Thursday, July 28, 2011


Animals Without Limits had its 2nd annual fundraiser sponsored by Hotel Agora and Global Agency last Friday.
We are all so wonderfully thankful to Jennifer Kreisler for supporting the animals as well as she does. She has her hands full with the hotel, a real estate agency and her family: her husband and two children. You mean the world to us and all the Campania Strays that are suffering from either a traffic accident or neglect.

And the band was fantastic! We were so thrilled that the band themselves provided 30 minutes extra for the AWL cause. Fantastic.


Of course someone came with a "bananbasket" with two abandoned puppies. They are now in a fosterhome and waiting for a furever home.

After a long hectic day, finally some vegetarian food.

After a long hectic day, and evening with tears and laughs, finally money and a drink

The guests were wonderful coming up and talking to us.

Bring the money in!!!

I love Patty, always so funny...Lynn our great cat lady

Chi Chi a wonderful multi talented lady.

Martina and Chiara Ricci for their gorgeous collection jewelry that was on sale, and helped support AWL from a portion of their proceeds.

Trina Grimes and Lynn Woodall sat at the entrance and kept us updated frequently about numbers of guests and how much money was coming in.

Puppy love. One girl and one boy that we named after Dicky and Star. 2 lives left us and 2 new came. Univers works in different ways.

Little one, we will do our best to give you a wonderful home.

Chi Chi and Patty helped at the information table.

We are always grateful to you Jennifer and Hotel Agora for your love and devotion to the animals, and your support for what AWL does in Campania. You are Amore. A big hug from all of us!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Last Friday was our big 2nd Annual Fundraiser at Hotel Agora. We had a busy day getting everything together. I was standing in the flower store ordering flowers for the AWL Awards at the charity when I got the tragic phone call that Dicky was getting worse; it was time to send him to the Rainbow Bridge. Read the memorial to Dicky down below— Totally drained emotionally we had to continue our event, it was now late afternoon and still I had to run into the hospice to feed the clients. Me, I wanted to lie in bed and grieve, cry and not talk to anyone. I loaded the SUV with tables, billboard, donations jars and drove to the hotel to set up our table. Lynn and Trine were there setting other things together (there will be another posting about the big event)

30 minutes before the opening Martina and Pio calls me. They have stopped on the road, a dog is badly hit and they need help. We throw ourselves into the SUV and drive down to where they are standing; on the ground is a stray so severely hit that my heart aches to see him. I know he is suffering.
His back was broken, his left eye was swollen, contorted and full of blood, and clearly he had inner bleeding and cranial trauma. I wanted him to get to the ER as fast as possible. By that time I wished we had a doggy stretcher because this was a fight to get him up.

He was scared and in a lot of pain and tried to defend himself-with all rights—I tried to put towels over his head (so he couldn’t see to snap at the hands trying to help him) and lift him up into the SUV, but his neck was going like holding a snake. He got hold of my hand, a warm sting felt in my arm. No time to whine in my evening dress, the dog was more important but at the same time we cursed the ones who had hit him and not stopped.

We all got in folding with towels and finally Todd got him up in the SUV. It was with big pain I closed the doors I knew that there was no way to save him only to end pain. Pio and Todd drove away to the animal ER, me and Martina dried the tears away, took deep breaths and entered the party.
A phone call from the clinic told us what we already knew; a forever-ending shot to end his suffering was the only responsible, carrying option. The rainbow bridge was a very busy place this day, and many tears were falling.

Later I was talking to some people and I mentioned what had happen. ”Yeah, we saw that dog crawling over the street earlier this evening.”
Stunned I looked at him and asked, ”And you didn’t stop?”

He was named Star in the paperwork. He was not alone, the ending was quick and not suffering, and never forgotten.
The bill was 170 euro, but this is what AWL stands for, helping ending pain and suffering.

That’s our AWL Amore goals.

Friday, July 22, 2011


I think it was one year ago we went out on a mission to Rossella’s shelter with food and some medicine. We were many volunteers, and it was a warm lovely day. We washed some dogs, brushed and walked as many shelter dogs as we could. In one small kind of dark box laid a very sick dog, just skin and bones. He looked very old, black and white short hair with gray around his mouth. His tail thumped, it never wagged, when he saw you in your eyes, the tail went ”thump, thump, thump”
I opened the cage door and his front legs were kind of crooked, he couldn’t walk hardly at all, he was in big pain. His legs were covered with deep wounds, and I could understand he had leishmaniosi and ehrlichia (tick disease). There was something about Dicky, his sad eyes filled with love! Thump, thump, thump” the tail said.

He had been found on the street badly hurt by a car and left to die. His broken front leg had to heal by itself. He was an easy target for the cruelty and diseases. A girl name Paola found him and another girl Giula brought him to this shelter.
I carried him outside the shelter and laid him down in the grass. I sat next to him and we talked; ”thump, thump, thump”

I made a promise to him when AWL would get the hospice, he would be picked up out of this shelter and would join us.
”thump, thump, thump”

I went out there again, and my heart ached from seeing him in pain laying in the dark on a concrete floor.

My heart warmed up when I heard

”thump, thump, thump.”

Finally in September 2010 we signed the contract for the hospice, and my husband drove out and picked him up. We were so happy to bring him into our warm, open, big doghouse, it was were the dogs who were sick, wounded or old would have their retreat before heading to the rainbow bridge.

A safe loving place, where they never have to be afraid of being hit, starved or mistreated or abandoned.

”Thump, thump, thump.”

Dicky slept outside in his new big bed with warm covers, he was very insecure to go in the house. We gave him his time. When food was being served Dicky was first, crooked legs but now being able to walk.

”Thump, thump, thump” said the tail, ”give me my food quick!”

When we volunteers came, Dicky was first by the gate, always and always,

”thump, thump, thump”

Everyone loved Dicky! One of our old clients, Tigro 15 years old, came with her long term spouse on the street, Angelo 18 years old. Tigro showed blind Angelo around the house, divorced him and moved out in the bed with Dicky.

”Thump, thump, thump”

Later, after a couple of months, Dicky he moved in the house, up on the couches... where he found he loved to sleep on the soft cushions. Two weeks ago it was time for the health test for the oldies, and blood was drawn for the test. Dicky who was only 8-9 years old was considered happy and young, but I told Dr Damiani to take a test anyway. We got the results and many of the oldies had something going on that we have to treat. But the devastating news was that Dicky had severe kidney failure and Dr Daminia was concerned. It was probably from being so sick a long time ago.

We started to treat him and after three days I felt something was not correct, his energy was off and his spirit seemed defeated. I texted my volunteer Marty, telling her what I felt, and that I would bring him in to Dr Damiani for observation. An answer came back, she had felt the same. The next day he didn’t greet by the gate, he didn’t lay in the couch—he laid in the corner in the garden looking at me,

”thump, thump, thump.”

I went in and took out the the pate’ that he loves. He didn’t want it.
Lynn and Trine drove him in to Dr Damiani, I called in and gave the rapport. He needed an IV.
The next day he became a little worse, we visited him, he didn’t look happy but still

”thump, thump, thump.”

I texted Martina I didn’t think he would make it much longer. Beautiful Martina, Pio and Angelina drove to Dr Damiani’s clinic and stayed for one hour with Dicky, the dog they loved so much,

”thump, thump, thump.”

The next day, Dr Fransesco called and told me it was time, Dicky was getting worse. My family and I dropped what we were doing on a very busy day, and drove quickly to the clinic. I texted all Dicky’s friends what was going to happen. I received so many beautiful messages back to tell him.
Dr Fransesco had carried him onto to a green nice stretcher inside but the door open for the sun to peek in, the birds singing. He had a hard time breathing and fluid came out from his nose, his eyes were closed. My 6 year old Olivia whispered ”Dicky don’t leave us”
”Thump, thump, thump.”

We held his paw, we kissed his face, we cried and whispered...”Dicky we love you, so many of us.”

Friday 22 July at 12.43, his tail stopped it’s friendly ”thump, thump, thump” forever more.

We miss you so much, small messages are laying to you in the hospice journal, on FB, Dicky you are remembered and Rossella wanted until the end what was best for you.
Our pain is so enormous and our hearts are in pieces, we miss hearing your ”thump, thump, thump” --- doggy Morse Code for ”Amore.”

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


William is a young male, not even one year old and already a broken heart.

He was chained up and the collar grew in his neck. Then he was kicked out on the street. Not been easy first chained up and then kicked out, he got a broken heart. He wants to be assured that you love him and he loves to follow and eat from your hand.

He is a sweetheart with children and people.

Lynn introduced me to him and told me he had a bad ear infection. On our way we stoped and bought medicine and dog pate'

He was so sweet, let me dig in his ears, and he was gentle to Olivia 6 years old (daughter )

I am in love.

Thank you Lynn and Trine for looking after, and telling and escorting AWL so we can help make it easier for the strays. That's Amore!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Luna with her Italian friends came out and washed dogs. They were all so sweet and full of life. Also, they brought dog food, so beautiful girls (and one man) Thanks Chiara for being the contact person.

Benny our digger was in his best mood. I can soon plant trees. He was washed by the volunteers and afterward he rolled in dirt. He is an Amore dirt bag :-)

GIRLPOWER!!! We had asked some guys to come and help carry down a stinky sofa, but they were home in bed ;-) SO we girlpower did it (ok one guy)

Volunteers gave so much Amore. What a great joyful day. The dogs were in "heaven" with getting all the kisses and love.

Great Lenny helped organize medicines. Its not easy when it is in Italian.

Lynn and Trine rescued this beautiful wonderful young female, Scrawny. Olivia and I picked her up and went out to Lega Pro having her spayed. Lynn and Trine went out some hours later and picked her. Trine is now fostering her. That's Amore!

Great volunteer, Leah. Thank you so much for all your help.

As always, Martina gives a lot of Amore to our wonderful girl Talia (she is up for adoption, Talia)

We had so much fun the whole weekend, so many came and made the clients day more filled with sunshine. Thank you all, you are Amore!


Thursday, July 14, 2011


For a couple of years now have they been building a new NATO base close to where we live, after years of construction it will finally be open next year. Before it was just a big open space for many strays to have their litters, pack meetings and living. But now many people are driving there, building and closing in the area.

A woman, Lynn, has her "own" couple of strays that she has been feeding for several years, but now when the bushes are being torn down, more dogs seem to shows up wanting to be fed.

Many strays are pleased to see humans who give them treats, food and water, and maybe a pat on their head. AWL is starting to be worried when all new comers are coming and dogs will be taken in, and many probably will be cast off and out again, less capable to defend themselves (because they will have lost the instincts to survive on their own by then).

What do you do? They are lovely, you want to take them in but there is no room, no one wants to foster and it is the season of vacation when pets are being dumped on the streets. The adoption agency said their adoption line have never ever been so quiet as now.

So we decided that we should at least try to spay and neuter, and then release them back.

No more puppies!

My daughter Olivia and I went there and caught one young female (21 kg).
So scared, she curled up in the back of my SUV. I felt so bad and I hated this part of the work that I do. I had to constantly convince myself that this was better than nothing.

We left her at the clinic Lega Pro Animale and since she was a "return"
we could pick her up after a couple of days. I was pleased, since if something would happen, she was under good care.

Some days later, me and Olivia returned. She refused to walk on a leech so I had to carry her, she was ok with that.

We drove to the place where we picked her up but the gates were closed. I told Olivia we would have to release her outside, she could find a way in.

Suddenly an Italian Military van came up and out jumped a man in uniform shouting/yelling "You are not allowed to dump any dogs!"

Surprised at first but then I tried to explain to him what we were doing and why. He sighed and told me he had heard that before.

Olivia and I started to laugh so badly that I guess he thought we were totally crazy.

We drove off giggling and to the hospice were Talia now is staying. I don't think

I want to do this spay and neuter release project anymore.

I was told I should put her back in the dark. But myself as the president of AWL, of course has a lot of eyes on me. Since we go after those who abandon dogs I bet they are waiting in the bushes to catch me.

That would be their laughing Amore!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Once again, she came to visit us! A wonderful AWL supporter, and a true friend, she flew in to have a couple of days vacation. From her vacation resort she took a taxi 2 hours to come and visit our hospice.

Our wonderful, loyal animal supporter and friend Tracey. All the way from Los Angeles, she wanted to see us. Despite our selfish desire to have her with us longer, and in our sadness, she could only stay one day.

But what a woman! How many would do this?

She also was a lovely courier. Her ex-husband Craig Kleber, donated $2000 dollars, and Tracey brought the check.

(The money is in memory of Robyn Wire, per Craig's wish)

We love to have Tracey here, everyone loves her from Olivia and Max to all the hospice animals, to of course me.

We thank you Tracey for your loyal, loving support. You embody true Amore and also Craig.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Thank you Chiara for helping with spay and neutering project. You are true Meow Amore.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I think this blog entry is the most difficult I've had to write, so many emotions are involved. Robyn Wire pulled out a lot from we humans, our honesty and miseries to name a few emotions. She reunited people and she got people to break up with each other. She brought out positive words and thoughts, she brought out negative talk.

It still hurts, I still look into her former room and wait for her to look at me with those big, curious, scared and wild eyes. She was desperate for her freedom and we "saved" her from her freedom when she tried to escape.

We were afraid of letting her back in the wilderness with only three legs, afraid she wouldn't survive. Ironic now!

Some wanted her to be put down to sleep, we got horrified at the thought.
Ironic now!

You can read her story from earlier blogs.

As you know, she stayed at the hospice were we were many who loved and cared for her. Every day we sat in her room with her. Lynn brought a fan so she could be cooler. Pio was the first one to take her on a leash, walking her out. It was magic to see her, and how she trusted us volunteers.

She destroyed a whole room, so eager to get out. The balcony door was so eaten and chewed that the windows were falling out, our bookcase totally destroyed and the door --- she ate her through a double door. Pio had safe-proofed the whole yard, likewise had Patty. High steel fence surrounded the garden, and she did fine with the other clients. We were five shifts during the days, and during the night they were all locked in their rooms. She was amazing on three legs, better than those with four legs. She jumped up on 1 meter high walls, tried to jump from balconies, climbed fences from a big pen she was locked in (It's in the middle of the yard).

Plans were made for her. A special handicapped harness was ordered for her back in the States by her special sponsor, Craig.

Tammy (she and her husband originally found her in the woods) contacted Best Friend org in the States, Ms Jill asking them to save Robyn at their Sanctuary for animals with special needs.

But on this recent day we lost Robyn in a tragic accident. Still I can see it, still I can smell. It was (is) a big shock, and still I see her when I close my eyes. Finally she got her freedom. Martina, Pio and I buried her in my yard. It was a painful education what brought out the truth in many of we humans.

You never know if you are doing the right thing, until you have the future in your hands. Maybe that's Amore.

RIP Robyn Wire, you were a true fighter.

Saturday, July 2, 2011



My Italian animal friend Max Inturri made this very true sign/poster.