Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We received an e mail from a woman that were dog/house sitting for a friend and she was told that old owners of their house were Americans that abandoned a dog..."she is a sweet pitbull mix maybe 40-50lbs." I don't think she is able to fend for herself as a stray so I am worried worried about her. She sits outside the house day and night just wanting her house and family back. I'm not sure what to do and it breaks my heart that I can't take her in so I was just wondering if you had any suggestions...she is so friendly and sweet, even to other dogs, you can tell she just wants a home. I do not think she is spayed either but looks pretty healthy, was a little on the skinny side before I got here though...I've been fattening her up though:) 

(AWL note were just to start helping and asked her for photos quick)

I just went after work to take pics of the sweet dog that stands outside her old home and she was dead! 

Right as we pulled up I thought she was sleeping and some Italians were walking up to us telling us not to get out and they had face masks on and gloves and a garbage bag. I couldnt really understand what they were saying but I think they poisoned her...she was for sure poisoned and we think they did it and were lying about it because they could see how visably upset we were. I can't understand how anyone with a soul could do that, she was the sweetest dog and wanted nothing but her family and home back... RIP my dear Lady, she will now have a home over her "

AWL urge everyone who knows anything about this, please contact us. This is not the first time it happens, let us end this now. We will keep you anonymous if that is your desire. Please send me an e mail

Your mom will be so proud over you!


Above picture is from the beach when she was free eating from out-spilled dog food. To the right is the same dog 2 weeks later.

I want this story never to be forgotten. I want that Cally’s name and memory shall continue to shine on we humans over what we do to the poor souls in need, and what we do not do by turning our gaze away. Cally was roaming around on the beach, very sick but trying to survive. People saw her and tried to catch her but she was very shy. A lady with her shelter with 400 dogs caught her and took her in to a cage with concrete floor, put a red little carpet under her. She was sick, very sick. The veterinarian that they took her to -- they told us,-- proscribed antibiotics and glucantime but she didn’t respond, quiet the opposite, she became worse. One of our AWL volunteers --- Chiara ---  went to this shelter to visit a dog she has in there. She saw this female lying with a lot of wounds. Chiara took pictures and published on FB and I was contacted. It was with horror I viewed the picture, the pain went through my veins. I could nearly not breath. My volunteer Martina and I started the rescue plan, we knew we could make it. And in six hours we got a plan. I spoke to our veterinarian Dr Damiani and sent the picture I had received, Martina contacted the lady and told her to bring the dog that we named Cally. Martina and I agreed that after she had stayed at Dr Damiani’s clinic we could transfer her space in the hospice, if she was well enough. We didn’t want her to suffer, and we told our reliable veterinarian he had free reign to do what was needed. We also informed the lady that if Cally had to  --- or wanted to --- go to heaven, the lady had to let her go.  The next day the lady brought her into the clinic and our veterinarian was upset at the condition Cally was in. She was completely unconscious, unable to stand and walk , breathing heavily, (called  Kussmaul breath) Cally decided to breathe her last breath only fifteen minutes later on the cold examination table. Our vet believed she was in severe chronic kidney failure. If the underlying cause was leishmaniosis, in such an advanced stage, he doubted they could have saved her life.I was in tears like many other people were. We were many that fought for her from America, Sweden, Germany and Italy. People followed her on the FB and donated money. We were not upset about her passing away, we were upset that she had been sick for this time and we found her too late.  That perhaps she suffered needlessly.Instead of showing our anger towards people We want to turn the table around, We know that Cally would have wanted us to do that. She never got to have a family, she never got to lie in a warm bed and be treated like a Queen, she never got a quiet death, it was pain and suffering.She no longer suffers, let us show her that we care and we will continue to fight and save lives in her name. The money that was donated under her name and during these two days is frozen/earmarked  “CALLY FOUND”. When we find another soul in emergency need we will use this money in her name. That’s Amore.

Thank you everyone involved for your hard but amazing quick work. 

Our Cally Sponsors thank you we still have the money in your name.

The Kleber Family in California (Craig, Tracey, Chuck) USA

Maria Svedgard, Sweden
Malin och Minna Lind, Sweden
Fransesca Taliento, Italy
Malin Wahlin, Sweden
Mitra Talarman Sweden-Italy

We got 658 euro earmarked Cally Found.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Thank you Rachele Pesaresi and Stefania Causale for your donation to AWL Hospice Casa dell"Amore.

Grazie mille per la donazione al nostro Hospice Casa dell'Amore ♥

You are wonderful!!


Thank you Dyrevennforening Norway for your help!

AWL are grateful for the help and support via a generous donation to our hospice clients at Cassa dell'Amore in Campania Italy.

The President Sissel and I got to know each other many years ago via our work. I had the honor to write the Foreword in her book "Dyrekommunikasjon"

Thank you all who supports Dyrevennforening, with all your help you make a difference for organisations like us AWL. Our hat off for you! That's Amore!


On my knees--I have never begged anyone before-- please consider to help Gus. He will soon die in the kennel. Every day he is loosing weight, he eats but he gets so upset when he gets locked in during night time. He has anxeity. In whole his life 12 years he had his own warm bed in the home he thought was his forever home. He has been in this Kennel for a couple of months now.

I am doing everything I can to find a home and passport is being made. I will be down to Italy June 23

i have never ever let anyone down with my promise but I cannot have this happen to Gus. I will help with the costs I will do everything, please help me. His eyes are amazing and wonderful.

He is great with humans, and other dogs. He snapped (no skin broken) after being very sick. He wanted to be alone but he is doing excellent. Our volunteers were there today and visited him look how happy he is!

Please don't let him leave this earth with a broken heart.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Two former Napolitans are sunbathing in Bella Sweden outside Stockholm. Capri and Phillipo are enjoying their life together with mom, Ulla Lindner.

That's Amore!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


The summer is a painful month with many abandon dogs from people that are leaving for vacations. This is a period of time where you see more strays than ever, and the hunt after food and water become a Hunting Game.

AWL is in bigger need for help both money and volunteers. Our veterinarian account is running up to 2000 euro a month, and we cannot stop treating and helping only because it is summer.

These four Amigos showed up hungry, with wounds and other minor problems. Could you please help us help them?

That's Amore!



Gus was born in November of 2000. He came to his family 13 months after that when we adopted him from a shelter in Rhode Island. While living in Rhode Island, Gus was shot by a neighbor and had to have major surgery removing a portion of his intestine. He stayed in the hospital for almost a week! After Rhode Island, we have moved to New Orleans, LA; Kings Bay, GA; and now Napoli. Gus has moved everywhere with us and has been a fabulous family dog.

On January 10, he was in a major house fire in Monterusciello, Naples, Italy. Gus stays in his kennel when family was away because he sometimes scratches at doors when they were gone and they did not want him to ruin someone else's home. He had major smoke inhalation and was in a dog hospital here for many days. After returning home from the fire, his mental state had changed. He snapped at both the father and and their one-year-old son. (AWL comment; stress from traumatic happening fire hospital shock. He is doing much better now haven't snapped at anyone)

He is completely up-to-date on his vaccinations . He has his medical records and he has the most recent version of microchip and rabies vaccination.

He is great with other dogs not cats
I will transfer him from Italy up her for free if you can give him his last years full with love. He has recovered but are getting depressed now in a kennel 

For 13 years he had his bed, next week is his family leaving the country. I beg your heart to open up to Gus. He was born abandoned don't let him die abandon.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 This is Mia :-) She is a small to medium puppy estimated at about 4 months old. She is good with children and wants to be an inside lap dog! She has alot of energy and is very agile, would make a great dog for an active person, she loves to go on walks, play with balls etc. she currently weighs 10 kg. Vet thinks she will get to 15-20 kg when full grown. She has her first set of shots and is wormed.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


The children in the little town are just fabilous. Every day are they standing outside the house off 11 dogs and want to walk and play with them.

Nebbia is adored by the girl and every day they take a walk. Ali the boy takes his cousin for a bike ride and inside he lets also the rescue dog Twittie sit.

Amazing young people, a big thank you for helping out.


 The rescue team Mia and Max helped the beautiful snails that was caught in nasty nylon net.

It is not only Dolphins that can get stuck in trashy net! We found a net with fantastic snails inside. They couldn't get out trapped inside the nylon net, it even covered their openings. If they would have tried to it would have been divided them into pieces.
Now they are free, and Max have named them, names I cannot even spell. But most important thing, Max 4 years-old learned how to stay calm and be on a rescue mission. He loved it!

Friday, May 18, 2012


 Our lovely Dr Damiani donated to our hospice. THANK YOU!

Dr Damiani is always a pleasure to bring new as old clients too. His passion glows and never ever you hear him say anything negative (about anything). He encourage you to be a better owner.

Thank you so much Carlos, we all love you--two legged and four legged!
 Even Edgar Poe agrees. Angelina escorted him to Dr Damiani's clinic, and as you can see he enjoyed sitting in beautiful Angy's lap.
To our surprise Poe fooled us again! His eye had become a little better, and we can wait some days with the surgery. His donation money are "frozen" until that day comes.
 Our sweet Funny is practicing for the Rain Deer Christmas Show. Angelina got this great picture.
 Vasili is becoming so much better, but still he needs to have his medicine. Pio and Martina brought him there and he was thrilled to be escorted via their car.
This is so much joy to work with people that has the passion and want to teach you to become a better owner. Who inspires you and helps out with the four legged ones, to help those who can be helped and to help end those who suffers to much. That's Amore

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


One off our volunteer, Angelina went on the Worldwide Demonstration against Green Hill. We were very proud over her and her sister with friend.

This was an action taken in Northern Italy yesterday (photo Divina Bosia)
Angelina also designe these magnets and mirrors for our Hospice that we call Casa dell'Amore. You can order them via sending us an e mail to

Mirror 3 euro/each
Magnet 1.50/each
Mailing 5 euro/package 

Sunday, May 13, 2012


This is the four-legged Kleber family from LA California US together with their beloved friend Fred the Fish They sent a wonderful donation to their four-legged friends and William the Fish at the AWL Hospice. They wanted to make sure that Mr Edgar Poe would get his eye surgery and sent 1000 dollar to even up what would be missing in the HAPPY HOUR POE "double up the Poe" collection. The rest would go to the other clients at the Hospice (Sassi, Stella, Vasili, Tigro, Ariel, Funny, Bonnie, Gaby (470 euro)

Poe sponsors: Malin Wahlin, Mitra Talarman, Lotta Frederiksson, Valerie Funk, China Platou, Lori Garcia (160 euro)

Kleber family (Picture above) Creature, Vinnie, Natalia, Lizzie and Fred from Brentwood, California. (240 euro)

Thank you for making a big difference. That's Amore. We will make the appointment and for sure keep you updated about Mr Poe's surgery.

Thank you Elisabeth Kruse and Sue Peacock for your double up...Super Amore!


Thank you Lynn Woodall for your generous help, with food and money donations, and escorting new volunteers to the hospice.

AWL Sweden, transfered donations from lovely and loyal Lotta Frederiksson and Anna Persson. --Anna also thank you for the things you sent to Minna Lind for Gordanna. And Minna for bringing it to me.

Martina Ricci jewelry collection

Tracey L Nettles

Chiara Varriale

Malte and Sabine von Vultejus

This is lovely Amore, thank you all for supporting AWL and our work for those who are homeless and sick

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

To all our devoted followers, we apologize for the gap in posts.

Our President and chief blogress has been hospitalized for Lyme Disease since Sunday.  We all hope she will be out of the hospital and back to some level of normalcy this weekend, although full recovery will be a long process.

She will update on the expected cost of Mr. Poe's treatments at that time.

Until then, make sure to use X-spot, Excaliber or one of the other topical preventatives to keep your pets from tick bites, so they don't come to the same grief as Mia has!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


This is an Invitation to Mr Poe's HAPPY HOUR from Liz Kruse and Sue Peacock
Dear AWL Friends and Supporters

As you may know already little Mr Poe needs our help!

In order to help him with the money he needs for his urgent eye operation, he would like to invite you to his HAPPY HOUR!

As with all good happy hours this means a ''double up'' and in this case any donation, big or small, will get a DOUBLE UP by Poe's friends Sue and Lis in Germany until we get together the amount of 400 Euro needed.

Happy hour = double up = double POE AMORE.

Please make your contribution directly to AWL's account and earmark the donation ''Poe's Happy Hour''.

Poe says THANK YOU and sends you a wink with his good eye. (donations) or paypal



Funny got a bath today at casa dell'Amore Hospice in Bella Napoli. It was a little windy so Martina put on one of the brilliant donated and trendy dog jackets. That's Fashion Amore.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


 He is a caracter, a wonderful grumpy loving older male. He was found very sick in a dark area, cold and with fever. He was seen by Dr Damiani clinic, medicated and taken good care at the hospice. Our little Edgar Poe now got a ulcer. He had to go back to Dr Damiani clinic, and volunteer Angy drove.
 He spent a whole day at Dr Damiani's clinic Poe has been anesthetized and a very thorough cleaning of the cornea was performed. Additionally, pulled some blood in order to produced serum ( very rich in proteins ) to be applied in the eye. We probably need to remove his one eye and that will cost a lot of money. We would appreciate if you would and could help Poe with donations, since AWL doesn't have those money. We have helped so many sick animals, and prevention to puppies that our veterinarian bill is sky high. His need would be around 400 euro.

Think how this little guy would suffer on the streets!

Please if you want to help Mr Poe, earmark it with his name. He is a great old grump!


Our Hospice is in need of a face lift. During the last clients time there have been a couple of doors destroyed and even some balcony doors that we need to replace. We would also like to paint the hospice to fresh the place up, the rooms could use an uplift.

We got a very good offer from a company, 6 doors for 300 euro. Paint with accessories would be around 150 euro

Please help us heal the Hospice. Earmark your donation with Healing Hospice

That's Amore