Saturday, May 29, 2010


Thank you Carina Lidbom & Selma for your support to Animals Without Limits every year, it means the world to us having animal amore such as you. Peter Knutson took this wonderful picture.
He is a great person, its his picture on the cover of my book #3--I love his photos.

Also great Amore thank you to Megan Seibert USA for your donation, and I loved the quote you wrote in the e mail..."Don't just leave...leave it better!"

Also a huge paw'er --thank you to;
Bella Appelblom, Sweden
Ulla Linder, Sweden
Maria Svegare in memory of Tossi, Sweden
Sara Hoover, Sweden --- USA
Erika Bobby Giove Andersson, Sweden
Angie Ogilvie, UK
Tracey L Nettles, USA
Thank you all for your support and love so we can continue making the strays healthier and perhaps happier. This is pawerful Amore.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Last Sunday I went to visit one shelter with 500 dogs in it, well actually the shelter where Mozart is.

In the next blog entry I will tell you more about this shelter, but now I write only about this old lady. Me and some friends (Martina and Pio) were ready to leave when I saw this lady, and another big white dog walking next to us. I asked the volunteer, Alessandria where these two were going?

I could sense a kind of sadness in Alessandria's voice when she told me that they had been brought in from the street to be sterilized but had to go back on the streets again.

My heart just broke, I started to cry.

I couldn't stop crying, no matter how hard I tried. This old lady would not survive long on the streets. I was told she had cancer in her stomach, leischaminiosis and an old hip fracture on her back leg. And her age 10-12 years old, probably many puppies in her life too.

I couldn't let it happen, I asked if I could have them both at the shelter until I found some kind of solution. Warm-hearted Alessandria and Sengiora (who is running the shelter) made it possible for them to stay at least for a little while.

I named her Lea.

When I came home I sent out a request for help, we only needed a garden for a month or two or three! (until some of the dogs I have gets their passport to Sweden right now 19 dogs, I want Lea to have some quiet time)

One person wrote back telling me that if Lea got along ok with her other dogs, she was welcome to stay there.

I picked Lea up last Monday and my heart was so happy and worried at the same time. But finally we could start the therapy, since Lea's mind and soul was not ready to go over to the other side.

Wonderful Lea, so gentle! She let the dogs greet her and she drank together with Toby, and she lays outside in the green grass the whole day, and sleeps inside during night. I want her not to be worried to find food anymore, sun and food and quiet time until she tells me she is done on Mother Earth. Lea is so easy, polite and full of wisdom. I am so happy and pleased to have met this lady.

Today, Wednesday I went over with all her medicine and she is doing wonderfully. And Rita Schneider took these lovely pictures. Enjoy!

Thank you Rita and Jake for opening your home for Lea. This is Amore!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


You remember Bella Dobberman, found by Maura and her family of 4 children. Bella was a walking skelleton and with a horrible skin condition. Maura rescued Bella but in her home there was an old Dobberman Millie that thought Bella was a little bit too much to handle. Bella was also talking "Dobberman language" that many of us do not realize is like people from different contries or regions, we are all humans but we have different languages, and sometimes misunderstandings can occure. But Maura didn't give up, she had Bella for eight months and AWL was contacted.We loved Maura and Bella and wanted to do what we could do. First we sponsored with the steralization and then we contacted Martina from Voci nell Ombria who put us in contact with Maria Pia and then Dobermans Angels with warmhearted Nicoletta. Who told us about how their organization works, we were so impressed.

Last week I recieved these wonderful pictures from Elah's forever, loving home. I love how they have doghouses inside their home. What great looking decoration too!
Elah got a new furry friend too.

And a loving mother!

And a little boy to watch after.

What an Amore family! and thank you everyone for the great team work that made this a reality. That's Amore.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


After the accident I kept going but in a slow speed, and actually so did my Internet. We had a strong storm and heavy rain that made a lot of things go slow, or not at all!

But AWL got food, shampoo, goodies that were expired from the US Base. We love you for that, thank you so much. And Anna for contacting me and helping. That's Amore
I met Dharma in Rossella shelter some time ago. I loved her so much, so sweet and sensitive, but there was no possibility for us to adopt her. So months later I got to hear that the couple that adopted Dharma wanted her spayed. Of course AWL helped even if they sponsored the bill themselves. But it was wonderful to meet her family; they are wonderful, Flavia and her husband.

This is Dharma in her home. She is a happy rescue dog, and her family thinks she is the best. That's Amore.

Our AWL rescue dog Bonita is staying with us for a couple of days. Her wonderful foster-family is out of town. She is a brilliant old lady, so quiet. The first days she was sad, she thought her foster-family had dumped her. But after some bowls of Swedish meat loaf and comforting words that they are coming back, she is now back to normal. She ignores my dogs and they are wondering who she is, but they stay at a distant. Bonita is not aggressive to other dogs, she is "only" a grumpy grandma.

That's Amore!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We named her Blondie! We know she has an owner (or at least had one), her US rabies tag shows that hanging in her collar, but she has an Italian microchip. Of course the dog-catcher office was closed today so we will go in tomorrow to see what their register tells us.

We guess she is around 5-7 years old, very sweet towards children but doesn't seem to get along very well with other dogs. Can be that she is not secure, maybe she's not been around many dogs before? We tried to have Blondie in our house, but she is now camping in my SUV!

My fear is that she's been on the street for some while, she is thin and old chewing gum is stuck on her hip, and she is a little dirty too.

I sure hope she has an owner that will be so happy to get their darling back. Keep your fingers crossed.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


AWL is sponsoring two dogs from Rossella shelters to be steralized. Thank you Pio for driving them to LegaProAnimale.

Giada is her name a wonderful lady who finally nursed all her puppies and could be steralized now.

Some time ago AWL had Diana Pit bull sterilized too. We got good news yesterday, she got a home! Congratulation family for getting a wonderful "friend"

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Today I cried more than usual, and I wipe off my tears quick, I know it wont help anyone. Pity doesn't help feeding or realising them, but it can make me work harder. I get frustrated and angry.

After the car accident yesterday I am not able to carry anything heavy, but the team Todd, Micke with girlfriend Vanessa did. Its so nice to feel and have support, and we stayed there 2 hours. What a great thing to go on with the long weekend after helping those in needs.

Thank you NEX and Anna (Jackie) for donating all the dog and cat food to AWL so we could transport it to Shelter Adriane.

"I was someones pet long time ago"

Last week was I down on my knees begging for help. Now I am down on belly asking for help. Please you can send us a care package with some frontline, goodies, "working toy", it is soon summertime and vacation ...these 400 dogs give them least one...sponsor one of the dogs make sure he gets his medicine and some treats in your name.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Remember this little girl that was rescued by AWL Todd and Angie --- she was a walking skeleton.
These wonderful people adopted her and she looks amazing today, one year later.

Look at this girl! And to think one veterinarian wanted to put her down; and then when she saw the family she didn't think they would make it. But they did!!

Brandy, you gave this story a happy ending, thanks to your family.

Brandy on her way to Carney Park. She looks wonderful. Thank you all for this Amore story.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Surely you remember Oscar who was being fed by Lynn (UK) who contacted AWL for help because she noticed Oscar was an older gentleman and his eyes looked grey. Mia took him to an eye specialist who is from Napoli, but working at a clinic in Roma. Different examinations were made and to see if there was an infection behind the cornea, a yet more advanced examination had to be made.
Oscar couldn't be put out on the street again. As an older gentleman we wouldn't know when or if he would become blind. Trina became his foster mother and she has made beautiful adoption fliers . We wanted to do the eye examination that could tell us more about his sight --- and future.

I talked with and made an appointment with Dr Alexandria and Trina brought him there. She is the one taking these lovely pictures, like the one above of Oscar kissing Dr Alexandria.

Ahhhh, lovely drugs kicking in!

Top team Dr Alexandria and Dr Longo always provide excellent treatment. AWL thanks them for helping the strays --- giving them a second chance. Trina, you are amazing, working hard to help Oscar to find "the home" and I know you paid for his vaccination and microchip, and driving him to the vet clinic. Lynn for sponsoring with 1/3 for the eye examinations and AWL paid 2/3.

You are wonderful helping the strays and for understanding that with team work we can do magic!

Monday, May 3, 2010


On his right front leg a big wound.
Eleven years in a cage.

Me, Olivia and the lady Adrianne who tries her most. The Government promised to help her since they have 100 dogs of their own there. But she hasn't got a pay check for food to the dogs in 1 1/2 years. They claim there are no founds!

Row up and row down...a lonely job since many ignores this problem

Saturday, May 1, 2010


400 (+/-) dogs. A few dozen cats. 6 rows of pens.... about 30 pens in each row. Concrete reflecting the Italian sun into the dogs's cages. Endless barking. Endless soul-wrecking monotony. Food and water, but no exercise outside the cage. No mental stimulation. Each day like the one before.

Wouldn't you cry for help, too?

Could you keep your dignity, not to mention your sanity, if you were locked in to such an environment? No end-date for your release, yet the forlorn hope that maybe, just maybe, your forever family will come through the gate and pick you... today? Tomorrow?

How long had this boy been there? No one answered. Long enough to go blind in both eyes. He knows his cage... every inch of it. He can no longer see the outside world, no longer can see at all. But in his mind, he remembers the family he once had. He remembers running in the grass and playing with "his" human-child. Will they come back for him finally? His longing fills the days and nights with a dull pain of loss and regret for a "crime" he didn't even commit.
He was bred to hunt. Well, at least some of his bloodline was. But he's also a familiy dog by temperment. He'd love to run with you on your morning or evening jogs, or just lay by your feet as you read. He doesn't need much to be happy... just a human to take him away from here. A human to scratch him behind his ears occassionally, and who will smile when he gets a gentle lick on the hand from his "buddy".

So, each time a new human comes to the shelter, he stands up to greet that human; to be on his best behavior to impress the possible forever-master. And each time the human comes and goes without taking him with him, a little bit more of his spirit dies. But, there is always tomorrow. Maybe you will be the one to come and restore his faith? To bask in his unconditional love? Tomorrow?

They are buddies in a pen with 3-4 other dogs. All smallish. They get along well, but their world is so small. They need exercise, they need to be stimulated by something other than the barking of the other, bigger dogs to their left and right, to their front and rear.

The littlest one is old now. He lost his left eye some years ago. His little legs are stiffer now. On the few cold nights, these two huddle together for a little warmth, the chill taking its toll on their souls and bodies.

Their lives shouldn't be like this. They were both somebody's birthday or Christmas present. But something changed... a move, a divorce, maybe the humans just got tired of the responsibility of having a pet, and forgot about their committment and the unconditional love these guys gave.

So, now they are here. Huddling together against the wet and cold, panting in the heat. Longing for the families they used to have, and aching to have again.

This old soul appears to have about given up hope. Sure, his physical needs are met, but what about his emotional well-being? He's surrounded 24/7/365 by 400 other barking dogs. German Shepherds are very sensitive... imagine how it is for him!

Maybe he had a family once. Maybe he was abandoned when he grew up from that adorable puppy they impulsively adopted? Maybe they moved and didn't take their "friend" with them, leaving him to fend for himself at what used to be their home? Maybe he was a guard-dog at some warehouse, kept thin and hungry in the belief it would make him guard better. We don't know.

What a great companion he would be for somebody who doesn't go on runs or is very active. Maybe a slow walk every now and then... together. His heart would sing with joy to have such a life after all he's been through.

Waiting... waiting... waiting. Will a forever home ever come for this gentle soul? The odds are not in his favor. Maybe you will be his savior?

He's lucky to have a clean bucket for his water. At too many other shelters, you'd find algea and urine in the bucket, or maybe no water at all.

Animals Without Limits is begging... BEGGING... for help to bring to these kind, trapped souls. A bag of food, a box of Frontline, some money, some time to come and give these animals a little much needed love and human contact. We are not an adoption agency, but we will certainly help facilitate adoptions for good, solid "forever" masters and families.

Amore doesn't let their amore be in vain.