Thursday, January 24, 2013


Mia Mattsson Mercer is being honored by Harliga Hunds Magazine "The Dog Friend of the Year" for her fantastic commitment (work in Italy)

From Mia; Thank you so much Lotta Sj√∂lin Fredriksson for posting and lovely words on my private wall. It was a nice "welcome" home. I want to share my honor with so many, and I am afraid to start mentioning names and probably with my fog brain forget to write someones name. First I want to thank Magazine Harliga Hundar for  putting such a big spotlight on a big problem. THANK YOU for daring being such a flexible interesting Magazine. That's Amore. 

To  journalist Katarina Arnstad who also have a great mind and heart, who listens and understand how important the whole picture is even how bad it is (or strange) You really help making a difference for animals in need. Your pen becomes magic and the message can come out in the light. THANK YOU! 

My animals friends and supporters in Sweden, Germany, Italy, USA without you we cannot exist. Thank you for believing in me and my passion and our volunteers. To every animal rescuer, single person or organization the honor should go to you too. I know how hard you work and how hard it is. Keep the passion flowing, and let the tears give you strength. That's Amore. 

Thank you everyone, Grazie, Tack Mia

PS THE Magazine is out in the Swedish stores.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


 We would ask you to take a moment and send this girl some light and love. She is since yesterday at Dr Damiani clinic for observation. Yesterday she got a seizure and was rushed to Dr Damiani by Martina from receiving emergency calls from Amy and Valerie (Thank you girls for great work.)
Tigre had to stay over night with an IV and today we are all waiting for news. What ever the girl want, we will fulfill. What ever Universe want we will listen to. No suffering but if fighting we will do so.

That's Amore!


This is Mullet and his "try dad" Both Tim and Mullet are trying each other out for adoption. To us it looks like they are doing great together.

Keep up the Amore Mullet and Tim.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Come and join us at our Valentine Party ♥

Benvenuti a tutti. Amore a vederti ♥ San Valentino ♥

Campania, Lago Patria, Italy. That's Amore.

Snacks, drinks and Love will be on the plates. Join us and the oldies for an evening full off hair and affection. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Mullet went to the vet Dr. Fransesco to have a health check and castration. He is according to the vet 5 years old (+-) loving and very social. We would love to find a home for him, or to start with a foster home or the lady that rescued him will have to put him back out again on the streets.

Normally we need 2-3 weeks to find a permanent home since we want to make a thorough check first before deciding. We never like to be hasty. Could you help us?


 NORA, our hospice client that we rescued from a shelter is doing great. She even has her own VIP driver to the veterinarian. Finally, she is sterilized but she had a really nasty uterus. Tumors were found and we are waiting for the analysis.
 The wonderful news is that NORA is adopted and as soon as she recovers from the surgery she will leave for North Italy. We are so exited for her.

The AWL concept is that we rescue old dogs from the street or horrible shelters. To give them a quality life before crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Our hospice, together with wonderful veterinarians, make sure they are not suffering.  If the client-dog later on is healthy, and someone writes to us wanting to adopt, we certainly don't object. Why shouldn't a "healthy" dog be able to taste how it is to be a family member?  Of course we conduct interviews and visits with the prospective adoptive person's home, before saying "yes".

We are not an adoption organization.  However, since we help these dogs that comes through our lives, we end up facilitating some adoptions anyway, and we never charge a fee. (Donations are gratefully accepted!)  We want to build a sanctuary for older and sick strays, that is our goal.
 Wonderful Dr. Fransesca with NORA in the transportation cage.
Our Hospice Mascot Stella is inspecting the donations from Jolene. Thank you everyone.

PS. Stella is not adoptable. She is our Hospice Mascot and one of our volunteers, Angelina, is her guardian angel. When we first opened up the hospice, Angelina asked if we could rescue "old" Stella from the streets.  Angie agreed to volunteer a lot at the Hospice if she could keep Stella there.  Angie and Stella adore each other.  Of course, we were thrilled to have Angie work with us, and she has been true to her word.  She is at the hospice several hours a week, she drives Stella to the veterinarian right away if something is needed. But also, Angie is there for all our clients.

That's Amore!

Friday, January 4, 2013


 This is MULLET! He is a very happy self going stray that loves people, children and don't mind other dogs. But, Mullet is being chased by the dog catchers and will soon be caught and put in a cage in the horrible shelters. Never come out again, lack of food and medicines and.....he will sit in this cage up to 15 years.
Mullet is out hiking with some boys and he loves to be part of a family. He has a great personality super sweet and easy. He is middle age and a small dog. We will have him neutered and passport ready if you can promise him a forever home.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

 We are proud to see our logo up in the riding arena. Design Bosse Lindberg Sweden.

 Reit- und Fahrverein Horb e.V Germany

You can read about our work in next number of HARLIGA HUND. It will be in the Swedish stores 24 January. We are so exited and thrilled. Thank you journalist Katarina Arnstad!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


We put together some of our joyful moments 2012. We thank you for believing in us 2012 and hope you will continuing believing in our work this year. Let the miracles flow.

That's Amore!