Saturday, October 31, 2009


On our way home from trick-or-treating with the children, we went through MacDonalds Drive-thru, I hadn't been eating since breakfast. At the pick up window, these two wonderful, beautiful strays were laying. He is a male and picture below, it's a she.

We ordered hamburgers for them, after we first asked the worker if it was ok? She told me it was ok, as long as I took the food a little bit away from the window to feed them... no problems at all.

Playful, friendly --- I just wanted to scoop them into my SUV. They are so fantastic I could spend my whole evening with them.

Warm and nice hamburgers!

On our way out there were more strays, but these were young and scared and hungry. They had broken chains around their necks. The other one--not in picture--had a broken front leg. I could not lay my hands on them, they were so broke my heart.
I had a bag of Frolic in my SUV that I spread out for them, before walking backwards into the car. It's a tough life.... and tougher if you have nobody looking out for you!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


A big Amore thank you to Mitra Talarman up in North--Rome--Your generous gift will help us help more. Super Thank you Lucas, Alma and Mitra.

Photo via Paolo Ricco


Paolo Ricci wrote; "Let me explain briefly how this is done, how the mind of a owner of a kennel camp operates.

Let’s get into his mind set. This is what he would suggest to you if you want to create a kennel camp. First you must - preferably -. choose a territory where the law is a joke. The South is perfect.

The area of Benevento, Campobasso, Caserta, Irpinia, the region of Molise, Sicily, Basilicata and Calabria are ideal for the job. Choose an area of intense animal abandonment. Campania is perfect (read the book of Saviano or rent the CD of Matteo Garrone “Gomorrah” from your local video shop and you will understand what I am talking about) Make sure that you have solid political contacts, right or centre or left it’s totally unimportant Be a great friend of the parish priests. Give generously to the local churches.
Make sure you have a statue of Padre Pio in your house. Avoid the one of Francis of Assisi like the plague. He loved animals. He is not adequate.
Once the contacts are solid, try to appear like a benefactor: like Marlon Brando in the “Godfather”. Then build a kennel in a desolate distant place. Make sure that is in an impervious area. Make sure that the kennel, like many in Calabria, have high walls.
Silence and privacy are absolutely paramount. Like the Nazi camps, visibility must not be permitted at all. You don’t want animal people to interfere with your work. It is fatal. They break your balls. They are mad and sick. When the kennel is constructed, employ preferably foreign workers that you can keep silent. If the workers talk it’s big trouble. If they talk send them away - back to their country.
When the kennel is ready, make a deal with the town councils of the area (in the case of the infamous kennel of Cicerale, close to the temples of Paestum, 97 towns councils are involved with the operation). Use your smart way. Oil the machine. Give decent backhanders. Make sure the local politicians are on your side. Make solid deals. Choose the stronger political party but be open towards the opposition. Make sure that you have good relations with the local judges. Establish contacts with the internationals multinationals of the vivisection; you can sell strays to the Mengeles of the animal world. It’s very easy.
Now go collecting dogs. The more dogs you collect the more money you make. Each dog you catch is worth 50 euro plus a monthly or a yearly amount established with the local town council. Be smart: dog catching, plus dog maintenance, plus dog death with consequent incineration equal a lot of euros. It follows a fluent rhythm.

More dogs, dead or alive, more green dollars. "

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


(Picture Paolo Ricco 2009)
Sara Hoover (US) and Erica & Bobby (Giove) Andersson (SE) for your most generous donations. It can be many sad days, but thank you for keeping the sun up for us/them.

Amore to you all

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Italy are a nation that abandons every year over 135,000 cats and dogs. There are over 600,000 stray dogs roaming free in Italy and only 33% are caught and taken into kennels. The Regions that have more strays in the territory are: Puglie 70,600; Campania: 70,000; Sicily: 68,000. Calabria 65,000; Lazio: 60,000. The South, as you can see, is the part of Italy more exposed to this problem. The South is even the area with the highest level of corruption and criminality.

The Italians living in an area were the mob exerts influence are over 13 millions. The equivalent of 22% of the Nation. The mob is present in over 610 Italian districts. The Italian mobs: Cosa nostra (Sicily) , Camorra (Campania), N’drangheta (Calabria) and the Sacra Corona Unita (Puglie) have a turnover of over 130 billion of euros.

The gain of the N’drangheta in 2007, that was around 44 billion euro, equal to 2,9% of the National GDP.
To understand the level of corruption it’s enough to analyse the denunciations for corruption you have in percentage this classification: Sicily 13,07%; Campania 11,46%; Puglie 9,44%; Lombardia 9,39%; Calabria 8,19%..
Black economy, tax evasion, arms trade, drug trade, extortion, racket, violence, prostitution, sex slavery, constructions without planning, transformation of the cost in a mass of cement, zoomafia, arsonism, deforestation, the poisoning of the land and of the sea with ships full of toxic and radioactive waste and now the kennel concentration camps
The roots of the problem is that puppies are being abandon on the motorways. Cats abandon cats and dogs like used, squashed beer cans.
Last year we abandoned 90,000 cats and 45,000 dogs. This year, only in the month of June, we abandoned 65,000 dogs and cats. This is the root of the problem.

From this horror everything originates. But note: the abandonment creates fortunes. It makes people rich. And, therefore, we have the commercialisation of the animal alive or dead.

Animals Without Limits contacted Mr Paolo Ricco who took these pictures/text and we are offering our help. Will you offer your help or the silence so this can go on?

Monday, October 26, 2009


This is sweet Abby, she was dumped at a gas station, with an infection in her body and full of fleas. Shivering and cold, she tried to stay warm, she tried to lay under cars! Blankets were put out for her trying to give her some comfort. AWL's Jackie has been there, giving her food and water. And when Benjamin was moved to his foster-home, his kennel cage was cleaned out and new blankets were put in.
Jackie is a volunteer that can get the strays calm and they trust her, she is a joy to work with and has very good experiences. Today we picked Abby up and drove her to Dr Damiani for a health check up, since Jackie had found a foster-home for Abby. Abby is so wonderful she sat in my lap during the car ride. At the veterinarian, she laid on the examination table trusting Jackie, she trusted us both so much.

We found a microchip but when searching on the computer, there was no match. We will have to wait until next week to call ASL. She got antibiotics for her infection, and we de-wormed and frontlined her. Dr Damiani explained everything so well and I love when he explains and even pulls out books and shows pictures. Thank you, Dr Damiani for helping and giving us so much of your time.

Jackie drove and let Abby off at her new foster-home. Thank you Tiffany with family for opening your home to Abby.

Jackie thank you for your generous donation. You already do so much! Amore Tutti


We named her Lucy!

She was tied up at a dark cold, gas station, abandoned by a person that she thought was her best friend. She still has her little pink collar on. She is not one year old yet and my gut tells me the person that dumped her is International. Tomorrow hopefully I will know if I am right or not.

She is so sweet and craving for attention. Jackie brought her a ball and she started to play with it immediately. We had to put Lucy in the very cleaned out kennel/cage were Benjamin had been staying. But this is crazy. She is not even a stray, she was dumped by her own owner!

Please I truly need your help. Adoption, Foster home if not, please help with donations since now the owners are dumping their pets on AWL --- I don't know what to do. This is so selfish and cruel! It is true: a person's true colors are shown in how he treats his pet!

Please help me turn this around, to show that there are carrying responsible owners, and animal lovers.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


This little poor fellow was brought in to Lega Pro Animale. Close to starvation, blood and mucus running out from his nose. Found abandoned.
A wonderful warm-hearted Italian man is fostering him and medicating him. That's Amore! We hope for a fast recovery to full health. Dogs are super troopers, like kids. We have much to learn from them.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Today we took Maya and Sebastian (former Grace and Cucci) to the vet on Base for microchip and vaccination, and some blood test. Eric came down to help out, and he had his own designed AWL t shirt on (with my blessing)
I am so happy that Maya and Sebastian are having such a wonderful family, that are spoiling them with love and attention. Always "worried" about them in a positive way.
This is Great Amore! Thank you Michelle and Nicole for giving them your home and hearts.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


(see earlier blog about Benjamine)

Jackie and I linked up at the gas station to give Benjamin "part 3" in his life. From being hurt and scared by people who thought he was horrible looking. Then treatments. Then back to the gas station but this time in a kennel.
And now, a foster home. Gayle thanks for opening your warm garage with his own entrance out to the garden, --for Benjamin. You could tell he was so thrilled for his new chapter in life.

I was so amazed to see that more fur had growned out on top of his back already. That was an Amore joy. Good luck Tutte due, and I will keep you all posted.


Because of your kindness, we can help strays and reduce their suffering.

Bella Appelblom, thank you for your donation, and also a big thank you to the NewPortVet. The Newport Beach Veterinary Hospital. General & Internal Medicine Specialist Veterinarian serving dogs & cats of the OC in Southern California, USA.

Tutte Due Grazie Amore!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Stephen and his wife found a chihuahua mix on a garbage bag by the side of the road. They took him in to a veterinarian because he has a growth on his lip that turned out to be cancer. The vet said 160 euro to put him down or 200-300 euro for surgery. But the vet didn't do an examination, it was just cold fact.

Through a co-worker/friend, Keegan, they contacted AWL and asked if there were anything we could do? Pogge (sp?) is a warm-hearted, happy dog. He eats wet can food, and snuggles and plays. He has been someone's pet before. They believe he was dumped, and some vets have told me that can be the truth in many cases, since it is expensive to put a dog to sleep or surgery. Owners will cast off a sick or injured dog, rather than paying either price to do the right thing.

The second vet said they could not do a surgery as it was too difficult because the cancer was on the lip. He was rude, even people in the room reacted over how they got treated (the dog and couple).

The couple was upset. Even if they haven't had this dog since puppihood, they have become very attached to him. When you are attached to something you don't want people to be "cold". So off to the third and last veterinarian, and this afternoon I expect to have a call, "What to do with Pogge!"

AWL thanks Stephen and his wife for stopping, bringing him in and doing what's best for Pogge.

Keegan for being the middleman, guiding them to us. Jackie, for the towels that help Pogge relax in and dry off the blood from his mouth.

You guys are wonderful, you've got your heart were its supposed to be. AMORE

Sunday, October 18, 2009


This puppy got a home today, she will stay with Ben and his wife in a safe home.
This is a wonderful mother that was dumped alone and pregnant, she is taking good care of her 3 day old pupps. She stays at the shelter now, but would like to have a permanent home.

She is a very good mother!

This fuzzball would like to chew on your fingers and play with your feet. Needs a home ASAP

In you I trust!
Thank you everyone for your donations so we can still work with the shelter with our spay and neuter project. Shelter and Killing will not reduce the problem, AWL pays for the spay and neuter surgery.

Friday, October 16, 2009


AWL couldn't, and wouldn't dump him free on the gas station. It felt cruel and heartless. Eric tried finding foster home on his phone like a madman. Aat the gas station, the owner told us there was an abandoned cage kennel, we could use it. It wasn't bad, and Eric said something really true today that I felt when I was sitting with Ben
"WE are suffering more than Ben."
That is so true. Is it therefore we put animals to sleep to quick?

The pictures cannot describe his skin condition. AND the pictures cannot describe his happiness. All three, me. Jacky, Eric just love this little guy so much. He has a big spirit in his 9 month-old body...

He doesn't get aggressive when you feed him, he waits. This little guy is worth a big Amore life.



Monday, October 12, 2009


This is Bella II, a former abandoned Doberman that was more or less like a skeleton when found/rescued. This beautiful family brought her in even if they have another older Doberman that they have had since he was a puppy. Bella II is a wonderful spirit but has probably "just" been used to get a litter ---m a puppy mill slave. She had some kind of skin problem and we think the "breeder" dumped her when she could not provide more healthy puppies.

She is around one-year-old but in her mind she is one month old. A lot of energy and sending and receiving the wrong messages. Maura, the guardian angel is feeding, and has been putting down a lot of money at the veterinarian. She will foster Bella II until a perfect family is found. AWL will step in and have her sterilized, and we will work together with Maura on Bella II's behavior. Together, we'll teach her to read the world's language, other people, children and animals. We are also hiring Nicole who is excellent in training dogs, to provide some structured obedience training and help Bella II "mature".

I got so moved by Maura's words when she told me that when they find a family for Bella II, she will walk her over a little time by time to get her used to her new family and not feel abandoned again. This Maura has her heart and head in the right place!


On my way home I saw this beautiful dog, trying to find food for the day. She is very old and is having a problem standing on her legs. Tired and the hectic traffic is passing very close. Every day is a struggle.

She is not in pain, she is tired and alone.

I stopped to give her food and she was a little timid. My husband stopped today and she was more allowing him to be close to her, but still very tired.

I remember Lupa, the very old German Shepard that we rescued from a horrible shelter, and gave her a warm bed and food. She slept for nearly two weeks. She had a short time with us (and we with her), but it was incredible to see the life in her eyes, after resting. She got a peaceful end when she wanted to go.

Everyone should have a peaceful end.

Here are so many old strays that are struggling, and the law says you are not allowed to put a healthy dog to sleep. Even some people are leaving their old pets on the highway.
AWL is working on a project with a hospice/rehab clinic, together with veterinarian's to rescue old strays and to let them have a good amore ending.

Please join us in our project!

Pictures Copyright (c) 2009, Todd A. Mercer. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Remember this story on my blog (click before further reading)

Two weeks ago I got a very nice e mail from a warm family that had a sweet dog hanging outside their Parco gate. Could I help? I drove over to the other side of the "town" and to my wonderful surprise, it was the starving scared German Shepard that me and Olivia had tried to feed.
This wonderful family is giving her plenty of food, I de-wormed her, and the family gave me Frontline to put on Bella.
They don't know if they will be able to keep her but the are willing to do everything for her, to get her back in shape with AWL support.

Bella, is around 8 months old, shy but friendly and would be lovely playmate and friend for older kids, and of course a stable home.
Next week AWL is bringing her for sterilization and shots.
Last Wednesday I went and put a collar on her, thank you Charity for the donation. Bella is now in a fenced in area in their yard. What a lovely Amore Family!