Monday, November 29, 2010


Billy Bob came walking on the base, following Bruce and his rescue dog all the way to Bruce's apartment. Bruce couldn't for his life throw him back out on the street, rainy and cold. So now Billy Bob is getting taken care of, vaccinated, sterilized and will be a great companion for someone special.

Two puppies waiting for their forever homes, sleeping inside a house after having been abandoned in a small box together with 8 other puppies. Pringle and Truffle, Amore.

WE are having rain and rain and rain. It is cold and nasty and the poor strays are trying to stay warm and dry. Different situations....

Saturday, November 27, 2010


This handsome "oldie" was rescued by Martina Ricci from being killed on her street. There is a man who doesn't like strays, or dumped dogs. Rex is having a lot of medical problems, hip and skin. AWL made sure he could be castrated and seen by a doctor. Martina found a loving home up north, her boyfriend drove 7 hours to link up with next volunteer who drove the last several hours to Rex's new forever home. We got a report from Martina, that the new owner is aware of all his medical problems and will take care of them. She is so happy for Rex, who has not made any "accidents" in her home. That's Amore!

The weather is horrible here. Cold, strong wind and massive amounts of rain. We are all in emergency mode, but the shelters are having it worst. Please help with donations and we can make a difference for the animals health and happiness.


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Bank: IW BANK S.p.A.Via Cavriana, 2020134 Milan

I took Capri to Dr Damiani to have Capri's blood taken and sent to Germany for the count of antibodies for her passport to Sweden. Poor Ulla, Capri's new owner has been waiting for her dog for several months. But nothing goes smoothly here, always something goes wrong. We were so happy last week, the last blood test. 'Well never" take out the joy in advance. I received a phone call that the tube had leaked in transit, so they need new blood. Arghhh! We are getting delayed again!!

Got a call from Bruce about this handsome, skinny male found walking alone on the base. He followed Bruce and his dog, and Bruce's heart couldn't "just" leave him there. "Billy" is now resting on Bruce's balcony and is getting food. Tomorrow Todd will go and give him the medication, de-worming, frontline and protein paste. Monday he needs a foster home (or forever home). Bruce cannot keep him since he already has two animals, base regulations only allow two animals per home.

Please help Billy, give him hope and joy! Male, 5-9 months old, skin and bones, friendly, goes with other dogs, cats he loves to chase :-)

Give him Amore please!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The Animals Without Limits Hospice briefly had the pleasure to provide room and board to a wonderful guy, Max. Let me tell you his story.

Max was living on the street. A man in the area threatend to kill him and some other dogs. Animal Friends Martinia and Chiara Ricci, knew the man was serious as they knew he had killed some other dogs by poisoning them. They just couldn't let this handsome fellow fall to the same fate.

But they also didn't have any space to bring him in... they already had too many dogs themselves. They found a family in northern Italy that wanted to adopt Max, but still they needed some time in between saving him, making health check, and transporting him north. What to do?

I called Lega Pro Animale and they were able to keep him for 3 days when he got health checked and also castrated. Saturday, his saviors picked Max up and brought him to AWL Hospice for a 2 day stay.

Max fit right in. He stayed upstairs in one of the bedrooms, and didn't make a mess at all. This was his first experience in a house, but he did wonderfully. He got along very well with the other residents, even Gracy (puppy German Shepard) who drove him crazy playing and nipping at him.

It was fun to watch such a big boy cower and seek security from the puppy, a third his size.

He was deferential to the oldies, and seemed to know his place. He quickly won our hearts, and it was bittersweet to send him on his way to his new forever home. I cried when he walked out the gate jumping into the car that would bring him to his future home.

He was a delightful fellow to have at the Hospice, if even only for a few days, I still miss him.

Thank you Martina and Chiara for saving him, AWL supporters for making it possible thanks to your donations to have him castrated and health checked. Also thank you AWL Hospice that we were able to have Max there secure for a couple of days.
That's amore.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


ATTENZIONE, LA PERDITA DI CUMA HELP AREA DOG. Scooter è un piccolo Terrier nero, di circa 12 kg . Ha una coda tagliata andwe stima lui per essere di circa 18 mesi di età. Lo abbiamo preso da un canile AYear fa. Scooter avuto su una bandana nera luce con le ossa su di esso. Egli ha anche hasabrasions sul volto e sul naso. Vorrei offrire una ricompensa!

Scooter is a small, black, Terrier, about 20 pounds. He has a docked tail and we estimate him to be about 18 months old. We got him from a dog pound a year ago. These pictures show him to be more puppyish than he is now.

Scooter had on a light bandana with black bones on it. He also has abrasions on his face and nose. I am offering a reward for his safe return.

Monday, November 22, 2010


One day, not so long ago, I received an e-mail, and attached to which was this picture. The writer told me that this dog had been sitting like this on base for two days, in the rain. The person who wrote the letter couldn't do anything about the situation and therefore asked for help,--We got the message late that afternoon, so the dog catcher had already caught the dog. We knew for sure these shelters are nothing pleasant to sit in, once inside the camp, there's realistic no way out.

It's cold, the food is not even healthy, and adopting a big dog is 1 % chance in one year. Here there are thousands of big dogs.

My animal friend Tammy called and we agreed she would go and get the dog from the dog catchers before the dog got to the shelter.

I called Lega Pro and told them a client of AWL would come in, we wanted a health check, castration, de-worming and Frontline. And I asked if he could stay there for three days.

Tammy got hold of the dog, brought him out to LegaPro where they were both greeted. The lady that had sent me the e-mail , posted an add on the Naples All Hands (an online classified advertisement service for the US Navy personnel here), and from above an angel family replied, saying they would love to foster him. Michael and Tatiana are these angels.

Michael and his wife Tatiana, with 2 small children, brought him home to give him a warm place until they will decide if they can keep him or foster him until a fantastic forever home comes along. They tell us that Zeus is a fantastic, gentle, warmhearted dog; they adore him.
Thanks to all this fantastic teamwork we could do magic for Zeus. Thank you Tammy for driving, thank you for all the donations so we can medicate and spay and neuter our fury friends. Lega Pro Animale, thank you for your always kindness. The family Michael and Tatiana, for love and also coming to AWL's hospice helping and donating a lot of things. And the cake yesterday, was fantastic. That's Amore.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I have to tell you the whole story. My phone rang at 20.30 one evening and I had had a horrible day with a lot of hard work and difficult cases and difficult people to deal with. I looked at the phone and it said "Barbara German Shepherds" This was a Dutch family that had adopted 2 puppies from us several weeks ago. In my negative mind at that moment I thought, "gosh they don't want the puppies anymore."

The phone rang again, I took it and answered thinking "better to deal with it now than tomorrow".

I heard this glad voice telling me how wonderful the puppies were, and how they enjoyed them.

Now I was clueless. 'Can we, the Dutch Military Community, come by the hospice?. We have a check to you for 600 euros!" You see, each nation's contingent earns money at the annual International Bazaar by selling food, drinks or other culturally-unique items, and then donate the proceeds it to a worthy cause. The Dutch contingent thought Animals Without Limits, and our hospice, was just such a worthy cause.

What a great ending of a rough day! I was floating on clouds. Thank you so much Dutch Military community for bringing such a wonderful early Christmas gift to the Hospice "Casa della Amore"

In honor of the donation, we had a little bit of bubbles, and the four legged oldies thought it was fun with so much attention and love.

I have always seen these kinds of big checks in magazines and on TV, and always thought it would be wonderful to hold one. And let me tell you, it was wonderful.

Showing our Memorial Wall of past clients that now play at the Rainbow bridge.

Thank you beautiful, warmhearted, JP, Barbara, Tiko del Rojj, Hans Stuij, Dita Bergwerff, Freya van Engelen. And of course the whole Dutch Military Community. Thanks for all the Amore.

(And the dog food that you also brought with you)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


In an earlier blog we posted about Deb and Tammy rescuing dogs at a gas station along a busy highway. Thanks to your donations these two dogs were taken to Lega Pro Animale (driver Tammy) and got spayed and neutered. Also, Stuart (above) had bites on his body that could be seen and treated. This is what matters, team work and good stories.

Stuart is now in a foster home. He is sweet and quickly learning to trust the humans that once broke his heart. Deb is visiting him frequently to make sure he is doing well.

Miss Husky here found a forever home thanks to Debs' hard work.

So you CAN make a difference.

Donations, driving, fostering or giving them a warm forever home. You can chose, but they cannot!

Thank you all for believing in our hard work. That's Amore!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I am horrible with adopting away dogs. Its heartbreaking and wonderful at the same time.

Always scared that something will go wrong, will "he" be loved and taken cared of?

Think if they abandon "him"?!

Then I get attached to "him" but my head is trying to tell my heart not to be selfish with my feelings, that "he" now can move on and get a better life. Its bittersweet to say the least!

Today from Venice came Stewart's new "dad' to pick him up and take him home. It was wonderful to see them together, how he talked to Stewart. And finally Stewart was in heaven getting all the attention and love he needs and deserves.

The other Great Dane puppy, Morgana also went together with him, to meet her new family-- also up north. It was a double good-bye today. Good Luck Stewart and Morgana.

AWL thanks Jenifer of Hotel Agora who introduced us to the Great Dane family so we could rescue them. She and her husband also sponsored the medical bills for "mom and dad" Great Dane, Boss and Lady.

Martina Ricci, my wonderful animal friend, always there for us and the animals. You helped AWL so much by contacting SOS Alani rescue organization, to help with finding homes for the puppies and kept organizing the meetings with Stefania.

Stefania of SOS Alani rescue organization a BIG thank you for doing such great work; background checking the families, making sure they are trustworthy and worthy of the love of the dogs. You all have saved so many beautiful Great Danes. You all are fantastic.

Team effort, not for ourselves but for the animals. That's Amore.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Early in the evening it is now getting darker. Sarah and her friend came and helped out with feeding and cleaned the hospice--THANK YOU so much for your wonderful help.

We got a new hospice resident/client, Alemm. He is 18 years old and lived locked in a room for many years at his owners house. He was living only on human food, and laid in his own pee and poop. Apparently, little if any human-dog contact. Effectively, it was "solitary confinement" for this soul who committed no crime worth such a sentence.

When his owner recently moved to a new house she threw Alemm out. 18 years old, senile and blind. A fine thank you for a life of devotion!

Italian animalfriend Oriano called me and asked if Alemm could come and stay at our Casa della Amore. Of course we would give him a warm bed, vitamines, healthy food and a loving hand.

Her animal friends joined in and brought him to Hospice. It was heartbreaking to see him, really just a shell of a dog.

I gave him one bath and the water was dark brown. A volunteer Michael helped me bathing him a second time, and still the water was brown yellow. Most of the time, he circles to the left in smallish, 2-meter diameter circles. He must have been in a small, 2-meter wide room all those years. :(
I said to my husband how someone could abandoned his fury friend after 18 years? Considering that the dog was shut away in the room for years, Todd looked at me and said, "You don't know when she actually abandoned him."

Thank you Oriano and Marcello, Tiziana Sommaiolo and Eleonora ...Maria Reder and Corrado,Piera. For all your donations, that's Amore. And a special thank you to all you who help AWL to have a hospice for those old, wise, fury friends. Your donations are a blessing!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


AWL is working harder than ever, more people learn about our hard work to make it easier for those who doesn't have a choice or voice. But we are a great team from many different places in the world.
Sweden AWL together with Himmelska Hundar in Stockholm sent us a warm hearting donation, and AWL was thrilled to receive one from the members at the Organization Chance. Thank you so much Ingrid for still supporting our work. Kate and Milla for telling people about the situation down here. Thank you Team Sweden

Brought 18 year old Alemm to AWL Hospice--which suddenly his owner didn't want anymore-- and also brought dog beds, cushions, cleaning detergents and made a donation.Tiziana Sommaiolo and Maria Reder and Corrado,Piera,Oriana and Marcello Thank you Team Italy

A big warm thank you from Casa della Amore.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


And so it was time to say good bye to Cindy our Great Dane puppy #6. Her family drove from North Italy to pick her up.
The Great Dane rescue S.O.S Alano Steffani (left w Stewart) thank you for finding a great family for her. Martina for calling and arranging our meeting. Cindy will be missed but we know she will have a wonderful time with her new family. Thank you everyone!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Our little Trevor is adopted by what seems a wonderful warm couple. They lost their adult

Great Dane Chopin, so Trevor is now a Happy Chopin II

Its always bittersweet to say Good bye to some one you rescued and loved, but he is going from a three star retreat to a five star home. Good Luck Buddy.

We want to Thank Martina who helped us contacting SOS ALANO ALANI here in Italy and being our middle hand. Stefani from the rescue organization is doing a great job finding a good match.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Here's Trevor.....

We still have mom and dad Great Dane that we rescued 2 months ago with 8 puppies. We have 4 puppies remaining, Cindy & Morgana (F), and Trevor & Stewart (M). A Great Dane rescue organization in Italy is going to help us to adopt away the puppies (born 30 July) to great families. Momma and Daddy will hopefully go to Spain together, (we need sponsors for that trip). A great home is awaiting them there.
Hilly Billy's from the country side....Me and Stewart!


Cindy surprise! Out for a stroll...

Our sweet Morgana.....

And momma dog, Lady, who we drove to Lega Pro to have sterilized. Thank you to Pio for helping me lift 60 kg of dog into my SUV.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The Husky looking one Sue is extremely friendly - she was tossed from a moving car and in the process the car hit her back leg. Apparently she had a terrible limp up until a few days ago so she seems to be healing well I guess, but still favors the right leg slightly. Thank you Deb and Tammy for feeding and now transporting them to LegaPro, for castration/sterilization and health check that AWL will pay. Thank you volunteers for team working and especially all you who donate to AWL. Your donations are making a difference for those who have had bad owners that do this to a fury friend.

Husky got a fosterhome, but of course a forever loving active fun home would be heaven.

The other strays are picking on this handsome guy, he needs a fosterhome asap. He has a gash on his side and a new one under his jawline into his neck area. He has many scars and has been beat up quite a bit. He is a bit shy in the beginning but when you start to scratch him he is in heaven. Please give him a fosterhome and best a forever home!