Monday, April 30, 2012


 Earlier we wrote about mother Setter that was rescued by the lovely couple Federica and Ivan. AWL helped with the medical side. Mom 5 years old lovely and in her best years is still looking for a home. She can be lose, doesn't run away, no hunting instinct..just being a loving adorable mom. Can you help her?
 Her son, now 4 months old is having moms temperament, loving and a little shy. He will be around 14-24 kg, since you don't know about growing "kids" He is such a sweet heart. Can you help him?
This is Mom Setters other son, and he got a loving home. He got his own bed and family. This is how every dog should have it. That's Amore.

Thank you Martina, Federica, Ivan and Dr Damiani Clinic.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Bonnie from earlier blogs is now spayed. What a journey, from being a skeleton and scared to a healthy young playful girl, and we were told by Chiara that she was happy to see the veterinarian. That was a wonderful change.

Thank you Hospice, Team AWL and you all who donated money. Without you we couldn't have saved her. That's Amore.


SASSI has been at the hospice for some while now. A family didn't feed her and she was close to die. Now nearly one year ago she is doing wonderful. Loves other dogs, people and children. She is great in the garden, she digs the wholes you plant. Excellent team work! For more information contact awl.

Monday, April 23, 2012


This amazing picture shows a large number of bags stacked and sealed. All but one of which shows the head of a dog unable to release the rest of his body from the bag. Packages are filled with dogs and cats ready to be placed alive in a crematorium. The savage massacre is taking place in Lysychansk (Ukraine), in order to rid the city of their presence during the European Football Championship in 2012.

What is it with grown up? Where are your morals and backbones.

Lets show some football heros, and boycott Ukraina. There will always be another Football field. My question is, do you want to be the hero on the one with blood on, or the green one?


Earlier, we wrote and posted pictures of a skeleton (read hear) dog rescued by Martina and Chiara Ricci. For one month she has been taken care by the AWL Hospice Team.
Today she is so healthy, that she can be spayed. That's Amore!


Enjoy a young girl Sassi (blk and white) and her play-friend Mr Poe, the old Mini Pincher with a heartproblem. This is Amore at the AWL Hospice.

video Martina Ricci

Saturday, April 21, 2012


 A big thank you from the hospice Casa dell'Amore to; Marcella De Simone. Ulla Linders, Elisabeth Kruse . We thank you for earmarking your donations, if not we will put the money on were the big whole is. Veterinarian bills!


Also this perfect bucket and mop from Valerie Widner Funk,

 Rosa read about our situation, and our needs. She came with all this to Casa dell'Amore this morning.
That's Amore...


Gabriela is one of the dogs found in a very bad shape on the streets in Napoli. She was rescued and brought to the veterinarian for tests. She is going through a lot of therapies but is so fantastic with her mood and now she starts to want to play a lot. Please keep helping us helping Gabriela, she is worth everything good on this Earth. That's  Amore.

Friday, April 20, 2012


This lady is over ten years-old. But she is still hot!

At AwL Hospice she is the our own Marilyn Monroe

That's Amore! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So we can all rest assured! Shaggy Raggy is in heaven, well perhaps Heaven on Earth!
 I wanted to wait a little to write his story since he has a long background, and I wanted to be 101% sure that his new family loved him and wanted to keep him. 

Rest assured; they adore him! Even their super spoiled mini-collie, Lexi, who despised Shaggy the whole first week. She didn’t let him come close, she thought he was a nothing, a mix with big floppy ears. Now, Lexi cannot let go of Shaggy, she is on top of him all day long, and takes him on long adventures. What a schemer, he stayed cool and used his Italian charm, and wraped little Lexi’s paw around his heart.

Shaggy was a happy stray in Lago Patria, he loved the garbage piles, he loved the people, the children. He walked them to the bus stop every morning, then, off he went making people smile. But the traffic made everybody nervous. Americans and Italians were very concerned for his safety. A lady called and said she wanted to adopt Shaggy. They had a huge house but didn’t let Shaggy inside their big house. Shaggy thought the garden was boring and started to be unhappy. The family didn’t want him after all and sent him back out on the street. Another family called, and said they wanted to foster him. We were happy for this news. Blood-tests and papers delayed his passport, and the foster-family ended up dumping Shaggy again.

Well now we were very angry!

A girl wanted to adopt him. We were thrilled. Shaggy was put in a hotel kennel that Mia paid private money for. Shaggy was not happy, he was the free Adonis who loved his town and his freedom. Martina and Pio went out and tried to walk him as often as possible. No one else wanted to help even if he had a home waiting for him. The departure for Shaggy had to be well planed ahead and suddenly, we didn’t hear anymore from the girl who allegedly wanted him.  She didn’t answer the e-mails nor on FB. I heard later that her parents didn’t approve of a former stray, they gave her a puppy instead!  Thanks for the common decency to let us know!

We all can change and we all can write a note and tell the news. Here we were holding him for her, and it cost Mia a lot of money, not to mention Shaggy's mentality to sit in a cage and wait. This girl is 35 years-old and it shows also that her mother didn’t teach her daughter any manners.

To say the least, we were sad, angry and disappointed! 

Finally, a lady from Sweden wrote to us asking about Shaggy. She has a farm with her boyfriend, and 20 horses (her own, and she is training young unbroken horses.) Big fields around and it seemed like a dream come true.

Jeanette and her partner adore Shaggy and we get messages with pictures very often. He runs around on the farm free, he goes with Jeanette to horse competitions and sits on the bleachers….watching the riders with fascination.

This Italian has found his Swedish paradise with his blond admirer, four legged Lexi.

Now, That’s Amore.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Grazie Tutti, per avemi fatto sorridere tutta la strada alla "banca" il vostri Ariel 
Thank you for making me smile all the way to the "bank" yours Ariel

Tack sa mycket for att ni far mig att le hela vagen till banken, din Ariel

Cremonini Raffaella

Elisabeth Kruse '



Tracey Kleber
Tanya Kilborn
Mitra Talarman

Christina Platou

Tracy L Nettles

Malin & Juan Wahlin

Norea Hoem

Chiara Varriale




ANNA PERSSON Till Vasili med kärlek! OCH Till Bonnie



NINA ANDERSSON värktabletter

Sunday, April 15, 2012


 From the shelter with 400 dogs, another two dogs has been spayed thanks to your donations.

 AWL is able to continuing with their Spay and Neuter Program 2012.
That's preventing Amore!


 This is Penny Lane's wonderful family were she is really getting loved and spoiled. They adore her.
 Penny Lane whom we wrote about earlier, nearly one year ago. She was found on the highway in Napoli nearly getting run over by all the traffic. Martina and Pio caught her and drove her to a safe place. My home. She always sleeps in my bed, and when I am in the office she lays under my desk. She is a lovely shadow. It was painful to adopt her away but with all our 15 other dogs, how wonderful for her to have 4 people that focus on her the whole time. But the great thing is, we only live 30 minutes away from each other.
SO when her family goes on vacation, we are the Penny-sitter. We love it. Here, she went with us to look at my daughter when she was riding.

Thank you to Penny's family for being such a wonderful Penny-family and Penny-lover, and for still letting us be a part of her life. That's Amore.

Friday, April 13, 2012




From all of us at the Hospice Casa dell'Amore, thank you for keeping us safe via your support to AWL.
That's Amore!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


She is very young, less than one year old, but so sweet and loving. Dr Fransesco knows she will be a very beautiful dog when treated.
She's positive to demodex mange.
Bad otitis and big infected paws.
Her weight is 18 kg.
Blood test is done together with Leichaminiosis we will update you again as soon as the results comes back.

At the moment she has to take antibiotic Keforal, and the medicine for the mange that also Vasili and Funny are eating. The name is Tolomec and one little bottle is about 40 euro. It it will be a very long therapy so we will need more bottle for all them.
Dr Fransesco Loungo also cut her long nails and even if it was painful for her, she didn't do anything to harm the humans.

PLEASE HELP! With donations for this little girls life (and Vasilis and Funny). We volunteers donate time and gas money but we cannot do this without your help too. Euro or dollars or Swedish, we are in big need to help Gabriela. 

You will fell so wonderful when you can see her picture in a couple of months and say..."I helped that girl!" That's Amore ♥

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


To our wonderful delight we got an e-mail from a Swedish woman asking if Dusty from the hospice was still available for adoption? She had seen Dusty's picture here on our blog and liked her very much. We saw the pictures above from her little farm where she has 4 other dogs and horses and sheep "free range". She also works with acupuncture on animals. Well, this sounded like a dream for Dusty. (and we volunters)

Sara flew down to Naples and we picked her up. She met Dusty and the other clients at the hospice and she loved Dusty. Sara had to go with us on different missions. We visited Gordana with help packages and Sara had to see a small private shelter, too.

We drove several dogs up to Germany and then Sweden: Dusty, Athena, Shaggy Raggy, two puppies, and Leah. The SUV was loaded, but Sara worked very well helping out running with Athena and Shaggy. We couldn't have done it without her help. We dropped one puppy and Leah off in Germany, then continued north.
Her husband came down and linked up with us in Southern Sweden.  Together with Dusty, they took Athena and Puppy Dream with them to middle Sweden to their new homes.

AWL is forever thankful for Sara Levin's help and most of all, for giving Dusty a forever beautiful home out on a fantastic atmosphere. We are told that Dusty just walked into the group of dogs like she had lived there her whole life.

Think, only one year ago people wanted to put her to sleep after being severely hit by a car, left in scorching heat for over one hour. She was paralyzed but we volunteers at the hospice took her to the ER for X-rays. They told us nothing was broken, that probably she was in shock, and that was why she didn't walk. Now, she runs and plays.

If this is not Amore, then there is no such thing. This is what miracles are made of.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Today in the afternoon Martina and Pio were out driving,  passing through Villa Literno when suddenly Martina saw this little soul from her car window --- a 15 kg starving hunting dog. The skeleton dog was trying to get anyone's attention; a man kept hitting her to stay away from him.

Martina and Pio stopped and went up to her. It was the saddest thing they had ever seen. Her head and parts on her body were hairless due to diseases, she also had the deadly disease -- if not caught in time with treatment-- leishmaniasis.  Her paws were bleeding but still... her tail wagged.

They brought her to our AWL hospice and called the veterinarian Dr. Damiani for consultation. Now she is resting, safe in one of the hospice rooms on a warm bed. Since she is a skeleton she needs special nutrition food that is very expensive.

Her vet clinic bill, and all her treatments will become expensive for us, (estimate: 400 euro) so we ask kindly for your donations to help this soul that is so strongly wanting to survive and still, not giving up on humans --- even if only for a couple of minutes ago she was beaten by a human.

We can keep her safe now, loved and also we want that she can heal in the tempo her body wants to.

Please help us by donating: or (donations) or PAYPAL. Please earmark with Gabriela, that's her name.

She is sweet as honey and in the video you can see the sweetness in her eyes, you can see how her tail is going despite her condition. She is such a fighter --- we have much to learn from her. That's Amore.

Thank you Martina and Pio, my super volunteers.


This is update on Bonnie.
Rescued by Martina and Chiara from starving to death trapped behind iron-gates on a field. She was brought to Dr Damiani and Dr Fransesco since she was like skeleton and had severe diarhea.

Thank you for your donations, we could give her the best treatment and she could stay in the hospice for recovery. In 3 weeks this is how she looks like now-- in the video--, playful and loving.

Way to go Martina and Chiara. That's Amore.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


She was left in the rain/thunder, abandon by an Italian person at our Hospice. Scared and sad but one of our volunteers took her in as a foster dog.

As you can see she fits right in the pack. The foster mom brings her to obedient school and she learns fast. She is insecure among children since she has no experience, some dogs she wants to be the boss.
Bice is spayed, 1-2 years old, 33 kg, got all her shots.

She is very "baby" when it comes to the veterinarian. But Dr Fransesco takes it ease with her and she is fine.

Bice would love to come to the a place, calm and where you have time for her, surrounded my Mother Nature. That would be lovely.


MOM (5 year old) English Setter a beautiful calm and loving girl. Found on the streets with two puppies. MOM is sterilized --thanks to our spay and neuter program--and waiting for a forever home.

She is amazing, calm and loyal, doesn't run away--she is a keeper. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012



photo project Angelina Ambigginella


Vasili was dumped many years ago at the Shelter Caserta.

When AWL Team visited the shelter we stoped outside his cage and our hearts bleed as much as his paws bleed. We took him to Hospice Casa dell"Amore (AWL) He got antibiotic treatment, and also for his leichaminiosis we started his treatment. But he started to have pain again. AWL hurried him to Dr Damiani's clinic for a check up and most important, castration. And we were stunned when we got the report back from Dr Damiani.

Dr Damian and Dr Fransesco have just performed the surgery on Vasilii, the German Shepherd who has been rescued from the shelter Caserta.

"In the beginning it was supposed to be a regular castration despite the big large scrotum. In the end, I had to perform a different procedure named TOTAL SCROTAL ABATION, because part of the intestine was locate inside the sac where the left testicle was located. We call this disease SCROTAL HERNIA. Attached you can find a twelve pictures of the procedure, where you can see the difference in size between the two testicles, part of the abdominal contents coming out of the sac and the spermatic cord and how he looks like at the end of the surgery .

Because Vasyki hates to have the paws touched ( he has severe skin disease , too) we took advantage of the anesthesia and trimmed his long nails ( due to Leishmania) and washed his paws with chlorexidine.

Additionally, I wanted to repeat the skin scraping , which revealed some demodex bug. Vasili has had a smooth recover from this long surgery and now is back to the hospice. Martina and Pio have been fully informed about the new treatment protocol. "

A scrotal hernia, or a hernia in the scrotal or groin area, is more correctly referred to as aninguinal hernia. The primary symptom of an inguinal hernia is a bulge in the groin or scrotum, thus the layman’s reference to a scrotal hernia. A scrotal hernia occurs when tissue passes through thin or weakened spots in the groin muscle, which results in a bulge that may be painful or cause burning. Many hernias are the result of heavy lifting and are ten times more common in men than women.

The symptoms of an inguinal hernia may include pain, discomfort, or a heavy feeling in the groin area, bulging of either side of the pubic bone, or swelling near the testicles in men. In some cases, symptoms may not be noticeable and the hernia may be detected by a doctor during a routine physical.

Now Vasili is better and strong = loves to scare with his bark. That is barking Amore.

Thank you for your support and donations, we can make a difference with your help.