Thursday, June 6, 2013


It started with a very strange feeling inside my heart, like my mind also would explode. Tears flooded along my check, I couldn’t stop!
 I read the sentences over and over, again like I would hope to find a thread that would tell me she still was alive. I had never met her personally, this gorgeous English setter that I saw on pictures.  Her story caught my attention and heart, as well as many others in AWL. We got pictures and we were all amazed away by her beauty and shyness.
The pictures off her made me just want to scoop her up and hold her in my arms. I couldn’t understand why, it was only a picture I had in front of me. 
We volunteers  laughed when volunteer Lori posted the picture of the same dog as I on our AWL conversation wall, asking if we could please take care of this sweet girl. Martina our English setter expert and I planned what room this beautiful dog would have. We laughed even more, since I was sitting in another conversation communicating with the lady that had rescued the dog that we would love to help her finding the dog Carolina a home.
Even the name made us smile.

Carolina’s story was not unique, this happen with many dogs in her breed. It was the same with the greyhounds in Spain or Britain.
No value when not achieving his or her purpose anymore, no one even spends a bullet on a breed like that.
Carolina was rescued from a hard life. As an abandon hunting dog, she had no more value and was left for the unknown to finish her life.
The dog was spotted in a rainy day, from a car window. Behind the wheel sat a lady who couldn’t take her eyes away from the dog. It was like she could feel that something was wrong with the dog. 
A white longhaired dog with some golden beige spots, a beautiful female English setter was tangled up in bushes she
couldn’t move. It was pouring down and cold. The dog had probably been tangled up and getting splashed by passing cars and not had the possibility to get out of the way. The lady stopped and helped the female dog lose from the bushes. 
The dog ran away glad for its freedom, but the ladies could not forget this beautiful dog, even from their short meeting.
The next day the lady drove to the place again. The whole evening before she couldn’t stop thinking about this white beauty, and it was the first thought on her mind when she woke up. The lady drove to the same place again to see if she could find her.  To her pleasant surprise the dog was there!
The dog was filthy and hungry but thankful for the food that was given to her.
The lady took her under her wings and told her she could come with her home.
Carolina followed the lady and let her be bathed, let the children curiously say hello to her. The next day she  went to the veterinarian for check up. They found a scare on her belly and realized someone had spayed her earlier.

A couple of days later she became more and more tired, and didn’t want to walk all those steps up to the third floor. Carolina only wanted to sleep. One vet said she was old! 
But my English setter expert Martina said, eight years is not an age for that kind of breed.
Suddenly she got diarrhea and peed on herself. Carolina preferred to sleep out on the porch (and that was not normal for her) like showing the family she wanted peace and quiet. The last steps down she fell, stumbled down. She didn’t want to get up, her breathing became heavier and heavier. She was being carried up to their apartment. An appointment with the veterinarian on base was being done and they could come in the afternoon.
I wrote to the lady to stay strong, something internal was not doing well in Carolinas body.
Carolina got a seizure! The neighbor heard the lady’s scream for help and rushed in. They drove quickly to the veterinarian, were Carolina died. They made an ultrasound/x ray and discovered either a surgical sponge or metal suture left inside her abdomen after an earlier surgery by someone we don’t know of.
It had now adhered itself to her colon. Her entire abdomen was full of infections.
Her life couldn’t be saved!

The lady stayed by her side holding her paw while the euthanasia injection was given.
The lady wrote to me, “I was with her as they gave her the injection and I hope she wasn’t in any pain. Thank you for trying to help find her a home. The guilt I feel now is unbelievable. Poor sweet girl”
Only three months of a family life did Carolina get to know. We all are in shock to find out about this brutal surgery someone have made in the past.
She was not spayed, only one ovary had been removed.
This story is not having a happy ending. Hopefully this story can show us many things, from brutality and ignorance to kindness and love.
Carolina died knowing she was loved by many and not forgotten like trash caught in thorn bushes at a rainy day.
Run free dear Carolina, healthy and strong. I hope you can forgive us for being such a destroying selfish kind. Let the sun shine on your story, and hopefully it will touch many more hearts in this world.
That’s Amore!


In Campania Region the high number of strays exist.

Many of them are happy on the streets. There are people feeding them, and keeping an eye on them. AWL have had what we call "street project" since 2009. We know the group of strays that exist in our area. AWL volunteer checks on them, makes sure they are healthy, flea treatment, de worming, spay and neuter. If you want to sponsor your stray please send an earmarked donation "stray project" We will keep you updated with journal and pictures.

"Luigi got several ticks and we had to flea treat him. It looks that he's living in Lago Patria between the animal shop, the supermarket and the pizzeria. Other than the ticks he looks well fed and happy. He is such a sweet heart!" (Pio and Martina)

 AWL have since 2009 looked after the strays that are healthy in our area. Many street dogs are happy on the streets. You do them a big favor by letting them be on the streets. They have their freedom, they love to "work" guard their area's, they get plenty of food. But it is when they get sick or hurt when they big problem comes in. Our team Martina and Pio and Mia have emergency kit in our cars. We de worm, flea treat them, and look over their bodies. A treat is always appriciated when we are done.
He lives inside the post office area, and sometimes you can see him walking around in Lago Patria.
He's small (around 6-7 kg) and I named him Titino.
He got a sore up on his leg and we had put an antibiotic ointment that was inside the emergency kit.
Then we put advantix since he had tick and at least he got a treat 
Here in the pictures you can see him chewing his treat and in the other pics you can see his sore.

If you want to support our project please earmark the donation with "SSP" -Stray Street Project

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hello from Sweden

 Former street dog, and very sick Gaby loves her home in Sweden.
Scobbie was locked in a cage in Campania Italy, now he has a wonderful home in Sweden.

That's Amore!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


The days went by so quickly down in Lago Patria. It was probably because I loved every minute of my time there. Every day I received excellent, home cooked, Neapolitan food lovingly prepared by Martina. Olivia and I had the best guest room. It was nice to be pampered, even though I missed my 12 dogs a little --- but just a little.

During the days we worked on missions the whole time and in the evening I could enjoy my favorite Campari Mix.

We bathed the puppies, carried them inside our t-shirts, played with them, de-wormed them again, then played a little more. Their room was pretty with all the worms coming out their little butts, nasty little charming creatures.

A wonderful lady, Julia, offered to puppy foster them all, except for Marlene and Tiny, who needed extra care. Tiny was so small he needed some extra milk, and Marlene was lovely shy, and uncomfortable around people.

Martina and I washed both Leona and Cassandra that were going with me up to Germany. Cassandra's new mom Mia (another Mia) would drive down together with two friends from Sweden and pick them up. There was a lot of hard work and planning put in to getting these two dogs to new forever homes --- like there is with every single dog we find a new home for. All together 30 hours drive had 
to be planned perfect.

Leona in the sun after a bath

We also had to visit the veterinarian Dr Fransesco for all their tests and documents. 

Dog Sally Italy had been fostered by volunteers Martina and Pio. Sally was also going with us to Sweden, she had a new mom Sabrina waiting for her way up North.

Jake had been at a Campania foster-home with Jolene who rescued him.  A family here in Germany had adopted him, one of Olivia's old classmates in fact, so it felt good to be bringing him north as well.

Todd (my husband) took some vacation and he and Max (our son) flew down--- sponsored by Sonja in Sweden --- to help me drive home. 13 hours with four dogs and two children can be a challenge since the pee breaks had to go quickly during the transportation.  It was nice to have his long-haul driving ability.

Before leaving we stayed at  hotel Agora our favorite hotel; Leona was super sweet and calm. Cassandra flew like a kite through the room, and every reflection she saw of herself she had to bark. The next morning at 0500, Martina and Pio came with sweet Sally Italy, and said good-bye to her. We had to drive to pick Jake up and to our shock one of the roads was blocked with trash. Only in Napoli!

We had to drive a long way around to find Jolene's house. Jake was so shy and didn't understand why he was being taken from his family. My heart broke for him, but I assured him that a wonderful family waited for him in

By 0600 we were on our way. The rain poured down, it was cold and miserable but at least not much traffic. The dogs and kids were great and we were in Stuttgart, Germany already at 21.00 the same day.

I slept with the newcomers in the living room since Mia (Cassandra's new mom) with friends would come in the morning to take Cassandra, Leona and Sally Italy north. I didn't want to mix and stress my dogs with the
newcomers, since they were only staying for a short time. Leona lay by my head, Sally over my chest, and Jake over my legs. Never had I had a sweeter "blanket".  Cassandra was upstairs with Todd, also segregated from our "normal" pack.

Already by 0800 they were at my door!  Mia couldn't wait! It was lovely to see her again --- she had earlier adopted Bonita from us three years ago --- and meet her friends traveling with her. They had rented a great big Van and off they went to Sweden again after 4 hours in my home. Coffee and a German breakfast fueled their travel for the return trip. It was a short but lovely pleasure to have them all in my home.

Jake's new family came for him three days later, having been on vacation while we were on our Italian extravaganza. They loved Jake. Receiving pictures from 

Sally Italy in my SUV taking a break

Mia (Cassandra now Kera,) Maya (Leona ) Sabrina (Sally) and Kris (Jake) is the most wonderful reward we can get.

Good-bye Cassandra (Kera), Leona, Jake and Sally Italy, good luck in your
new homes.

That's Amore!

Ps Tomorrow pictures from the pick up Swedish Team

Leona was laying on the floor in the front. Such a great traveler. 

Monday, June 3, 2013


Marley and Lola
 Marley again!

They are around 8 weeks old.


Normally we do not accept puppies at the hospice. We are not a shelter, we are a sanctuary for senior dogs. It can be very stressful for older dogs to have puppies playing and yapping all day long.
But, these three were being found on the NAVY Base and were going to be caught and handed to the shelters. And we know how these shelters operates.

Two, we have found home to, but the brown black, she is still waiting for your warm arms.