Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year --- BuonAnnoNuovo

photo (c)K. GOPINATHAN

Our wish is that everyone can help us to make a great change for our furry friends. Please continue to help Animals Without Limits to make the life better for the animals.

Happy New Year to You with a big Amore Heart
Il nostro desiderio e che tutti i nostri amici pellosi quest anno troveranno un po di pace e un mondo un po migliorato. Perfavore continuate a sopportare Animals Without Limits per rendere la vita migliore per tanti animali.
Buon anno Nuovo a tutti voi !

Give Them A Great 2009

On the 28th December (for better or worse) I took into my/our care, 2 puppies. They had been abandened on the house construction site opposite our parco and a couple of children from our parco had found them.
Apparently they were from a litter of 5 all of whom were trying to be sold by a native - unsuccessfully - a couple of days before that. So these two were just dumped.

Yesturday I took them to Dr Dorothea Fritz's animal rescue and vets surgery to see if they could take them in. They couldn't and the rescue center is now closed for the whole of January. They did however give them a general health check, the results of which are:- General health appears good - their temperatures were normal. They are about 8 weeks old of unknown breed/s - expected to mature to between small and medium sized adults.
They received 'Frontline' anti-flea treatment and are also now having a course of worming tablets. They can be neutured from 3 months and begin their innoculation programme around the same time.

The dynamic duo are: A bitch who has been called 'Katie' - light brown fur with pale brown eyes.
A dog who has been called 'Teilo' - tricolour coloured fur with dark brown eyes. Now that they have been fed, watered and warmed, they are bright, alert, keen, and already making efforts on the house-training front.
Does anyone know of someone/a family who would like these two?
I know that this is a big ask but we cannot keep them; our circumstances don't allow it nor does the time frame for innoculations/pet passport quirements.
All the kit that they now have (bowls, food, bedding, dirt box and pads) will be going with them.

With many thanks. Becky Masters

Saturday, December 27, 2008

What is Honor?

Our recent trip to feed the dogs at an area shelter brought me face-to-face with this lovely lady (the one to the left).

Clearly old, slow moving, maybe hard of hearing. Possibly addled from the confusion and frustration of being incarcerated with 70 other yapping, barking, wailing dogs.

She very much reminded me of my own Tjojs: the heart still willing, but the body wearing out and that causing frustration and saddness.

I knew immediately that I wanted to provide this lady a proper final time on this earth.

My estimate is that in her current living conditions, or where the authorities will put her when she is taken from the current shelter, is less than 3 months. With luck, and love, we could possibly give her over 6 months, and a condition fitting for such a matriarch.

Current drama and the ongoing situation is complicating things to make this happen. Still, there is a chance, and we will work to make it happen.

Please keep "Lupa" and AWL in your Amore prayers.

Photos Copyright (C) 2008, Todd A. Mercer. All Rights Reserved.
Text Copyright (C) 2008, Mia Mattsson-Mercer. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Shelter in Need, NOW! Canile in bisogno di aiuto ORA

Copyright (C) 2008, Todd A. Mercer (photos) and text Mia Mattsson-Mercer

AWL got kind of good news about the shelter that you saw on the video the 17th-- or the pictures I have posted more recently. The judge had directed to close down the shelter after Christmas, and the dogs would be transferred to another shelter named by many locals "Death Waiting Shelter"

Thousands of dogs on top of each other, cold wet concrete, in their own feces, waiting to die (but earning the owners 125 euros a month for each soul incarcerated there).

This shelter they are at now is horrible (watch the video), but we are all trying to get the dogs out for adoption or into foster homes. As horrible as this shelter is, it is actually better than where they would go to from there. But, our time is running out.

But are they being fed now over Christmas?

AWL has a plan but we need more time. We want 2-3 months, but the judge gave the shelter "solo" one month. Our dead line is the end of January!
I cannot close my eyes.

Please believe in AWL's goal, plan and wish. We will tell you along the way what we are me.

These dogs are getting feed every 4-5 days....Since this shelter is under investigation/court order, and people have been convicted, we are walking on eggshells right now. So believe me when I can not yet write down all information. I have to be very careful, not to step on any one's innocent feet, or insult others, and the most important thing, to avoid jeopardising the animals life's.
We need money, foster homes, adoptions, volunteers that are willing to help AWL one weekend in January. I will assure you that it will be an adventure, but I will hold your hand and bring you into education and experience. Believe me, you will feel the gratitude from the Universe, me, AWL and the most important....the Amore dogs that are giving their life into your hands.

AWL ha delle buone novita al riguardo il canile di quale abbiamo parlato un po di tempo fa. (potete vedere il video dal 17/12 ) o le fotografie, Il giudice ha deciso di chiudere questa struttura dopo natale, e questo significa che i cani veranno messi in un altro canile lager ancora piu terribile. La aspetteranno solo la morte.
Tantissimi cani messi insieme, pavimenti freddi e bagnati, vivendo dentro i feci. Aspettando solo di morire. (Ma guadagnando 125 euros al mese per il proprietario per ogni cane.).
La struttura dove si trovano ora e terribile. ( guardate video ) ma stiamo tutti cercando di tirare fuori piu cani possibile e metterli in famiglie che li vogliono adottare o in famiglie che li possono ospitare per un periodo. Anche se questo canile dove si trovano ora e terribile comunque e meglio rispetto a dove si troveranno entro qualche mese . Purtroppo non abbiamo tanto tempo...

Ma vengono dati da mangiare durante natale?
AWL ha un progetto. vogliamo 2-3 months, ma il giudice ci ha dato "solo" un mese. Dobbiamo essere pronti max per fine gennaio!
Non riesco a chiudere i miei occhi.
Per favore credete in AWL's in quello che vogliano fare e in quello che desideriamo, Vi diremmo col tempo quello che sta succedendo e quello che stiamo facendo. fidatevi di me.
Questi cani vengono dati da mangiare ora da noi ogni 4-5 giorno. Visto che la struttura sta sotto sequestro / investigazione, e ce gente che e stata denunciata , dobbiamo stare molto molto attenti ora. Quindi credete mi quando dico che non posso scrivere tutto l informazione ora. I devo stare molto attenta. per non insultare nessuno inocente e piu importante di tutto per non rischiare la vita di questi cani.

Abbiamo bisogno di Soldi , adozioni, volunteers che sono in grado e che vogliono aiutare AWL durante un weekend a gennaio. Vi posso assicurare che sara un avventura ma vi aiuteró con tutto io, con la mia esperienza e la mia educazione. Credetemi quando dico che sentirete un grande "grazie" dal universo , da me e da AWL e sopratutto da tutti questi adorabili cani che mettono la loro vita nei vostri mani.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Family to Feed - Nuovo Familgia

(photo; Olivia and I are hiding in the bush after feeding them)

For some months now I have fed a pack of dogs by the skeleton house were Truffle and Hunty were "living" before ( see earlier on blog). As for Truffle and Hunty, I haven't seen them in a while now. I guess the new pack took over their territory. Hard nature, surviving is a hard lecture on this world!

The new pack has 6 puppies that are now included on my feeding list. They are very afraid of the humans, so Olivia and I we sit and watch them at a proper distance. I try to explain for Olivia that they have a better chance to survive if we leave them alone.

The dog catchers will have a harder time putting these into the dog shelters. And people who are afraid of dogs don't have to hit them, the puppies are safer away from us.

That is one hard Amore lesson!

Da qualche mese do sempre da mangiare a un branco di cani che si trovano nella casa abbandonata dove prima cera Truffle e Hunty. Riguardando Truffle e Hunty non li ho visti da un po di tempo. Credo che il nouvo branco ha preso la loro casa ...e dura la natura. ma sopravivere diventa per i animali la cosa piu importante.
Il nuovo branco hanno 6 piccoli cuccioli che ora stanno messi sulla mia lista di "dare da mangiare " .
Loro hanno molta paura di persone , quindi io e Olivia ci mettiamo sempre un po da lontanto per vederli. Cerco sempre di spiegare a Olivia che hanno un piu grande possibilita di sopravivere se hanno paura di noi persone e che e meglio che li lasciamo stare . cosi quelli che prendono i cani e li rimettono al canile avranno piu difficolta a prenderli. E cosi anche persone ch ehanno paura di cani non devono "picchiarli " etc perche non si avicineranno.
Questa e una lezione molto dura ma piena di Amore.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Drama Without Limits....what a week it was last week and in away it still is.

I say it again and again, if I could just work with the dogs I would be so happy.

Well, that is not just true, there are some people I love to work with. But I cannot work with drama queens, they are like insecure dogs....howling and talking too much about what other people should do or not do, and nothing gets done. It makes me crazy.

I try to value my time since I have to divide it between so many people, and animals. When I try to cut the meetings short, some can think I am rude.

Many ask me how I can do everything I am doing, my answer to that is: anyone can do it if they get off the phone and plan their day. One will be amazed how much they can do in just a 2 hour mission a day.

I love going out on missions with the AWL veterinarian, she is quiet and observes the strays, and learns about them by "only" watching.

I love going on missions with my daughter Olivia who is 3 years old. She never wastes any time on talking about how terrible this world is....she is observing and solving, with a beautiful view from a young Amore perspective.

To all you who ask me I can only say this; talk less, get information by listening, and then solve problems with team work.

The best hunters are the silent ones! That is so Amore true.
Drama Without Limits....Che settimana !!! la settimana scorsa e ancora lo e !lo dico di buovo e di nuovo ,se potessi lavorare solo con i cani sarei cosi contenta. o non e completamente vero , ci sono anche delle persone con le quali amo lavorare. Ma non riesco proprio a lavorare con "dramaqueens " sono come cani insicuri. Abbaiano soltanto dicendo cosa dovrebbero fare gli altri invece di fare qualcosa da soli. Parlano soltano e cosi non si fa niente. Questo mi fa uscire matta. Io cerco di valutare il mio tempo, di dividerlo tra cosi tanti animali e persone. Quando cerco di tenere il discorso korto tendo a sembrare magari un po rude. Molti mi chiedono come faccio a fare tutto, la mia risposta a loro e : tutti possono fare se mettono giu il telefono e se si mettono invece a organizzare la loro gornata. Si sorprenderanno d quanto tempo avranno al loro disposizione. in due ore al giorno si puo fare tanto ! Amo uscire e fare missioni con il veterinario di AWL lei e silenziosa , osserva e impara solo guardandoli. Amo andare a fare missioni con la mia piccola figlia Olivia che ha solo 3 anni. Lei non sprecca mai tempo parlando di quanto sia terribile il mondo. Lei osserva e cerca di risolvere nel suo modo. Con l amore di una bambina piccolina.A tutti voi posso dire questo ; Parlate meno , prendete informazione ascoltando altri , e poi risolvi con teamwork!
I migliori cacciatori sono quelli silenziosi!
That is so Amore true.

A Shelter in Need, II

Please, we are running out of time! We need foster homes and adoptions for the innocent dogs who will be cast away in a sea of agony after Christmas if we don't find a solution. This time I am on my knees for YOU. Please help them!

Copyright (c) 2008, Todd A. Mercer. All Rights Reserved. No one is allowed to copy the pictures without AWL approval.

Perfavore abbiamo pochissimo tempo , abbiamo bisogno urgentamente di adozioni, soldi per tutti i cani inocenti .Che dopo natale veranno messi in agonia in un canile ancora piu brutto. Dobbiamo trovare una soluzione per tutti
. Questa volta vi prego davvero con tutto il mio cuore ! Perfavore , vi prego aiutateli !

Copyright (c) 2008, Todd A. Mercer. All Rights Reserved. No one is allowed to copy the pictures without AWL approval.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Shelter in Need

(C) Todd Mercer pictures

Saturday we went in to the Shelter in need. What can I say?
Sabato siamo andati in un canile in bisogno di aiuto,,, cosa posso dire ?
If you looked at the video I posted last Friday, you will understand that AWL need all the help to help the 70 dogs that are in this Shelter.
Se avete visto il video che ho messo venerdi scorso, capirete che AWL ha bisogno di tutto l aiuto possibile per aiutare i 70 cani che si trovano in questa struttura.
Have you helped someone you don't know?
Hai aiutato qualcuno che non conosci ?

We are puppies and no one plays with us!

The pictures will talk. Now it is up to you.
AWL are going out tomorrow again with more food and Amore and it is not enough.
Noi siamo dei cuccioli , giocate con noi!
Le fotografie parlano. Ora tocca a voi.
AWL tornera domani con ancora piu cibo e amore ma non basterá .

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rescued-Adopted from a Horrible Shelter-Salvato -Addotato da un canile terribile

Animals Without Limits volunteer Erika, with boyfriend Enzio, rescued this beautiful, wonderful little guy. He was in a terrible condition with his fur, feces and mud matted all over his body. But already after only 3 days out with love, walking on a leash with dog friend Tiffany he is not so scared any more.
Animals Without Limits volunteer Erika, con il fidanzato Ezio hanno salvato questo bellissimo, dolcissimo cagnolino, Stava in condizioni non terribile, spaventatissimo, sporchissimo , con fango e feci che copriva tutto il suo corpo. Ma solo dopo 3 giorni con tanto amore , passegiate con la (ora diventata) sorellina "tiffany" non ha piu paura

This is a fury, warm Amore story! Thank you Erika and Enzio and Tiffany!
Questa e una storia calda piena di amore, Grazie erika , ezio e Tiffany

Good People Helping Part II--Persone buone aiutano parte II

Yesterday I wrote about good people helping, and one of the better shelters...let me be more clear.

This is a group of volunteers (CaniDiSommaVesuviana) that doesn't have their own shelter but goes around to different shelters and tries to help or get more information about their situation inside the shelter. Also they try to get the media awake about the problem; "business with animals"I wrote( even longer ago) about shelters were (are) getting 125 euro per dog, per day.
Big business, and it doesn't mean that they have to keep the dogs healthy or clean.

CaniDiSommaVesuviana are trying to get to these horrible dog shelters and it was Channel 7 that made this documentary about terrible conditions animals has to go through-- in different levels.
But, they also want to show that some shelters has become a little better. This is hard work!

So my hat off for the volunteers, and no Amore to be people who just sees the money in suffering animals kept alive.

Ieri ho scritto di persone che aiutano e di uno dei migliori canili di questa zona. ora cerco di spiegarmi meglio. Ce un gruppo di volontari(CaniDiSommaVesuviana) che non hanno la loro canile ma che vanno in giro per i canili per trovare raccolgere informazione su i cani e trovare adozioni. "business with animals"Iho scritto( ancora piu tempo fa) che era di un canile dove i propritari guadagnavano 125 euro per cane al giorno. . Big business, ma non significa che devono tenere i cani sani o puliti...
CaniDiSommaVesuviana cercano di adottare i cani da queste strutture non tanto belle. ed era canale 7 che aveva fatto questo documentario che no nominato prima. in questo si vede la situazione di questi anime situazioni un po meno e un po piu male. .
Ma fanno anche vedere che certi canile sono migliorate un po. bellissimo lavoro !Quindi un grande grazie da parte mia e della AWL a voi che fate di tutto per migliorare la situazione per questi animali.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Campania Evilness

Campania Dog Shelters, there is no number for how many there are, and like I said earlier on my blog, no high adoption numbers. For many years have I tried together with AWL to work against mistreatment of animals, many people ask why nothing is being done.

I have an answer for you...MONEY. As long as there is money involved they will continue with the evilness. As long as we don't get any money we cannot prevent the evilness.

Why do we not have more volunteers? No MONEY.

Around this area in Campania are some shelters being discovered by media, and many people are getting mad of what they have seen. Thanks to Internet the information and horror can reach YOU in your living room. BUT, some people choose to shut the computer off.
I urge you to contact media, to become a foster to one off these dogs, or adopt.
I urge you to volunteer, we "just" ask about a couple of hours.
Give them a good warm Christmas!

Good People Helping

One of the better Shelters. Watch the video below on their web site. It is in Italian, but the pictures describes better than thousands words.

Amore to them who works hard to make this place a better world for the animals.

Please Help US &Them

After you watched this video, contact me and tell me you want to help Animals Without Limits. We will pay for the medical costs, YOU pay with your love, Amore!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Oscar is Getting Ready

(read about Oscar on the blog, October month)

Oscar is doing wonderfully.

He gained 15 kg and is now a 30 kg (66 lb), fantastic goof. The veterinarian said he looked great. Gosh are we proud?

Much Amore to foster mother Steph who is doing the work. We have other great news about Oscar, and we will post them later on when everything is ready.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Sunny needs a loving home, in return, you will get plenty of AMORE

Sunny is...a sunny sweet loving dog in his best years. 2-3 the veterinarian think. He was found in the garbage here in Campania. Please give him Amore

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Animal Friends

Best Amore Friends! Relaxing time for Olivia and Trooper, tired Animal Without Limits workers.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Truffle & Hunty

My sweet stray dogs Truffle & Hunty. Still feeding them nearly every day.
I miei dolcissimi randagi Truffle e Hunty. Li diamo ancora da mangiare quasi ogni giorno.
They are both full of Amore. When I see them, my heart is being pumped by love, and when leaving them, my heart is cloaked in sadness.
Amore, Amore why is amore painful so many times?

Sono due cani pieni di amore, quando li vedo il mio cuore si riempia con tanto amore, e quando li devo lasciare la mi si spezza invece dalla tristezza.. Ma perche amore deve fare cosi male ?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Zara is Home / Zara e tornata a casa !

(Anche in Italiano)
Another happy moment, and a near miracle, to celebrate in our home is that Zara could leave the veterinarian cage, and come back home to the freedom. After being so near death on Wednesday morning to be able to take her home on Friday was... well, amazing. Thank you for all the prayers I know were being said for her.

Before picking her up, the children and I went food shopping for the Christmas Party we would have. To be able to make Swedish meatballs, I bought a lot of ground beef for the traditional Christmas table.

All the bags were in the front and Zara was alone in the car for "just" a couple of minutes while I was paying the bill (arghhh ... 300 Euro).

Back home carrying in all the bags, Zara was happy to jump around in the garden. But where was all the ground beef.?

.....well in a happy, wealthy, healthy Amore dog's stomach.

Un altro momento di felicità e quasi un miracolo. Abbiamo celebrato il suo rientro a casa ! Finalmente ha potuto lasciare la gabbia dal veterinario e tornare nella libertà da noi. Dopo essere stata cosi vicina a morire mercoledi, per poi venerdi riprendersi completamente - incredibile ! Grazie, e so che tante pregere sono state fatte per lei in quei giorni. . . prima di venirla a prendere, i bambini ed io siamo andati a fare la spesa, per la festa di natale che dovevamo fare . Per poter fare polpette svedese ho dovuto comprare tanto di carne macellato. E altre cose per organizzare una cena piena di cose che si mangiano tradizionalmente in svezia.

Tutte le buste stavano avanti e avevamo lasciato Zara nella macchina giusto per qualche minuto..mentre io ero andata a pagare il vet (arghhh ...300 Euro )
una volta tornati a casa , Zara era contentissima di essere ritornata e di poter correre nel gardino di nuovo.. ma dovèra tutta la carne ???
....ovviamente stava dentro la pancia di un cane felice e molto molto sano....

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rat Poison!!

The research is scary, and many veterinarians tell me it is a big problem with people laying out rat poison. And it is not small amounts, it is several cans that people pour out.

Olivia and the dogs play where there is a big hole in the fence into an empty skeleton house. It is kind of ironic, the entrance gate is locked with a big chain, but a couple of meters away there is this big hole.

When I walked in there was this cat laying there and I can just imagine the slow and painful death she suffered, the animals are bleeding inside for 1-2 weeks before they die.

Two big jars of rat poison lay near the opening in the fence, and just the thought of Olivia playing with these jars made my heart beat faster.

I went and visited Zara today (read blog yesterday) and she is doing better, but still she has to be in the cage so she doesn't become too physically active, and start to bleed internally again. And she is very weak and tired.

The veterinarian showed me the blood test results from the lab and they were scary, she was so close to death!

I thank you all for your Amore thoughts, and I thank the Army Chaplain for his Amore prayer, for our Amore girl.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Children & Dogs

Wonderful children and animals, they communicate so well together if we let them. Bellissimi bambini e animali, communicano cosi bene, basta che li hanno la possibilità di farlo.

Zara, former stray so gentle and sweet to our 1 year old Max.
Zara, prima randagio , cosi dolce e brava con il nostro figlio Max di un anno.

"If you talk to the animals, they will talk to you,
and you will get to know each other.
If you do not talk to the animals,
you will not get to know them,
and what you do not know you will fear.
What you fear you destroy."
Chief Dan George

"Se parli con i animali, loro parleranno con te,
e vi conoscerete.
Se non parli con i animali,
non li conoscerai mai,
e quello che non conosci ti fara paurà.
e quello che ti fa paura , quello distruggerai."
Chief Dan George

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thank YOU

Linn Krantz, Ulla and Bella Appelblom for your donations.

Amore donations, grazie!

Who's the Most Stupid? Chi è il più stupido?

(Anche in Italiano)

A family had adopted a beautiful little stray dog. She was very sensitive and had probably been abused. As with many dogs with a rough past this one had som kind off anxiety and different (small) kinds of behavior issues. This little dog chewed on everything she could get her paws on.

For an owner this could be annoying but as with little children that break things or paint on the wall, animals can also “break things”. There are ways to have them stop and to adjust their bad habits.
This owner had his own way—and it didn’t work at all—one day did the dog chew on one of his boots.
The man took the other boot and tied it around the young dog’s neck. For several hours the puppy had to walk around with the boot tied around her neck.

The easiest way for the owner was to say later that the dog was so stupid—the man said, “there are stupid dogs like there are stupid people”.
The owner took the easy way out, giving the dog to a shelter and saying that it was a stupid dog.
I do wonder what category he put himself in?


Una famiglia ha adottato un bellissimo piccolo cane randagio. Era molto sensibile e probabilmente era stata maltrattata. Come molti cani con un turbolento passato era ansiosa e aveva tipi differenti di comportamento problematico. Questa piccola cagnetta masticava tutto quello che le capitava sotto i denti.

Per un padrone questo potrebbe essere fastidioso ma come con i bambini piccoli che rompono cose e scarabbocchiano sulle pareti, anche gli animali possono "rompere cose". Ci sono modi per farli smettere e cambiare le loro brutte abitudini. Questo padrone aveva un modo tutto suo-e non funzionava affatto-un giorno il cane masticò uno dei suoi stivali. L'uomo prese l'altro stivale e lo strinse attorno al collo del cane.

Per diverse ore il cucciolo ha dovuto camminare con lo stivale stretto intorno al collo. Il modo più facile per il padrone era quello di dire dopo che il cane era stupido_l'uomo disse, "ci sono cani stupidi come ci sono persone stupide". Il padrone scelse una strada facile, portando il cane a un canile dicendo che era un cane stupido.

Io mi domando in quale categoria lu si inserisce?


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why Helping Animals and Not Humans?

("ora in italiano qui sotto,")
In my e mail box today one woman asked; "Some people reacts negative on helping animals when we always should care about human beins first and foremost.
What do you tell them?"
Many times it is the humans that have put animals into suffering, and some off us are cleaning up after their mess. But it depends of how the person asks, if the person has a negative acusive tone I just ask back; "What are you doing to help others in need?"

As I wrote in my third book; " But whom have said that I who help animals doesn't help humans? No one acuse veterinarian students that they have chose the wrong education. No one asks why become a veterinarian when their is a need after doctors on the market."

Life are full of possibilitys and it is the knowledge we give and learn from each others that is important.

My daughter whom are three years old, donated 30 teddy's to a hospital for abused children, she was only 3 months old at that time. She goes with me to shelters, and in school they have the Sudan project.

So now asumption Amore here please! Give without expecting Amore is Amore itself!

Perchè aiutare gli animali e non gli umani?

In un'e mail oggi una donna mi chiedeva; "Qualcuno reagisce negativamente sull'aiutare gli animali quando dovremmo importarci anzitutto degli esseri umani.

Cosa gli rispondi?

"Molte volte sono gli umani che fanno soffrire gli animali,e qualcuno di noi sta facendo pulizia sulle proprie porcherie. Ma dipende come la persona chiede, se questa ha un tono accusativo e negativo io chiedo di rimando;"Cosa stai facendo tu per aiutare gli altri in ciò che hanno bisogno?"

Come ho scritto nel mio terzo libro; "Ma chi ha detto che io che aiuto gli animali non aiuto anche gli umani? Nessuno accusa gli studenti di veterinaria sul fatto che abbiano scelto un'educazione sbagliata. Nessuno chiede perchè hai scelto di diventare un veterinario quando c'è bisogno di dottori sul mercato."

La vita è piena di possibilità ed è la conoscenza che offriamo e apprendiamo dagli altri che conta.

Mia figlia,che ha tre anni,ha donato 30 orsacchiotti a un ospedale per bambini maltrattati,e aveva solo tre mesi allora.Lei viene con me ai ricoveri,e nella sua scuola stanno lavorando al proggetto Sudan.

Dare senza aspettarsi Amore in cambio è Amore esso stesso!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Feeding Strays? Dare da mangiare ai randagi ?

This morning we went back to the skeletal houses (read below) to feed Truffle and Hunty. As we drove up, from the car I could spot Truffle's white tail wagging, far away. I got out of the car and was greeted by Hunty and Truffle with a lot of affection ---I nearly lost my balance. Hunty's eye looked much better, and both seemed in such a good spirit/mood.

I saw they hadn't been eating much of the dry food that left for them last night (returning for the third time), but when I opened the can of juicy meat they where all over it, and inhaled it with great joy.

A friend of mine later asked why they didn't finish the dry food....if they are so skinny and bony?

The answer: Strays are mostly surviving from humans' garbage; from pasta and other wet food. Good and soft. For them that is a delicacy.

It does make me wonder when some people say you shouldn't give your dog table scraps...well ask a stray!

When strays are eating "wet" food, they don't have to search for water to drink. But when they get dry food, they need to drink a lot. Sometimes, it can be hard for them to find water, especially when the summer here is more than 8 months long, and hot! Don't tell me that the strays didn't figure this out in a splendid way.

This is darn Amore surviving intelligence!

Copyright (c)2008 Mia Mattsson-Mercer

(In Italian)
Questa mattina siamo ritornate alla skeletal casa (potete leggere di piu riguarda questa casa giu nel blog )per dare da mangiare a Truffle e a Hunty. Potevo vedere dalla macchina la coda di Truffle che si muoveva da lontano. Sono scesa dalla macchina e Hunty e Truffle hanno fatto una corsa per aggiungermi. Ho quasi perso l´equilibrio .
L´ occhio di Hunty e molto migliorato. E tutti e due sembravano cosi contenti e sereni.

Ho visto che non avevano mangiato quasi niente delle krokantini che avevo messo per loro ieri sera ( ritornando una terza volta ieri ) Ma quando ho aperto una scatoletta con tanto di quella carne che piace cosi tanto si sono buttati proprio. Un amico mio piu sul tardi mi ha chiesto perche non mangiavano il cibo secco, visto che erano cosi affamati ? La risposta : randagi molto spesso grazie alla spazzatura riescono a vivere, dalla pasta, o altro cibo un po bagnato, buono e morbido. Per loro questo e molto piu buono e perfetto. Infatti rimango un po "cosi" quando sento dire dalla gente che nn dobbiamo dare ai cani quello che lasicamo alla tavola noi ... caso mai chiediamo cosa preferiscono i randagi !!

Per i randagi si semplifica tutto mangiando cibo "bangiato" cosi non devono poi cercare aqua da bere. Con le krokantine o qualsiasi cibo secco devono bere tanto , e qualche volta puo essere difficile trovare aqua, sopratutto quando l´estate qui puó durare piu di 8 mesi !
Ovviamente i cani randagi hanno realizato questo da soli...

Questo e amore,,, surviving intelligence!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Truffle Update with Friend

(In Italian)

Update from October 29th)
We visited Truffle this morning, and found out he is taking care of a young, female. She is thin as a skeleton, and we named her Hunty. So sweet that it tears your heart in pieces, painful because you cannot provide them a warm home.

A drafty skeletal house, dirt, weeds and mud.It was so nice to see Truffle again, he and my daughter Olivia were cuddling up to each other, him closing his eyes letting go in human-child love.

Both Truffle and Hunty were famished! We offered them the can of dog food I always carry with me, and they inhaled it! Truffle seems to be doing well, although he limps from what appears to be an old wound, and has a scar on the right side of his face that looks like a grin. Hunty is doing much worse, it seems. She is skin-and-bones thin, with her hip-bones jutting out through her skin. I know she'd make somebody a great companion and maybe a hunting dog.

Truffle stayed close to Olivia. He seemed to sense her animal Amore, even at her young age. She's a great partner on our "missions".

Dr. Inga and I will visit Truffle and Hunty again soon, to check up on Hunty's eyes, and Truffle's limp. Hopefully, we will be able to routinely feed them too, to make sure they gain some weight, especially Hunty.

Here's some warm Amore for two loveable strays as the weather gets colder.

Abbiamo visitato Truffle questa mattina, e abbiamo scoperto che lui si prende cura di una giovane cucciola.. ma lei e magrissima, di ossa e pelle. La abbiamo dato il nome Hunty. E cosi dolce che si spezza il cuore guardandola ed e cosi doloroso sentirsi di non essere in grado a poterli dare una casa bella calda.

Invece questi due si trovano in una casa abbandonata sporchissima, fredda e schifosa.
Era cosi bello rivedere Truffle di nuovo. Lui e la mia figlia Olivia si coccolavano, e lui chiudeva gli occhi lasciando cadere la testa nel braccio della Oliva. Aveva tanto bisogno di quel tipo di amore che possiamo soltanto dare noi persone, e molte volte riescono ancora di piu i nostri bambini.
Truffle e Hunty avevano una fame... Abbiamo dato a loro la scattoletta di cibo che porto sempre con me. Truffle sembra di stare bene. anche se faticava un po mentre camminava per via di una vecchia ferita. (Lui ha una cicatrice lungha sul lato destra del viso che fa sembrare che sorride sempre. )

Hunty sta molto peggio, almeno sembra. E davvero troppo magra, si vedono tutte le osse. So che lei potrebbe diventare una cucciola fantastica a qualcuno o magari anche un cane di caccia.

Truffle e rimasto vicino a Olivia. Sembrava quasi come se avesse capito quanto vuole bene agli animali la Olivia. Infatti Olivia e un partner perfetto quando andiamo a fare Missions".
Dr. Inga e io andremmo presto a visitare Truffle e Hunty di nuovo. Per controllare gli occhi di Hunty e tutto il resto. Speriamo di potergli dare sempre da mangiare in modo per fargli ingrassare , especialmente Hunty che ne ha davvero bisogno.

Mandiamo tanto Amore a questi due bellissimi randagi specialmente ora che il tempo diventera sempre piu freddo...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mission Possible Team

From left; Erika Sundman, Mia Mattsson-Mercer, Dog Zara, Veterinarian Inga Vetrell, and my Princess Olivia.
We are some of the " Amore Team Mission Possible" Animals Without Limits!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

More on Mission Possible Day/Ancora un giorno di Mission Possible

(Anche In Italiano)
On the Mission Possible day, we continued on to a place near a lake to see if the fur balls needed our help. We stopped and met Mr. Ear, and his friend Mr.Rope. Mr.Ear was friendly to us and we could examine his ear, which we noticed that he scratched a lot.

Yes indeed, red and infected.

While I held Mr.Ear, Dr. Inga cleaned and medicated his ear. Poor thing! It hurt him badly walking around with such a bad infection.

Mr.Rope waged his tail but did not come up to us no matter how hard we tried to tempt him with goodies or kind voices. While frustrating to us, this is actually good in one way "I don't trust you, don't know what people will do to me." It can be such wariness that will keep him alive and out of "jail".

Bad for us who wanted to cut off the rope that hung around his neck. And also, to examine to be sure the rope hadn't grown into his neck, causing infection or even strangling him. No luck this time! We never got close enough.

We decided to return every day, and try to coax him into trusting us.

Follow up Amore on Mr. Ear and Mr.Rope is on our schedule.
Ancora un giorno di Mission Possible
Un altro giorno di "missione Possibile" , siamo andate in un posto vicino a un lago dove se c'è bisogno aiutiamo qualche cucciolo..
Ci siamo fermate per incontrare Mr Ear, e il suo amico Mr Rope. Mr Ear era gentilissimo e ci ha lasciato far esaminare il suo orrechio, visto che abbiamo notato che se lo grattava molto.

E infatti avevamo ragione perche era tutto rosso e inflamato.

Mentre io tenevo Mr Ear , la Dr Inga puliva e medicava il suo orrechio. poverino! gli faceva sicuramente molto male andare in giro con una infezione cosi brutta.

Mr Rope Invece anche se sembrava contento di vederci, non voleva venirci vicino per niente,,, non gli importava per niente quanto abbiamo messo per sembrare dolci e quante cose buone gli facevamo avere. Anche se questo era frustrante per noi, in un altro senso e meglio, l perche il cane non fidandosi dice proprio " non mi fido di te,non so cosa mi potranno fare le persone" Questo atteggiamento puo anche salvargli la vita o tenerlo lontano dalla "gallera" ( il canile )

Peccato per noi che volevamo solo aiutarlo, esaminandolo e tagliandogli la corda che qualcuno aveva legato intorno al suo collo. La corda poteva anche essersi infiltrata nella pelle del cane provocando infezioni o strangolare troppo. speriamo di essere piu fortunate la prossima volta ! di riuscirci ad avicinare abbastanza.

Cosi abbiamo deciso di tornare ogni giorno, per cercare di stabilire un po di fiducia tra di noi..

Quindi seguire Mr Ear e Mr Rope con tanta Amore sarà un nostro impegno...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kind People

Yesterday I wrote about the dog Brownie, and the nice "Kiosk owner Lady" here she is next to Dr.IngaI salute you, and veterinarian Inga for your Amore to the strays!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mission.... of the Possible

(Anche in Italiano)
One month ago, the AWL veterinarian Inga and I went out on a "mission possible".

Brownie, (pictured above) is one of our clients. An old stray with terrible skin problems and gum bleeding, was in pretty bad shape.

Back then Dr. Inga treated him, and yesterday, we returned to pay him a "follow-up" visit.

We knew that a very kind Sengora was looking after him and his pack.

As we pulled up we were greeted by several strays, some happy fat ones, some less fat but laying in the sun, resting happily. The Sengora, who owns her kiosk at this place, came out and showed us that Brownie was sleeping behind her counter. My heart got so warm from her kindness.

Brownie came out, and he looked better. Dr. Inga treated him again and gave Sengora medicine to follow up until our next visit.

AWL Amore to the kindness of Campanian people.

More about mission possible tomorrow!

Un mese fa, La vet di AWL Inga ed io siamo andate a fare un altro missione possibile.
Brownie, (nella photo di sopra) e uno di nostri clienti, lui e un vecchio randagio che ha dei problemi terribili con la pelle sua e con gengive sanguinose. Questo giorno, un mese fa stava abbastanza male.

Inga quel giorno gli ha trattato e ieri siamo ritornate per vedere come stava ora.
Sapevamo che una Signora gentilissima si occupava di lui e i suoi amici del branco.

Tanti randagi contenti ci venivano incontro. Qualcuno era grasso e contento e altri magari un po meno cicci ma stavano cmq riposando straiati al sole. La signora che ha un suo Kiosk in questo posto e uscita e ci ha fatto vedere Brownie che dormiva dietro la sua "cassa" vicino a lei. Il mio cuore si e cosi riscaldato dalla sua gentilezza.
Brownie e uscito dallo Kiosk e stava meglio rispetto a prima. Dr Inga gli medicava di nuovo e poi dava alla Signora un po di medicina da dare fino a quando torneremmo noi.

AWL manda tanto Amore per la gentilezza delle persone di Campania !

Domani scriverò ancora di piu delle nostre Missioni possible...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

AWL Helped Bianco, The Rowing Club's Mascot. AWL aiuta Bianco, il mascot dello Club di Canottaggio

(Adesso in Italiano)

A big dog friend, Helene (UK) called me and asked if AWL could help her with a dog at the Italian rowing club and restaurant, across the lake from where I live.
The dog had a problem with one of its back legs.
Of course AWL would and could!We agreed on meeting on a Saturday morning. It was a peaceful morning, the water on the lake was glittering from the sun, and I was greeted by a happy Helene, and a wonderful, happy, beige dog, Bianco.
Bianco limped and sometimes didn't put down his leg. He had "kind off" healed burn wounds on his stomach, but he was loving, gentle and didn't leave your side.

The restaurant owner came out, Bianco's "guardian angel." He told me what had happened one morning:
"I heard this terrible scream and rushed out. Bianco was being attacked by a Pitt Bull and it wouldn't let go even when I tried to hose it off with cold water. I ran in to the kitchen and got a pot of boiling water and threw it over them. It wasn't until then that he let go, and poor Bianco got burnsand a nasty bite."
I asked if they knew what had happened to the Pit Bull, did the owner get charged for miss handling a dog (breed)?
"The Pit bull ran into a pasture and attacked the horse, the farmer came out and shot the dog"
The restaurant owner took Bianco to an Italian veterinarian clinic were he was examined, but still he was not doing great, better though. But could we help?

I asked if we could have him castrated at the same time? The owner looked at me with big starring eyes, and his lips formed in a soundless "NO".
I promised that AWL would take care of the bill. His face lit up and he took my hand and was pleased. "Si, si!"
Bianco is doing fine now, a small fracture above the knee, his burns are healed and he is still a happy, castrated boy back at the restaurant. And, Helene sponsored by paying Biancos medical bill.
Healing Amore Helene Grazie!
AWL aiuta Bianco, il mascot dello Club di canottaggio .
Un grande amante degli animali ( specialmente cani ) Helene (dal UK) Mi ha chiamata per chiedermi se AWL poteva aiutarla con un cane che avevano allo club Italiano di canottaggio (e anche un ristorante ) che si trova attraversando il lago dove abito io.
Il cane aveva un problema con uno delle sue gambe. Ovviamente AWL voleva e poteva aiutare! Ci siamo organizzate per sabato mattina.
Era una mattina molto bella, l 'aqua del lago splendeva grazie al sole.. Mi ha salutato con tanta dolcezza Helene e un adorabile, allegro cane di nome Bianco.

Bianco zoppicava e non metteva giu la zampa. Aveva anche ferite dal fuoco "quasi" guarite sulla pancia. Bianco era comunque un cane affetuoso e voleva sempre stare vicino a qualcuno.
Il proprietario e uscito , che per Bianco e stato un angelo, mi ha spiegato cosè successo una mattina :
"Ho sentito questo urlo terribile e ho corso fuori. Bianco era stato attaccato da un Pitt Bull e questo non voleva per niente lasciare povero Bianco. Neanche quando ho buttato aqua fredda adosso. Quindi sono di nuovo corso dentro la cucina e ho preso l'aqua bollente in una pentola e gli ho buttato questo adosso. Solo ora lasciava e povero Bianco e stato bruciato e morso gravamente.
Ho chiesto se sapevano cosa era successo allo Pitt Bull, il proprietario e stato denunciato per non aver addestrato o controllato abbastanza il suo cane ?

"il Pitt Bull e poi corso dentro a un pascolo e ha attackato un cavallo, il agricoltore e uscito e ha sparato il cane."

Il proprietario del ristorante presii Bianco e gli portai in un clinica italiana dove gli hanno esaminato, ma ancora non stava tanto bene. potevamo aiutarlo noi ? Ho chiesto se potevamo pure farlo sterilizare allo stesso tempo ? il proprietario mi guardava con degli occhi enormi e diceva "no". Ho promesso a lui che AWL avrebbe pensato a tutti i costi. Il signore prendeva la mia mano e ringraziava tanto dicendo "si si"

Bianco ora sta bene, ha una piccola frattura sopra il ginocchio. Le ferite sono guarite e lui e ancora un cane molto contento, ma ora sterilizato e ritornato al ristorante.
E , Helene ha dato tanto pagando la fattura della medicazione di Bianco.
Tanto Amore a Helene! Grazie !

Monday, November 10, 2008

Thank YOU -- GRAZIE A TE !

(Anche in Italiano)
AWL want to thank Ulla Adamsson (SE), who is an animal homeopath and sent us a package with samples off ecological products, fare trade certified and not tested on animals,-- and even got a license from Koscher and Islam--. We are so looking forward to try the products. ( Company, Forever Living Products (US)
We also got some big play toys (that they cannot chew a part) for the dogs that are in Shelters, or as a present for a dog being adopted.
Ulla Adamsson is also donating money every month to the foundation, Animals Without Limits.

Thank you so much for your Amore generosity Ulla!

Ylwa Drugge-Mercer (SE) who picked up the package and traveled with the things back to Italy. And, your birthday donation. Instead of presents you wanted people to donate money to AWL.

A big Amore Happy Birthday!

AWL got a new Swedish girl in our team. Erika Sundman and lives "just" one hour from us. She is a great helper with the information and translation, Swedish-English-Italian
That is communication Amore!

AWL vuole ringraziare Ulla Adamsson (SE), che fa la" animal homeopath " che ci ha mandato un pachetto con prodotti ecologici.
,con certificati "fare trade " e che indica che i prodotti non sono stati testati sugli animali. e abbiamo anche avuto una licenza da Koscher e Islam. Non vediamo l ora di provare questi nuovi prodotti. ( Company, Forever Living Products (US)Abbiamo anche ricevuto giocatoli grandi per i cani magari per i cani che si trovano al canie o per quelli che riusciamo ad adottare.
Ulla Adamsson fa anche regala anche soldi alla nostra fondazione - Animals Without Limits.
Grazie Ulla davvero dal cuore per la tua generosità e amore.
Ylwa Drugge-Mercer (SE) che ha preso il pachetto e che lo ha trasportato dalla Svezia fino in Italia, grazie, e anche per quello che hai scelto per il tuo compleanno- niente regali per te ma donazioni per la fondazione. Grazie di cuore davvero ! .
Tanti tanti auguri a te !AWL ha una nuova ragazza nella team. Erika Sundman che abita "solo" un ora da noi. Ci aiuta tanto , informandoci e traducendo -svedese-inglese-italiano.
Una communicazione importante.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Getting Old--Invecchiare

(Anche in Italiano)

Today I heard it again, a very common conversation-- or should I say common comment--, that the strays should be put down ... euthanized.
I have been working with strays in different countries for 10 years I simply cannot agree. Life is not always black or white, indeed, most of the time it is very gray. Some strays, perhaps if they are terribly sick or hurt. But many strays are happy!
Most of the dogs here are getting fed by kind Italians or International people. It is the medicine that costs a lot and many cannot afford paying for the animals treatment. Heck, many cannot afford to pay their own hospital or dentist visits.

When we at AWL are out on mission, many strays are looking healthy, those who don't we either treat or bring in to a clinic. But yes, it isn't a pleasure watching scared animals running in the traffic, or being hit and no one stops.Today on my way home from the Vet. Clinic, I counted four dead dogs on the highway.
But killing all strays, just because it is an uncomfortable view? That is extreme.
Life is not like when you are on vacation, in a place sanitized of strays, homeless people, starvation or children forced into prostitution. We can't, and shouldn't want to, go through life with rose-colored glasses, or we will miss the things that need true attention.

But anyway, I remember one case in Sweden about a sect that didn't believe in killing or eating animals. They had a couple of cows they took care of, and one day the sect was charged with animal neglect! People thought it was horrible to see this skinny, emaciated cow laying down most of the time. Big headlines in the newspapers: "Euthanize the animals and put the sect people in jail", shouted the papers and the people.
The head office veterinarian was called in.This Veterinarian had spent many years working and living in India, where the Hindu religion forbids the killing of animals such as cows. He examined the cows, went out to the herd of journalists, and the group of protesting "animal rights" group. The old veterinarian's back was straight, he coughed a little, looked at the people and said; "There is nothing wrong with the cow, YOU have just never seen a cow getting old!"

So next time ask yourself, "Is it a fact or assumption?"

It is just an Amore thought!

Oggio lo ho sentito di nuovo.. un comento che purtroppo si sente spesso-- che i randagi dovrebbono essere sparati o tolti dalla strada e da questo mondo. Io ho lavorato con randagi in paesi diversi per 10 anni, davvero non posso dare ragione a questo modo di pensare. La vita non e sempre tutto o niente, nero o bianco. invece direi che la maggior parte del tempo appare molto grigio.. . magari qualche randagio se sta davvero malissimo ,se soffre e se e malato davvero. Ma tanti randagi sono felici !
Molti di questi cani vengono dati da mangare da persone gentili o persone internazionali. e la medicina che costa molto e tanti non possono permettersi a pagare per i trattamenti degli animali che vivono nelle strade.. figuriamoci tante persone non possono neanche pagare le visite in ospedale o dalla dentista a se stessi...

Quando noi di AWL siamo in "mission" vediamo tanti randagi che sembrano di stare bene. Quelli che non lo sono li portiamo in clinica . Ma si, che non e tanto piacevole vedere tutti questi poverini correre tra la macchine...spaventati, o buttati sotto senza che nessuno si ferma per vedere se vive ancora... Oggi tornando dall clinica veterinaria, ho contato 4 cani morti sulla autostrada.
Ma ammazzare un randagio solo perche puo dare fastidio doverli vedere soffrire ? no, e troppo esagerato. ! ! La vita non e una vacanza. In un mondo piendo di randagi, gente senza una casa, persone affamate, e bambini che vengono forzati a prostituirsi. , in un mondo cosi non possiamo andare avanti come se niente fosse... perche se non vediamo queste cose perdiamo tanto nella vita, tante cose che hanno veramente bisogno di attenzioni.
Ma comunque ,mi fa riccordare un caso successo in Svezia, di un setto che non credeva in amazzare o mangiare animali. Si prendevano cura di due mucce, ma un giorno il setto venne accusato per maltrattamento di animali. La gente sopportava vedere queste mucce cosi magre che passavano piu tempo possibile straiati per terra. Le rubriche negli giornali piu grandi " Addormentare le mucce , madare le persone in prigione " cosi come dicevano quasi tutte le persone ....

Un veterinario molto importante ha dovuto intervenire per controllare come era realmente la situazione. Questo veterinario aveva trascorso tanti anni in India, lavorando e studiando.dove la religione di Hindu dice no a amazzare animali come le muche. ,. ha esaminato le due, e poi e uscito tra tutti i reporti e journalisti che aspettavano fuori , insieme a tanti gruppi di attivisti per i diritti degli animali. Il vet ha fatto una piccola pausa e poi ha detto : Non ce niente che non va con le due !
AVETE SOLTANTO visto due mucche che stanno invecchiando "
Quindi la prossima volta chiedetevi, e questo veramente cosi come sembra ? is it a fact or assumption ?

Solo un mio pensiero pieno di amore.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Un Altro Cane Buttato

Mi si spezza il cuore - e quello di tanti altri - vedere un bellissimo cane, che di sicuro fino a poco fa aveva una famiglia e una casa, ma che ora si trova in mezza la strada , senza cibo, senza una casa, senza essere curato e senza amore.

Animals without Limits ha chiesto se possiamo aiutare la Rottweiler "Bruna"- vivendo sulla strada- alemeno a farla sterilizare. Perche lei ha gia avuto dei cuccioli piu di una volta, e dobbiamo assicurarci che non succeda di nuovo. Forse potremo anche trovarle una casa ?

Sono andata a prendere la Bruna dalla signora che le dava da mangiare.

La Signora Flavia era molto preoccupata per Bruna, per la sua situazione e anche per il suo futuro, cosa le potrebbe succedere dopo essere stata recoverata alla vet.clinica .

Riuscivo perfettamente a capire la signora Flavia, perche Bruna - un cane cosi adorabile, affetuosa, e educata non faceva altro che starci piu vicino possibile. Con la sua dolcezza mi ha leccato sulla mano e con gli occhi suoi,cosi profondi, marroni e bagnati ci ha pregato di aiutarla , solo per un po, solo a trovare una casa.

Flavia non vuole rimetterla sulla strada, sa che molta gente si spaventa quando vedono un Rottweiler libero in mezza la strada, potrebbe finire sotto la macchina di qualcuno. Vi pregiamo di aiutarci a trovare tanta amore per la Bruna , e un cane cosi dolce, non merita essere lasciata in mezza a queste strade cattive, sperando che vada tutto bene.

Ha bisogno di una famiglia che la vorrà bene, e che la darà tanto di quel amore che lei ormai non vede piu.

Amore ,amore...
(Grazie Erika Sundman per la tua tradure)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another Dog Dumped

It breaks my heart--and those of so many others--to see a wonderful dog that has had a former home and family, but is now out on the street. No home, no food, no health care, no love.
Animals Without Limits was asked if we could help Rottweiler Bruna--living on the street--to get sterilized. You could see she had already had puppies many times, and we needed to keep it from happening again. Could we also re-home her?

I picked up Bruna and the woman that feeds her on the street. With eyes full of worries Flavia the woman, was so totally concerned about what would happen to Bruna after recovering at the vet. clinic. I could well understand her, Bruna, a loving and very polite dog was snuggling up to us while we were talking. A gentle lick on my hand, and with brown, watery, begging eyes she asked for just a little. "Just" a home!

Flavia don't want to put her back on the street, many people get afraid when they see a lose Rottweiler and they could go out of their way to hit her!
Please help us help Bruna with Amore, she is a sweet dog, one who doesn't deserve to be cast to chance on these mean streets. She needs a loving family that will receive her love in ample return.
Amore and Amore.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mission: Italy

(In Italian)
Yesterday, I received an email from Genni, President of NFOA asking if AWL could look into another email from Ana and David. Their email asked for help to check on a dog that's been howling in an area difficult to reach. Of course Inga the Veterinarian and I would go and have a look, it happened to be not too far from where we live, as it turns out.

The howling had been heard by people for a couple of days, and there were plenty of other dogs running around in this deserted area.

Veterinarian Inga and I left in the morning to check it out. A bumpy road took us to three skeleton houses, and the last several dozen meters we had to walk by foot. The area was covered by thickets of thorn bushes, with sticky balls that are hard to get off once it gets stuck to the cloths (or fur).

Suddenly we heard the howling! It was like a spooky, lonely wail. So close to Halloween made it even more spooky.

On the back side of the last "skeleton house," on the second floor, sat a beautiful white dog. We said some kind words--the tone was gentle--and he wagged his tail while sitting still. What was his problem, and mental status? Would he hurt us?

His eyes looked worried, maybe his thought was; "will these people hurt me?"

We had to find a way into the house,. Finally, through dirt and waist-high weeds and thorn bushes, we were able to locate an opening. We walked up the small, debris-filled stairs, over rocks and loose concrete pieces. Holding our breaths all the way: what could jump out from the deserted rooms?

Well no worries! The sweetest young male dog greeted us, happy to get the help he had been howling for. He was trapped in the skeleton and couldn't come out! The combination of going down stairs (not a natural act for dogs) and the loose debris underfoot kept him trapped on the top floor of the house. Doctor Inga helped him out and what a happy dog! He peed and sniffed joyfully --- and then showed us a better way to get out from the "jungle"

Doctor Inga checked him, cut off some nasty knots on his fur, and what a good boy, he stood still next to her --- trusting his savior. We gave him food that he gulped down, and he drank some water from pool of water (it had been raining heavenly early in the morning)

We got so attached to this dog that we decided to continue feeding him, and make sure he doesn't get trapped again. What a howling, darling Amore!

Thank you Ana & David for caring and sending an email, and NFOA for helping us to find the "howling Truffle", a great Amore team of caring hearts!

Ieri ho ricevuto un email da Genni, il President della NFOA , chiedendo se AWL poteva vedere un altro email mandato da Ana e David. Nel email chiedevano se si poteva andare a fare un controllo a un cane che avevano sentito in una aera dificile da raggiungere.

Il pianto del cane lo avevano sentito in tanti per í ultimi due giorni. E cerano tanti altri cani che correvano in questa zona deserta... Ovviamente io e la Dr Inga siamo andate a vedere. Per caso non era neanche tanto distante da dove abito io. Dr Inga e io siamo partite presto la mattina per vedere com era la situazione. Non potevamo neanche arrivare fino al posto preciso con la macchina perche era cosi terribile la strada. cerano alberi dappertutto e non si vedeva quasi niente. tanti di quelli palline che si attaccano e che possono fare male ( non so come si dice in italiano ) e che poi sono difficilissimi da togliere.

all´imrovviso abbiamo sentito il pianto, sembrava cosi triste, cosi tragico.... visto che era quasi Halloween ci siamo quasi spaventate.
Dietro a una di queste case abbandonate al seccondo piano abbiamo finalmente messo un immagine alla voce,, la c´era un bellissimo cane bianco. Abbiamo detto quattro parole carine con voci dolci, e si vedeva che era contento di vedere qualcuno. Ma qual era il suo problema ?

Poteva farci del male ?

Sembrava molto preoccupato , forse il suo pensiero era ; "ma mi faranno del male?"dovevamo trovare una possibilitá di entrare. e finalmente sporcandoci abbastanza siamo riuscite ad entrare. Siamo salite le scale, spaventate,...perche, cosa poteva venire fuori dalle stanze abbandonate ?.che paura! Comunque , niente per quale preoccuparsi. . perche un cane cosi dolce cosi contento di vederci ci e venuto incontro. Contentissimo di avere ricevuto finalmente l´aiuto che stava cercando da giorni! si era intrappolato dentro la casa e non riusciva a uscire. La paura di dover scendere le scale ( che non viene naturale per i cani e i gatti ) gli faceva rimanere al seccondo piano .

Dr Inga gli ha aiutato ad uscire! E mio dio quanto era felice !! poi ci ha fatto vedere subito una strada molto migliore per uscire dalla "giungla".Doctor Inga gli ha controllato, e ha tagliato qualche palloncina di quelle la che si attaccano :) era cosi bravo, rimaneva fermo fino a quando lei aveva finito di fare tutto. si e fidato completamente. Gli abbiamo dato da mangiare e ovviamente aveva tanta fame.

Ci siamo cosi tanto innamorate di questo cane che abbiamo deciso di continuare a dargli da mangiare, e per assicurarci che non si intrappola di nuovo , che tesoro questo cucciolo con la voce da fantasma... Amore!

Grazie Anna & David per averci mandato l´email, e NFOA per averci aiutati a trovare "howling Truffle", un team fantastico fatto di Amore e cuori grandi!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thank You, Again

(anche in Italiano)
Veterinarian Inga, who donates medicine to Animals Without Limits, so we can help the dogs to feel better with a healthier chance to survive, while they live on our streets. She is helping them with their colds, itching, ear infections, coughs, arthritis, and so much more.

To Bella Appelblom, who lost her dog recently in a tragic accident , Bella donated money to the foundation in Bambi's name. I know Bambi had a fantastic time together with you, you adopted and gave her so much of your time and love. We are all thinking and sending Amore to you.

Animals Without Limits also want to thank Leila, for donating money to our strays' health.

Thank you for all your Amore, it gives us strength and courage to continue our missions.

Veterinaria Inga, Che da medicina a Animals Without Limits, cosi possiamo aiutare i animali a stare meglio, e dargli una possibilita piu grande di sopravivere sulle strade.
Lei li aiuta con raffredore, quando bruscia, quando prude, infezioni, e tanto altro...A Bella Appelblom, a quale purtroppo e morto il suo amato cane in un incidente molto tragico. Bella ha donato soldi alla nostra fondazione in nome della sua BAMBI .
Io so che Bambi ha vissuto un periodo bellissimo con te, le hai adottata e data cosi tanto amore e tempo, ti pensiamo tutti e ti mandiamo tanto amore.

Animals Without Limits Vuole anche ringraziare Leila, per donazioni per la sanità dei randagi.
Grazie per tutto il vostro Amore, ci date tanta forza e corraggio , e cosi continueremmo i nostri missions !

Flu Time for Tutti

(anche in Italiano)
It is not just we human beings that get the flu!

We don't talk about it when our dogs get a virus or bacteria, that breaks out to a flu. Many find that their homes are being dirty, or afraid that people will think their dog is disgustingly sick. I have to admit, I don't like when people cough--I don't like when I cough myself. The same with dogs, when they cough and sneeze some people look at them with a wrinkle on their forehead: "Ugh! Whats wrong with your dog, can I get it?" they ask while backing away.

My house is currently under quarantine --don't we tell people when we are sick not to come and visit? Three of our dogs got a cold or the flu, and are on heavy medication together with herb vitamins boosters. When our first dog got the diagnosis, I was horrified "How could she get the flu? Its 25C plus outside and she is also an inside dog?"

Virus or bacteria travels, and we do not know who brought it to us. I always make sure to disinfect the SUV and kennels after a mission --they (dogs) are not allowed in my SUV until after it has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected--I spray my cloths and boots with disinfecting spray. And I was told today that bacteria dies quickly, it is the sneezing and coughing that travels.

Suddenly, I realized that, my whole family has also been having bad colds, before the dogs. And poor Max, he is already on his third in just a couple of weeks!

Here is a lot of Amore bacteria in our house!

Influenza per tutti !
Non sono solo le persone che possono soffrire dalla influenza... Non si parla tanto di quando i cani diventono influenzati grazie a qualche virus o bacteria. Molti lo notano perche vedono la casa molto sporca o pensano che se viene qualcuno a casa nostra -guai- faremmo una vera figura visto che il cane sembra cosi malato ! Devo amettere, a me non piace quando gente esce anche quando si sentono male.

La mia casa e per il momento in karantena-- scusa ma non diciamo alla gente di non venirci a trovare quando ci sentiamo male ? lo stesso vale per i animali direi.
Quando il nostro primo cane ha preso la influenza mi sono chiesta subito "ma comè possibile? " cerano 25 gradi fuori e lei e un cane "di casa " ????
Virus e batterie viaggiono e non si puo mai sapere chi lo ha dato a noi. Mi assicuro sempre di aver dissinfettato la SUV dopo i missioni. I miei cani o altri non sono permessi nella macchina se non ho dissinfettato bene prima, uso anche un tipo di spray su di me e su i miei stivali. Ma oggi sono anche stata detta che la batteria muore velocemente.

All improviso ho realizato che tutta la nostra famiglia stava influenzata , prima dei cani. E povero Max e la terza volta in due settimane che sta male..quindi nella nostra casa ce un sacco di love batteria !

Monday, October 20, 2008

Adoption Websites

Don't forget to visit the adoption site My Tail Wags For You

The shelter St Francesco has an adoption site also, it was sent to me for my knowledge yesterday (yes I was stunned by how similar our blogs look, guess it is Amore mind to mind)

So many Amore!

Gianni a True Amore Dog

Gianni (the dog in the picture) is around 1 year old. He was roaming around on the busy street here in Italy. Antionetta, who owns the nearby dog store gave him food and water, and of course plenty of Amore. He was taken to the veterinarian by Animals Without Limits (AWL); got castrated, de-wormed and frontline. Brought back by AWL to the dog store where he could sleep over during the night(s). During the day he laid outside the store and when I walked by to escort Olivia to her school, he would follow us. Together with me we walked back to the dog store, where he laid waiting for the next person to escort. Such a sweetheart!

Vittoria (pictured) and her boyfriend went to the dog store to give him a foster home, and during that time Gianni could play with their other dog, Camille.

Gianni is ready for a permanent home! He is young, energetic, loving, child friendly, good with other dogs and full of curiosity to explore the world together with YOU.

For more Amore information about Gianni, contact me .

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pet Adoption Drama Queens

Reasons have been many why I haven't gotten a chance recently to write on my blog every day as I normally do.

Finally some things have been solved, and some have to be followed up. It's been busy on my phone from some drama queens about their adopted dog(s) --even if we do not have adoption as our priority number one mission. We are working with animals' health, that is our number one priority.

Some disappointed "drama" phone calls with high-drama in their voice --- they cannot handle the dog they brought into their home a couple of weeks or months ago!

I cannot help smiling a little in the middle of frustration, they are calling me --- who has 6 dogs and 2 small children and a giant house --- oh I forgot to mention my husband, too. The expectation they have is for me to drop everything and go and get the dog that is taking up their time and house.

I understand that it takes time, sure I do, mopping the floor twice a day....but what I don't get is how their thought process is working when they bring in the dog for the first time to their home? Where did the joy go walking the dog, having a friend, someone that is always happy when you return home?

I have never in my life heard so many people complain and seem to be expecting the stray(s) to be thankful to them for bringing them in a home!

Instead of helping to solve their problem with them, they expect Animals Without Limits to solve their problem (not the dog who is having a problem adjusting to these people that first claimed to love them and now see them only as a burden). Its amazing those that have adopted with the support or assistance of AWL, think that AWL owes them something special when it isn't "happily ever after". And everyone wants to discard the dog, not modify the environment to adapt to the new reality. Does anyone ever blame the priest or reverend, or seek some sort of special treatment from the church when their marriage ends in divorce???

In other news, we haven't found the owner to the Dalmatian "Oscar" yet, but he is doing fantastic at his foster home.

Stop whining and help out solving the problem and we can have more Amore time for so many other things. No one likes drama queens!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A day of mixed results.

The frustration continues with trying to find the owner of "Oscar", the Dalmatian we found emaciated this past week. After calling Germany, Canada, the USA, The Netherlands and of course Italy, I was able to track the micro-chip back to the manufacturer (Bayer) in Milan, who sold it to a veterinarian in Naples (ah ha!). Unfortunately, that Vet. had no record of who purchased the micro-chip (uh, isn't that the whole purpose of micro-chipping in the first place?) But wanted me to bring the dog to them and they would continue to check!


So, no answer yet on who the owner is/was, and without that, we can't have him neutered, vaccinated, or anything. Its frustrating to say the least.

On the other hand, our efforts ended well with placing "Oscar" into a loving foster home. This family was a dog family, but lost their beloved companion to aggressive Cancer last Christmas. So, now until we find a "forever home" for "Oscar", these great people will nurse him back to health for whoever eventually winds up with this great soul.

Its almost like "Oscar" knows he is in good hands now, too. While he didn't seem too enthusiastic when I picked him up at the Vet's, when we got to the foster family, he brightened right up. He started to act almost like a puppy, albeit one that is still severely malnourished and living in an adult dog's body

Here is a picture of Stephanie and Oscar at their first meeting. Doesn't it look like they've been together forever?

Special thanks to Stephanie and her family for opening their home and hearts to this special Dalmatian in need of extra Amore.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where are you, Owner?

Day and night we have tried to locate "Oscar" in the system (read about him further down.) His micro-chip number seems to be a big question mark. Since he has the micro-chip, no vet facilities can perform the necessary procedures without approval from his owner. If we can't find the owner, we can't get him back to health quickly.

"Oscar" is skin and bones and very weak, which is somewhat strange, considering all the garbage laying around, and many people feeding the strays. He may have a more serious problem, but we can't even have the diagnosis done without his owner's approval.

Oscar is a mystery, help me find the owner, so we can start treating him more at the veterinarian.

Give Oscar hope Amore!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Let's Hope

After many days of working with rescuing strays I promised my dogs that today would be their day. Trooper, our beige Labrador and I need to bond so I thought why not go with me for a walk on the beach?

Trooper is a one year-old loving goof with a lot of energy; and with blue sky and sunshine, a babysitter to Max we went down to the beach.

We had just walked 30 meters when Trooper stops and indicates there is something along a nearby fence.

Of course, I walk over!

It was a terrible view, my hands started to shake. There, half buried in the sand with his head stuck under the fence, was the skinniest Dalmatian I have ever seen. It was just skin and bones! The pictures don't even begin to show how horrible he looked, wedged under the fence and too exhausted to get free. He was shaking so much and looking at me with his beautiful eyes, begging for kindness.

I could count his ribs, his back hip bones were standing up, he couldn't walk --- that's how weak he was. I thought that maybe he had his back bones broken?

I called Angie, a Scottish volunteer for Animals Without Limits, and she agreed to meet me for help. I passed Antionetta, the dog-store lady, while I was on my way to drop poor Trooper off at home--so much for our bonding.

Antionetta had a bottom of a cage that we brought with us, and we returned to the beach. Thanks to my wonderful helpers we were able to lift him up on the steel plate with blankets and carry him back to the SUV. Even if the Dalmatian was a skin and bone 20kg, it was heavy walking in the sand. Five men glared at us but no one approached to help.

Off to LegaProAnimale and in the warm SUV and one hour of rest he was able to walk barely, but what a sight! Oscar --working name--so sweet and wanted to cuddle up to me the whole time, his closed mouth was sniffing in my hair. He is the most fantastic, gentle, loving, thankful dog I have met in a long time.

He had an American microchip.....maybe tomorrow we will know more about "Oscar."

Lets Hope for Amore solution, and Amore recovery!