Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Thank you Malin and Juan Wallin from Sweden, Tracey Kleber from Los Angeles for selling the Ricci Collection, Tracey Nettles from Texas andDI BERNARDINO ANGELA from Italy

Thank you for your donations this week.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011


We have very talented volunteers, Pio painted this on hospice wall. We just love it. His girlfriend Martina is talented also in many ways. You have seen here jewelers!
Donations from Loredana and Marina, that is so wonderful since we use a lot of cleaning detergent every day.
Rosita our Grande Lady, 18-19 years old. She has been with us now for one year at the hospice.
Blankets for the hospice guests. Thank you Loredana and Marina.
Our beautiful lady, Layla. Dumped at the Mount Vesuvius, brought to AWL and sterilized, medicated. Now she is waiting for her passport to go to her family in Sweden.
Talented Pio painted the Rainbow bridge at the Memorial Wall in the hospice.
Federica and Ivan walked many of the clients this weekend. They are super troopers every Saturday.

Pictures Martina Ricci.

Chiara, Marty, Pio, Angelina, Federica, Ivan. Weekend Amore.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


This has been haunting me the whole day.

Let us help, let this death not be meaningless.

This little one didn't get rescued.

We are having a food drive to help more shelter dogs like him to survive. (Drop off Vet clinic SS or Hospice Lago Patria)

Christmas is fast approaching. People will be going on vacation, and buying presents so individuals will have less money to donate. Yet, these dogs will still need the things they need every day. Please make a difference in their lives, donate what you can either the material items we need, or money so we can buy it ourselves. This holiday season, it will warm your heart (stomach) and theirs, to give to those without a voice. Italian bank or our PAYPAL on this site. Thank you and Bless your hearts,


IW BANK S.p.A.Via Cavriana, 2020134 Milan

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


MAX is his name and he is probably around 1-2 years old. Dr Fransesco examined him last evening. He is very skinny 40-50 kg and is now being treated for infection in his body, de wormed etc.
Max fooled the security guards and went on base, saw the vet clinic door open and went in. The receptionist called us. MAX has an American microchip number. We don't get the name or any information. That ties our hands.

Max was picked up by a volunteer Susi, that are having him short term foster home. He is lovely, follows her around, great with her small rescue dogs.

House broken, licking and loving children, he knows sit, lay and shake paw!

We are searching after a family that can give him time and love and security.

MAX have gone through a lot. I found out that he has been in a car accident as a puppy, and had lung-injery. They had to put in a chest tube. He is doing great now!

And now...his family left back to the States and MAX has been on the street for some time since he is skinny (that happens with former pets they don't know how to get food left out, it has been served frequently when he had a home)

His face have scares from dog attacks (Max is a former pet and doesn't understand street talk and becomes an easy target for fights)

He is a goof with a big heart. Help him find home!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Olivia and me were walking around in the city. Olivia was amazed that there were both abandon people and dogs (homeless with their dogs)
We got a garden uplift at the hospice this weekend. Pio cut the hedge and Ivan cut the grass. Ivan's other half Fransesca walked all the young dogs. We are so thankful for that and I know the young ones loves it. Also it is for a good cause for them who have adopted them and waiting for them knows that their dogs are taken well cared off.
And Chiara and Melania had AWL Charity in‎"Festa d'Inverno" Centro cinotecnico Campano e banketto AWL

Thank you both for raising money for AWL at the "Festa d'Inverno"

You all are grande Amore!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Bagheera is neutered and pampered by his owners that adopted him, Ivan and Frederica.

AWL spay and neuter project 2011

That's preventing Amore!


Rita Schneider came to the hospice today with 300 euro and a lot of food. You Rock!
Thank you Vet clinic on base for letting people drop off donations. THANK YOU ALL (and Olivia Bedoya for driving the items to our hospice)
Cleaning equipment, we are desperate in need every day. 80% of our days we clean.

Lynn Wodall, we are grateful for dropping off more cleaning detergent...
Tatiana and Michael Mc Guire the feeder is brilliant. Athena loves it.

Thank you for thinking and supporting AWL Hospice. It means the world for us and our four legged clients. You all ROCK!


An anonymous person is challenging us again and we need your help!

For every person you can get to join us on FB we will get 1 euro (1 friend=1euro) please tell your friends.

Please go to our FB page and become our friend. That's helpful Amore.


AWL is happy to still be able to sponsor spay and neuter grant to Campania clients.
That's Meow Amore!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Cruelty to animals should never be accepted anywhere, and therefore, we, the Swedish animal organizations, has joined together in a fight for the animals in Europe. We want that this movie will make people more aware of the reality that many, many animals experience every day. They are the members in EU without a voice, they need ours!

Join us!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Matching the Kleber $5000 Grant Challenge"

We will never know how to thank the Kleber's from Brentwood, Tracey and Craig

They donated 5000 dollar to AWL Hospice. They challenged every one to match each dollar, and we succeeded. What a roller coast and outcome=lovely of course.

We want to thank everyone who joined the race, Swedes, Americans, Italians and German's

The one year anniversary at Casa dell'Amore gave 932 euro.

Lynn and Trine were having raffles at the last bbq evening at Hotel Agora, (as always thank you Jennifer for supporting AWL) and Lynn and Trine decided to donate the money to AWL.
667 euro (donations from Steve 350 euro)

Silpada Designs Jewelry for her generous check 380 dollar

Debra D Soto, The Mercer Family, Anonymous in Lago Patria

Angela Di Bernadino, Eva & Mario Scala, Roberta Vianello Amelia Luigia, Alberta Camillo, Alessandra Rochas, Raffaella Cremonini, Stefania Romano, Anna-Maria Errico, Biancarisa Lamacchia, Anna Maria Nizzola, Antonella Manotti, Alessandra Rochas, Anonymous Italian, Cinzia Acampora, Roberto Turra, Raffaela Baldas, Anna Maria Nizzola

Ulla Linders, China Platou, Maria Svergard, AWL Sweden, Ricci Jewerly Collection, Tanya Killborn,

Elisabeth Kruse emptying pockets from co-workers (what a great idea)

More names to come!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Rosita is one of the oldest clients and have been with us for one year. She is doing great even if she turns 19 years old.
Sometimes you need help to be washed, the volunteers washed her in warm water but the sun was wonderful so they washed outside. Warm and Sunny.
Garden, house cleaning, washing, medicating and loving up on the four legged. That is the purpose for our clients.

Dog walks for the younger one's. They are lucky but we are luckiest

A good day for Chiara, Martina, Lynn, Frederica and Ivan. with a lot of Amore.

(Thank you Grazia, Angy, Sondra)

Pictures Chiara Ricci 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011


You can read about Sassi in earlier blogs about how her owner rescued her, starved her, then abandonen her to AWL.

We take care of Sassi, she is now spayed and our volunteer Martina took her into her home and 6 dogs for a couple of days recovering and monitoring her. This is the update I got from Martina.

"She was perfect with dogs(at the beginning growled but then she loved all my sweet dogs,especially Buba), perfect with the cat, perfect with pee :) always outside! She slept with us in the bedroom last night and this morning she woke me up to go out and pee :). She waited me flat on the floor all the bowls firt to all my dogs and then to her. I never heard her bark in these two days. She is also learning to go on a leash. She is sweet, I love her so much! "

If you are a loving and thoughtful patience person/family and would love to foster her or getting her what she deserves the most, a permanent home. She need a very firm hand that will help her understand what you want from her and to let her be who she is.

She is full of Amore!


Time to try on the clients winter jackets. Stiff hips and cold wind can make it harder for our hospice clients. Stella is a hot dog babe in her new jacket.
Dusty looks a little uncomfortable but this is her first winter together with AWL Hospice
Another winter, thinks Tigro our girl.
Whisky, one of Martina's rescue dogs thinks he is the most gorgeous boy in Italy. We agree!

If you would like to send care packages with winter cloths or snacks, you can contact info@animalswithoutlimits.com for address.

That's warm Amore!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


My weekly column in the Swedish Magazine Nara. A journey from 1999 to now with the birth of Animals Without Limits by a little dying dog. Hope you will enjoy the story.

Tidningen Nara and you also read the column translated into English below;

My first encounter with street dogs occurred many years ago in Sofia, Bulgaria. Two dark brown eyes would change my life and many others' lives. I worked full time as an animal communicator and often flew around Europe to various clients. I had my own office on the well-known Gardet in Stockholm, and the waiting list for my services was long. But something in my heart did not feel quite right and no matter how hard I tried to explain the feelings, my friends didn’t understand what I meant. "You've got it all! You are already changing many lives! " they said.

By a "coincident" I flew over a weekend to a world conference down in Sofia, Bulgaria. The subject was the sterilization and castration of stray dogs. I had no expectations or hopes since I had no knowledge in that subject. Inspired by the lecturers and the participants knowledge that they shared something suddenly began bubbling inside me.

Later that evening we were a few who would go out to eat. I went in advance out to the street, suddenly it was like someone touched my soul and held on. My eyes were drawn into a dark entrance staircase, where two dark brown eyes searched mine. A street dog hunted my eyes, he conveyed that he needed help. He could not walk, but there was nothing self-pitying from his side, more a kind of waiting. No despair, but more patience in him.

There was something big behind the chestnut-colored eyes, a wisdom I had never seen before even though I had met hundreds of dogs previously. It felt as if I had been there for several minutes, but it was only for seconds.

Suddenly something snapped inside me, I sobbed over my despair that I could not take him with me. I could not take him to a vet, could not even find a home for him. The only thing I could do was listening to his story, and then turn my back on him.

My heart was broken, the hopelessness of abandoning someone who needed help. I had only experienced security at home in Sweden, never before had I seen this side of life.

I ran up to my room at the hotel and cried for hours. I did not want to go out. Later that night I took out pen and paper and began to write. On 23 October 1999, on my 36th birthday, Animals Without Limits was born, on that hotel floor. Thanks to a stranger's soul that had communicated with my soul. A seed within me began to germinate, and since that day we (AWL) have been able to help thousands of injured, stray dogs.

Angels are working in different disguises toward different souls. When we open up our subconscious, we meet our teachers. That's Amore!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Sassi is now spayed. She is up for adoption to a very calm family.

Shelter dog Milly is spayed
Shelter dog Lea is spayed.

Thank you for all your help to make changes in Campania Region.

Like our Animal friend Megans always says, "Don't just leave...leave it better!"

Friday, November 4, 2011


Dusty from the hospice was spayed at LegaProAnimale last Wednesday, and rested out in the Ricci Casa to be monitored.

At the same time that day out at LPA, was one stray cat caught by Lynn and sterilization.

Sponsored from AWL Spay and Neuter project 2011.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Our hospice is running with a tough schedule but wonderful volunteers. Layla is having a rest after her lovely mom and daughter came all the way from Sweden to visit.
Fantastic donation, thank you Federica and Ivan, you came with food and love. A great day at the hospice and thank you for your help.

Our little raccoon girl, still going strong she is 18-19 years old
The wind was terrible and made some damage that Pio fixed with assistance by Chiara.

Well we all know the story with Ms Moment dumping Shaggy that she had fostered. In an emergency we had to put him in a kennel. Sad part is that he has a family that is only waiting for his passport to take him to his forever home in Sweden.

But Pio and Martina went out to Lega ProAnimale and walked him. He is such a grateful loving dog. His mom in Sweden will have so much fun with him

Thank you all volunteers for being there for them, with 4 legs. That'a Amore!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Who is behind the face of a volunteer?

Did you ever wonder who is behind the face of a volunteer?

Did you ever do to yourself for a moment a few questions about his life, what he does to get by?

Did you ever try to think that behind these faces there are normal people with normal jobs who make accounts in their pockets to get to the end of the month as we all usually do?

So what's different between voluntary and "ordinary people"?

Someone pays him for what he does? Someone asks him to do what he does? Someone forces him to do what he does?

The answer is no.

The volunteer is a poor fool, a fool for love, a crazy idealist, a dreamer.

The volunteer is an ordinary boy, sometimes little more than boy, who generally keeps his small house, its small and dirty cars, its small and big spending ... and that 99% of the time he drives around in old clothes, worn by time and full of hair!

This is not just because he doesn't love himself.

The volunteer doesn't have time!

He doesn't have time on weekends to shop and choose the most fashionable clothes ... even then he wouldn't have many opportunities to wear them.

He doesn't have time off from work because every moment is devoted to an emergency, a day shelter, a dog that is waiting for him.

The volunteer has no money ...

He hasn't money because the volunteer sees no reason to allocate those few euros to himself when he knows that with the same amount could save a dog ... or at least make a small contribution to this purpose.

The volunteer doesn't want.

He doesn't want to go shopping since a day of shopping cannot stand the comparison with a day dedicated to his great passion.

Because it's this that keep a volunteer alive: passion!

A passion that fills and breaks his heart!

A passion that keeps him awake at night!

A passion that burns his soul!

A passion that leads him until the 15th of the month and never over that day ... since he is able to say no to the coffee,to the sea, cigarettes, pizza ... even to the shopping! but he is not be able to say NO to the eyes of a dog

And then what does the volunteer gain from all this?

What goes into the pockets of a volunteer?

Well ... nothing ... in his pockets are nothing by lint!

But did you ever wonder how is his heart so full of love?

Full of joy, of hope, of illusion ... but a so tender delusion!

Did you ever see this?

Did you ever go beyond that aspect a bit 'sloppy, these tired eyes... did you ever look at that little light in his eyes?

Try to do it ... try to wear those clothes, to feel that passion, the disappointments, the pain ...

Try to imagine how he feels when, after another day of struggle against the world, he gets a call that says "take my dog, I do not want it anymore..."

Try to understand how awful it can be to hear this...

Because the volunteer can't!

He can't also take responsibility for your dog because he doesn't have the opportunity.

He can't understand how, after so many years, you can give away a piece of your heart.

He can't sleep during the night just because he wasn't be able to help.

And he wants to help only the soul alone, that you are abandoning because it has become uncomfortable or inconvenient; because after so many years he began to give problems, because her hair isn't the same and people no longer stop with admiration ...

Because the volunteer wants to help this abandoned soul; the man who abandons the soul is not entitled to consideration, respect, or even to exist.

The volunteer does not have anything for him.

The volunteer is only a VOLUNTEER.

Try to make these considerations before making another phone call looking for some poor devil to take charge of the task that you are too cowardly and selfish accomplish.

Try to make these considerations before you expect to be assisted in your selfish task.

Try to feel the pain that's in that "I can not" followed by the millions of thoughts that floods his head in the end that will do the soul alone. And what a sad life he has become, knowning the one he believed that was his family is dumping him without any problems ...

Try to live your gesture from his eyes ...

Not from the eyes of a dog because the dog forgives, the dog is innocent, the dog doesn't know of your justifications.

The dog will probably go on to think for the rest of his life he had done something immensely wrong to be abandoned by his pack, his leader.

The dog will go on to suffer hoping for your return ... forever.

But not the volunteer.

The volunteer doesn't have this gift.

The volunteer doesn't forgive.

Look in his eyes before you make that call.

And then ask yourself who is the beast.