Friday, February 25, 2011


Three girls from Mount Vesuvius.
Trilly gave birth twice in the past, and puppies are all dead. Then she gave birth to a third time and her puppies are alive and looking for a home.
A restaurant is feeding her and want her back.

This is fantastic Leila. She is the oldest and loves to lay on the divano whole day. She is a keeper.

Piccolina, what a little character. Around 7-9 months and already had puppies. She is up for adoption. Lovely girl. I am so in love with them all.
Thank you AWL for making this project ending puppy births, and a hard life for the "mothers"
Martina was my middle hand. A man brought them in to Lega Pro for sterilization and Mia and Lynn picked them up and brought them to the Hospice Casa dell' Amore.
Mena, Laura, Emma , Luisiana, Valentina for helping the MV in one way or another. That's Amore.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Please watch this video. It was made by Todd AWL Nov 2009. Phillipo had been sitting in this cage for 2 years since they said he was aggressive to other dogs (mostly males)

We knew something was not correct. Beautiful Ulla from Sweden flew down to volunteer and said she wanted to adopt him. Here is his story, but please watch the video.

This has been a long journey, and many would have given up. But not we bone-headed ladies of AWL. A client is always a client even if many frustration-tears have washed down our cheeks.

Our great joy when Ulla from Sweden flew down to volunteer and fell in love with Phillipo and said she wanted to adopt him. All our jaws fell open, we were speechless. What a lady! I have known Ulla for many years, thanks to her handsome dog Maxi that had been my client many years ago.
I knew Phillipo would have a great home with Ulla, she is smart and has common sense, and she always wants to learn more. Her background with training dogs is also impressive.

But the long journey only started with her stated desire to adopt him.
The veterinarian that was supposed to inject with rabies vaccination didn't do so even if she said she did. Three months of wasted waiting for results that would never come. I got Phillipo and a male, Scooby, out -don't tell Phillipo that Scooby is a male, according to dog people is he male aggressive.

They were moved to a kennel that was being kept clean but the dogs could not go out. They were closer to our veterinarian and shots and health examinations were being made. Also every second day for a couple of months I would drive to their kennel and walk them for one hour.

Then, I moved them home to my home when Ulla came down for a long weekend and that was a big test, since Phillipo was labeled as dangerous. But he was such a good boy, he ignored them all our other dogs. Ulla got to be with him and even fell in love with our Capri.

It was a difficult decision since she (Capri) had been our dog for 2 years, my husband rescued her from an area shelter and was attached to her. But we always felt guilty because with all of our dogs, she never got the satisfaction of quality time with us. With Ulla I knew she would be having a fantastic time, a great life. I could always get up to date how everything was going, and if it would go bad we could always fly to Sweden and bring her back.

Phillipo and Scooby were moved to another shelter, since the kennel started to have strange opening hours during the day and the heat was horrible for walks. This new shelter was very clean and there was an outdoor facility with a swimming pool for dogs. It was easier to go there and they seemed to be very happy.

Finally when the Great Dane family (8 adults/8 pups) was moved from the hospice, we could move Phillipo and Scooby in and get all the papers done for their passports. Ulla was supposed to fly down and pick them up, but an emergency incident at her work made her not able to. Ulla cried out "Am I never going to get my dogs?"

I couldn't fly out since my husband was in Afghanistan and with 3 dogs and 2 children, who could take care of our 19 dogs at home and 9 dogs at the hospice?

That's when our Tammy walked in and said, "I can fly them to Stockholm!"

I was simply speechless again.

I washed the dogs, took them to the ASL (the kind of agriculture inspectors/dog catchers) to show that all the papers were in order, rabies tests and vaccines, and then 120 days before the blood test was done. Leichaminiosis test is not anything Sweden requires but Italy does, and it is good to know anyway. To the post office to pay the passport fee and ASL visit fee, and the Italian post office can take up to several hours waiting. It's a nightmare!

Then the next day with the dogs (3) and wonderful Patty helped me, handling three dogs and all the papers and fees, it's a complicated thing, not at all simple or stress-free. We went to Dr Damiani who examined and de wormed them one last time, and prepared the health certificate. The next day back to ASL with the dogs, Patty our fantastic volunteer helped me again, and more waiting, paperwork a new examinations of all three dogs, we finally got the stamps: OK to departure!

I put the three cages together, all the while nervous that one screw would be missing, or something else would happen. I couldn't sleep.

Cleaned out my SUV loaded with cages, had the SUV go through a health check since Deb and Tammy would drive up and fly out from Rome. Filled it with gas 100 liter (sigh) and at 07.00 after another sleepless night the ladies came, got their precious cargo and my SUV, and off they drove.

At the airport Tammy had to put the cages together, load them and check them in. What a work! And on top of everything the plane was delayed for
6 hours due to a snow storm in Sweden. We were all sweating!

But at 22.00 my phone beeped... they had arrived and the dogs had been such traveling-troopers.

You are so many involved in this long this story and if I forget a name please forgive me. It took us one full year to bring them HOME!

Thank you Ulla for giving them a wonderful home and life, Todd you were also walking with them many times in the shelter and Marco Sanna Kennel, all you volunteers that have been kind to them, me for all the walking and driving J and Tammy who put a dot at this story's end, a happy ending. Thank you, this is big, complicated, long-term Amore. Teamwork!


Lets dig to Sweden!

Capri getting ready!

Finally in Sweden...that took time! Thanks for not giving up, that's Amore!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Billy Bob and Ms Mapel got their vaccinations. They were great since the whole waiting room was full of dogs and cats and even a rabbit.

Both are still up for adoptions.
Thank you Marty for helping out.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


We had a wonderful day at Casa dell'Amore. At the same time we work, we enjoy and so does the "oldies"

Our sweet HOPE!

Athena was so happy, Pio her favorite volunteer was with her the whole afternoon building a protection; so Athena couldn't jump out!

As always we gave kisses. But this little fellow made Kiki Joy's day.

Wonderful visit and presents. Bruno's and "his" parents came and visit, and with them they had this fantastic gift. All three have huge hearts! Thank you, that's Amore!

Stella, showed one of her modeling acts.

HOPE was in heaven that James and Abbi (Bruno's parents) spent time with her.

A big thank you to Pio. He worked so hard and made a great solution to have Athena on the right side of the wall. FANTASTIC!
Also this day was Bill and he worked to put book cases together. THANK YOU!

So our little fellow made sure that we all left at 14.00. And we can assure you that it wasn't only us that were tired. The dogs slept when we closed the door. That's lovely!

Dafne above and Billy Bob below, are so thankful for your visits and donations.
Martina, Patty, Pio, Billy, James, Abbi, Max, Me and Olivia. Now That's Amore

Saturday, February 19, 2011


AWL received a heart warming (BIG) Happy Valentine donation from Craig, Creature, Vinnie and Lizzie in LA (USA)
Max and Kiki Joy (in the picture), are sending kisses and love back to you all as a BIG thank you!
You are Amore!


We are still working hard with this project, here are some new ones.

Thank you Ashley and Jonnie for making this project possible.
Rosella shelter we spayed these two young abandoned dogs. We need to make an end to over population of dogs by spay and neuter.

Thank you volunteers for driving, and thank you Lega Pro for making it happen. That's Amore!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Abandoned dogs, and strays getting spayed before entering the shelter. Rossella.
This guy was a charmer. Maybe one year old and so lovely and funny. He made me smile. Neutered and still happy!--Rossella shelter--

Not me holding the camera! Female got sterilized.

Not me shaking the camera. Female spayed.

Cats spayed neutered!

Dicky's dick! Neutered.
That's brilliant Amore.

We are continuing on our project spay and neuter 2011 "jonnie&ashley" Second week!

Camilla roaming around on the street, spayed.
Thank you all for being part in this project, Rossella shelter with the great volunteers, translator Rita, Martina, Pio, Chiarra, and of course Me.
Lega Pro Animale for your patience with our new Voucher system.
Team Amore!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


AWL is starting a new project to help the abandoned dogs and strays on Mount Vesuvius here in Italy. It is a big and tragic problem with several dogs lost, some say there are up to 100 dogs roaming around the garbage piles. They are sick or dying, and confused searching for their former owners who left them at this place, protected by cloak of darkness.

Many people drive their dog up to the tourist attraction and leave them, some dogs even have two collars on them.

Some people cannot afford the veterinarian visits or medicine, and to put one dog to sleep can cost them one third of their monthly salary, but many are "just" heartless bastards.

Some think that God will take care of their dogs and believe the garbage will feed them.

AWL wants, together with the Mount Vesuvius rescue team, to help as many animals that are suffering from different diseases or have been abandoned. You also can make this effort possible by supporting us. Your voice is their voice, your money is their health. Your kindness makes AWL do some kind of magic in the middle of the darkness. That's Amore!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Being neutered wasn't that bad!
Louie even get to eat at his "home" the next day

Louie can highly recommend this~ please help sponsor AWL projects~ you can donate via Italian bank or pay pal both are secure.

Thanks mum Lynn and driver Trine for driving Louie in to Lega Pro, and thank you AWL for paying. That's team work Amore.

AWL drove Spencer in this morning to Lega Pro to have her sterilized. Yes she got a male name beacuse the rescue person didn't realize until several months later that Spencer was a girl.
Spencer stays with Mia AWL since the "rescue" person is not bringing her back with him to the States.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Valentine with joy, laugh good animal friends and loving dogs, it was a great surprise how wonderful you are. Thank you all for treats and hugs, your heart is fantastic.

Puppy paw prayer for being able to keep our hospice Casa dell'Amore. We are always in need of donations.

This fantastic cake was delivered by Stella's "mom" Angelina. So impressive!

Warm hearted Angela and husband Brian and their beautiful children came and visit.

Trine, thank you for giving everyone in the hospice their "flee and tick" treatment. You did an enormous work. And also safety the gate so our smaller clients wouldn't get out or get stuck.

Dafne our guest is sterilized and waiting for the perfect home. Thank you Angelina for bringing the huge bag of dog food.

Athena is labeled as not dog friendly. My gut tells me otherwise! Yesterday she was with us and the other dogs and she did great. I think what scares people is that she is very strong, so she need training with a harness and more dogs!

Hello, thanks for thinking about me and that I only have three teeth I love those Pate's.

And lovely Magazine NARA wrote about AWL work at the Casa dell'Amore hospice. Its out now in the stores, and for Swedish readers you can read how to become Swedish members.

Your support means everything to the four legged thanks to you can become healthy and live a "happy" life. That's Amore!
Trine, Lynn, Angela, Brian (children) Martina, Pio, Chiarra, boyfriend, Max, Olivia, Patty, Angelina and sister. Thank you for all your donations, you guys are Amore!
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