Monday, February 27, 2012


Five dogs that lives and roams with a homeless lady has been spayed and neutered from castel Voltourno.
AWL is continuing our spay and neuter project 2012

This one is Charley stray, she had puppies recently. Her Guardian Angel Erica made sure that she got spayed and AWL is the sponsor.

Thank you all this is Amore.


This is a story that I will always carry with me in my heart. Never before have I gone through something like this with another dog. It is a story that no one have read before. For many years have we been posting about Athena, how people treated her badly in the past, broke her heart and gave up on her.

AWL rescued her but she had to live alone, first in her own pen at LegaProAnimale, then in a "well decorated" garage waiting for the volunteers to come and love and pet her. She was always so full of love, and also with much energy since she was a mix with Pittbull and Boxer. But always, even though with broken hearts did her little tail-stub wag for us.

Some people told us to put her down to sleep, "it would be better!" Better for whom?
Everyone who met her liked her, but no one adopted her. One US Marine even confessed to being "scared" of her. I even contacted one of the worlds best clairvoyent people Benny Rosenqvist to ask him "Say something about the future for Athena."

He told me that he saw a farm for her, and she would love it. With future telling there is no time-line revealed. We had to trust and be patience.

We always felt guilty and sad when entering into Athena's home in the basement garage, I petted her head saying "please honey be patient we will find you a home."

She is old, maybe 10 years old, no K9 teeth (ground down probably because she was a 'training aid' for fighting dogs) but the biggest heart, and we wanted a home for her before she would die. In Sweden I am well known for my work as an animal comunicator and my books. One day Minna Lind contacted me since we had had contact with each other 20 years ago. She has a rescue organization that helps animals in Romania and we had much in common. (She also has a cat hotel). We talked and I told her about my concern about Athena, no one for 2 years had been able to give Athena a forever home. Minna told me she would put a picture on her wall. It took less than 2 weeks and we got 3 interested, people. Suddenly from Germany too. I could not believe this!

We made the decision that a woman named Ullamai up in Sweden would be a perfect match and Minna called and talked to her.
Ullamai and her farm with horses and cats sounded like a dream, and I made the promise I would sponsor everything, the trip to Sweden her passports and shots. Athena was worth everything for a bright loving future. I drove the whole way from Napoli, Italy to Malmo, Sweden (24 hours), and Sara who picked up her own dog in Italy was with me in the car helping with walking Athena. Later in Sweden Sara drove Athena the rest of the way up North to where she lives and Ullamai could pick Athena up from her.
The love and concern the family are giving to Athena is wonderful. Ullamai said "It breaks your heart to see how much she want to please us."
Athena, my tears are falling down out of love when I see the pictures of you in your new home, and the people who finally see you and give you what we wanted you to have. A home full of love, now you are home, Athena. We love you so much and you had so much patience. You are the most amazing dog I ever met.

Minna Lind, we are forever thankful and you have been nominated for an AWL Animal Friend Award 2012.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Shaggy Raggy's went through a lot of peoples "hearts and minds"to finally having a stable home now an address in Sweden. He is such a trooper this boy with everything he has gone through he accepted his new home and family in a heart beat.
Mom and Dad and Sheltie Lexi lives on a horse farm with 20 horses, so mom is home a lot training young horses. It is a breath taking nature and Shaggy is so thrilled to roam around. But still he has to wait a little. Last night he ran in the big riding areana and played. In the evening they had a "stay at home night" eating pizza. Shaggy Raggy is a great dog and I know after spending time with the whole family yesterday that this will be BIG AMORE!
Welcome to South Sweden Big Guy Shaggy Raggy!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Some time ago I wrote about the shetler in need, a Govermental shelter with 387 dogs and 20 cats in big need of help because suddenly the Town Hall said they didn't have any more money to pay for their operation.

That made a hard hit to the animals, the Goverment could contiune eating but the dogs died. They didn't have any money to take care of the dead dogs, so the dead bodies had to be put in empty bags. There were very sick dogs standing without medicine, no food. AWL made a food collection and last Saturday we could deliver. We are so many involved and it was beautiful to see everybody working so hard to manage something better for the four legged inmates.

There is an Italian organization that are working even harder to make it happen for the animals. We were feeling very welcomed by them and we are looking forward to work together, helping them with more food, medicine and blankets.
This is one lucky client who was laying inside behind glased windows. An oldy named Chimetery
According to Italian Law, you are not allowed to put a dog to sleep as long as he/she is eating. Even if the government can't/won't pay, they are still in charge, it is their land.
Sweet pie, waiting for a home. Would you like to help?
I am here because someone didn't want me...
Not easy growing old and have a face like a ROCKY and a heart like a SNOWHITE
I have one wish! To be seen, even when you look at my picture, you don't see me since I am still here.
Handsome Vacilius, very sick his body, is scared from Leichaminiosis, he is having big wounds around his paws. I would be very happy if he could come to our hospice. He is a sweetheart.

Thank you all for making a difference, for seeing the problem and helping to make it better for some. Helping is a gift to give to a heart that is aching after being seen and confirmed.

AWL TEAM you are the best so many I want to thank I hope you can feel it.

Families, volunteers you are amazing. Sweden, Italy, America and Germany. Hearts, we love you.

Friday, February 17, 2012


This is a lovely book with a lot of touching animal rescue stories from different people who volunteer for organizations. Some also rescue alone as a private citizen.

The book is written in Italian and one wonderful animal-rescue angel, Chiara Riccia, wrote about Zamira's story.

What is so fantastic is that every organization in this book will share the income from it's sales. Now, That's Amore.

"Tra Testa e Coure...scelgo il Cuore" is the name. You can purchase it via AWL

Thank you, Chiara.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Yesterday I sent out a newsletter about our goal/dream to finally get AWL its own rescue VAN.For a long time AWL has wanted -- and needed --- to have our own rescue transportation. For four years, we used a SUV picking up wounded animals that were hit by cars, transporting hospice clients to the vet clinic for treatments, transporting spay and neuter clients, etc. When we got big food donations we could fill up the SUV for transportation to the shelters in need. We've even drove adopted animals to the airport, in their travel cages.

But since our SUV broke down, we don't have any animal-transportation available in Campania anymore, where it is needed. It's with heavy hearts that we sometimes have to leave the wounded animals along the road. In Lago Patria area we see up to 7-8 dogs a day, being wounded by cars, roaming on the highway. Not to mention our clients at the hospice that need to go to vet appointments, etc.

AWL has a great opportunity to buy this VAN at a good price $1200.

It's nothing extravagant, a 1995 Chevy mini-van but it can help many lives.

Our wonderful Animal supporter Craig Kleber is challenging you all to come up with half the price. (Craig will pay the other half!) It's another Kleber matching fund-drive!

This would be the best Valentine Present to our AWL clients."

To our surprise in a couple of hours we got the matching amount. What a joy!

What we also learned is that another fantastic Kleber man sent us an e mail saying " I donate 600 dollar as a Kick Start for gas and insurance." Now we understand the Kleber Family;s big heart for Animals!

We also want to thank those who helped match the Kleber Challenge, your generosity is amazing. I have promised that all your names are going to be on the VAN as the sponsors.

Some would wonder why we would chose an older van. But for you who have lived in Napoli, you know and understand, you can not have anything fancy pansy, it will be stolen or broken into. I parked my SUV on our street and had windows smashed in. In Napoli you have to have some bumps and scratches. Like my husband always asked me when I came home "So honey, what color are the stripes today?"

That's Colorful Amore!

Next to our Hospice is Antonio, the mechanic and body-shop man. He is a wonderful elderly man and he will help look after our AWL Rescue Van too. Most of the International people use him, we have done so several times. And he always keeps an extra eye on the hospice....

This is so fantastic. THANK YOU and ...HAPPY VALENTINE


Tracey Nettles USA

Mittra Talarman Sweden/Italy

Steven Lovejoy USA/Italy

Carina Lidbom Sweden

Jonnie England USA

Tanja Sewell-Pattist USA

Janice Martin USA

Joanne Ericksson CA. USA

Teresa Ramsey, USA

Linda Dippel, TX USA

Mahlin Wahlin Sweden

Elisabeth Kruse USA/Germany

Friday, February 10, 2012


This is momma Dog! She is "very" pregnant and will have any days now. She is a stray no where to go, no arms to be folded into. Instead she is on the streets, ice cold and everyone is kicking her away.

AWL got her a wood dog house for now, some blankets and food. She is in a "kind off" safe place outside in a parking place. Its not on the busy streets.

She is so loving and warm, and only want to please you. AWL would be so enormous happy if you could lend us your yard, or garage until the puppies are 8 weeks and we can adopt them away. We will pay for medical treatment, food, blankets and stay in touch with you every day to know how our babies are doing. Please don't let them freeze to death. That's Cold Amore.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Herman was found in the snow out on a lonely cold street. The volunteer had to help him since his back legs were not doing so well.

He is in a foster home waiting for being adopted, he is such a wonderful old gentleman with a lot of love left to give. He is being treated for ear infection and his back legs needs to be rested.

We would love if he could go to a loving home, please don't let him have to go back out on the streets. He is so much Amore!

Well right now I got an e mail that they had found Hermans owner, since they found a microchip in Herman. I sure hope Herman is happy , that's what counts!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Some time ago, Tracey Kleber was awarded the AWL “Animal Friends Award” and I was happy to be able to finally present it to her. I was even happier that she came over from Los Angeles to my home In Germany and stayed for a couple of days.

Tracey Kleber is a wonderful animal friend who helps out many souls with her generosity, AWL is one of the lucky ones to have Tracey Kleber as a Guardian Angel.

She helps the world to stay healthier via her work and she helps the world’s animals to stay healthy. She loves Italy and her love is admired by many, especially AWL Team Italy and the hospice clients. She is Amore incarnate.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Thank you AWL for sponsoring spay and neuter to former street dogs.

That's prevention Amore!


Little Boy is sitting alone in a cold cage, and he is very sick. In a private shelter with 30 dogs.

We know that if Little Boy don't get medicine he will go blind. AWL sent out a request for donation and our kind sponsor in Los Angelse Craig Kleber donated us money for his first start-kit. Craig K is always there for the animals.
The woman in the picture was given a box of medicine, they have started the treatment. It is very cold, and as you can see the lady is bundle up. Little boy is not.

We are in desperate need of winter jackets for animals all sizes. S M L



His name is Ulisse, and was found, sick and like this, a skeleton .
He is in big need of help, medicine, and most of all; a home.
Found on the streets.....
It's a shame...could you give him a warm forever home...he deserves it so much...and so do you.
That's Amore.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Some pictures grab you by the heart and soul and won't let go. This is one that I cannot stop going back to several times a day. I feel like every time looking at it an answer will come up to my questions "Why?" and " What evil creature did this?"

This picture makes me stronger for the fight, and it gives me such an anger. My six year old daughter have seen a lot, when she was only 4 she was with me in the terrible shelters de-worming puppies. But this picture, I would feel ashamed to show her how cruel the humans can be.

Please read the text on the picture and if you have any information, please call.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Many people don't know, but we are recognized by the Command of Naples NSA as a "Private Organization". This means we are allowed to operate on the Naples area Naval Bases.

We'd like to have a responsible person to be the point of contact between ourselves and the command, someone who can help organize events, interface with the command, and ensure that our interests are able to be communicated to the command, AFN, and other organizations within the Naples NSA. Any takers?

Saturday, February 4, 2012


This is Mr Poe. Found sick in a dark street (see earlier blog) Now in the AWL Hospice. He is a funny guy. Every time you look at him he growls. He is our grumpy man.
It's cold in our hospice so our clients are wearing fashion warm clothing's Layla is soon going to her furever home in Sweden.
Dusty freezing. She is also soon going to her furever home in Sweden
Puppies abandon by mom, now rescued and fostered in a warm bathroom. Up for adoption!

Friday, February 3, 2012


This little fellow sits in a "not so great shelter" in Campania. He is in very big need of help, or he will go blind and with other medical problems die.
It's cold and he is alone in this tragic cage. The man who feeds him tells us he loves the dog so much. AWL have promised to buy and donate the medicine, and our hope is to convince the man that this Little Boy would do great in a home.
We have a sponsor who would like to buy him out, but we need a home. Could you help Little Boy in this Mission Freedom Amore?

Thursday, February 2, 2012


She never made it, our Flower Girl. We called her Flower girl and the Italian volunteer Monica called her Vinavil. But regardless of what she was called in the short time we knew her, she felt the love. She was found on the street on a cold night, with a terrible skin condition. Probably she had mange and scabies, probably something else as well. Blood was taken for a test, but the results never made it back with the answers before she died.

Another volunteer on the street only put Adventix on her! (Like she had any ticks in that condition, and like that would help to heal). Sometimes volunteers with no knowledge can make it worse than better. The volunteer probably would say, “What else could I do?” But in a jungle with all the difficulties the sick animals need veterinarian care.

Sometimes, we have to leave animals on the street with their problems, like broken legs, or sick with disease. But with Flower Girl, we had a plan. We got a sponsor Mr Craig Kleber fro LA, for her treatments, and we got the treatment medicine in our hands. But Flower Girl decided to walk to the Rainbow Bridge instead. Many times the wounded and very sick animals may actually stay alive longer on the street, their survival instincts not to be eaten alive and suffer keeping them “on guard” and fighting against what is hurting them. They lay still and await death to take them away. When we “rescue teams” enter the equation and brings them into light, warmth and love, their survival instinct lets down its guard. The disease or injury has free reign and they fall into the eternal sleep with a restful heart and mind.

My heart aches and the pain is horribly big. I didn’t get to know her but her soul spoke clearer than anything else. Universe was testing Flower Girl but Universe was testing us who watched and tried to help even more. That’s the Universal Law or That’s Amore!

Thank you Monica, Martina, and all you for the donations to Flower Girl. Another stray will get cured with the medicine.