Wednesday, September 25, 2013


 Good Luck little one with a new chapter in your new life. We are so exited.
 Minnie was a Puppy Mill breeding dog. For years she was producing puppies and living in horrible conditions. When found she was a depressed, only 5 kg and very sick. For 10 years had she been a machine. When she became "to old" they threw her out in a garden together with a big puppy that was bothering her the whole time.
We found her and brought her into our Hospice. Slowly, with the right food, veterinarian care, surgery and love, she trusted us and was so loving, and funny.
It was bittersweet to let her go, but our work was a new chapter started with only love in it. Minnie is now together with her own new family up in Northern Italy that only want to love her, and receive love back.

That's Amore Little One!

Monday, September 23, 2013


 We have a wonderful loving warm and happy Hospice for Senior dogs. They come very sick and with a sad background. Our goal is to help them get better in a quiet, green and healthy environment.

No cages or crates. We don't believe in that!
 They got their bedrooms, their beds or couches. LOVE our lovely German Shepard was dumped in a shelter after beings someones pet for 10 years. It was a horrible shelter. Depressed and sick we saw her picture and picked her up. Now, she is our Sunshine!

 Sunny Boy is over 13 years old, the same years as his age he sat in a shelter, never seen grass or other smells than 400 dogs in cages. Can you believe that he is the sweetest happiest Senior dog, taking in every day as his name....Sunny
 Darling Franka Senior Girl left in another shelter 300 dogs since 2003. Sick, skin and bones and depressed she was seen by one of our volunteers.
 Nonna Maria, what a lady...what a Queen! Left on a field to die down in Southern Italy. Seen on pictures by us when the rescue lady asked after help. We adopted her.
Minnie darling, former Puppy Mill breeding dog is now beautiful and healthy. After 10 years of horrible breeding was she left in a garden with a big puppy that wanted to play all the time. Minnie was very sick and depressed. She came to our Hospice and now after surgery and health treatments, she looks like a Star! In a couple of days is she going to her forever family up North. It will be with Happy Tears we say good bye.

That's Amore!


 Earlier we wrote about the four girls that were left in a shelter/kennel by their owner when he returned home. Mom Rosie had been rescued from the streets 2009 and her two puppies.
 We couldn't let them get more depressed since we knew their story and had met them 2009. AWL did not adopt these dogs, as a matter a fact AWL's President was against the adoption when she heard about it. But several people thought she over reacted. Well, now they are in AWL care.
 The owner left in May and the Girls got out one and a half week. According to the AWL volunteers they are doing wonderful, happy and playful. We would love the twins to be adopted together.
 The Twins
 Mom Rosie the most wonderful mom ever. So lovely
 Bella, so soft and sensitive, like a beautiful flower.

 They are now being comfortable at the Hospice and we would love for them to get a forever home.
The danger with many peoples rescuing is that they become experts very fast, many times that has a very dangerous outcome. Just because you are babysitting several different children doesn't mean you suddenly are a child psychologist.  Be careful with the lives you bring in.
That's Amore!

Monday, September 9, 2013


Its nearly done, working on the legs for this DOG KISSING BOOTH CHARITY. 

Only the dog will be on the back side when done. Pay us one dollar (we love euro too) and the yellow labrador will give you the biggest loving kiss ever. 

That's Amore


Our little Poe is still being very missed, and the hospice is not what it used to be. Very quiet and the energies are not so hyper. Stella the Handbag is missing her Poe very much.

Never forgotten. That's Amore!


Dear members,
AWL, NALA, and TNR are combining our resources to help 4 dogs that are currently abandoned in a boarding kennel here in Naples. Bella, Lilly, Vivian, and Miss Mamie/Rosie.
I must first ask that everyone please refrain from making negative comments. We all feel the same way; we want to stomp our feet, yell at the top of our lungs, scream bad words and place blame…NONE of this will resolve the situation and help the dogs.

Here’s a summary of the story that began in May of this year:

The owner did not make plans for the dogs. A plea was made and an animal lover stepped in. However, things were not as they seemed. The owner PCS’d from Naples, the animal lover spent their own time and money on vet fees, kennel fees, paperwork, etc. The paperwork was not able to be completed because of August holidays in Italy. The shipping was going to total $10,000. The owner did not and does not have the money. The animal lover, although willing to help financially, was not and is not able to spend that large sum of money for an irresponsible owner. I wrote to the owner’s prior Naples command and there is nothing that the command can/will do.

Fast forward to today:

FORTUNATELY, the kennel owner still has the dogs. The kennel fees have been accumulating since 17Aug. The cost of the kennel is €20 a day for the 4 dogs. I will meet with the kennel owner this coming week to see if this is a package price or is it €5 per day per dog.

As of 07Sep, the total owed to the kennel is €420. In order to help these dogs, the kennel fees need to be raised, foster homes and/or permanent homes need to be found. The amount needed for the kennel increases by €20 each day.

All of the dogs are female, spayed, and micro-chipped. The microchips will be able to be changed to the new owners. I do not know much about each dog’s age and temperaments as I have not yet met the dogs. When I meet with the kennel owner, I will meet the dogs for the first time and take current photos. The only photo I have available is the one posted and I do not know how old it is.

AWL has room at their Hospice for Miss Mamie/Rosie but the kennel must be paid before we can take her.

Any and all help is needed and appreciated. Donations/foster home/adoption

Donations can be made via Paypal on AWL’s website or here on the blog at - please comment “Four girls” so the funds will be earmarked for these specific dogs.

Thank you
Mia-AWL, Angela- NALA, & Trina-TNR