Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Food Donations

Last Saturday, AWL volunteers delivered 68 pieces of Pet food to the shelter of Caserta . 
Thank you AWL volunteers, Anthony Graybill and Sheila Coulter for helping deliver the food to the many hungry stomachs.
AWL is trying to help as many shelters as possible, but we have certain requirements:
#1 is that we are allowed to adopt dogs from the shelter to wonderful families (some shelters restrict adoptions!). There are some shelters that are scared about where the dog will end up, even if they know our fantastic work to find great families.  We always post pictures and updates on Facebook and send private messages to the volunteers, but some shelter operators get so attached to “their” dogs, they block adoptions to wonderful forever homes. 
#2 We also demand pictures of the donation be sent to us as a "receipt" and proof that the shelter got the donations.  I can’t overstate the importance of this.   The people and organizations that donate food want and deserve to see the results of their donation, and feel confident in their donation going where it is needed and promised. 
#3 it is a simple, common courtesy to thank those that help --- at least that’s what our mom taught us.
Right now we work with three (3) shelters that are glad to meet these simple requirements.  We are always looking for more to help.
Albanien and another  organisation from North Portugal have contacted us.

You donations saves life! 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Senior Sanctuary

This is beautiful Lea! Ones she was abandon full of cancer. A shelter brought her in and sterilized her, the next hour threw her out on the streets again, bleeding.
I found her and brought her in. Today she is a polpetta, round and healthy.

That's Amore!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Follow Us

You can follow us on Instagram @Animalswl
Love this little puppy that I found in a book store. I think I have to adopt her ❤️

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Never be Afraid of Adopting a Senior

This is Angelo!

He was found in south Italy with a broken front leg and broken jaw! It was an old damage from probably a car accident. He had self healed and we had to amputate his leg. Amazing Angelo was also a Senior Dog full of life and dominance No dogs could ever be in charge over Angelo. He also was very fast despite only three legs.

He has been in my Senior Sanctuary Care for  4-5 years and he is still very fast and full of joy. He climbs the stairs fantastic however down we have to carry him.

Despite small dog he still jumps up the couch by himself.

So much love and fire. We love him

Never be afraid of adopting a Senior 

That's Anore!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Be Brave

Be Brave and do what makes you curious in life, is something I'm always telling people I meet in my life as a dog rescue person.

Do your homework.

When starting to volunteering, start from the bottom in the organisation. Clean the rooms/cages and be around the dogs. You learn so much by observing them.

This is a skill you can do anywhere in life. Observe people. Learn to read their signals and gestures.

If you met a scared dog (scared dogs and humans are what challenges me the most) be calm. He/She is like an angry survivor trying to sniff out where your weakness are. Same goes actually with humans. They feel they need to 'explode' and get more power, your energy.

Find out what makes them scared, you will find their weakness(es).

Even if you start to feel scared/uncomfortable yourself, pretend to be Brave and your brain will believe it. When your brain believes it, everyone else will feel it. You are acting Brave.

Learn to observe (not to judge) and put your energies into Brave mode, and the scared dog will follow you, and believe that you are a Brave Savior.

That's Amore!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Last week, I got a very important question from a friend.
"Are you becoming more an adoption organisation now? I thought you didn't want it that way!"

I love this friend, since she dares to ask me honest questions.

It could seem like we are becoming more an adoption organisation, since lately we have helped many dogs finding wonderful homes in Sweden.
AWL will help those dogs that comes in our way, on our path to our next mission/project, a Hospice in Toscany.

We are working and planing behind the curtains on our new Hospice 2017. Nothing can keep me away from that goal, together with some great Animal Friends.
However,  during our planning moments, we cannot stop helping animals that are trapped in cages for years, or found on the streets in bad shapes. Many fantastic families are waiting to open their doors for them. Why not help souls to happiness while planning a bigger cause!

The Hospice is my life, my love, my goal and together we can create a fantastic environment for those poor soles that are trapped forever in cages, that no ones sees. Seniors, that some people doesn't think have any value. For them to have their own bedroom, a garden to spend relaxing time, and healthy food. But most important, someone that will love them back as much as they love us.

When its time for the animals to leave Mother Earth, to help them cross the bridge to the other side --together with a great veterinarian team.

That's Amore!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Amazing Colorful Happy

Finally, today the post roles came! Now you can order the lithograph!

For more info send an email to