Monday, August 30, 2010


You have been able to follow us on the blog, the "Mission Jen" with the Great Danes that were at a riding school. A lot of people, children got scared of these gentle giants, and maybe not the best environment for the puppies to grow up in. Jen from Hotel Agora introduced us and she and her husband are the adult dogs' sponsors.

We picked them up and of course they got stressed about what was going on. They have never during their 3 years left the place. It was heart breaking --- their concern for their puppies combined with their anxiety over where they were going, leaving the only home they'd ever known!

Big Puppy Yawn!
We got them to LegaProAnimale, a big family of two adults and 8 puppies (4 weeks old). Once at LPA, they were de-wormed and Advantix applied right away. Dr. Lorenzo was a sport helping us.

During the next 3 days, they will go through a lot of health tests, and the adult male will be castrated (female will be when she is done nursing). This will be her break after many litters in a "Puppy Mill".
Her eyes seemed to be bothering her, so a double check on that too....we want our clients to feel better, that's what our donaters want as well.

Jennifer and Christian Hotel Agora, thank you for saving these lives. That's Amore

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Male and Female are seeking home. So sweet and friendly. The Italian family is having a lot of animals, a riding school that attracts animals to visit and stay (or being dumped)

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Jenn, Hotel Agora thank you for making it happened. AWL can now help more strays.

That's Amore

Thursday, August 26, 2010


3 females and 1 male are searching for a forever home. They were dumped in a laundry basket at Carney Park. Please give them a good start!


Carrie is a warm hearted animal friend. It seems like the pregnant mothers knows that and goes to were Carrie and her family live.
This time it is a beautiful German Shepard mother and she gave birth to 11 puppies.
Carrie and her family are feeding them, AWL will pay for the medications.
Please help finding these puppies a good forever home, or maybe you can foster one?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


AWL's beautiful friends Craig and Tracey Kleber's companion is now by the Rainbow Bridge.
Craig wrote a heart warming letter that touched us incredibley and I want to share it with you.
I got his permission to post the farewell letter.

You are on this letter because you met me, or knew of me through my parents. I want to thank all of you for being nice to me. I was the eleven year old, blind, patially deaf, mangy dog everyone passed by at the Sunday adoption in Santa Monica. But I had lots of potential - no I was not handicapped, I was special, and the people who gave me a chance got to know a great little dog. I hope I am a lesson to all people; do not turn away from the physically challenged, we have gifts others do not. Just look at what I became! How did I arrive at my lucky last five years after being ignored, neglected and not given good medical treatment? Cate (Used Pets rescue and adoption), a truly kind soul, rescued me, she saw me walking the rougher streets of LA with no eyesight - I don't know how I was not run over. My parents, who volunteered with Cate, adopted me after seeing me week after week not getting any attention at the adoption - nothin'. With really good care from Dr. Lisa and Dr. Victor, lots of grooming and good food, dog chews and people food scraps, I got healthy. I was glad to be spoiled. Creature and Vinnie did not know what to make of me; I bumped into them, I didn't run, I slept a lot, I liked being outdoors more than in. It was tough at the beginning. But I learned to climb up and down patio stairs, go exploring deep in the bushes and emerge without help, always show up for a treat in the rear garden. I barked a lot because I wanted people to know I was coming or to protect the house form the pool guy and neighborhood dogs. If you spent time with me, you watched me out-beg my brothers, not back down to bigger dogs or ward off the mailman - lots of you said I was cute. But this weekend I said goodbye. I wanted to go to heaven, I asked my parents and they said it was okay. My little body was betraying me to the point where I was not me anymore. Dr. Victor who was so kind, and helped me on my journey, said it best - my soul had already left my body, I was now looking for an escape. So I escaped to a better place. So now I have eyes again, I am running, I am happy and healthy. Thank you all for making my last years on earth so wonderful. 'Be comforted, little dog, thou too in the Resurrection, shall have a little golden tail' - Martin Luther

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Remember from earlier blogs that AWL was introduced to Adriana, a 400 dog shelter, by an Italian lady name Anna. This shelter is private/Govermental but for 2 years no money has arrived at the shelter from the government. There are many sick dogs, Adriana and her staff they are constantly working full time to survive with the little they have. Martina asked me if I could help Adriana with a Pitbull that was so sick.
Last Thursday Adriana and I linked up at Dr Damiani's clinic, with worry in her eyes she asked if it was ok to bring in another dog, a young one. I said yes.
Dear donaters, this is where your money goes, to help to heal, or to help an old soul over to the other side.
This is the young one, Sky. He was rescued after being hit by a car. Someone thought they were helping, but by putting a spling and bandage on the leg, in this case made the situation worse. his leg did not have any blood circulation and the smell, was horrible. Like rotten fish!

When the bandages were taken off, Sky started right away to lick his leg in such a speed, he could finally feel the blood pumping. You know that tingling feeling when an arm or leg is "asleep"? That is what he felt, times 10!

Look at his poor leg totally a mess. Sometimes wounds and small fractures heals better without anything. Always contact a qualified veterinarian, and make sure to return to him for check ups.
He had a bad infection on his back leg. I am so glad Adriana brought him in. Her wonderful heart.

This morning was a bittersweet one. Ringo, 12 years old, been at the shelter since 2003, was in such a bad condition that my first thought was; we have to let him go. But first like always, an examination and x-ray of his swollen right front leg.

What a guy! We were able to do everything and he didn't say anything or do anything, I admire these animals so. He had chronic erlichia, he was anemic, he was a skeleton, and the x-ray confirmed a tumor in his leg. All of this, and his age and weight-loss, convinced us that we had to euthanize him.

Adriana whispered to Ringo "I am going to let you run free now my friend, I will let you go. I love you so!'
Thank you Dr Damiani, together with your wife, my two wondeful children who waited for 1-1/2 hrs, of course Adriana for your heart, and you all that made donations....thank you!
Ringo, say hello to Tjojs for me.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Yesterday's visit to the horse stable where the Great Danes are.

One of the 15 days old puppies. Hard to imagine such a small creature would grow to be one of the largest in the dog-world.

Can't you just sense the nobility?

This is no way to start a healthy, long life!

Working on rescue plan called "Jen Mission" We will make it!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


What a heartbreaking visit today at a stable with two "beautiful" Great Danes, female and male with 15 days old puppies! They all appear to be pure-bred in this breed.

Jenn from Hotel Agora introduced me to "the people that feed" them, and she wants to sponsor this "rescue project." AWL will have them spayed and neutered but they also need a nice place to be able to relax in for the rest of their lifes. A garden with dog house would be just perfect! They are so sweet together.

Tomorrow I will go and medicate the female.

They are both approximately 4 years-old, and the female appears to have been a "puppy-mill mama" --- lots of litters in her few years.

The puppies are also up for adoptions. Please help them!

Remember the blog about the two dogs that were owned by an American and a person "helped" her adopt them away. Well they ended up in "rough" shelter/kennel, not the loving home the owner was lead to believe they went to.

AWL found the owner and brought them together. Lilly she kept, but Frankie she didn't want to keep (small home and too much work for her with 2 dogs).

Well, Frankie is being fostered by Tammy (pictured) and her 5 dogs. She tells me he is a wonderful dog. Happy and loves to play; he adjusts great and very quickly to the pack, family home. He is 2 years old.

Frankie together with his two new best friends friends.

"Big Boy" was in a pack of four dogs at an Agip gas station. He needs a home quickly since his three other pack friends all got new homes.....please, it is heartbreaking that one has to be "abandoned" --- left behind not understanding why! Please help a paw-fect friend

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


It’s one thing to have compassion.
It’s another to put that compassion
to work.

AWL – Compassion through Action

August, Friday the 13th; unlucky for some, indifferent for many, but a most wonderful day for AWL. It was a day of awareness, at a fundraiser in Lago Patria at the Agora Hotel. Over 350 folks came to listen, learn and give generously to help support the AWL mission. By the end of the evening, over 4500 euro was generated, and in Mia’s words ………. “That’s Amore!”

Many came out of curiosity, some were old friends and longtime supporters, and others came to volunteer for future events – our youngest soon-to-be volunteer only 12 years old. Bravo!
AFN came to broadcast, and local businesses sponsored the cause through contributed services and merchandise. An Italian adoption agency came to publicize available dogs. Disney characters walked around collecting money, children had their faces painted, and for the not too shy, a full body massage was available! It was also an opportunity for people to meet and connect with others that share that common compassion – the perfect fuel for motivation!

Not surprisingly, one of the most common questions of the evening was:

“What can we do – the problem is so huge here what difference does it make?”

To those people the first part of the answer is that it’s perfectly human to feel that you cant make a difference – you know, that tiny drop of water in the infinitely large bucket, and oh by the way…… the bucket leaks too. Yup, we have all had that feeling and will again on occasion. Brush it aside and know that whether you donate money or donate food; give your time, or take in a foster; write an article or actively campaign – IT ALL COUNTS! Even if it’s as simple as having a fresh idea, we are always happy to hear it!

The second part of our answer to that question is silent. It lies deep in the eyes of the animals, whose before and after photos were on display. Those are the AWL stories with “furryytail” endings. So the question back to those that asked is:

“Isn’t saving just one animal worth it?”

Here’s to a wonderfully successful and hopefully recurring event. An immeasurable, heartfelt thanks to all, because without supporters there would be no victories.
Now, that’s Amore!
Text; Tammy AWL "un grande" volunteer

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Let the party begin!

Early in the night, but the food is starting to be served. Great weather, great food and friends, super music, and a wonderful event.

Jennifer of Hotel Agora, we love you THANK YOU so much for pulling this fundraiser together and with such a success. What an Amore lady you are. We also want to thank Trina who did a fantastic work with the AWL scrap book and adoption ornaments around the pool. Lynn your bright ideas with experience was welcomed.

You ladies are amazing.

Andy and Ike for good entertainment and the raffle show.

Rita for the great AWL art, it looked amazing.

Anna with the Pluto, Pongo and Goofy friends, we loved that!

All the volunteers, wow you made the fundraiser turn out to a warm Amore evening.

You all made a wonderful evening blossom and the money blooming.

More pictures to follow together with more stories and thank you's!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Our beloved Julian, also known as Benji, is now free to run with the wind across the rainbow bridge.
Julian is one of those heartbreaking cases we come across too often here in Campania. He was found beside a road, seeming to have been hit or suffering from disease. After much testing, we found he had a rare virus affecting his brain. Once we identified it, we found we couldn't cure it, but could likely treat it.

He was in a great foster home, with some other dogs, but kept having seizures that would have us running with him to the vet clinic, where they stabilized him. This happened pehaps a half dozen times.

He was blind in one eye, and sometimes had trouble getting around, but after a seizure and treatment, he was a happy and fairly normal little guy.

What struck all of us about him, was how he seemed to come alive when someone petted him, or showed him any affection at all. He had a true, big, and pure heart. Life dealt him a awful hand, but he enjoyed each day he had to the maximum of his ability.

Yesterday, he had another seizure, and again we took him to the clinic. Both myself, and the veterinarian (Dr. Loungo) agreed that all that could be done, had been done, and it was time for Julian to cross over the Rainbow Bridge. With tears in our eyes, we helped him out of his pain, and on his way.

You will remember that I recently also said goodbye to my dear Tjojs, the dog whom I adopted in Sweden, and was with me for 14+ years. While I mourn her deeply, in many ways I mourn Julian even more. Tjojs had a full, wonderful and varied life. She got to do and see so much, and together with me we grew, loved and learned from each other. Julian had such a short life, yet such a big heart. He deserved so much more and better than what he got. Any soul who could thrill to just a little affection from a stranger like he could... deserved so much more.

Farewell, Julian. We will miss you deeply, and will try to embrace what you taught us in your gentle, simple love-of-life. Perhaps you will wait for me across the Rainbow Bridge?

Monday, August 9, 2010

AWL days are so full with mission and projects it can be up to a 10h working day. Not everything are being told on the blog. Some things cannot be writen about (yet) it is sensitive, and some things need to be solved without "headlines'Morena, a sweet insecure loving girl that got kicked out by her Polish family. She had slept for many months out on the family balcony, not allowed to come in, even if her "dog friend" slept inside and in moms and dads bed, But not Morena.
AWL helped and saved the life on the other dog since he was nearly "going over to the other side" from Parvo, They were so grateful.
Never could I believe that they would cold harted dump a dog that had stayed with them.

We are so tired of people getting away so easy!

Martina and Pio brought Morena to LegaPro were she could be sterilized, microchip thanks to AWL. Martina had found someone that could take care of Morena up in Rimini, (12h drive back and forth) and AWL sent out a request for help.

Wonderful Lynn and Andy called and said they could do it. Yesterday Morena was brought to Mia's house and slept one night, early this morning at 0700 was she picked up and driven to Donatella in Rimini. Thank you all for helping this little soul who did nothing wrong. Thank you secret gas donate, Trine lent her car for the trip. And Martin for being her voice.
Morena got a new life and a new name "La Luna"

At 0900 this morning we got the most beautiful phone call, "Mia we got food donation to AWL, you have to come and pick it up"
Thank you Anna at the Nex office...and you all who didn't buy this food so AWL could get the food and share with the shelters. That's Amore

One of our volunteers Todd is a big animal lover :-)

Our little Thelma.
Remember earlier she was thrown out from an Italian car at a gas station. The people at the gas station was feeding her but couldn't have her there much longer.
She was rescued by Tammy and another girl (forgive me I dont know your name) brought to Lega Pro for sterilization.
A couple of days later was Mia on her way over there to Lega, to pick her up. Well she got into Mia's house, and now they are having a hard time parting from her.

She is so wonderful, quiet and loving. When Lynn came to pick up Bonita, Thelma snuggled up into Lynns arms. Todd is so in touched by Thelma too, and today her stiches were removed and at the same time she got a microchip in Mia's and Todd's name.

Spillo, was ran over a car, and left on the street. He is recovering great now.
He is a sweet heart, loving and so smart. He would like to have a home, a forever home and not empty promises. We all are getting tired of hearing empty words, we want trust and commitments. That's Amore

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I had been asked to go out to a small shelter out on a field to have a look at a sick dog. While there we found out that there were two dogs that been abandoned by an American lady. We were told she had tried to put them to sleep. Horrified, I got the tags and went on a two week hunting expedition, its not been easy since many are careful of reveling names or get into trouble if this was true. No one wants drama, or to be involved. I found out the name and one of our fantastic volunteers Tammy got hold of her.

She became devastated when she heard that her former dogs were in a shelter. She wanted them back! A "friend" (she is getting interviewed tomorrow) had said she would help her adopt away the dogs. The owner could not keep them since she was probably going to be deployed, and her landlord had complained that they were barking a lot.

This "helpful" person took the dogs and gave them to an Italian animal worker, telling them that these dogs were put on "killing schedule" by an American. The Italian's became mortified, with all understandable feelings, and put them in one, then another shelter.

Today , I was able to go out there and introduce the "owner" back to her two dogs, Frankie and Lilly. These animal volunteers who have cared for the two dogs, I can understand that they are still afraid that these two dogs will be deserted again....who is telling the truth?

Rebbecca was very angry to find out what she had thought was a loving new home for her former kids, were instead on cold concrete floor in a barren field, away from a warm home.

Keep your paws crossed that this will work out, since Lilly and Frankie can not be apart from each other. And Rebbecca can only keep one.....