Thursday, June 30, 2011


This morning (after 24 hours at AWL hospice)I drove Andy fur ball to his foster mom Cindy (Thank you so much you are an Angel). Andy was rescued by Lynn, brought to Trina were he could sleep over the night. Picked up the next morning by me, transferred to AWL Hospice were he loved to stay. Playing with Doberman Billy Bob.

I also drove Fluke to Lega Pro Animale were our favorite veterinarian Dr Gigi works. Fluke is up for adoption, 6-9 monhts old, housebroken, good with children and other dogs. Loves to steal food. Is a BIG baby!

Smudge, another rescue-dog by Chris, fostered by Tracey was also castrated this morning. Smudge is 7,5 kg, 1 year old. Good with children and other dogs. Both need a furever loving home, were they can be your friend. That's Amore.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Angelina was on her way to the hospice when she saw this little girl roam around in the traffic. Angelina stoped and got the puppy in the car. A dirty old collar was she wearing, no microchip.

Following day, she was rescued again. This time by a wonderful couple HC Duke and his lovely wife Brenda.

Sally is now Cara (means dear in Italian) couldn't have a more lovely warm home. I know, since HC Duke has been (is) AWL's fan followed our work for two years, and been regularly donating to our foundation.

Little sweet Cara, only a couple of hours in our care, but you sure touched many hearts. Now HC Duke and Brenda won yours. That's Amore.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


AWL international want to send a big hug to all the Swedish members that sponsor our work down here in Campania. You are wonderful, and it means a lot for us to know you support what we do.

Milla from AWL SE were going on vacation to southern parts of Italy but she and her friends came by train to Napoli station to go further from their. Wonderful Martina and driver Antonio met her. 500 euro and a whole bag of dried male parts. She is our penis smuggler!

Fantastic done, we are so grateful :-) . That's Amore!

PS I got a BIG bag of Swedish salt candy, for me, that's Amore!

Friday, June 24, 2011


When we walked into the rehab/hospice this note laid on the table. Our Greg who had stayed with us for a couple of months, was dearly missed already.

"Dear Friends,
I want to say thank you for everything. I loved this hospice and I really love you guys!
Thank you Patty for your bowls full of food every day. I love food.
Thank you Lynn for walking with me! This was great for my mind and my heart,
Thank you Pio, Martina Chiara and Angelina for your love. And thank you Mia, you are love! You gave to me a chance of real life, and this is the biggest present.
Now I have to go...I have a family now! But I will think of you every single day!
Keep an eye on Benny for me, he really need help!
Thank you again, and Good bye with love, Yours Greg!"

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Lynn Woddall and Marie Wells Thank you so much for finding great sponsors to our fundraising event at Hotel Agora on Friday, June 3rd.

Through all the donated, the raffles of those items raised a significant amount of money to help offset the cost of our operations. All of the money goes to helping the animals, so your efforts directly helped animals in need in this local area. You did a fantastic work we are so amazed by your hard work, and AWL want to thank all the sponsors you worked together with;

Ermanno (watch), Este'e Lauder( perfume). Rico(night out) , Marco owner Tratoria Ribot(meal for 2) , Ann (beauty set), Mike(wine), Ozlem(hair cut), Voz, Tony Giardino (TV) and Janice jewelries

This is Amore!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Driving away from the Navy base last week, I was pulling out on the highway when I suddenly saw a hunting dog running Zig-zag between the lanes. I held my breath for a brief moment while cars and big transportation trucks passed the dog, not stopping, not slowing down only standing on their horns. I panicked! Loudly I shouted out in the car "Am I the only one who sees this?"

I stopped the car, jumped out to try to get him to safety. He looked up and came directly to me, I lifted him up and in the back of the SUV. My daughter and I made faces as we drove away, the smell in the car was just horrible. The dog smelled of dead animals.

He had a collar, with a broken chain attached. He looked fine weight-wise, and sweet---he sat looking at us. But now what?

Back to the hospice, I called Martina and Chirra for assistance. He was a male, a strong male and our males think their hospice is only for them, and also I needed help to wash off that incredibly strong, obnoxious smell.

Marty and Chiara came and we washed him off. He was a good boy, standing still for us. We found a microchip and made a report to the ASL office.
The next morning we got a phone call, the owner wanted to come and pick up "his Brian". We thought that was a good sign, but also it would be a hunting day the following day, so of course he needed his hunting dog.

The man came together with three other men who all were afraid of all the dogs at the hospice. We asked about the broken chain attached to the collar around Brian's neck. He explained that Brian was on chain during the day but during the evening and night he was lose.

The man took his dog, a hand shake as a thank you and he departed.

Many times this is the hardest part --- to give a dog back to a person who is his owner when your gut tells you something different. We can only pray that they are happy with each other and Brian is in good care.
This is a difficult work!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


One week after the horrible accident and left to die on the street (read earlier blogs).

Dusty was running today! A little unstable on her back legs but what a step forward!

Thank you volunteers who comes to the hospice and visits Dusty. She loves company.

Charity Katlubeck Weaaverling (USA), Traci Van Field (USA) Angelina Ranavolo (IT), Carina Lidbom and Selma (SE), Maria Hahne (SE), Daria Maltese (IT) Tamara Hampikian (USA) for your donations earmarked Dusty!and everyone who send prayers THANK YOU! That's BIG Amore!

Dr Damiani and Dr Fransesco and the staff at the Thank you for great service for Dusty, AWL can always count on you. That's Amore!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Remember Benny that suddenly showed up at the new NATO base, very sick with green bad eye infection, leishaminiosis and ehrlichia. But his spirit so wonderful.

Above is his basket of medicine. I give him injections and he eats a lot of pills. Thank you for the donations Thanks to you Benny can get better.

I gave him a bath for his terrible skin and cut off some tangled hair. He was fantastic, stood absolutely still. Here he is resting his head in Martina's lap.

Benny is getting along with everyone at the hospice. He is such a sweetheart, loving and gentle.

He will be alright but it will take some weeks at the rehab/hospice, but we are not in a hurry. That's Amore.

Monday, June 13, 2011


On my way out this beautiful Sunday morning with the children, my cell phone rang. Nothing unusual about that, but I knew that it would be a work call, another animal. I looked at the children who looked at me with big eyes saying "Don't answer mom!"

A voice worried on the other end said she and her husband had found a dog that had been hit badly by a car, still alive but very hurt. She could nearly not walk, she collapsed in the hot sun. The husband was upset since the Caribineri (State Police) only looked the other way and then drove away.
The family had called different veterinarians, they would transport the dog but no one answered.

"I'll see you at the hospice in ten minutes"

My beautiful children who are always with me at the hospice, followed me as I explained what had happened. I promised we would do something very fun later.

The man carried in a small female with severe pain. She was shaved like a lioness; some new ticks crawled on her. We put her on a blanket and I called Martina and Pio for help. They came, as always, so very loyal and wonderful.

I knew I couldn't go to the Emergency Clinic with two children since it always takes a long time to file the paper, and the examination. Martina and Pio carried her away out in the car and drove away.

Fantastic enough, she has no broken leg. But she is paralyzed and hopefully it is from the shock. Time will tell. She couldn't urinate by herself and she was in pain so she had to stay overnight.

At lunchtime the next day I picked her up and drove her to Dr Damiani's clinic were Dr Fransesco could examine her and keep her over night.

At the ER the bill was 175 euro and still we don't' know how much it will be altogether at the end. Please help us help Dusty by donating so she can get all the care she needs.

I will keep you all posted.





IW BANK S.p.A.Via Cavriana, 2020134 Milan

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


My weekly column is about the big amount of killed dogs among the streets. Very few stop to check if they still are alive.

I always have blankets in my car to put them to the side if they are dead.

You can read by clicking here.


AWL is very busy and we are behind to tell you everything we are doing and have done. Let me try to catch up a little.

Greg who you read about on earlier posting, rescued and treated at AWL rehab/hospice. Our wonderful Greg will be leaving us tomorrow Friday. He got a wonderful family up North that Martina found, and had volunteers go and check the new home. We will miss him terrible since he has been a big favorite among us all. Good Luck handsome, you are Amore!

Yesterday AWL had three dogs sterilized at Lega Pro Animale from Adrianne's Shelter. (Picture of number three will be published soon)

And Kiki had to visit Dr Damiani yesterday since she was peeing blood and had an eye infection.

Wonderful treatment, and today she is already doing fine. She is fantastic old lady, been chained up for 14 years and now running like a canon ball. That's Amore

Picked up Benny that we rescued (read earlier blog) He got green horrible eye infection, erhlichia, more tests are pending. Keep your paws for Benny. He is now at the rehab/hospice, and he is an energetic boy.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Our Layla took a big jump out threw the window/screen from second floor. The next morning she sat outside the gate waiting. With a broken pelvis, she is a trooper girl. Thank you all for helping her get the right treatment and x ray. You guys are making a difference.

Tracey Kleber and Megan E Seibert, US, thank you so much for your wonderful support to AWL.

Jeannie Mills (US) for a generous check for Shaggy Raggy

Ulla Linders Capri & Phillipo (SE). donated to Layla at the hospice.

Roni Broni Honeybee (US) sent us a nice check.


Lynn Hunter for Benny


Yesterday evening I got a phonecall from Lynn, telling me about a sick English Setter (where she was feeding her strays). Sweet and loving, but sick. Could I do something?

This morning I brought my microchip reader and drove down where I had been told the Setter was. I looked around and saw him laying sleeping further away.

I called "Benny" and he wagged his tail and came towards me. You could tell he was very sick.

Lynn and Marie showed up, I lifted Benny into the car, called Dr Damiani and told him that a new client was on its way.

Keep your paws for Benny and please help with donations so Benny can get the correct treatment. That would be Amore!

You can Pay Pal here on the blog or Italian Account.





IW BANK S.p.A.Via Cavriana, 2020134 Milan

Monday, June 6, 2011


What an evening! We started out already at 17.00 and 20.30 the BBQ kicked in. AWL had its own table and many people came up. Thanks for all the donations.

Martina and Chiara Ricci's handmade bling-bling. I love their collection, and they were so generous, 50 % went to AWL. Now, that's Amore!~

Super ladies, Lynn and Marie hade done a fantastic job with all the prices for the raffles. It was amazing. Thank you ladies, that's Amore!

My star smile for the evening. Amore Smile!

New designed AWL aprons them!!

The great AWL helpers, Chiara, Angelina and Martina. Always there! Great friends.

Guests...I had moved out my table in the lovely weather.

Angelina's relative had baked/made/designed cupcakes! 100% profit went to AWL. What an Amore family. Thank you!

The biggest hug from me and one of the guests goes to Hotel Agora owner Jennifer. Thank you for your big heart. We love you! You are Amore!