Monday, July 29, 2013


She is safe now, our LOVE. I saw her picture on FB (see below) her sitting in a horrible shelter, sick and with a broken heart. I could just feel the pain right through the Internet. Martina--volunteer- made the phone call for me, and yes we could adopt her to our hospice. I was over thrilled.

LOVE is so loved at the hospice by all our volunteers. Slowly, she is opening her heart trying to trust the humans again.

Yesterday we had Dr Vittorio visiting our Hospice for a big health check. We have to do that once in a while where all the clients are being checked very well, blood test and poop tests are being made. Its also easier for all our clients to not have to go through the stress to travel, wait in waiting room, meet strangers since they have gone through so much lately.

Love and found that she has food allergy so she has to eat just anallergic food. A skin test, poop test, lehismania, erlichia, emocromo and biochimico blood test have been made and re-checking her ears (she is a ear problem girl). WE are also changing her shampoo to an antibiotic kind.

LOVE is probably between 13-14 years old. She was a pet till she was 10 years old, then the family left her in a shelter (picture above) From then she started to be sick and tired. She's having problems with her back legs since she's very old, and a bad dermatitis. The stress didn't help her to become very ill. 

 She will need antibiotic and a lot of healty bath. 

Please help us with our medical bill for LOVE so we can continue making her healthy and content.
She also needs special food now.

Donation can be made on this page, up in the right corner is PAYPAL or (sponsors)

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