Thursday, July 30, 2015

Happy Pit bull Puppy for a Good Cause

High Quality, collector-grade lithograph of original Mia Mattsson-Mercer President of AWL, artwork
“Puppy Pitbull”.

Upplaga 150 st/ Edition 150

Print is 56 x 56 cm (Image size: 46 x 46 cm) printed on Edition Etching 310 gr.

Suitable for matting and framing.

You will cherish this artwork and proudly display it in your home or office for years to come.

Half of proceeds will be donated to Animals Without Limits.
Price: 90 Euro, plus shipping.
 — in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Proudest moment, is when creating something that feels wonderful.

The Journey of Pain-Paint Therapy

Back in the summer 2013, Mia started painting by “coincidence”. She searched  for something that would make her feel less pain or otherwise help replace the pain that she had in her body, if only for a little while.
For a couple of years Mia have lived with Lyme disease (Borreliose) and have been going through treatments. She didn’t want to eat more painkillers or use any morphine plaster. Instead, she began painting!
Mia called her project: ‘The Pain-Paint Therapy’
Never before had she held an artist’s paint brush in her hand, Mia bought home what she thought was she needed to create ‘something’.  And she just started!
It was an amazing feeling for her and the painting has helped Mia a long way on her path.  Every summer, she carry out her easel to a sunny space and starts to paint.

It also brought her children and her closer together, to create a hobby room outside for all of their creativity.  Mia's daughter Olivia (9 years old) and Mia paint together.  Olivia is truly Mia's best adviser and coach. Max (7 years old) is creating colorful snail houses. They are a colorful family

Monday, July 6, 2015


When in Italy last month I just had to met the famous well known lovebug pug, Fonzie. 

For 14 years was he neglected from his owners, and left to our veterinarian to have his life ended. They claimed he didn't want to eat and walk. Our vet suspected something wasn't right at all. He put a bowl of food under his tired head, and Fonzie started to eat. The claws were so long that yes, he couldn't walk!!! He cut them and on wiggly legs he started to walk.

Our vet called us and we rushed to pick him up. 

Fonzie is the sweetest little man on this earth. And he looks wonderful now, skin glowing.
gosh how we love him! Foster mom Flavia (Instagram)  @me_i Grazie per tutti­čç«­čç╣