Thursday, December 31, 2009


AWL are wishing you all a Happy New Year and hope 2010 will bring you joy with good health. We hope you still will help us to bring good health to our wonderful strays here in Campania.
Keep up your passion that will bring your mind into peace and love, and the strays belly warm and body healthy.

Thank you all supporters for your donations and hard work, we couldn't do it without you.

Amore thank you!

Monday, December 28, 2009


  • We thank Zina Lynch in Kansas for the fantastic care package we received from you. 60 collars!!, a crate, a bed and two drinking bowls. You are, as always, a wonderful supporter!

  • Ann Wiremalm with family in North Carolina.

  • Bella Appelblom with family from Sweden.

  • The British Spouses in Naples, Italy who donated generously from their proceeds at the International Bazaar.

  • Trina in Italy, your coupons for cheaper dog food, fantastic idea!

  • Katie and Milla from Himmelska Hundar in Sweden who have started the Swedish AWL Chapter.

  • Bosse Lindberg for making a great looking AWL brochure, and with assistance from Ulla Linder.

We are in big need of a microchip reader and a stretcher. Do you know anyone who can help us with these needs, please?


Our little rescue puppy that Foster-mom Brandy is taking care of very well. Coco has a problem with her stools: loose. In the last blog entry about Coco, you could read that Jackie took her to the vet and got Coco vaccinated, changed diet etc. This morning I got an email from Brandy saying that the stools were loose and now she could see some blood. She wondered if it could be worms? I saw when Coco got de wormed and I also thought that she had been de wormed a second time. I said I couldn't believe that but please get to the ER quick. Wonderful Brandy did! ER said it was worms and didn't charge! They needed a stool sample tomorrow.

Brandy, wonderful foster-mom--and the ER vet at Villa Felice--thank you two fantastic people.

I got an e mail from a woman named Laura who told me that the store sold out a lot of dog things for 50 cent. At the same moment my husband was at the store so I called him and told him the great news. He bought several bags of shampoo, brushes, etc (this is only from one bag)

Thank you so much for that e mail--you helped AWL save a lot of money!

You remember Mario that lived around the gas station and loved his coffee bar woman that he always escorted home after her shift. This gas station is out in the middle of no-where, and next to the highway. Jackie and I went there and picked Mario up and took him to LegaProAnimale for castration. The coffee lady didn't want him to get adopted away since she loved him so dearly, and he loved his gas station. We all love Mario, such a friendly and sweet boy.

At the vet clinic we get to know he has a microchip! I found out what dog catcher area he was registered in and Isabelle called. There is an owner who has sent in a missing dog paper!

The interesting part is that there was no phone number, only an address. Of course this is happening in the holiday season when the clinic is being closed a couple of days....poor Mario is in limb, in a kennel waiting. Tomorrow hopefully we can find out who is his owner and do they want him back??

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Miss Coco is not hanging in the tree!
Remember Coco that was found in a box 5 weeks old outside the shelter. One volunteer rescued her from cold nights on concrete floor and the little one had bad diarrhea. She is in a warm foster home together with a cat and one dog. Coco is doing great!
Yesterday she got her first vaccination.
Coco want to thank you for your donations so she can visit the vet and also get her vaccinations!
AWL Jackie and Brandy, thank you for your Angel hearts!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009



Linda will undergo a surgery today of a serious breast inflammation-- suspected neoplasm. (tumor/lump) Finally and hopefully she will become better. AWL have been so worried about her, its been painful to watch her in that cage freezing and out off breath.
We don't have any foster or adoptions, this Christmas is difficult for the animals.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Mario is a wonderful stray that takes care off the gas station and coffee bar lady. He walks her home after her hours and then returns to "where ever" he sleeps.
He also looked after Benjamin, Lucy and Abby. The same gas station.
AWL decided that we would spay him (and then return him) and today Jackie and I picked him up. We felt bad since we think he has never been in a car, never a leach and being lifted and put into a a clinic....not knowing what's happening!

It was hectic today at LegaPro but it is very interesting watching animals and their owner(s)

Dr Lorenzo checked Mario, and Mario was such a good boy. We are amazed how they trust us. But to our surprise he had a microchip! The owner has to be found they cannot spay him before that. The coffee lady told us he's been keeping her company for 5 years....

Well, Mario is still at the clinic and we are waiting by the phone...what will that number tell us?

Sunday, December 20, 2009


We tried to upload the video today but due to power break every 10 minutes we will try again tomorrow. Amore Monday!

Thursday, December 17, 2009



¤ Man kan bli medlem från 25 kr i månaden (företag och föreningar från 250 kr i månaden )

¤ Broschyren är inte klar ännu men kontakta Milla på Himmelska Hundar för mer information eller på mb 0735 / 135755

¤ Vårat pg nummer är 53 61 62 - 1

¤ Vårat bg nummer är 476 - 9246

¤ Vårat organisationsnummrer är 80 24 49 - 0610

De trettio (30) forsta medlammarna kan vinna tre (3) stycken presentkort a' 150:- pa Himmelska Hundar i Stockholm

God Jul och Gott Nytt Ar

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Win an AWL t-shirt!
The Mystery why Abby was sneezing a lot and with little blood coming out is now being solved.

What object caused her sneezing?

Send a very specific detailed answer, and the beautiful AWL t-shirt can be yours.

This Friday we will post the winner, and the whole story about Abby's nose. A big Amore thank you to the Dr Damiani Clinic!

(more later about the terrific that helped Abby)

Saturday, December 12, 2009


This rescue dog is one of my favorites at the shelter, and he is 10 years-old. I named him square pants since he looks very rectangular. He is having problem walking since he has arthritis. Every day and night he lays on cold wet concrete. I want to rescue him from that shelter.
With 17 dogs in my house I have no possibility to bring him home. Its a shame since he wont take much room, and ask for much. He want a warm floor and some painkillers.
We wish we had our hospice and we would look after him until his time would be over here. We want to give him pleasure and peace.
It was sweet to see him today laying in the sun. But the shelter is in a hurry to clean all the cages so the dogs get 5 minutes off freedom each day.

Please help us by donating to SquarePants future!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Our Bella from earlier blogs is still not putting on weight. She is still a walking skeleton, and it worries us since she is getting fed three times a day by her foster mother.

We took her this morning to Dr Damiani to have her spayed, but she was still underweight --- the doctor and we agreed that we have to figure out why and get her in better shape before doing the surgery.

Dr Damiani examined Bella and she laid totally still the whole time. She was fantastic. Her foster mother had to dry her mouth since Bella drooled so much from being stressed.

Dr Damiani is a great veterinarian. He gives us a lot of time and educates us at the same time. Every time we learn something new and our work feels very rewarded from him. Can you imagine that today he thanked us for doing so much for the Neapolitan strays?

My heart felt warm and we get inspiration to keep going. On top of everything he is keeping his costs low for our Foundation and NFOA. --I know since we have been working with other veterinarians here.--

With Bella he did a rectal examination and found out she is eating a lot of gravel!!! A blood test was being sent away-- for many internal answers we hope for. We really want to know what is wrong with our girl Bella.

She is only 3 years old, blind in her left eye and has been abused by people before. She is so worthy a good and calm life, and a nutritional correct life.

Before leaving, Dr Damiani came out with a carton of dog food for us, as a gift. What an Amore veterinarian, AWL is so grateful for the person he is!

And Bella was so scared that she turned out to be so brave on the examine table, it was amazing to see her. Bella, we are doing everything so you can feel better and get healthy!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Adoption or Foster? Please don't let your heart close ...give her a warm Christmas.
Found on base, no microchip, no collar....she is right now together with other dogs, and she is so fantastic towards them, and children. She is a lucky catch. One off our volunteers got her right now and tells us she is fantastic.

They named her M'lann and tells us that she has a very sweet disposition and think she is about 6 or 7 years old.

She has been a mother before. She looks relatively healthy and our volunteer took her to the vet this morning. This is a fantastic Amore dog, gentle and good with other dogs and children. What a girl.

Monday, December 7, 2009


No microchip, no collar. no name found walking on the highway.
She is very sweet and good girl. And the founder named her Sophie. Right now she is getting sterilized. Please give her a warm Christmas!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


>Please open you home for DD he need new home.
They cannot have him in their apartment anymore, he need a yard.

You can see the Dudley Duck is so sweet and likes children and humans. Not potty trained, and don't leave the gate open.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This is my AWL passion! Being out on the streets, documenting the older scared stray's.

The photo was taken wihtout me knowing by Ulla Linders (c) 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009


But that didn't stop us--well some. The puppies are growing so fast and are now learning to eat by themselves.
But a little drink now and then doesn't hurt. Jackie out great volunteer made sure that everything is clean blankets and their little house.

It is not a glamorous job, picking poop after 85 dogs....Brandy did a great job!

Pio an Italian volunteer is at the shelter every Saturday, early morning until late afternoon. Him and Martina (another IT great volunteer) are fantastic.

Todd found the other puppies that were abandoned in a church.
It was a lot of Amore in the rain. Thank you AWL volunteers; Jackie, Lindy, Eric, Todd, Mark, Brandy, Mia, Kristin.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Please read about Paul click on the link. What a guy!

Thursday, November 26, 2009



Google has automaticlly translation possibilities.

Click on the box were it says AWL Animals Without Limits Suditalien
A presentation AWL shows up, scroll down
At the bottom, will be the place where you can vote. Please click the bubble next to "AWL- Animals Without Limits" and then press the button at the bottom that says "abstimmen".
Now, also please share this out to all your friends and family. We only have a few days to get as many votes as possible... the judges will take the voting into consideration. The prize is a "Golden Paw" trophy, and Euro 5000. If AWL wins, this will go toward establishing an animal hospice in Campania Region of S. Italy.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


AWL want to thank Himmelska Hundar (Heavenly Dogs) in Stockholm, Sweden for their generous care package. We got medicine for Benjamine.
Walking Halters, they are great! And a lot of treats--they are yummi.
Thank you so much, you are a grande Amore!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


We spoke to Tasso and they are having problem with their server. Please try again in a couple of hours. They are so sorry for this. There will be a translation link on their right hand side (site)

Dear Friends of Animals Without Limits,
Our Dear Friends Malte and Sabine, took a great deal of time and effort to enter Animals Without Limits into an annual contest in Germany for organizations working to assist Animals. We were very thankful and flattered that they did so.
Guess what?! Animals Without Limits is among the 13 finalists for the 2009 prize. We have just one more hurdle to clear!
For one week from 24 November, people can go to the website and vote for the organization most worthy of winning the 2009 "Golden Paw".
Its in German, but look for "Goldene Pfote 2009", then vote for Animals Without Limits. The judges will take the voting into consideration in their final decision, but it is not the only thing they will look at.
Animals Without Limits requests everyone go to the website and vote during the week after 24 NOV. Pass this to all your friends and relatives, as well... lets get a vote that goes viral!
Your efforts to do this will help us to win. We can only imagine the competition is stiff, but we think we have a worthy goal. Along with the Golden Paw trophy, the winner will receive 5000 Euros. This money would go a long way to establishing AWL's number one priority in Campania: a Hospice for sick, injured and elderly strays that is a safe and loving place for them to recuperate or live out their final days in dignity.
Please, pass this around to family, friends, coworkers and strangers. Lets get as many to vote for Animals Without Limits during the week of 24-29 November as possible.

Its during the Thanksgiving Holidays for Americans, so mark your calendar and don't forget amongst all the turkey dinner and pumpkin pie!
For the Animals,

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Now you can donate every month from your account. Look at the right hand side on this blog, and decide how much you want to donate every month from your account. The buttons "subscribe" Thank you for helping us keeping the dogs healthy!

Today AWL got help from two wonderful girls. Olivia 4 year-old and Jackie (always very young and blossom) At the shelter they cleaned out for the puppies and put in new clean blankets. Then they de-wormed all the puppies so they will be stronger and healthier. Amore girls, thank you!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Without your help we cannot keep up with our work.

Because of recent generosity from YOU, we have recently been able to buy more medicine for sick shelter dogs. We can spay and neuter more dogs (and some cats) and give them something wonderful to chew on while locked in cages in the Shelters. We can also clean them so they feel (and smell) better, and don't itch so much which can lead to wounds and infection.

Thank you so much from our hearts, we can be able to do what we do the stray's to be happier and healthier.

Ann-Krisitn Jonsson in Sweden

In memorian of their beloved dog Tossi ("mom" Maria Svegard) in Sweden

Raymond Milen in PA, USA

Monica Ohlsson and Kenny in Stockholm, Sweden

Bella Appelblom in Sweden

Ulla Seidel in Irland

Ulla Lindner in Sweden

Birgitta och Bertil in Hladisch, Sweden

Pigears from the store Smulan & Josefin in Stockholm, Sweden

Shampoo from the company Unique Cosmetics, Sweden AB

Himmelska Hundar, the fantastic dog cafe~resturant in Stockhom, Sweden. Thank you for the medicine for the dogs, walking halters, and all the treats.



Perla is a great, gentle little dog, about 3 years old. She's been spayed, and is longing to be someone's companion in a "forever" home. She is currently in a shelter near Naples, Italy, but could be adopted world-wide.

Won't you consider taking this little girl into your home and heart?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Fred and Ginger are siblings, about 5 years old.

Fred's been neutered, Ginger spayed. They are great, playful, loving dogs that deserve better then the shelter near Naples, Italy where they live. Won't you give these two a chance?

Keeping them together would be great, but loving, forever homes for them individually would also be wonderful. They are exceptional dogs! Remember, Ginger did everything Fred did, but while dancing backwards in high heals!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Please don't forget to visit


Introducing Scoobie. Another resident at Rossella's Shelter. He is ready and eager to have a place in your heart. (Mia's favorite).

Monday, November 16, 2009


If AWL had a hospice we would bring this "old" guy in. Limping, stiff but still a very bright mind, he wouldn't have to walk around trying to scavenge for food. His old scars would fade, he wouldn't have to worry about his sleeping area, to protect it from other strays.
Please help us get our hospice by donating money --- don't forget to earmark them "hospice"


This is Paola! She is a great woman with a big heart for the animals, strays or pets, horses or ducks, she takes care of everyone. She rescued the cat Tigro from a hectic road. And a Pit bull snooping around in the area now safely lays in her office at her Race horses stable. He got a beautiful collar with a small bell on.
She asked AWL for help to have Tigro castrated. I took her to LegaProAnimale.

Guess what? This lady gave us a donation afterwards....what a great Amore heart.

In the car she called up a Pharmacy owner-- whom she knows--she is a great customer--and told him about us. Of course he would help us to get better prices on the medicine.
What a day, what wonderful Amore people. Paola you are wonderful, we love you.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Our AWL Handy Mandies --Eric & Darren--did fantastic work today, they built a washing platform so we don't have to stay in the muddy mess cleaning the dogs in the future. Great work!
AWL --Keegan--Lindy--Mia--could today de-worm 60 dogs. We rolled Swedish meatballs that went down in a heartbeat. Thanks to all your donations we can keep many dogs healthy, and life will become easier for them.

Our great AWL Jackie was put in the puppy section. A mother was abandoned with a lot of puppies. Jackie made sure everything was clean and made their beds warm and nice with fluffy blankets. First mommy dog wanted to bite Jackie, but Jackie knows with some ground beef she had the Mommy's heart and trust. Great work Jackie.

We hope we can give these sweeties a good start in life, to become strong and healthy.

The last 10 bags of dog food was carried in--the donation from the nice lady Mitra up in Rome. 220 kg many stomachs to fill. Thank you Mitra.
I saw that AWL Lindy came with a bag of dog food, thank you Lindy for today, you are great.
Thank you all for a fantastic day, building, cleaning, walking and medicating.
Keegan, Eric, Darren, Jackie, Lindy, Ulla, Mia

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This is Lupetta!

She became one of our favorites quickly, happy and gentle and with an auroa full of light. She had been in this out door kennel for three years, on a conrete floor together with three other dogs. No one adopted her!

She couldn't walk very well with her back legs old recovery from broken legs in the past.

She had a hard time getting quickly to her food and the little time they were allowed to get out she couldn't move fast. Lindy our volunteer found her in the dog house, carried her out. Lindy brushed off a bag full of hair we don't know when she had been brushed before.

Lupetta loved it, never had anyone touched and loved her that much. She loved every second Saturday when we came out to clean the shelter. We always hurried to her cage.

Lindy bathed her, took her out so she could start exercing her legs, and to our joy she started to use her back legs more and more. We tried to find a foster home but many said no, afraid of getting attached to her. One day Sweden told me after following Lupetta on the blog "We will adopt her" And Lindy said, "I can take her for the 5 months before the papers are done for her to go to Sweden."
One Saturday we noticed her energy was weak. Next time we came to finally pick her up she wasn't there. We hurried to Rossella and she told us Lupetta was being treated at the vet clinic. After 10 days I asked how she was doing, "she was doing better"

The family in Sweden couldn't wait until she could come to them. They were talking about getting her a wagon on wheels and a card to go with her to the aqua swiming therapy for dogs.

At Halloween I got a call, Lupetta was worse she needed blood transfusion and they needed my authority to do so. I called my translator who called the veterinarian and then me and then back again, it was emergency. I cried, she was so close to freedom, and we were so many loving her.

Last Saturday I went to see her (pics above) and she could walk, it was amazing. Still she needed care 24 h/day but maybe the following Saturday (14th) we could bring her to Lindy.

I was happy! Lupetta was weak, but her tail wagged and I got a small kiss, I left her whispering that I would soon come back and bring her out to the freedom she deserved. "You hang in there girl, promise me."

Yesterday I got the phone call that made my heart go all to pieces. Lupetta had become worse and wouldn't make it. She had to be euthanized, she was suffering. They needed my authority!

When you get that kind of call that means they have done everything....

I cried the whole day yesterday, even if my head understood that at least she didn't have to die in a cold, outdoor shelter --- but you tell that to my heart.

Yesterday I was ready to throw in the know, Lupetta meant the world for me. We could have saved her!

Today the "towel is back in" This is why I need your help with donations, contacts to be able to open up an AWL Hospice. So no one has to say "no" again, being afraid of getting attached to the dog in need. And so no beautiful souls have to die because we couldn't get them out in time.

Lupetta got her freedom but we got our heartache. I got a beautiful email from Doctor Mariagrazia, "Lupetta sadly left us at 14:10 yesterday, in our arms . She thanks everyone for our love." (Mio malgrado devo darle una brutta notizia. Alle ore 14.10 Lupetta ci ha lasciato tra le carezze della collega Paola Corcione, Angela, una volontaria, e le mie. Ringraziando lei e la Mia per l'amore dimostrato a Lupetta)

Now, we really need a hospice. Please donate in Lupetta's memory. Don't let Lupetta's death mean nothing to us, let her memory and spirit live on in our hearts and through other strays that can be treated in her name.


Mitra sent me an e mail telling me she wanted to visit me with a present.

And oh my dear it was a fantastic, heartwarming gift for AWL to drive out to Rossella Shelter with it. I was speechless.

This woman is full of life, guts and heart. AWL is so grateful for what she did together with her boyfriend. They drove down from Rome with 210 kg (500lbs) dog food, boxes of dog treats, many bottles of shampoo, cleaning detergent, sponges --- lots of things we always need on our cleaning missions. It was amazing!
The whole day had rained and all our dogs were so happy to see them, they could sense true animal friends with pockets full of treats. Mitra had even baked a Swedish (my favorite) kladd kaka--moist chocolate cake.

A very sensitive woman who stayed for one hour, they carried all the things down to our basement and then thanked me, for what we are doing! Holly Molly what a person--AWL thanks you so much for your fantastic self-generated contribution to help us make it happen. We love you!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Recently I have seen people with a dejected look, standing watching the dogs in the shelter. Some said the shelter dogs would have it better out on the street. Others said they would be better off being put down to sleep.

Many have not been to poor countries, or in war zones. This becomes as a shock for them, the poor-quality shelters, sick animals, the smell.

I remember when I went to Sarajevo by myself, to work with people I didn't know. I followed them watching destroyed buildings, strays running around, starving --- the snow made it difficult for them to find food-- here we have so often garbage laying around.

I listened to their war stories and my tears rolled down. The man in front of me starred at me and said in a harsh way, "Why are you crying, your tears won't help us!" At that moment I became angry at him: how cold hearted his statement was towards me who only tried to help. But later on in my life his words have helped me to keep fighting for the weaker and poor, and it has gone on for 10 years now.

Right now I can feel I want to say his words to many people, "Don't let your tears make you give up, they won't help anyone."

One great woman was so upset over how little people were helping out, and how they could comment about strays in a cold-hearted way. She looked at the shelter dogs and said, "They would have it better off outside on the street."

I understand her feelings, I feel them daily. But like I told her, I won't join those people by giving up, that would show they were right the whole time (and they're not!).

I am not going to stand behind a person who's comments are negative and contribution to the solution is zero.

Strays be happier off on the street? Yes and no.

It's like life, nothing is black or white. It depends on what area you are in as a stray, happy kind people maybe, that make sure the strays get food and medicine and safe zone from traffic. A roof over his head!

Out on the country many farmers are shooting strays protecting their animals since many strays are hungry. They cannot go into a food market and buy a can of food!

The farmer is protecting his animals so we humans can have something to eat.

Some strays are getting beat up on the street with baseball bats, set on fire (see the dog that's on my logo on was put on fire by some kids). I have seen people run out, beating the parco dogs with brooms and barbecue sticks. I have seen dogs locked in tiny enclosures, starved, pooing only grass. Strays being thrown over the fence into a shelter.

Medicine and veterinarian treatment are so expensive, so many people cannot afford it and let their "pet" out on the highway in hopes of a quick death by a car hitting them. Or maybe, with no thought at all about how the end will come?

Some volunteers ask me why we don' t get help from other organizations? Some organizations are already helping many other small organizations. Some are only helping their own countrymen, others are against shelters, for euthanizing or against the laws of the Italian Government.

Some internationals are abandoning their pets when leaving and they won't survive 5 minutes on the street or end up in over-crowded shelters. People are complaining about the problem and there are more than 70 shelters with thousands of dogs inside, never coming out because of what the eye's doesn't like to see... nobody knows about.

AWL is against shelters too, but you go into these shelters, and look into the dogs' eyes, and tell them you won't help them because of your opinion.

Its amazing studying people's faces when seeing something that looks ugly, or people with no experience but with an opinion and no solutions.

To you wonderful women, don't let this get you down, behind the corner will always be someone helpful and something bigger. Our Amore belief is always being tested!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


AWL had a nice, but short day at Rossella's shelter today. Walking, cleaning plastic pallets, brushing and loving these dogs. They give us much love and thankfulness back, so everyone gets emotional since we feel we cannot do enough--we want to bring them home with us.
This handsome fellow was so happy to see his "groomer" Darren again.

Vince, our calm and gentle guy loving-up on the dogs, plenty of treats were also given.

Vince and the AWL team got plastic pallets to the shelter and here it was time to clean them. Thank you all for making it happen. We love you guys!
Tomorrow; amazing people's donations to AWL--hope you will get inspiration(s)