Friday, July 30, 2010


"UPDATE: She is getting her complete health check and spaying this weekend, and will be adoptable Monday. She is absolutely adorable and friendly with other dogs. Nothing but tail wags!"

Thursday, July 29, 2010


So many are leaving for vacations and are dumping their dogs. This little girl is one....
This little girl was dumped from a car at the AGIP station just outside
Support Site. She has been there a few days and is super friendly. Looks to be
about 15 lbs or so. She is being fed by big hearted person who stops there
everyday and needs at the very least a foster home. The gas station attendants
want nothing to do with her. We are getting her an appointment to be spayed and
hate to put her back on the street.
This is not Amore!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I got a phone call from a good friend who asked if we could help a wonderful woman named Giulia who rescue many dogs. She goes in to horrible shelters and takes out the worst cases she can see and brings them to the small shelter she has, and then takes care of them and tries to find home for them.

She doesn't get any help with money from anyone.

Above picture is Frank, him and his furry friend Lilly (below picture) were adopted by an American lady. We found out she is not bringing them with her to the States, but they still have her microchip.

Thanks to the microchip I was able to find her....hopefully this week we will get her side of the story.

Giulia the Italian lady, is doing a great job, but of course like every animal rescuer, walking on her knees without help and support. She doesn't even have water out there, she has to drive every day with gallons of water for them. And she lives 30 minutes away.
She never complained over her situation to me, I had to ask questions about the two American dogs, the shelter situation etc.

Luckily I had some donated dog food bags in my car, and gave it to her. What a lady!

She asked for help to Wall-e, who had problems walking and bleeding from his nose, his little body was hot from fever. (Read and watch the video in earlier blogs)

Martina is a mutual friend and was the one who called me and told about Giulia and Wall-e.

Giulias dogs are wonderful. Loving and kind.

This is Frank! He is still having all the American tags on his collar, and still microchip on former owner. No transferring paper has ever been made, only a note to the vet. "been adopted"

How can a dog be adopted away with the former owners name inplanted? Do you do the same when you sell a car?

This wonderful goofy guy is the shelter clown...what a guy.

I made this fantastic lady a promise, that AWL is going to help her.

With food, medicine, and try to find forever homes.

She is doing a difficult work she is saving lifes.

Do you know what....she even volunteers for a shelter with 500 dogs...I saw her there cutting rescue dogs furs. And like I wrote earlier....she goes into the horrible shelters rescuing dogs like Wall-e with several bone fractures on his pelvic. She is a true Amore lady.

This is Lilly! Please help show the Italian volunteers that we, International people are not that bad! Lets work together, for Lilly and Frank!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Another wonderful loving day at Rossella shelter last Saturday morning, we gave many as possible a bath and love
Remember a month ago the sad picture of a very sick Fiore. Here he is, doing so much better its amazing. Now they could cut of all his horrible fur.

And more love, and was a bittersweet moment. It is always heartbreaking to put them back in their cages. But with love and stimulation they have a better luck to find a home.

We brought the dog food that had been donated earlier in the week with us.

And yes, the twins Shelly and Gabby were working really hard and beautiful. They carried, bathed, and walked the shelter dogs, and the whole time with a great attitude. Thank you so much Shelly and Gabby, have a safe trip back to the States.

And our trooper volunteer Olivia, who took out the mother and gave her a break and a bath. Of course some Amore afterwards to.

Olivia so wanted to take out Tiger and have him washed. For 30 minutes she was standing by his cages yelling....we gave up and Leah helped her. Thanks Leah for treats and the hard work, it is always a pleasure having you with us in the team.

Aha, Yolanda well that was a hard working woman. She even washed the cages. Yolanda, you rock! Thank you so much for giving these dogs a very good day.

And we carried and carried, and we also had some medicine with us...not much but it will help some. (Leah had all the colourful leaches around her neck)

More puppy love!

And thank you Elaine (Public Affairs) for coming out making a story about our work and hopefully inform people about the situations.

Thank you; Mark, Elaine with her beautiful twins Shelly and Gabby, Yolanda, Tammy, Leah, Olivia
Towels Lynn and Tammy.
And Anna who stopped by before going to work with a big bag of dog food. Thank you for helping making a difference and for your love. That's Amore!

Friday, July 23, 2010


A little video about a special little guy... Wally. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Craig and Tracey Kleber L.A, USA thank you for the care package.

Megan Seibert P.A and Tracey Kleber LA, USA Thank you for the brilliant glowing idea, reflx collars.

And money donations always goes to medicine or veterinarian treatments. Thank you all, like Megan says, "Don't just leave...leave it better!"

Helen Olsson Sweden who won on lotterie and donated all the money to AWL

Rita Schneider and her wonderful mother Anna Napoli Italy.

Luigi's former owner Karl donated a generous amount after hadning the dog over.

Kiera Reilly CA USA China Platou SE, Petra Jordan USA, Tamara Hapikian USA, Tracey Nettles, USA. Carol Amorosi, USA/IT. Herbert Boutwell, USA/IT

Dog food bags Charity Weaverling USA/IT, Robert Morales USA/IT, Rita Schneider IT/USA(also schampoo and treats) and Maureen Irealand/IT (Also donated cat food)

Rita Schneider is also helping AWL with the Italian translation, e mails and letters.
All you are grande Amore, Grazie.

Monday, July 19, 2010


An Animoto-created video showing the horrible conditions in a governmental shelter in Campania (Napoli) Italy. Make your voice be heard against this cruel and inhumane treatment of innocent souls, at taxpayer expense.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shelter Mission Video

Here's an Animoto video of our recent Shelter Mission. Have a look!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Look at this beauty, she loved it. By the way, this female is so calm and well behaved and she is up for adoption. The family doesn't want her. If we didn't have 17 dogs I would take her in a heart-beat. She is the most wonderful, well behaved kind dog I ever met.
Anna and Cindy did a good job washing dogs, some didn't want to at first but afterwards they felt great.

This "little" one didn't want to walk up to the bath tub.

The whole team helping out, and calm well behaved children join too.

Another bath.....

Megan and Stumpy, he was so in love with Megan it was heart-breaking watching. Since we knew that Megan and Tracey "only" were here for a couple of days volunteering. Stumpy from a past blog that ate his tail and AWL rescued him from bleeding to death. Look at him!
Also a wonderful spirit.

Brett and Nate were the great dog walkers. We were so amazed over how many dogs they got to walk, and after every walk they brushed the dog before putting him in. We were amazed.

This little one was found by Angela. He came walking on a very busy street in this condition, nearly being hit by trucks. We named him Fiore since we think he looks like a flower that with the right medicine and love, will soon bloom. We need help with donations to make that become reality.

Tracey and Megan flew in a couple of days from the States to help out. Stumpy was so in Amore heaven.

Here they come Anna and Cindy, super volunteers that had the day before collected money on Base and then bought dog food that they brought with them. That's Amore
Thank you all made such a difference ...gave us smiles and the dogs hope. It was a very good day.
Mark, Brett, Nate, Cindy, Anna, Megan, Tracey, Angela with family, Olivia....fantastic Amore.


This is the weekly column in the magazine NARA. "To say goodbye to your friend"

Tjojs was with me when I started AWL in 2000. She was my inspiration and mentor.

(You can tranlsate the page on google)

Wonderful Kate sent me this beautiful poem;

If it should be

If it should be that I grow frail and
and pain should keep me from my sleep.
Then you must do what must be
for this the last battle can´t be won.
For this day more than the
Your love and friensdship stand the test.

We´re had so
many happy years.
You will be sad – I understand.
Don´t let your grief
then stay your hand.
What is to come can hold no fears.
You´d not want me
to suffer so,
when the time comes, please let me go.
Take me where my
needs they´ll tend.
Only stay with me to the end.
And hold me firm and
speak to me,
until my eyes no longer see.

I know in time you
will see,
It is a kindness you do to me.
Although my tail it´s last has
from pain and suffering I´ve been saved.
Don´t grieve that it
should be you,
who has to decide this thing to do.
We´re been so close –
we two these years.
- don´t let your heart hold any tears


Last Sunday awl had a food drive to Rosella Shelter out in Accera. We also donated antibiotic
Mark, Cindy, Anna, Olivia, Angela with family, Brett, Nate, John, Megan, Tracey, Todd, Mia THANK YOU.
Brett did a great job, it was 32 C the sun was strong.

Nate, carried also alot of heave bags. Rosella was so happy for the donations. Thank you guys for making a difference.

That's Amore.

Monday, July 12, 2010


In three days we had a food drive to 400 dogs at Adreanes shelter in Liccola area. I am amazed of all the people that helped us collecting all the bags of dog food and cans of wet food, and treats. Rita and Jacke Schneider, AFN Navy Base, Andreas Baum, Canada forces, Jessica Pigott, Mr. Manici and Mr. Palumbo, Mark Vasallo, Tammy Hampikian who did a great job collecting over 20 bags and 50 cans of wet food. You guys are Amore.
We say over and over that it is not about who does the most, its about working together to give the animals a better life. Simone and her friend from Voci nell Ombra were
were there and helped us unload the food. That's Amore

My mission Worker Miss Olivia helped to unload the Truck

We had just before picked up our wonderful Supporters from USA, Megan and Tracey and they helped unload too, and afterwards we walked around and gave all the dogs treats. That's tasty Amore!

Truck and SUV loaded with dog food....unloading in 36C

Adreane was so touched, and is so thankful to all you who donated the dog food. Garzie Amore!
Donations from , thank you Craig Kleber USA, Herbert Boutwell USA/IT, Tracy L Nettle USA, Carol Amarosi USA, Ulla Linders, Sweden, Marianne Johansson, Sweden, Milla Bokemark Sweden. Lynn Woodall GB/IT, Marie Wells GB/Italy, Marua IR/IT,
You are all great big Amore, I love you all THANK YOU

Sunday, July 11, 2010


The last couple of days have been really tough, emotionally heartbreaking. My beloved queen, Tjojs, has not done so well with her back legs, but it has come and gone. Every time I have said to myself that now is the time, she has come trotting past me like, "What are you talking about?"

Wednesday, I could see her pain, even if Tjojs was a tricky one with high pain-tolerance level. I called and told my veterinarian now was the time, could he come tomorrow?

It killed my heart to see her mind being clear, still communicating with me and the pack, still being the dominant soul in the pack. But to see her pain, falling down the two steps outside, the difficulty not coming up very fast and well on the slippery floor. But the question kept running trough my head, "Was it the time?"

I struggled with the question. I certainly didn't want to take her too early. I cherish each day with her, and didn't want to "play God." I also worried about my ego causing me to wait too long, to condemn her to too much pain to satisfy my selfish desire to keep her with me.

She was my "mentor". We had so many adventures together; she was with me on radio and TV interviews, in many Magazines, She was used in my seminars and workshops, and was featured in all my three books. She was the queen of our pack here, and will be sorely, sorely missed by all. Bye Tjojs, see you across the Rainbow Bridge one day --- please wait for me! I love you, you were the Amore.

Tjojs: Sweden April 1996- Italy July, 2010 -- Rest in Peace, dear soul.