Monday, October 28, 2013


       Don't forget to  come and celebrate with top team volunteers and our wonderful Seniors.

               Glow In the Dark together with our fantastic crew at the Casa dell'Amore!


 Shelby Morbray came to our Hospice together with volunteer Brittany yesterday afternoon to give the clients pedicure and manicure.
 Stella the Handbag wasn't that found of the spa moment.
 Our former volunteer Sharon came together with her Husband with donations. Thank you so much guys. We miss you,
Our sweet heart LOVE did wonderful while getting prettier 

Monday, October 21, 2013


 Two amazing women arranged a pumpkin photo shoot day in beautiful place Habibia. Two talented women Irene Rios and Jessina Frick arranged this day. And the clients could bring cat or/and dog food for AWL and a Cat lady to split the donations. Amazing and heartwarming.
 Isn't this picture adorable?
 Our volunteer Lori Alston Garcia was there representing AWL and taking great pictures. This is the back of her car. Incredible!
Lori's son (also a good AWL volunteer) in the picture shoot with their own lovely pets (Senior) Take a look at their cat to the left in the picture....spooky perfect....

That's Amore!

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Dear Animal Friends,
We have many who follow our various blogs and websites.  I know you all care deeply for the animals that we help.  I sense that many of you would love to adopt or foster one or more of these animals, but cannot.
Now, there is an opportunity where you can sponsor a specific dog.  Your sponsorship will ensure that "your" dog has what he or she needs going forward, the money you provide will ONLY go to the dog(s) you sponsor.  This is a simple and effective way to help a dog who has touched your heart.
You specify which dog(s) you want to sponsor.
You set the amount you can provide each month (per dog).
Upon the initiation of your sponsorship, you will get a certificate attesting to your kindness, animal friendliness and sponsorship of the dog(s) by name(s).
Each month, you will recieve a picture (digital) and an update about "your" dog(s).
You can even send care packages to your specific dog, with treats or things you believe your sponsoree needs or would like.  Of course, whatever you send will only go to the dog(s) you designate.
Write to volunteer ULLA LINDERS and tell her which dog and the amount you would like to sponsor. She will answer you back with all the information, right away

That's Amore! 
14 years old, more or less, Franka was left in a horrible shelter many years ago, then went to another shelter with 300 dogs in a fenced-in area. They were up to 4-5 dogs in every cage, day in and day out. Ten years in two different cages.
AWL was delivering food to the shelter in May 2013, and the organization knew of one of our volunteer’s love for English Setters. She pointed at Franka, who was laying down not looking around, not being up barking like all the other dogs. She was sick, internal damage to her inner organs and leichmania. She was also blind on one eye, and her kidneys are weak after working so hard. She also suffers with high blood pressure.
She goes on special food (2KD Wet food). We brought her with us to the hospice.
Many dogs are invisible, she had been that way for a long time. One person changed her life, backed up by the whole team. A sponsor helped with getting her back to health.
Thank you Michelle Delgado-Gunter Texas USA


Thank you Ulrika Johansson, Sweden 

She is approximately 13-14 years old.
Thank you Pia WallinSweden

She is a Senior Girl that has been at the hospice since we opened three years ago. Before that, she was living together with several street dogs and a bag lady, roaming around on tight leashes. One day Stella got lose and ran away and our loyal volunteer Angy rescued her. Stella has tried to live with two different families but was always longing to be back at the Hospice. She loves her work: to greet volunteers, visitors and four legged clients. She is sterilized and will always stay at the Hospice, our “Lucky Charm” Mascot.

This is LOVE, who came to Hospice Casa dell"Amore in July. She was someone's pet for about 10 human years. For 10 long years, she loved them unconditionally and was so very loyal. Then one day, her family drove me to a horrible place, with a lot of strangers, diseases and the constant noise of hundreds of other dogs. They left without saying anything, the last thing she saw were their backs. She was 3 years in a horrible shelter until we saw her posting. She had problems with her back legs but now with her dog bed she is doing fine. Unfortunately, Love got a bad itch, an allergic reaction towards food due to inner stress. She has bad dermatitis.
We guess she is 13-14 years old.



Mamma Rosie is a Senior dog 8-10 years old; she is so calm and wonderful and well behaved. We are looking for a forever home for her. She and her two daughters need leichmania tests, blood tests, de-worming and Frontline … and loads of chewy bones.

Thank you Camilla Lagerman, Sweden.


Sat together with Cher for 13 years in the same cage, without going outside. Hee knew only cold and wet concrete, and the constant noise of hundreds of other miserable dogs.

SWEET LOVELY LADY is new to our Hospice. She is wagging her tail like a propeller. She was born in a horrible shelter with 400 dogs in cages, cold concrete floors. Never got to go outside, no green grass.

For five years!!!
She got a heart problem and also ascites(the big belly) that makes it difficult for her to go. She got terrible wounds on her backleg after laying on cold/damp hard floor.
Thanks to your support she know is in our Hospice, warm lovely dog bed and plenty of people that love her. She is adorable.
Due to all her medicines she got really bad diarrhea.

Please become a sponsor for Lady, she need so many medicine (the list will be sent to us) she need special food due to her illness and she is wonderful she knows how to go on puppy pads. But we need plenty.

Lady and we need your help She deserves to feel special.

PS. Thank you  Mitra Talarman Rome Italy for your lovely donation/sponsor for Lady.

PS Malin and Juan in Sweden thank you for your sponsor this month.