Sunday, December 25, 2011


Remember earlier on our blog about MAX who was abandoned by his family when they went back home? To re-fresh your memory, click here.

The foster-mom waited for her husband Steve to come back after a short trip, Steve was eager to meet MAX. When Steve returned he fell head over heals in love with MAX.

The neighbors had complained over MAX howling when being home alone, MAX suffered from big seperation anxiety. But Steve went over and talked to them re-assure that they were working to help MAX to become better.
Days went by, Steve and MAX adore each other, out running every day. I got a message "they wanted to adopt MAX."

Of course, we got very happy at this news. I had the pleasure to meet Steve, a lovely man who spoke highly about his best friend and all his tricks. MAX sat content next to his best friend´s side, calm and content.

Steve told me that they still worked on the seperation anxiety but Max had become much better already.

A family abandonen him, AWL volunteers helped MAX to get healthier and find someone for him, and a wonderful family fostered then adopted him. It shows that whatever nation we are from, there are bad and good people. But focusing on the good, That´s Amore!

MAX was castrated thanks to AWL´s Spay and Neuter Project 2011.

Thank you Stephen and Susi Marty.

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