, and drove out to Rosella's Shelter to clean a lot of dogs. In +32 c, strong sun, the volunteers Jenny, Jackie, Darren, Linda, Vince, Anthony, Elisabeth, Todd and Eric was a perfect group. They accomplished so much and no errors were made.
This beautiful sweet dog has a problem with her back legs, it seems like they have been broken. Her fur was thinned to half--she looked so slim and beautiful afterwards-- and being washed, we could tell she loved every minute of Linda's and Jenny's love

Eric, our trooper among big dogs, did a fantastic job on these strong dogs together with Kristine.

Kristene stepped in assisting everyone, here she helped Linda rinse the dog with a cup instead of the hose that scared this little girl.
AFN filmed and helped out so wonderfully with these dogs, Vince, Elisabeth and Anthony thanks for spending a Saturday, filming the situation and inspiring others to join in the future.
All, thank you for you Amore and Healing hands today!
Photos Copyright (c) 2009, Todd A. Mercer. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dog Walk Mission 2

Loving up to the shy ones was a very important task. Getting them used to the humans hand and love can give them a better chance to become adopted. These two old ladies were so sweet.
Vince is teaching Olivia dog Amore from the Lion dog.

Wonderful AWL Volunteers making sure that the old dogs get to drink fresh water.
(all these dogs are up for adoption pls also visit )

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mission Dog Walk 2

These two dogs are up for adoption. Why not open your heart and door for more Amore.

We had a great day. TV team did a great job, also walking and brushing the dogs

Mission Dog Walk

AWL are on their way for a small Mission today. 20 people walking dogs in the "500 dog shelter" And we also think there will be a TV recording and interview that will learn more about AWL work.

Keep your fingers crossed.....

picture taken last time by Dennis one of the great AWL volunteers

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Photo; Linda McClintock bought bags of food and dog shampoo for the shelter. AWL Olivia is happy!

There are so many I want to thank and I am so afraid to forget someone. Please forgive me if I do.

Thank you everyone that made the dog walk possible and into a positive chaotic success. Americans, Brits, Germans and even one more Swede helped out. It was a chaotic, wonderful day!

All the 70 volunteers that walked in the heat and gave the dogs something to remember while laying in their cages. AWL also wants to thank St Franscesco who let us "invade" their shelter and with a lot of patience for us roaming around. To the persons who brought in the sick cat that laid injured outside on a street, so the veterinarian -- located in the shelter-- could put in an IV and examine the little one, thank you for your kindness.

Vania, Keegan, Bruce and Dennis (and Rosa's spirit) my top team, thank you for helping to spread the word, and for helping our new volunteers. It's not easy being new in something that is very different from "back home".

We donated around 30 bags of dogfood to the shelter, thank you all for helping with this.

And all the treats, and petsmart balls and frisbees and collars (Eric) and blankets (Cindy).

Gennifer and Tim's beloved pet, Charlote's things. Her spirit lives on with her things' new users.

So many wonderful hearts, all at the same time.

Money donations; Lisa Tullis, Keegan Kasten, Bruce Armond, Eric Wooley, Lynn Woodalls, Tracey Kleber, Cheryl Kelman, Todd Mercer, Tamara Hampikian, Patricia Hoskins, Paola Maria Gaetano, Traci Van Field, China Plauto, Bella Appelblom, Mitra Talarman, Ulla Seidel, A wonderful couple from Cuma.

Chans Organization donations from their members, thank you so much.

Thanks to Jackie who informed Anna on the base about us, Anna made sure that AWL could get 50 boxes of "dog hamburger food" that we donated to Shelter Franscesco.

For the drinks and fruit thank you Mia, and Vania brought ice, and Jackie plastic cups. Team work!

And Lisa at Panorama, for shining a light on our work.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Giove -- Update

Finally, finally we are getting to give Giove a wonderful life, he so deserves it.
You remember Giove from the terrible shelter. Ylva took a picture that a wonderful couple in Sweden saw and fell in love with him. They fell so much on love that they adopted him and this was back in February! He was transported to another shelter, not as bad as the other one, but not very nice either. Paper work is a nightmare here and the change of microchip took a long time so we could start with all the blood tests. We transferred Giove to one veterinarian clinic in quarantine, tests and a hernia surgery, de-worming and de-worming and gosh everything.

We have paid, me and my husband, 700 euro for his treatment and lodging. And then the trip for him is not included. This is one reason why Sweden gets a lot of sickness and problem dogs since adopting a healthy dog is expensive and no organization can afford to spend up to 1000 euro per dog on many cases.

Today, me and my children picked him up and he was so sweet in the car, sitting looking out through the back windows. He was a good gentleman when walking into my yard and 6 dogs greeted him sniffing him very carefully and he stood absolutely still and wagged his tail.

Right now he is outside laying in his first grass ever, together with his former "terrible shelter" friends wondering...what is this green stuff?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Up For Adoption

David and Ida seem to be his first human contacts and he's gone from being very worried to being really quite happy. He's quiet (hardly makes a sound!), and is learning how to play. As you can imagine he was covered in fleas when he was found, and although they are now all gone there are areas on his body where the fur is a little thin due to scratching - these will no doubt be properly fur covered soon. The vet has tested him for ear parasite and mange, both negative. He seems really quite healthy, and we've been asked to take him back to the vets in a week's time for his inoculations.

He was rescued by David, found in the storm drain.

Small Medium size dog

Monday, August 3, 2009

More Amore Doggie Walk

Andreas from Germany took one of the dogs outside. You can see how both are enjoying the time and view.
There are all sizes, this dog is "SquarePants", so much to love.

One of the lucky puppies that got Amore from Cheryl.
Pictures: Copyright (c) 2009, Todd A. Mercer. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dog Walking

What a fantastic surprise, so many volunteers in my garden! A short briefing before driving to the shelter.
Handicapped dogs got to enjoy the life outside the cage too.
The young volunteers played and made so many rescue dogs happy and also surprised, with all the amore.

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Pictures: Copyright (c) 2009, Todd A. Mercer. All Rights Reserved.

A Young Volunteers Dog Walking Day

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dog Walking Mission Success!

Big AWL thanks to every one of the approximately 70 people who showed up to walk the shelter dogs on Saturday, 1 August. What an amazing turnout! We I know the dogs really appreciated the exercise, attention and affection you all provided.

More information, follow up and pictures later. Just a super dog~human day.

Pictures: Copyright (c) 2009, Todd A. Mercer. All Rights Reserved.