Wednesday, December 25, 2013


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Was a wonderful gift waiting. A check $2000 in memory for Kiki Maus, Poe and many other Seniors at Casa dell'Amore!

Thank you Craig Kleber for your love and passion for the AWL Seniors. Merry Christmas from us!

That's Amore!

Monday, December 23, 2013


                             WE WISH YOU ALL SUPPORTERS, A MERRY CHRISTMAS
                     Thank you for all the wonderful gifts and adoptions you have sent to us.
                      Elisabeth sent us a check for 300 euro for the electricity, thats Amore.

During the day we will update the donations we received, when we are unwrapping them.


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Sunday, December 8, 2013


Some time ago, AWL was helping abandoned and stray dogs at a gas station outside the (Navy) Support Site.  The people that worked there were happy that we could help them with the sick dogs that were roaming around their area.  We also could look after the healthy ones, finding them new homes.  
We rescued one dog, Benjamin, who had a horrible skin condition and suffered with a high fever.  No one wanted to foster him and not even the vet assistants wanted to hold him.  That’s how my hospice idea was born but it wasn’t until several years later it came to fruition.  Inside our basement garage, my husband built two big pens that we used for these souls that we wanted to help, but couldn’t let in our house or among the rest of our dogs.  It became something like a hospice.   
At the gas station we also found Abby, who was badly hit by a car.  She lay on the cold ground, shivering and looking so scared.   She is just a tiny little thing, and her condition made her look even more small and vulnerable.  We brought her with us to the veterinarian clinic.  What would later show on the x-rays will always be an amazing story.  
Abby had a lot of nosebleeds, and we applied different treatments but nothing we tried helped her.  Eventually, an x-ray was taken and it showed the hidden results of an old injury.  Probably hit by a car, one of her canine teeth had broken off and gone through the gum and jaw and up into her nose!  The wound had healed in her mouth, so nothing was ever seen during her many physical examinations.  Poor Abby!  But a great team got it out after 2 hours of surgery.
At the gas station we looked after some dogs that we had spayed and released.  They were happy there.  One day I got a phone call from the gas station’s boss.  There was a gorgeous dog tied up, wearing a pink collar and with a leash.  You could tell right away that it was someone’s pet.  She had been tied up in the dark, alone by herself, for more than 12 hours.  I picked her up, this sweet little female dog that was lovely and happy despite her plight and seemed ok with me, a stranger.  
I found out that Lucy had a microchip and I called the registration office, which gave me the owner’s name and phone number (back then they did this).  When I called, I got the definitive answer:  No, they didn’t want the dog back!
At that time we had so many dogs in my home (23 dogs! Never get a big house).   We couldn’t keep her with us.  For some time, we had been helping a small shelter with food donations, cleaning their cages and walking their dogs; I called the President for the shelter and asked if she could help me with “Lucy”?  It was urgent.
My daughter Olivia and I drove out to the shelter with a happy Lucy sitting in Olivia’s lap.  When we got to the shelter, the owner of the shelter told me I could put Lucy in a cage.  I stared at the President and then at Lucy.  
No way, I couldn’t leave Lucy in a cage.  She was a pet!  She would not take that kind of condition.  
This shelter was blessed with great volunteers.  One of these volunteers came up to me and said she could foster Lucy for me.  
That was how I met Martina.  That day our friendship started, and since then Martina and her partner Pio, have helped AWL and me (and my family) a lot. They are integral to AWL’s success and operations in the Naples area.  And they are a true friendship through all these years.
Lucy did great at Martina and Pio’s home, yet our joy exploded the roof off when Martina found a perfect home for her.  Pio took the train up north with Lucy in his lap and handed her over to a wonderful lady with her cats and a Doberman.  We received videos of Lucy with her new family, and have gotten regular updates for the past 4+ years.
A few of days ago, Lucy became sick and cancer was found inside of her. Lucy went through surgery but was still very sick. Her body was too weak and she didn’t have the strength to recover.  Lucy died in the lady’s arms --- in her Angel mom’s warm embrace, knowing she was loved to her last breath (and beyond).
It’s always heartbreaking when they leave us, but we take comfort in knowing she was a lucky dog.  However, the luckiest are those who knew her.  She taught us hope despite being abandoned.  Lucy made sure I met Martina and Pio, and many years of hard and loving work rescuing would continue thanks to her.
Fly free little one, run effortlessly forever across the Rainbow Bridge.  And thank you for giving me two great friends and volunteers.
That’s Amore!

Saturday, December 7, 2013


"This is Josephine but she listens to the nickname Josi. She is a 2 1/2 year old German Shepard mix Her life has not been very successful but still she got a little bit of hope. Even if the time is running out. Her foster lady is leaving the country in a couple of days. The foster lady got her from a family who had to move short notice from here to Hawaii and could not take any of their pets since they had to go commercial and had to ship all of their belonging themselves. They asked the foster lady to take Josie and she agreed but now she is leaving too. Please she is a diamond just getting in the wrong hands where she is not wanted.

She is spayed, up to date on all her shots and is microchipped. She is house broken and was trained to sleep in her kennel. She is very sweet, playful and a bit of an attention hog. She is good with other dogs, cats and children (her previous family had 3 kids). She doesn't bark much, she knows most commands and is well behaved.

Please send us an email

She can go to Germany and Sweden, right now she is in Italy.

Friday, December 6, 2013


The Swedish team: Pia Wallin, Ulrika Johansson and Maria Lagerbeck, together with a big team of sponsors from Sweden, are delivering a very Merry Christmas to the Hospice Seniors and Volunteers.

We (AWL) are overwhelmed by the enormous generosity and love that has been sent down to us. The "Three Wise Women" started the charity just one month ago. Every day they worked like caffeinated elves to reach out to as many people as possible in Sweden.

Amazingly, many wonderful animal-friends opened their hearts and wallets for our Mission Hospice Seniors. But maybe that isn't so amazing?

We are forever thankful and we will make updates here.
A total of 18570 SEK = ~1857 euro
- 15360 SEK earmarked for ordering required items on
- 3210 SEK earmarked for electricity

The AWL team and I thank you for your love, passion and compassion towards our "old team."

That's Amore
Mia Mattsson-Mercer