Tuesday, July 31, 2012


A small bundle of fur was moving a
long the side of the busy highway. The morning traffic was as usual --- very busy in this southern part of Italy. In her car on her way to a clinic sat veterinarian Francesca when she suddenly spotted the little dog. She stood on her breaks and stopped.

She stepped quickly out of the car, ran to the small dog, which had now stopped and looked curiously at her. Was this woman a friend or enemy?

Francesca realized quivkly that her intention to save the little five-kilo dog could end tragically. She could see that the dog was matted and dirty, but allowed herself to be lifted up by her savior. No other car stopped, only angry horns were heard as she carried the little ball of fur back to her car.

Francesca drove straight away to the veterinary clinic where she worked and contacted Marty at Animals Without Limits (AWL). As usual, AWL did not have much time to find a home for the dog and our own hospice was full of four-footed clients.

Summer is a hardworking season for us. Every day people call us after they have found lost dogs. Most dogs are evicted from their homes while the owners travel on vacation. Dog pensions (kennels), double their prices because August is the most profitable month for them all --- they have their clients over a barrel. Many can’t afford the kennels, so they let the dogs out of their villas when they depart on their vacations. The dog owners hope that someone will pick up their dog and take care of it until they get home from their holiday.

Francesca examined the female dog. The fur was matted and there was no microchip implanted. AWL began intensive efforts to find a home for the little dog. A photograph with a description was published on AWL’s Facebook page.

The dissemination of information went amazingly fast! After twelve hours we had received a response from a Swedish woman living in Rome who fell in love with the image of the little dog.

The woman wanted to open her home to this scrubby beauty. She named her Aila. The woman later wrote to me that Aila must have had an owner earlier in life. The dog showed interest in dog toys, and also jumped happily up on the couch. Her self-confidence indoors showed that she knew what a living room was.

Many other dogs end up on the highway. Some owners let them out on the dangerous highway for a quick death. Euthanization costs a lot in the south of Italy were already many people are desperately poor. Often, they cannot afford even routine medical care for themselves or their family.

Most vets do not kill animals until they are so ill that they have stopped eating and drinking water. According to both the law, and their predominately Catholic faith, it is wrong to end a life, certainly a healthy one.

The economy in Italy is disastrous and down in Naples, where the law largely does not exist because of the Camorra (mafia), it is a human tragedy. Many young ones want to be part/members of the mafia with drugs, small crimes and prostitution as a means for getting fast money. Others try to find a way out of the country, while others are simply trying to live a normal life, ignoring as best they can the strife and corruption around them.

Suicide statistics are rising and unemployment is increasing every passing month. We are bracing for the chaos to increase in the already chronically chaotic area that we work in.

Many people have asked us why we help animals and not humans? Some ask accusingly, others asking bitterly. It is a difficult question and it hurts tremendously to turn your back to any living soul. But the landscape of Campania is almost forgotten by many aid agencies. Many look to the Italian government, or even the European Union. One would expect one of these to help, but they have their hands full elsewhere, and there is fatigue because so much has already been done over the decades, with little to show for it. The money gets siphoned off into the pockets of the Camorra and corrupt government officials.

Many of us forget that the province of Campania could be its own country. Before the unification of Italy, Naples was it’s own kingdom. It is very different from the other provinces in northern Italy. Why help the animals? We do not go and question why, for example, veterinarians are not trained as a doctors and help only people instead of animals.

Aila was lucky that the veterinarian Francesca stopped on the busy highway that morning. Francesca was very lucky to have AWL's phone number with her. AWL was lucky that the picture on Face Book produced a quick result, and we got an answer about adoption so quickly.

Cooperation is what life is all about. To dare to have an open mind for a life whether it has two legs or four.
That’s Amore.

Thank you Dr Fransesca, Animals WIthout Limits team, Mitra <3 div="div">

Monday, July 30, 2012


Photo Mia Mattsson-Mercer (c) 2012

Stella Nutella is a cudle-bug. 

She doesn't like to go out, only to lay inside the whole day. Couch and beds are her favorite places. If she could decide you would have to scratch her the whole day. She doesn't like children that doesn't know manors. 

photo Ozay Kron (c) 2012
Stella is 3 years old, calm, sterilized and would be perfect in a home with a garden. Someone who loves to be home the whole time. Perfect if the person works from home, or an older person who want company. She is the perfect reading partner. 

She was laying under a car all day in Southern Italy. Later people didn't want her there and started to clean the streets. Right now she is in Germany in a foster home with several dogs and 2 small children.

Stella knows how to laugh. She is not a "typical" Dalmation. Doesn't bark and is housebroken.

We are now searching for the five star home for Stella Nutella.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


 Today a whole crew came and helped out at the hospice. Garden work and painting the fence, something that really needed to be done.
 Love was an important thing and Stella was over the moon happy of all the children's attention.
 Lori took a break and loved up on Funny. All the clients were happy and some of them got baths and grooming.
 Fantastic teamwork. The fence is looking much better with the green color.
Thank you Lori & Ryan Garcia, Valerie Funk, Jonathan Thurston, Angelica & Aron Cagley, Samantha Wallace. And to all the lovely children too.

That's! Amore! 


 THIS IS CHARLIE! He was roaming around in a Parco down in Italy. He is one of these boys that got abandon by his family. They dumped him on the streets.
 A warm family have arranged for Charlie to stay for a short time in a garage. We need a family for Charlie. He is 1 year old we guess. His weight is around 18 kg but could use to gain another 5 kg.

Charlie cannot wait to met you and to be his forever friend.  Next week AWL will sponsor his castration.
For more information please contact us

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Remember the story about Ombra? Found on the street and taken to a shelter. AWL saw the picture and contacted Lecce Shelter for asking if we could take care of Ombra. The wonderful volunteers drove him up to our Hospice.

It is only two months between the first picture and the second picture. This is what we do best!
Helping sick souls back to their health and happiness. Good Job AWL Italy Team!

Of course, we couldn't have done it without you. Please continue helping us so we can help them.

Paypal here on this blog or on our website. www.animalswithoutlimits.com


IW BANK S.p.A.Via Cavriana, 2020134 Milan

Swedish bank 
Som alla andra ideela föreningar är AWL helt beroende av ekonomiskt stöd. Känner du att du vill hjälpa AWL i kampen för djuren i Italien är du Välkommen att hjälpa oss. www.animalswithoutlimits.se

PG: 53 61 62-1
BG: 476-9246

Monday, July 23, 2012


In Sweden I met this handsome Boxer with his own Amber collar. This Amber Collar is against ticks! It works according many people and it is not so expensive. It has been on the market since 2008--(Where the heck have I been)

We would love to try these out on the Italian Ticks.

Amber collar against ticks found this website; AMBER COLLAR CLICK HERE

Amber is completely non-toxic and provide a static electricity in dry fur so ticks do not sit on the dog.

It should work on humans too, right?

Sunday, July 22, 2012


A Long time ago, actually it was one of our first rescue moments AWL went to one of the worst shelters I have ever seen. We posted this picture CLICK HERE and one couple in Sweden saw him. From Sweden down to Italy they drove 23 h non stop to pick him up, and returned two days later.

It was two years since I saw Giove so on my recent trip  to Sweden I had to see him and his family. It was a fantastic moment. He was full of energy and kisses. He means a lot to me, my Giove boy.

I remember two different veterinarians who said he could be very dangerous and that we should consider twice before adopting him away. They saw the Pit bull in him.  Never has he growled, or done anything harmful or scary, only loving people and other animals.

I don't dear to think what could have happened if Erica hadn't seen his picture on our blog, and believed in Giove.

This is a true Amore story!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Grazie Flavia, Thank you Flavia Falanga for your wonderful donation again. We at the hospice are so happy to have you as a supporter. That's Amore. Tu e grande !

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 Long time ago I met Malin and her beloved dog Juan in Stockholm. Juan is a happy loved rescue dog from Spain. It was wonderful to met them both and to see the love in Juan's eyes for Malin.

Malin and Juan are both great supporters to AWL and they have followed GUS heartbreaking story. His family didn't take him with them when they returned to America. 12 years together. GUS story touched so many hearts and GUS second care package came from Malin and Juan in Stockholm.
GUS is living in Germany now with that crazy woman with many dogs ;-)

Thank you so much Malin and Juan for sharing love and treats. He loves them. That's Amore.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Mia the Puppy, is one of the toughest great high speed spirit I have ever met. 
I got an e mail from Lynn who had rescued nine puppies, together with another lady named Julia. Out from the bushes came an older puppy (Mia) and the ladies didn't have the heart to leave Mia alone back in the bushes. Mia was 2 months older than the others (6 weeks) and wanted to play and harass them the whole time. Not so very fun for the other small puppies who wondered who this big mean thing was.
I sponsored Mia's vaccinations and thanks to a wonderful misunderstanding between me an Martina & Pio they picked her up at Dr Damiani's clinic. Martina and Pio would foster her in their home with five other big wonderful dogs. Mia was in heaven. Now she kept harassing and wrestling all the big dogs down to the ground. She growled when they looked at her food. She was (is) a tough cookie.
 I had found a warm loving family in Germany that wanted to adopt her and we couldn't wait to bring Mia up to them. When we met Mia nothing was untrue to her personality that we had been told earlier. We got our hands full. She lived together with us at the hotel Agora, ate breakfast with us, went with us to the hospice, even to met Gus in the kennel. She became well-trained. (And no accidents in the hotel)

One of the big dogs nipped Mia's ear. To Dr Damiani again for stitches.

Minna my animal friend from Sweden got to puppy-sit Mia. We still laugh about how wild Mia was (is).

But finally we got back to South Germany and could introduce Mia to her new family. And girl, she is getting spoiled every day with love and affections.

Thank you all involved in Mia's life. So many people we were to rescue  puppy Mia, but at the end, we all think the same. We would do it again. That's Amore.

Monday, July 16, 2012




Sunday, July 15, 2012


Oldies are the most wonderful spirits to have in your home.

I have five senior dogs all adopted rescue dogs. They are the easiest thankful and giving dogs. I love to watch them sleep deeply and relaxed on their divano, or on their fluffy big pillow(s). They are relaxed and love to walk out with me in the garden, laying down and watching me while I am fixing around in the dirt. They look like the biggest most precious flower in the grass.

They don't cost me more than the younger dogs, quiet opposite.

I am not afraid when they start to limp since they don't get afraid when I am limping. We are the limping family that knows how to enjoy life.

And, reading a good book and having Kiki Joy snoring by my feet, is priceless.

That's Amore.


Thank you everyone who joined the AWL Casa dell'Amore Lottery.

100% money is going into the AWL Hospice Casadell'Amore.


Mitra Talarman
Marisa Scallinci
Silvia Battilocchio

Thank you Volunteer Angelina for sponsoring the prize and also to Volunteer Martin for arranging the lottery. That's Amore!


A couple of months ago I received an e-mail from an American family who asked us for help. Their dog, GUS whom they had had for nearly 12 years had changed his temperament after a fire in their former home. (To refresh your memory please read earlier posting.)  

According to them, he had snapped at their young child and even the dad. 
I knew something was wrong in that statement, I felt it in my gut, and I couldn't acccept that he was in a kennel and the family was leaving Italy without him. I knew this was only a form of stress after the fire.
From Germany, I tried to find someone who could foster GUS until Minna and I would come down. It was about four weeks I needed help and I needed help to evaluate GUS since I knew he was not a dangerous dog. Help was important since we could work faster to find a solution for GUS. 
But everywhere we turned for help, either people had their own house full of dogs and cats, or they were afraid that he would be "harmed" to be in a home and then move again (never heard about something that ridicules, some would rather have Gus depressed loosing weight than giving him 24/7 watch and health!) Some were afraid what veterinarian bills would be high, he was old after all. 

No one expressed any desire to go to him every day just for a little while, to play soccer or give him some treats. When Minna and I finally arrived down to Italy we rushed to the kennel, and we were not happy what we saw. 
Gus was depressed, and didn't want to open up to us emotionally. Why should he?
 We were strangers! Every one in the kennel said they gave him food but he lost weight, about 10 kg in one month. They claimed they had taken him to the veterinarian, they had de-wormed him but nothing helped. I wondered if anyone had considered that he was depressed and not wanting to eat since his family after 12 years had taken a huge step away from him. 
The family had said they would give his bed, bowls and other things, but the Kennel owner said there was nothing, only a grey plastic bag with his journals inside. And the journal was big, they had kept him very up to date on all shots and examinations. It didn't make any sense!

Gus was dirty and greasy, he looked like a baddly treated stray I had the kennel wash him for a couple of boxes cigarettes.
 I promised GUS to come again the next day, and I also told him that we would get him out of that place. Minna and I agreed we would take him to Germany or Sweden. 

We would flip the coin, Germany or Sweden!

 Mia, the little cute wild puppy that was fostered by Martina had been into a small play accident. Mia is a tough 4-month old cookie and loves to wrestle with the big dogs. This day she got her ear bitten. A few stitches and then it was that horrible cone on her head that she didn't like, of course (who would?)
 I took it off right away since we would be with her 24/7 and could keep an eye on her. We released  Martina and Pio from this little cute monster, they sure needed a break.

Mia was excellent at the hotel AGORA (who are supporters to AWL.) Mia had to follow us everywhere we went, a very good practice. And Minna was a great puppy-sitter Thank you dear!

It was great to come back to the hospice, Casa dell'Amore, to meet all the old clients and the new ones. Ombra, the English Setter was afraid for the steps and the great volunteers carried him down and up every time he needed to go out. I had the evening shift  and could not for my life carry this guy. I knew he had not been neutered and we had one female in heat at the Hospice. I let her out first, and then Ombra. He flew down the stairs like a bird, then up and down, up and down like a Don Juan.

It was good to be back to Casa dell'Amore!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


 An American Bulldog, born in Germany 2-1/2 year ago is searching a new home. He is a sweet neutered boy who goes great with many dogs.
 His former owner was young, and Tylenol didn't like to be cramped in the small flat when a lot of people came. What he really wants is a calm family without young children that can give him time, space and love. Like a family true member.
 Tylenol is a name on a painkiller, and we know that Tylenol can heal many broken hearts.
He has all his vaccinations which are up to date. He is a handsome sweet boy who ended up in the wrong home, Please give him a second chance.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


AWL FRIEND AWARD 2012 There are so many wonderful animal workers out there working hard and we wished we could give one AWL Award each to everyone.

--Still there are persons that will be nominated, 2012 is not over--

AWL Animal Friend Award 2012
Is presented to Minna Lind.

In sincere gratitude for her international efforts, finding fantastic forever homes for homeless and rescued dogs and cats.

Our comments:

Minna, we are so happy to have you as an associate, and more importantly a friend. Your dedication and determined efforts to help the homeless and at-risk dogs and cats, and the personal sacrifice and expense you undertake to
follow your heart is truly inspiring.
You are a humble person who seeks to do
what you do in the shadows, leaving the spotlight to others, yet we cannot help but recognize you, both because you deserve it, and because it can serve
as an example to others of what one person can do to make a difference.
That's Amore ! —

The price is sponsored by the Mercer Family


We want to announce the Animals Without Limits 2012

Animal Friend Award

Presented to

Chiara Ricci

For long and loyal volunteer work with AWL and Casa dell'Amore, and helping countless dogs and cats in need in the Campania Region of Italy

Chiara, we are so grateful and thankful for your dedicated efforts helping countless dogs and cats who desperately need assistance. Your work in support of AWL's mission, and specifically the mission of Casa dell'Amore, have been
crucial to our successes. Your efforts -- and successes -- in finding homes for the homeless 4-legged souls have helped not only those animals to find loving forever homes, but also have helped the people who gave the animals
those homes immeasurably.
We will always remember what you did for Giordana.

That's Amore

(The price is being sponsored by the Mercer Family)

Sunday, July 8, 2012


 This is George! He is curious, loving and gentle. The family Valerie found him looking like a skeleton on the streets and didn't hesitate one minute to bring him into their home to help him back to health.
 He is gentle and love children, they are five children in his fosterhome. There are other dogs too but George is very submissive, his heart is full of love.
 He is 1-2 years old, and we would love to find a family with the same big heart as George. Would you like to give George a forever home?

Thursday, July 5, 2012


These trips are getting more complex!

Minna, my animal rescue friend, took the plane from Sweden down to Stuttgart where I then picked her up. She stayed in my house overnight, and we packed the whole RESCUE VAN full of donations from wonderful people.

Some weeks before, Elisabet and her husband drove down from middle Germany with a lot of donations that we later filled our SUV and RESCUE VAN with.

In the window we put a picture of Vinnie to bless us the whole way down. And he did! Scary things happened that got solved fantastically. Minna and I could not believe it!

The next morning we packed in my children and Minna jumped in the VAN ... which was totally dead. Thank God we were not helpless women! We opened the hood and put the jumper cables on the terminals and got it started, in the rain we got wet and dirty but satisfied.

The trip started and we drove through Switzerland, and there it was a big stop from the Swiss Customs police, questions about paper work and where were our car plates? They got tired of my blonde talk; "I don't know, we only help animals".  Via Italy, the Customs again stopped us, "Where are all the papers? "

Again me out with the children, super blonde with flyers about AWL's work.  The Customs official kissed the children and said "Bless your work."

We got down to Napoli, tired but proud "The Vinnie Klebers Rescue Van" was finally down were it could do a lot of work.

We left it to our mechanic Antonio to change the electric appliance in the windows and some oil changes and other small things. Finally AWL has its first RESCUE VAN!

Thank you Minna for sponsoring the gas for Stuttgart--Napoli and helping to drive the van 13 hours down to Napoli.

Thank you Todd for the mechanic parts and Van work at Antonios.

Thank you Elisabeth and husband Kruse for driving all the donations down that the wonderful, helpful people in Germany have donated.

 This letter is from Ulla Linders in Sweden, we love your packages!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


 My lovely Ariel is finally here with us in Germany. How I missed her, even if I knew she had a good time down in Italy. 
I adopted Ariel several years ago from a horrible shelter were it was so dirty and nasty,  that you had to hold your nose when you were near it. You had to close your eyes not to see all the pain, too. You had to cover your ears not to hear all 40+ dogs barking. 

Ariel had been in four different shelters and her front leg had been broken in four places and self healed wrong. She can walk, but very poorly.
 Ariel had to stay at our hospice in Italy for a little while during to our move up North, but last week I could drive down and bring her up. She is a 12 year old wonderful lady with some back problems due to her previously broken leg. As she hobbles, she puts stress on her other joints in ways they were never meant to be... and consequently, she now has problems in her front shoulders and back hips.  But with x-rays and medicine, we are keeping a very close eye on that.
 Dr Damiani made an examination, x-ray and we also had her pet passport made. (You can see how her right front leg is set at a radically wrong angle.)
Thank you all who looked after my Ariel. Martina and Pio for picking her up, and all the lovely volunteers for loving up on her. Valerie drove her to the groomer and have also been her nail trimmer. You all make a difference and with love for those whom loves you back. That's Amore.