Monday, November 28, 2016


These two characters are "rescue" dogs from Italy living together in Germany.
Both are now Seniors and got the kindest hearts ever. Sammy and Leah also live together with ten other rescue dogs in the house that we bought to fit all our dogs.

Many ask us if they live inside! Yes of course, they are family members.

Each one of them knows their sleeping place, some in our beds, and some prefers their own dog beds.

They chose and show us, what they want. 

That's Amore!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Diagnosed with Cancer

This is Trooper Rescue Dog. We rescued him from a shelter, he rescued us with Love, we rescued him from Cancer.

Yes! Our beloved Trooper is Cancer Free!

A couple of months ago he was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer in his urine bladder.  The veterinarian said he only had a short time on this Earth. Devastated we went home, of course together with Trooper.

Miracles Love, 



                 Animals do not Fear Death

 (You can read my column in Swedish here, Tidningen Nara 

Death may scare most of us humans, but it does not scare the animals. For the Other Side and Life are the same for them. 
Life will never end!

I have never experienced the Other Side for us humans. But I took part of the "Animals" Other side ones. The strong experience happened to me in the early 1990s and since then it has always comforted me when I work with sick animals.

In my first book, "Listen When Animals Speak" (Forum 2000) I wrote about my experience. At that time, I went to a masseuse who also worked with Body Harmony. That made me curious. "You can experience the past life," said the female masseur to me. I did as she said, but without much expectations. I breathed deeply and directly everything felt very pleasant. I just was!

Suddenly, a black and white muscular stallion cantered behind my closed eyelids in full figure. He was handsome and proud and had enormous charisma that gave me security and confidence. The stallion had control over all the other horses cantering around and finally they gathered behind him. They were all in a valley where the grass was green and juicy, and I saw everything so clearly, even dewdrops on each blade of the grass!
 I had never seen such a fantastic green grass before. The colors were magnificent and there was a great calm. The horses cantered past me and finally came Sigge, my horse that I had been euthanized a couple of months earlier. I could feel his presence so strong!

When I opened my eyes, I was totally confused and almost in a small state of shock. It had been like for every thought I thought, it became as if my eyes were zooming in like a camera lens. Everything was so peaceful and beautiful, that I wanted to go back there again. I longed!

I realized that life is not merely a loss, death and grief. There is a reason for everything, even death. A new door opens for those who leave the Earth, but also for those who remains.

A Labrador communicated to me just before she left her Earthly life: "We give you our whole heart and love, regardless of who you are. We give unconditionally love to our owners, as to all others we meet during our time on Earth. 
In the life time without any end! "

That's Amore
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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Sweet Senior at the vet clinic. Like with humans its important to do your regularly check ups.

I know I am charming with my different ears. Thats Amore!

Friday, November 11, 2016


Our great volunteer Bianca Lopez went to our Animal Friends Shelter to help out. Think so much happiness and greatness you explore by visiting them. Never an unthankful soul.

Plenty of kisses and tail wagging .

Live the fullest, never lose Hope, maybe the new owner is around the corner.

Playing and cleaning are the right combination in life. They are my best Mindfulness Teacher.

Exercise even when you feel locked in. It keeps your brain going.
                                    No Pity Party at our Place Please. It never helps anyone.

That's Amore <3 p="">

Thank you Bianca and Friend (Chris we wish you a fast recovery--Chris is another volunteer.)