Friday, January 27, 2012


Monica, a great Italian volunteer has helped AWL rescuing the cat Edgar (see earlier blog) before.

Monica found this little sick girl on the street and brought her home. She is very sick but still wagging her tail and eats. But if not treated she will die, and it is a slow painful death.
She probably got leichaminios the mosquito disease and mange, probably scabies too. It is treatable but very expensive. That is why many people throws them on the street.
We would love to help this little girl.

Help us by sponsoring her and we will send you a certification for your generous help. We need 250 euro for medication and she also need special dog food that is very expensive but it works miracle (for kidney problem).

All together 350 euro and our AWL Martina will buy the food and medicine and deliver it to Monica.

We know your big hearts, and meet this girl with a bigger heart to survive. That's Amore!

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Malin & Juan said...

Mia, jag ger mer än gärna en slant för att den här fina tjejen ska tillfriskna. Vet ni ungefär hur gammal hon är? Jag märker donationen med "fin-tjejen". :)