Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Each life we save, every animal who no longer has to endure pain and
suffering on the street or in a shelter, has a success story. That story
deserves to be told, and to be highlighted. And your kind help has made
these stories possible. 

Indeed, your love is part of the story itself.

In 2013, why not proudly display some of these lives you have helped to
improve through your love and generosity?

We've created a beautiful, full color wall calendar to showcase some of
these wonderful animals. Every month in our Animals Without Limits
calendar, we highlight the story of an animal whose life you have helped to
improve. Individually, the stories are heartwarming. Together, they tell a
story of the incredible love YOU have provided with your kind and generous
support over the years.

We so very much want you to have a chance to display this testament to your
love in your home or workplace. When you donate $25 or more to get this
keepsake Calendar, your gift will go toward the next animals we are working
to save-every day, every week, and every month of every year --- together.

Please donate $20 or 199 SEK or 20 euro or more and get your calendar today!

Euro to;

IW BANK S.p.A.Via Cavriana, 2020134 Milan
$$$$$$ to PAYPAL

Earmark calendar!


Thank you Mrs. Jonsson, teacher at Boeblingen Elementery School (2 nd Grade class) Stuttgart, for inviting Mia/AWL to show pictures and talk about AWL Rescue Program. The class was fantastic, never before had they sat so still for a whole hour. And they were great with answering all our questions.
It went so well that the class next door want an education hour themselves. That's Amore.

We loved it! Go AWL Team, Go!!


 The lovely couple Martina and Pio rescued this dog and named him Ettore. Outside their house is a small piece of land, only fenced in dirt. Inside there are  three dogs, locked in.  When I was down working I got the honor to met him, such a big boy, sweet and goofy. 
Yesterday did Pio drive him to Dr Damiani clinic for examination. Ettore was lovely there, only wanted to greet people with his big paw.

Thank you all sponsors and supporters, Your donations are helping the animals in chaos and crisis areas. Without your support we cannot do what we are great at, saving lives. When Ettore is done with his medication and the blood test results are back he will go up North to start a new life.                             That's Amore.


This is Nora: she's more than 10 years old, cataracts to her eyes and very tiny.
Blood tests have been taken, we will wait for the results in a couple of days.
Nora is sooooo small! She looks like a bird! Maybe 4-5 kilos.

She is rescued from a shelter after many years.

Thank you Maria for driving and escorting her out from the shelter. Martina for picking her up and escorting her to our hospice. AWL Team for making sure she will have the best service and treatments. AND, you all supporters for your donations so we can still save life's trapped in horrible shelters. You are Amore!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


                                           The Power Of A Dog – Thank You Creature

Creature left us after a wonderful life. We say “left us” vs. “he is gone” because it is we who are left with a big void. He now joins Vinnie, Gus and other eternal pals.

He came into our lives as that “cute puppy with all that brindle” found running around abandoned in parking lot with no home. At the time we had no plans to have a dog, but there he was wiggling his butt into our lives. He didn’t look like anything in particular, just one of God’s creatures, so Creature became his name. And from that moment on this very special dog worked his magic.

Creature changed our lives. The years of volunteering with animal rescue, the thousand of dollars given to animal groups, staying in the US rather than returning to the UK, and most importantly the rescue of other dogs; Vinnie, Gus, Lizzie and Natalia… all because of Creature’s magical influence. 
His charisma, confidence and swagger meant people never forgot him. Dr. Lisa in Malibu would always brighten up and excitedly call his name when she saw him, and he brightened up in return, especially when he saw treats. Years after leaving Malibu he was back walking around the shops and out of nowhere an inquiring voice said “is that Creature?” Someone whose name we didn’t even know remembered Creature.

He had that magnetic quality about him. In his early years the good looks and twinkle in his eyes made him a lovable rogue, a Joe Namath among dogs according to his grandfather. Later on as he greyed he took on the persona of being the George Clooney of dogs. 

Happy trails our dear, dear friend. You changed us all, and all of us are so much better for it. 

Thank you Creature.

Craig & Tracey Kleber

A poem that captures all you and other animals deserve, and will receive, as sure as the sun will rise.

A Place in Heaven
Is there a place in Heaven

Where dog companions go

Before I'd want to go there

I'd really need to know

A being pure of spirit

And a being without sin

Is surely one that should be there

But does God let him in?

The theologians argue

A soul is what they lack

But one who's always there for you

Should be given something back

I could not face eternity

Without paws and tails

And if that's what religion thinks

Then that is where it fails

I hope God doesn't let me down

I'm sure He knows their worth

For we who have been loved by them

Have Heaven here on Earth!

-- Janis Diebert

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Thank you all for your prayers and lovely thoughts for our Colomba. She is doing OK and under morfine pain killer . Anesthesia was very long,( almost five hours) but they were able to complete all the procedures we planned .

Her uterus was very very large and filled up with a lot pus.

They were able to remove the mammary tumor.
They removed the big lump on the neck. Very likely , it is a benign growth, but it was very rich in blood vessels, so this procedure was very bloody.

Last procedure... Dental . Very long procedure as you can immagine. Many teeth had to be removed.( not too many anyhow), Now she has a beautiful smile Colomba were picked up today by Martina and Pio. She is resting out at the hospice in her own room.

Thank you Dr Carlos Damiani and Team, Martina and Pio for driving her during her critical period, and un critical time.

That's Amore!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


This morning did the volunteer team notice something was strange with our Colomba, a note was being made. Martina went there in the afternoon and realized something was really wrong. In her little red Fiat she rushed Colomba to the Dr Damiani clinic (Dr Fransesco in background)

She is suffering from pyometra, and since she already is not very strong after several years in a cage, under weight and old she is in a very big danger. Right now she is under a lot of fluid and antibiotic.  Keep your love, prayers and thoughts going for her. We will keep you updated as often as we know anything.

In the papers it says she is sterilized, but we can tell you she is not-- a uterus never lies!

Our love Colomba.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


 When I saw his picture I knew it!!! I knew he would be the most perfect dog for someone. I could tell he was intelligent, funny, loving and loyal. And yes many people wanted him. Picky I am all the candidates had to go through fifty questions, then a meeting with more questions.
 I went down and picked him up after one month foster home with Chiara. It is wonderful to have dogs that are up for adoptions in foster-homes. I could get a clearer picture of him together with people and other dogs.
 13 hours drive up to Germany and he was fantastic. He sat in my lap the whole way up. Then he slept in my home with 16 other dogs and nothing bad happen to anyone.
The next day he got to met his new family! They had a new collar with them, treats and a toy. They all loved each other at the first moment. I get pictures and updates from the family and Boy is being pampered more and more for every day that goes by. That's Amore.


 You could read earlier about George on the blog--only a couple of days ago. He is already improving and he doesn't growl anymore--only with his bones! We went back to Tierklinik Dr Martina and George had to have a full urine bladder, a urine test had to be done. From before just laying growling in the back, George jumped around in the car, and was totally different.
 He even played! My heart was full with love and happiness. Muzzle him went super, no growling. And laying on his back while ultra sound and a needle pushed via his lower stomach, not a sound.
We could see that he had a lot of stones in his urine bladder, and that is painful. Waiting for the right antibiotic.

 Gabi was found Easter time down in Italy with demodex and has been treated since then. Time for a second test. Gabi is the happiest, sweetest dog I ever met and also the most slippery dog ever.
I can sit in an animal waiting room the whole day and take pictures. I just love all these shapes, faces and stories. That's Amore!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


 Since we left Napoli and came up to Germany George started to limp more and didn't look happy in his eyes. One morning I saw some blood in his urine. George and I went to Veterinarian Martina, a great warm very skilled vet and I was amazed that they also treat their clients with homeopathic items and acupuncture.
 The examination showed that something inside George was painful and hurting. I also wanted an x-ray on his old injury, he had been hit by a car very badly. He was found by Pat Funk in a garbage pile looking like a skeleton, infested with ticks and full of worms. The family Funk fostered him for a couple of months and now Mia with family brought him up to Stuttgart. He was soon going to go to his new family but before that we needed to figure out what is wrong.
 X-rays, since I want the family to know what kind of old injuries George had. And frankly, my curiosity was enormous too. The staff at the clinic was amazing, kind and very thoughtful towards George, and Mia with her camera.
 His spine is very nice, but as you can see his legs bone was broken in two, and healed very badly on its own. Too old of a wound to do anything with now.
 Look at his right leg and left leg, you can see the bad broken leg. Also the broken spots on the pelvis which are healing.
 Well Dr. Maritna is very good, if we don't find anything on the x-ray we will search with the ultra sound. And Mia was happy since she wants all the facts on the "table" winning time. His prostate is great but something may be wrong with the bladder. We had a urine test made and there was a lot of bacteria.  Monday we are going back to make another examination.
George was a super boy. You can see on his back leg that he is not laying ok. Todd (Mia's husband) is madly in love with George and Dr Martina also said "He is a good boy!"

He is a big Amore guy, who loves his warm blankets and food. He is more an inside boy than outside. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


 When I saw this picture my heart melted. When I read she was 15 years old and had lived in a shelter together with 180 dogs on a concrete floor for many years, my heart stopped. I had to have her adopted to our hospice down in Italy. To find a candidate for our hospice and to chose only one is heart breaking. Some shelters do not adopt out their dogs, they only want the money (we turn these down).  But in this case, we knew these volunteers from before and they accepted our wish to adopt Colomba.
 My family and I drove and picked her up. The poor darling was so filthy, with a lot of matted hairballs together with old poop dried in. Her teeth were rotten and green and she could not eat dry food, and that had caused her to be just skin and bones.  She also suffered with a chronic ear-infection that was so painful that she didn't want you to pet her head. She was anemic, and had an abscess as big as a man's fist on her neck, horribly infected. Colomba's heart was strong but body and mind exhausted.
 We are very lucky at the same time to get a wonderful new volunteer. Ellen is an American veterinarian who recently moved to the Naples area. With her skills and passion, Colomba got her treatment right away. I loved when I heard Ellen call her "Princess." Together we took her for blood work and extra health examination at DR Damiani clinic.

We are all so madly in love with Colomba. Despite being in a cage on a concrete floor since 2005, her tail kept wagging when we bent down, looked into her eyes and told her how pretty she was. That tail tapping out the morse code for love: "thump, thump, thump." That's Amore.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


 4 donation packages from Germany, Elisabeth Kruse.
 Lis always sends wonderful care-packages that are so appreciated by all 4 legged clients at the hospice.
 Jennifer owner Hotel Agora, sponsored our AWL Banner. Thank you so much.
 Lori, our wonderful volunteer and sponsor.
Sara, our new volunteer. Thank you for everything.

AWL Sweden sponsors, thank you so much 524 euro WOW!

Mitra Talarman, Tracey Nettles, Tracey Klebber, Sarah Grunwald thank you so much.


 Focheta means Seal. Our sweet new girl from one of the worst shelters in Campania area. For 12 years had she been locked in a cage. No freedom until one volunteer Maria brought her to our Hospice.
Fochetas tail wouldn't stop "thump thump" laying in the green grass that she had never ever seen before, well for a very long time. First week she hesitated to walk into our house, it was new and strange for her. But now, she loves to be inside and outside, walk in and out as a free dog should do.

Thank you

Maria Guglielmini & AWL Team & Sponsors 

Saturday, October 6, 2012


 Evening at Hotel Agora the last BBQ party for this year was a wonderful evening. AWL was there and had a great time.
Volunteers, Chiara, Martina, Valerie, and one of the vendors Lori who is a great AWL volunteer and have donated a lot to our Hospice.
Party time.
Many people visited our table.
Beautiful AWL women. It was a wonderful evening. Thank you Hotel Agora, owner Jennifer for having us there this year too. That's Amore.