Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year --- BuonAnnoNuovo

photo (c)K. GOPINATHAN

Our wish is that everyone can help us to make a great change for our furry friends. Please continue to help Animals Without Limits to make the life better for the animals.

Happy New Year to You with a big Amore Heart
Il nostro desiderio e che tutti i nostri amici pellosi quest anno troveranno un po di pace e un mondo un po migliorato. Perfavore continuate a sopportare Animals Without Limits per rendere la vita migliore per tanti animali.
Buon anno Nuovo a tutti voi !

Give Them A Great 2009

On the 28th December (for better or worse) I took into my/our care, 2 puppies. They had been abandened on the house construction site opposite our parco and a couple of children from our parco had found them.
Apparently they were from a litter of 5 all of whom were trying to be sold by a native - unsuccessfully - a couple of days before that. So these two were just dumped.

Yesturday I took them to Dr Dorothea Fritz's animal rescue and vets surgery to see if they could take them in. They couldn't and the rescue center is now closed for the whole of January. They did however give them a general health check, the results of which are:- General health appears good - their temperatures were normal. They are about 8 weeks old of unknown breed/s - expected to mature to between small and medium sized adults.
They received 'Frontline' anti-flea treatment and are also now having a course of worming tablets. They can be neutured from 3 months and begin their innoculation programme around the same time.

The dynamic duo are: A bitch who has been called 'Katie' - light brown fur with pale brown eyes.
A dog who has been called 'Teilo' - tricolour coloured fur with dark brown eyes. Now that they have been fed, watered and warmed, they are bright, alert, keen, and already making efforts on the house-training front.
Does anyone know of someone/a family who would like these two?
I know that this is a big ask but we cannot keep them; our circumstances don't allow it nor does the time frame for innoculations/pet passport quirements.
All the kit that they now have (bowls, food, bedding, dirt box and pads) will be going with them.

With many thanks. Becky Masters

Saturday, December 27, 2008

What is Honor?

Our recent trip to feed the dogs at an area shelter brought me face-to-face with this lovely lady (the one to the left).

Clearly old, slow moving, maybe hard of hearing. Possibly addled from the confusion and frustration of being incarcerated with 70 other yapping, barking, wailing dogs.

She very much reminded me of my own Tjojs: the heart still willing, but the body wearing out and that causing frustration and saddness.

I knew immediately that I wanted to provide this lady a proper final time on this earth.

My estimate is that in her current living conditions, or where the authorities will put her when she is taken from the current shelter, is less than 3 months. With luck, and love, we could possibly give her over 6 months, and a condition fitting for such a matriarch.

Current drama and the ongoing situation is complicating things to make this happen. Still, there is a chance, and we will work to make it happen.

Please keep "Lupa" and AWL in your Amore prayers.

Photos Copyright (C) 2008, Todd A. Mercer. All Rights Reserved.
Text Copyright (C) 2008, Mia Mattsson-Mercer. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Shelter in Need, NOW! Canile in bisogno di aiuto ORA

Copyright (C) 2008, Todd A. Mercer (photos) and text Mia Mattsson-Mercer

AWL got kind of good news about the shelter that you saw on the video the 17th-- or the pictures I have posted more recently. The judge had directed to close down the shelter after Christmas, and the dogs would be transferred to another shelter named by many locals "Death Waiting Shelter"

Thousands of dogs on top of each other, cold wet concrete, in their own feces, waiting to die (but earning the owners 125 euros a month for each soul incarcerated there).

This shelter they are at now is horrible (watch the video), but we are all trying to get the dogs out for adoption or into foster homes. As horrible as this shelter is, it is actually better than where they would go to from there. But, our time is running out.

But are they being fed now over Christmas?

AWL has a plan but we need more time. We want 2-3 months, but the judge gave the shelter "solo" one month. Our dead line is the end of January!
I cannot close my eyes.

Please believe in AWL's goal, plan and wish. We will tell you along the way what we are me.

These dogs are getting feed every 4-5 days....Since this shelter is under investigation/court order, and people have been convicted, we are walking on eggshells right now. So believe me when I can not yet write down all information. I have to be very careful, not to step on any one's innocent feet, or insult others, and the most important thing, to avoid jeopardising the animals life's.
We need money, foster homes, adoptions, volunteers that are willing to help AWL one weekend in January. I will assure you that it will be an adventure, but I will hold your hand and bring you into education and experience. Believe me, you will feel the gratitude from the Universe, me, AWL and the most important....the Amore dogs that are giving their life into your hands.

AWL ha delle buone novita al riguardo il canile di quale abbiamo parlato un po di tempo fa. (potete vedere il video dal 17/12 ) o le fotografie, Il giudice ha deciso di chiudere questa struttura dopo natale, e questo significa che i cani veranno messi in un altro canile lager ancora piu terribile. La aspetteranno solo la morte.
Tantissimi cani messi insieme, pavimenti freddi e bagnati, vivendo dentro i feci. Aspettando solo di morire. (Ma guadagnando 125 euros al mese per il proprietario per ogni cane.).
La struttura dove si trovano ora e terribile. ( guardate video ) ma stiamo tutti cercando di tirare fuori piu cani possibile e metterli in famiglie che li vogliono adottare o in famiglie che li possono ospitare per un periodo. Anche se questo canile dove si trovano ora e terribile comunque e meglio rispetto a dove si troveranno entro qualche mese . Purtroppo non abbiamo tanto tempo...

Ma vengono dati da mangiare durante natale?
AWL ha un progetto. vogliamo 2-3 months, ma il giudice ci ha dato "solo" un mese. Dobbiamo essere pronti max per fine gennaio!
Non riesco a chiudere i miei occhi.
Per favore credete in AWL's in quello che vogliano fare e in quello che desideriamo, Vi diremmo col tempo quello che sta succedendo e quello che stiamo facendo. fidatevi di me.
Questi cani vengono dati da mangiare ora da noi ogni 4-5 giorno. Visto che la struttura sta sotto sequestro / investigazione, e ce gente che e stata denunciata , dobbiamo stare molto molto attenti ora. Quindi credete mi quando dico che non posso scrivere tutto l informazione ora. I devo stare molto attenta. per non insultare nessuno inocente e piu importante di tutto per non rischiare la vita di questi cani.

Abbiamo bisogno di Soldi , adozioni, volunteers che sono in grado e che vogliono aiutare AWL durante un weekend a gennaio. Vi posso assicurare che sara un avventura ma vi aiuteró con tutto io, con la mia esperienza e la mia educazione. Credetemi quando dico che sentirete un grande "grazie" dal universo , da me e da AWL e sopratutto da tutti questi adorabili cani che mettono la loro vita nei vostri mani.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Family to Feed - Nuovo Familgia

(photo; Olivia and I are hiding in the bush after feeding them)

For some months now I have fed a pack of dogs by the skeleton house were Truffle and Hunty were "living" before ( see earlier on blog). As for Truffle and Hunty, I haven't seen them in a while now. I guess the new pack took over their territory. Hard nature, surviving is a hard lecture on this world!

The new pack has 6 puppies that are now included on my feeding list. They are very afraid of the humans, so Olivia and I we sit and watch them at a proper distance. I try to explain for Olivia that they have a better chance to survive if we leave them alone.

The dog catchers will have a harder time putting these into the dog shelters. And people who are afraid of dogs don't have to hit them, the puppies are safer away from us.

That is one hard Amore lesson!

Da qualche mese do sempre da mangiare a un branco di cani che si trovano nella casa abbandonata dove prima cera Truffle e Hunty. Riguardando Truffle e Hunty non li ho visti da un po di tempo. Credo che il nouvo branco ha preso la loro casa ...e dura la natura. ma sopravivere diventa per i animali la cosa piu importante.
Il nuovo branco hanno 6 piccoli cuccioli che ora stanno messi sulla mia lista di "dare da mangiare " .
Loro hanno molta paura di persone , quindi io e Olivia ci mettiamo sempre un po da lontanto per vederli. Cerco sempre di spiegare a Olivia che hanno un piu grande possibilita di sopravivere se hanno paura di noi persone e che e meglio che li lasciamo stare . cosi quelli che prendono i cani e li rimettono al canile avranno piu difficolta a prenderli. E cosi anche persone ch ehanno paura di cani non devono "picchiarli " etc perche non si avicineranno.
Questa e una lezione molto dura ma piena di Amore.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Drama Without Limits....what a week it was last week and in away it still is.

I say it again and again, if I could just work with the dogs I would be so happy.

Well, that is not just true, there are some people I love to work with. But I cannot work with drama queens, they are like insecure dogs....howling and talking too much about what other people should do or not do, and nothing gets done. It makes me crazy.

I try to value my time since I have to divide it between so many people, and animals. When I try to cut the meetings short, some can think I am rude.

Many ask me how I can do everything I am doing, my answer to that is: anyone can do it if they get off the phone and plan their day. One will be amazed how much they can do in just a 2 hour mission a day.

I love going out on missions with the AWL veterinarian, she is quiet and observes the strays, and learns about them by "only" watching.

I love going on missions with my daughter Olivia who is 3 years old. She never wastes any time on talking about how terrible this world is....she is observing and solving, with a beautiful view from a young Amore perspective.

To all you who ask me I can only say this; talk less, get information by listening, and then solve problems with team work.

The best hunters are the silent ones! That is so Amore true.
Drama Without Limits....Che settimana !!! la settimana scorsa e ancora lo e !lo dico di buovo e di nuovo ,se potessi lavorare solo con i cani sarei cosi contenta. o non e completamente vero , ci sono anche delle persone con le quali amo lavorare. Ma non riesco proprio a lavorare con "dramaqueens " sono come cani insicuri. Abbaiano soltanto dicendo cosa dovrebbero fare gli altri invece di fare qualcosa da soli. Parlano soltano e cosi non si fa niente. Questo mi fa uscire matta. Io cerco di valutare il mio tempo, di dividerlo tra cosi tanti animali e persone. Quando cerco di tenere il discorso korto tendo a sembrare magari un po rude. Molti mi chiedono come faccio a fare tutto, la mia risposta a loro e : tutti possono fare se mettono giu il telefono e se si mettono invece a organizzare la loro gornata. Si sorprenderanno d quanto tempo avranno al loro disposizione. in due ore al giorno si puo fare tanto ! Amo uscire e fare missioni con il veterinario di AWL lei e silenziosa , osserva e impara solo guardandoli. Amo andare a fare missioni con la mia piccola figlia Olivia che ha solo 3 anni. Lei non sprecca mai tempo parlando di quanto sia terribile il mondo. Lei osserva e cerca di risolvere nel suo modo. Con l amore di una bambina piccolina.A tutti voi posso dire questo ; Parlate meno , prendete informazione ascoltando altri , e poi risolvi con teamwork!
I migliori cacciatori sono quelli silenziosi!
That is so Amore true.

A Shelter in Need, II

Please, we are running out of time! We need foster homes and adoptions for the innocent dogs who will be cast away in a sea of agony after Christmas if we don't find a solution. This time I am on my knees for YOU. Please help them!

Copyright (c) 2008, Todd A. Mercer. All Rights Reserved. No one is allowed to copy the pictures without AWL approval.

Perfavore abbiamo pochissimo tempo , abbiamo bisogno urgentamente di adozioni, soldi per tutti i cani inocenti .Che dopo natale veranno messi in agonia in un canile ancora piu brutto. Dobbiamo trovare una soluzione per tutti
. Questa volta vi prego davvero con tutto il mio cuore ! Perfavore , vi prego aiutateli !

Copyright (c) 2008, Todd A. Mercer. All Rights Reserved. No one is allowed to copy the pictures without AWL approval.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Shelter in Need

(C) Todd Mercer pictures

Saturday we went in to the Shelter in need. What can I say?
Sabato siamo andati in un canile in bisogno di aiuto,,, cosa posso dire ?
If you looked at the video I posted last Friday, you will understand that AWL need all the help to help the 70 dogs that are in this Shelter.
Se avete visto il video che ho messo venerdi scorso, capirete che AWL ha bisogno di tutto l aiuto possibile per aiutare i 70 cani che si trovano in questa struttura.
Have you helped someone you don't know?
Hai aiutato qualcuno che non conosci ?

We are puppies and no one plays with us!

The pictures will talk. Now it is up to you.
AWL are going out tomorrow again with more food and Amore and it is not enough.
Noi siamo dei cuccioli , giocate con noi!
Le fotografie parlano. Ora tocca a voi.
AWL tornera domani con ancora piu cibo e amore ma non basterá .

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rescued-Adopted from a Horrible Shelter-Salvato -Addotato da un canile terribile

Animals Without Limits volunteer Erika, with boyfriend Enzio, rescued this beautiful, wonderful little guy. He was in a terrible condition with his fur, feces and mud matted all over his body. But already after only 3 days out with love, walking on a leash with dog friend Tiffany he is not so scared any more.
Animals Without Limits volunteer Erika, con il fidanzato Ezio hanno salvato questo bellissimo, dolcissimo cagnolino, Stava in condizioni non terribile, spaventatissimo, sporchissimo , con fango e feci che copriva tutto il suo corpo. Ma solo dopo 3 giorni con tanto amore , passegiate con la (ora diventata) sorellina "tiffany" non ha piu paura

This is a fury, warm Amore story! Thank you Erika and Enzio and Tiffany!
Questa e una storia calda piena di amore, Grazie erika , ezio e Tiffany

Good People Helping Part II--Persone buone aiutano parte II

Yesterday I wrote about good people helping, and one of the better shelters...let me be more clear.

This is a group of volunteers (CaniDiSommaVesuviana) that doesn't have their own shelter but goes around to different shelters and tries to help or get more information about their situation inside the shelter. Also they try to get the media awake about the problem; "business with animals"I wrote( even longer ago) about shelters were (are) getting 125 euro per dog, per day.
Big business, and it doesn't mean that they have to keep the dogs healthy or clean.

CaniDiSommaVesuviana are trying to get to these horrible dog shelters and it was Channel 7 that made this documentary about terrible conditions animals has to go through-- in different levels.
But, they also want to show that some shelters has become a little better. This is hard work!

So my hat off for the volunteers, and no Amore to be people who just sees the money in suffering animals kept alive.

Ieri ho scritto di persone che aiutano e di uno dei migliori canili di questa zona. ora cerco di spiegarmi meglio. Ce un gruppo di volontari(CaniDiSommaVesuviana) che non hanno la loro canile ma che vanno in giro per i canili per trovare raccolgere informazione su i cani e trovare adozioni. "business with animals"Iho scritto( ancora piu tempo fa) che era di un canile dove i propritari guadagnavano 125 euro per cane al giorno. . Big business, ma non significa che devono tenere i cani sani o puliti...
CaniDiSommaVesuviana cercano di adottare i cani da queste strutture non tanto belle. ed era canale 7 che aveva fatto questo documentario che no nominato prima. in questo si vede la situazione di questi anime situazioni un po meno e un po piu male. .
Ma fanno anche vedere che certi canile sono migliorate un po. bellissimo lavoro !Quindi un grande grazie da parte mia e della AWL a voi che fate di tutto per migliorare la situazione per questi animali.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Campania Evilness

Campania Dog Shelters, there is no number for how many there are, and like I said earlier on my blog, no high adoption numbers. For many years have I tried together with AWL to work against mistreatment of animals, many people ask why nothing is being done.

I have an answer for you...MONEY. As long as there is money involved they will continue with the evilness. As long as we don't get any money we cannot prevent the evilness.

Why do we not have more volunteers? No MONEY.

Around this area in Campania are some shelters being discovered by media, and many people are getting mad of what they have seen. Thanks to Internet the information and horror can reach YOU in your living room. BUT, some people choose to shut the computer off.
I urge you to contact media, to become a foster to one off these dogs, or adopt.
I urge you to volunteer, we "just" ask about a couple of hours.
Give them a good warm Christmas!

Good People Helping

One of the better Shelters. Watch the video below on their web site. It is in Italian, but the pictures describes better than thousands words.

Amore to them who works hard to make this place a better world for the animals.

Please Help US &Them

After you watched this video, contact me and tell me you want to help Animals Without Limits. We will pay for the medical costs, YOU pay with your love, Amore!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Oscar is Getting Ready

(read about Oscar on the blog, October month)

Oscar is doing wonderfully.

He gained 15 kg and is now a 30 kg (66 lb), fantastic goof. The veterinarian said he looked great. Gosh are we proud?

Much Amore to foster mother Steph who is doing the work. We have other great news about Oscar, and we will post them later on when everything is ready.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Sunny needs a loving home, in return, you will get plenty of AMORE

Sunny is...a sunny sweet loving dog in his best years. 2-3 the veterinarian think. He was found in the garbage here in Campania. Please give him Amore

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Animal Friends

Best Amore Friends! Relaxing time for Olivia and Trooper, tired Animal Without Limits workers.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Truffle & Hunty

My sweet stray dogs Truffle & Hunty. Still feeding them nearly every day.
I miei dolcissimi randagi Truffle e Hunty. Li diamo ancora da mangiare quasi ogni giorno.
They are both full of Amore. When I see them, my heart is being pumped by love, and when leaving them, my heart is cloaked in sadness.
Amore, Amore why is amore painful so many times?

Sono due cani pieni di amore, quando li vedo il mio cuore si riempia con tanto amore, e quando li devo lasciare la mi si spezza invece dalla tristezza.. Ma perche amore deve fare cosi male ?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Zara is Home / Zara e tornata a casa !

(Anche in Italiano)
Another happy moment, and a near miracle, to celebrate in our home is that Zara could leave the veterinarian cage, and come back home to the freedom. After being so near death on Wednesday morning to be able to take her home on Friday was... well, amazing. Thank you for all the prayers I know were being said for her.

Before picking her up, the children and I went food shopping for the Christmas Party we would have. To be able to make Swedish meatballs, I bought a lot of ground beef for the traditional Christmas table.

All the bags were in the front and Zara was alone in the car for "just" a couple of minutes while I was paying the bill (arghhh ... 300 Euro).

Back home carrying in all the bags, Zara was happy to jump around in the garden. But where was all the ground beef.?

.....well in a happy, wealthy, healthy Amore dog's stomach.

Un altro momento di felicità e quasi un miracolo. Abbiamo celebrato il suo rientro a casa ! Finalmente ha potuto lasciare la gabbia dal veterinario e tornare nella libertà da noi. Dopo essere stata cosi vicina a morire mercoledi, per poi venerdi riprendersi completamente - incredibile ! Grazie, e so che tante pregere sono state fatte per lei in quei giorni. . . prima di venirla a prendere, i bambini ed io siamo andati a fare la spesa, per la festa di natale che dovevamo fare . Per poter fare polpette svedese ho dovuto comprare tanto di carne macellato. E altre cose per organizzare una cena piena di cose che si mangiano tradizionalmente in svezia.

Tutte le buste stavano avanti e avevamo lasciato Zara nella macchina giusto per qualche minuto..mentre io ero andata a pagare il vet (arghhh ...300 Euro )
una volta tornati a casa , Zara era contentissima di essere ritornata e di poter correre nel gardino di nuovo.. ma dovèra tutta la carne ???
....ovviamente stava dentro la pancia di un cane felice e molto molto sano....

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rat Poison!!

The research is scary, and many veterinarians tell me it is a big problem with people laying out rat poison. And it is not small amounts, it is several cans that people pour out.

Olivia and the dogs play where there is a big hole in the fence into an empty skeleton house. It is kind of ironic, the entrance gate is locked with a big chain, but a couple of meters away there is this big hole.

When I walked in there was this cat laying there and I can just imagine the slow and painful death she suffered, the animals are bleeding inside for 1-2 weeks before they die.

Two big jars of rat poison lay near the opening in the fence, and just the thought of Olivia playing with these jars made my heart beat faster.

I went and visited Zara today (read blog yesterday) and she is doing better, but still she has to be in the cage so she doesn't become too physically active, and start to bleed internally again. And she is very weak and tired.

The veterinarian showed me the blood test results from the lab and they were scary, she was so close to death!

I thank you all for your Amore thoughts, and I thank the Army Chaplain for his Amore prayer, for our Amore girl.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Children & Dogs

Wonderful children and animals, they communicate so well together if we let them. Bellissimi bambini e animali, communicano cosi bene, basta che li hanno la possibilità di farlo.

Zara, former stray so gentle and sweet to our 1 year old Max.
Zara, prima randagio , cosi dolce e brava con il nostro figlio Max di un anno.

"If you talk to the animals, they will talk to you,
and you will get to know each other.
If you do not talk to the animals,
you will not get to know them,
and what you do not know you will fear.
What you fear you destroy."
Chief Dan George

"Se parli con i animali, loro parleranno con te,
e vi conoscerete.
Se non parli con i animali,
non li conoscerai mai,
e quello che non conosci ti fara paurà.
e quello che ti fa paura , quello distruggerai."
Chief Dan George