Thursday, October 20, 2016


This is honey! She had a rough start in life. Abandon and according to her wounds, locked up left to die.

Our wonderful AWL volunteer Nicky Mormino was out walking when she saw this poor little thing. Nicky didn't hesitate to take her and rich her to our veterinarian Dr.Damiani. In this Campania area they estimate that the number of strays are over 75.000. And all animal lovers homes are filled with rescue animals.
Honey is around 6-7 months old and is now resting out and getting treated and a lot of love and food, everything she need in an American family home.
We will keep you updates. 


The Golden Opportunity for dog lovers, that loves to travel. Now you can bring your four legged friend and explore beautiful Mallorca, filled with different exiting programs on the meny.

A Fantastic project are being created by my Animal Friend, Christina Kastin.

Mallorca, the Island of Beauty even  in November.

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Come fly with us.

That's Amore!