Wednesday, November 23, 2011


MAX is his name and he is probably around 1-2 years old. Dr Fransesco examined him last evening. He is very skinny 40-50 kg and is now being treated for infection in his body, de wormed etc.
Max fooled the security guards and went on base, saw the vet clinic door open and went in. The receptionist called us. MAX has an American microchip number. We don't get the name or any information. That ties our hands.

Max was picked up by a volunteer Susi, that are having him short term foster home. He is lovely, follows her around, great with her small rescue dogs.

House broken, licking and loving children, he knows sit, lay and shake paw!

We are searching after a family that can give him time and love and security.

MAX have gone through a lot. I found out that he has been in a car accident as a puppy, and had lung-injery. They had to put in a chest tube. He is doing great now!

And now...his family left back to the States and MAX has been on the street for some time since he is skinny (that happens with former pets they don't know how to get food left out, it has been served frequently when he had a home)

His face have scares from dog attacks (Max is a former pet and doesn't understand street talk and becomes an easy target for fights)

He is a goof with a big heart. Help him find home!

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