Sunday, March 31, 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013


Far away from Italy, we have a true Animal Rescue Friend. Craig Kleber who lives in Brentwood, LA--US Craig is helping Mr Edgar Poe to get the veterinarian and medicine treatment that he needs.
For us it is amazing and heartwarming to have such a wonderful rescue animal friend that cares about the animals wherever they are in the world. I know he is helping big time in LA, too.

Craig has followed our work for several years, and has always been there when we needed help -as we need all the time--

Edgar Poe --as you know if you from following our blog--is having heart-problems and some other "minor" health concerns as any old gentleman (dog) would get. But thanks to Craig's recent generous donation of 2000 dollar, we now have a "Fred Astaire" tap-dancing, happy dog at the hospice.

 Thank you Dr Damiani for helping AWL's Mascot Edgar Poe.
Volunteer Angy for being Edgar's VIP driver.

Thank you all, so much!

Friday, March 22, 2013


What a journey! What great teamwork!

A friend of mine, Minna, was flying down to Milano, Italy to pick up a car and then drive it back up to Sweden with her husband, Mats. I saw the opportunity to maybe get some animals driven back up from Southern Italy to Northern Sweden, with a small stop in my town outside Stuttgart, Germany.  Down in Napoli, we had the three legged cat Willy Wonka, that had been rescued by the veterinarian team at Dr. Carlo Damiani’s clinic. Willy Wonka was fostered by Dr. Carlo and his wonderful family. We also had Fochetta, our senior from the hospice, which was to be adopted by my lovely friend Mia in Sweden. I asked Minna if she could possibly bring some animals with her back?
Minna is also in the rescue business and didn’t hesitate one second to help us out. If only all the animal papers were ready, and if someone could drive Fochetta and WW up to Milano, then there would not be any problems.

Two wonderful American ladies volunteered to drive up to Milano with the precious cargo. They packed the car and only drove one hour, until their tire exploded! They called a tow truck and were being towed back to Napoli. These ladies didn’t go back to their homes, sobbing over a cup of coffee. No, these remarkable women rented a car, un-packed the broken vehicle, re-packed and drove up North. Delayed because of the tire mishap, they floored their gas pedal and arrived right on time. We are forever thankful and grateful for what Lori Alston Garcia and Valerie Funk did. 
You started a new chapter for Forchetta and WW in their “book of life”.

Minna and her husband continued the drive up to Mia’s (President) place outside Stuttgart, Germany. WW was being introduced to his new family, Mia’s (President) wonderful neighbors. Already, he is very much loved and happy there.

 Everybody got a late lunch/dinner, and Fochetta got to stretch her little sweet legs in Mia’s garden. After the small break, Minna and husband started the long remaining drive back to Sweden, a 23 hours drive. With them they also had another dog named MIA, (there are a lot of “Mia’s” in this story) that had been returned from her first owner after nine months, but was going to a nice home with a lady and her daughter in Sweden that Mia (President) had found. (That story will come in another blog update.)

Hours later, in the middle of Sweden, MIA the dog was dropped off to her new family, and after some remaining hours of driving, the journey for Minna, Mats and Fochetta would finally end. Fochetta had to sleep over at Minna’s place. It was midnight by the time they got there, and everyone was bone tired. The next day my friend Mia and her father drove down to pick up Fochetta from Minna. My sweet friend Mia was totally in love with Fochetta, just as she had imagined it during her meditations. Fochetta already loves Mia and gave her so many kisses and snores loudly during the nights.

This couldn’t have been done without you all. And especially a big thank you to Lori and Valerie, that was amazing what you did. Minna and Mats, for sponsoring the whole drive from Milano to Sweden. And being the contacts to MIA dog’s home and Mia with Fochetta.
The Mercer family sponsored from Naples to Milano.
And to all hospice volunteers, thank you so much for taking such great care of Fochetta. Loving and nurturing her back to life, I know you all loved her dearly. To AWL’s board who got her picture and story about Fochetta several months ago, and decided to take her away from the horrible place: A Governmental shelter with nearly a thousand of dogs locked in cages and nowhere to go, ever.
A big THANK YOU to the brave Italian volunteer who got her out from that hell-hole.
And lastly, to Mia, my friend who dared to adopt a senior dog.

Now, That’s Amore.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Our beloved Poe is having quiet some problems. He have started to faint again, up to once a week. He can walk around very low, then suddenly he faints, wakes up, and makes cartwheels.  
Angy our Poe volunteer, drove him to Dr Damiani today for blood work and ultra sound over his bladder so an urine test could be taken. Dr Damiani checked the prostate and found some cysts. But that is not the biggest problem. Dr D also made a EKG  and found out that this time Poe's heart rhythm is not "prefect" Last time Dr D made the test it didn't show that cause. 
We hope with the tests that we can find another hidden disease.

Dr D spoke to the Cardiologist and to get more information about Mr Poe heart we need a recording machine on him. And since we know Poe, he will eat it up. Its a very expensive machine, so he would have to be monitored for 24 hours. This time we are very worried for Poe.

This is very expensive for us and we ask for help (500 euro). When do you turn to your client and say; "sorry the only money we have is to put you into the internal sleep"

Dr D will tell us for sure, and we have worked with him for many years, when its time to put that needle in. But not right now! First we need all the answers.

Monday, March 18, 2013


 Monday Love Project!

This beautiful puppy is Bia. She is only 4 months old and will grow up to a medium/large size dog.
Bia and a group of stray dogs lives behind a church close to our volunteers Martina and Pio in Southern Italy.
They go there and feed the dogs and at the same time keeps an eye on them. Last Saturday they notices that Bia stood totally still and her hind leg was "dangling".
Bia was rushed to Dr Damiani and Dr Fransesco.

Poor Bia has a broken femur, a really bad break. Dr Damiani applied a plaster Bia cannot go back on the road, of course! She need a foster mom or a family that can take care of her forever.
At this moment she is a guest in Martina's and Pio's house.
We need your help to help us help Bia get back to happiness and health. Please we are in big need of donations, for her medical care and later sterilization.

 Please ear mark your donation with the name Bia.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


                                                      to all our lovely Irish Animal Friends.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


 This is rescue Jack (Jake) that we wrote about earlier. He got neutered, rabies vaccinated and microchip yesterday. And today he got home to his foster rescue family. Now that's Amore.
Thanks Dr Damiani Clinic and thank you all sponsors that helps our projects.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


 This little Angel was taken together with 30 other dogs to a 300 dogs shelter. Pippa was before locked inside cages with the other dogs, living a horrible life. When I saw the picture I knew I could find a home for her. A sweet animal friend Maya in Sweden will adopt her, and her new name is Leona.
Cassandra have been in this shelter for three years. My other animal friend saw the picture and just feel in love with her. My friend Mia is very used to strong breeds.

Hopefully we can get them home late April.

That's Amore!


DEAR Animal Friends,

I do apologies that this blog have not been updated as it should. I don't want to justify but since FB came its been another thing to work with posting pictures and short updates. Another kind of feedback and I got lost in that "new" world.

I will absolutely get going with our updates and lovely pictures.

That's Amore.