Sunday, June 28, 2009

Street Dogs Grace and Cucci update

Animals Without Limits visits Grace and Cucci. Every day Sengora is giving them water and food. If a problem comes up we solve it, we do not walk away, we do not hand it over to someone else. We have commitments.

AWL's Dr. Inga visited Grace and gave her an antibiotic injection so her swollen wrists will become (are becoming) better.

Later Grace got a cortisone injection that lasts for six weeks. She is doing so much better, and she doesn't have to search after food anymore. Were she lives is a somewhat protected area with a lot of fruit trees around, very quiet and nice. Low amount of traffic in the immediate area, so less chance of being hit by a car.

Dr. Inga also examined Cucci, he is doing wonderfully. He's a big, happy, loving Rottweiler mix, very friendly.

People that know them have seen their changes for the better. It is wonderful to work with committed people. Committed Amore.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Swedish News Paper

Lovely journalist Maria Kallberg from the evening newspaper Kvallsposten called and made an interview about AWL work down here. (You know you can translate the article on this link
She had made darn good research, and she is so wonderful to talk to that I couldn't stop talking. That is Amore professional journalism. Thank you for helping AWL help the strays

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kimbo A Great New Friend For You

Sweet sensitive male, around one year-old needs a home were he can relax and grow both on the inside and outside.
He is now at a foster home with seven other dogs and needs to be in a forever home to learn a few things. He was found wounded on the street. Maria and Michelle brought him in, cleaned his wounds and made sure he got medical treatment. One wound was were the collar is and still he is still kind of protective around that area if you try to pull him away. He is not aggressive, he is a young, novice boy who needs a gentle hand and clever, willing mind.

AWL want to thank Maira Kurta for the collars in different sizes, and toy. Also did Maria and her friend Michelle donate two big bags of dog food. That is so wonderful Amore, thank you.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Several Others Need Help

AWL phone rang, at 08.30. An Italian lady wanted AWL to come and take her 2 puppies, she could not have them anymore. It is very difficult when people want AWL to pick up dogs the same day. AWL is not an adopting foundation and we don't have any kennels or shelter to bring them to.

Then a shelter is calling telling us that one dog is ready to be picked up, and it is 45 minutes drive from me. We ask her if we can meet up half way, the answer is, "No, don't have time!"

Another phone call from a great animal friend, she needs help finding a dog that got hit by a car and limped away probably with a broken leg. The driver, an Italian woman didn't stop.

Afternoon, a phone call from a concerned man. There is a dog in a parco that was being feed by a British lady, but she had returned to the UK two months ago. The dog is a walking skeleton, can someone come and help?

Animals Without Limits is for the moment without money and it is painful to have to tell people that. Maybe it is because it is summer season and people are going on vacations? Or maybe the bad economy is causing wallets to stay closed?

AWL want to thank Ylva Mercer for her donation of dog food, collars, bowls, treats, and brush.

The collar came in handy for Sully who looks great in pink! Thank you for being a loyal AWL friend.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sully and Family

Todd made some fliers last Friday that Sully needed a loving, good permanent home. It was difficult to find any person for Sully since its very hard to adopt away dogs here. Many families already have a dog or two, and then, the competition is brutally hard here since hundred thousands of stray dogs are roaming around, and shelters are over-filled with poor souls. AWL medicate and make them healthier on the street, here are many people that are feeding the strays but cannot afford medicine.

Todd said "Have faith!"
In the afternoon the phone rang. A couple (US) asked if Sully still was looking for a home?
Saturday, we went out to LegaProAnimale were she is in quarantine-- since she is full of worms.

We put a new pink collar on Sully --that Ylva Mercer had donated-- on her and to our delight, she had gained a little weight, too.
Next week she will be going home to Fred and his wife for one week of relaxation and love, then its time to vaccinate and sterilize her.

Later on when there was another email from a person that also wanted to adopt Sully.

AWL want to thank you all for the donations-- that can help dogs like Sully.

We learned a lot from Sully and Todd. The school of Universe is outside yourself where ever you are, it is about listening with all your senses. When closing up, you won't hear anything and your spiritual growing will always be on stand-by.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Little Sully

Yesterday morning brought Todd her into the vet clinic. During the car ride she was a good companion, sitting looking out through the back window, not making a sound.

Little Sully is not a puppy! She is between 2-3 years old and have had at least one litter of puppies before. No one has given her much food and she is very underweight so the vet cannot do any spaying on her until we get her weight up. (She's 20 kg, normal is around 30 kg). Angie, her Tuesday overnight foster mom, reports that the first poop she had, was all grass... indicating she was foraging for anything and everything to eat, even grass!
She's skin and bones, but her life-spirit is so enormous that it surprised my husband. She's also very people-friendly and interested in everything going on around her. What a heart she has!
Sully will stay at the clinic for 7-10 days observation and then, we need a warm loving family to give her back the hope and life (and weight) that she once was given. Thank you Angie and Todd for rescuing her.
A foster family would also be fantastic....please I beg you to help Sully, she has suffered enough, she deserves the comfort and safety that a loving family can give her .

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cold and Starving

At 08.30 this morning, AWL got a phone call. It was Angie.
With an upset voice she told there was a young boxer dog that was in a terrible shape, only skin and bones. She would not survive without immediate help from AWL.

Via cell phone and computer pictures was being sent; sure she really needed help.

Hanging teets! No milk!
Todd and Angie picked her up with the SUV.

No veterinarians are open today! Angie had her in her garage over the night. We named her Sully.

AWL will take her into the veterinarian clinic first thing tomorrow morning. Please keep Sully in your thoughts and hearts. Thank you Angie and Todd