Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Help for the strays

Up on our main road there is an animal store, with a great lady who answers to the name Antionetta.

Every day, before coming in to open up her store, she feeds up to 30 strays around our village! Outside her store there are always bowls with water and food. Sometimes the strays walk by eating a little and later move on down the hectic road, but some stops for good. Sometimes they get to sleep inside her store over the night.

This is true "cani" Amore lady!

Veterinarian on AWL missions

Animals Without Limits is delighted to report, that we now have a fantastic veterinarian (Inga) with us in the Animal SUV going out on missions. It is so educating and life saving.... and time saving. Before, we guessed at ailments and brought the dogs in to the veterinarian clinic for treatments. Now Inga and I can diagnose and treat directly on the spot, or if it is an emergency we will bring them into LegaProAnimale, but with the foreknowledge of the problem. Inga diagnosed my dear little stray Pimpinella (who comforted me at the cemetary when we buried Ranger) that she has a Hernia. I made a phone call to the vet, and tomorrow I am bringing her in for surgery--and a three legged Pit Bull for castration, as well.

We also are now able to do "following ups" with our dogs, if they need to be medicated we return to the dog every day until he/she is healed.

I have seen and heard about some people from different organizations/foundations that go out on the street and try to rescue dogs. Many don't know how to approach stray dogs on the street and they end up chasing the dogs out onto the street... potentially getting hit and killed by a car. Certainly, putting them at risk. Not what is desired.

Many are also placing emotional aspects onto the animals, transfering human emotions onto the animal. For instance, they may try to comfort a sick or scared dog by hugging or kissing (it is not a baby). This could scare the dog more than anything, since they are not used to this type of contact. Moreover, kissing a dog with unknown diseases, can result in infections on the human. Nobody should want scabs on their lips from kissing a stray!!

One "rescuer" put the puppies she picked up in her back-pack, and went walking around in hopes of finding families to take them in. In the process, two suffocated and the other one vomitted and had di arrhea (and later died from dehydration). This is tragic, and a case where the attempted solution was worse than the problem. Not to mention, what horrible, cruel way to die!

Even after 10 years working with strays-- including in war zones, and having had had educators with me --- I realized that every situation is about a life and what I do is very important for many lives, human and animal.

Having "Dottore Inga" with AWL is fantastic Amore to many strays and people.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Blankets, Warm Amore

Yesterday on my way with the children to a party being held by one of Olivia's classmates, I had to stop and give two strays something warm to lay on.
In a big parking lot, two sweet dogs were laying resting/sleeping on the cold concrete.

Thanks to Sabine (Germany) I could stop and lay out two very nice blankets on the ground, under a big roof.

The two medium size "brothers" waged their tails and went directly to them and laid down.

Next to them was a plate of food, that "some" kind person had given them.

It felt like warm Amore!

Sabine and her husband also donated collars, leashes, a crate and blankets before moving back home!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What Takes the Most Time?

A woman asked me this today, "Mia, what takes the most time?"

I realized she was asking about the job in the Foundation, so I thought for one minute and then said, "People who call me!" She didn't understand, so I explained.

Some people call to tell me they have a wounded dog laying around by their house, or that their dog needs to see an veterinarian. I tell them what to do, where to go, and even to use my name. But some people get very frustrated that I or anybody else in the foundation doesn't drop everything and get the dog(s). I try to explain that we are driving a lot during the day(s) (paying for our own gas) picking up sick or dying animals that we see on the street. And, in the afternoon and evenings we have our family time.

I don't want my children to be roaming around in a car full with sick animals. And, my first priority is being a mother... and we all do this for free.

Animals without Limits works during early hours until late lunch time. Since the animals are out roaming during that time. But our job is also to educate people what to do and when; they get free advice over the phone. We need you to do your part too, helping the sick animal. If you cannot, maybe your neighbor can, or husband. It is all about saving lives.

When I ask for an update later, I never hear from the person(s) again. I send text message or e mail, but nothing. That is a shame, we are all here to provide as much Amore we can.

PS. BUT MY hat off for you who help us a lot.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

An Amore Invitation

This morning I found this Amore invitation in my e mail box and I want to pas it on to YOU!

"Blessing of the Animals Pet Blessing Ceremony
Saturday, 4 October 2008 9:00am at Carney Park! All pet owners and their pets are invited to attend Meet in the NOR Center parking lot near the flag poles.
Hope to see you there! Teri "

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Eric Needs Your Help

Lin is an English lady whom has fed Eric (picture alone) for over four years now. Every evening at 19.00 she shows up at the parking lot where Eric and two other dog friends of his are.
This parking lot is in a "crazy corner" and the traffic is hectic and "crazy" I don't think I would survive one week there, but Eric has.

Eric needs to be examine by an veterinarian! He is getting old. Lin doesn't think he will survive another winter, and one eye is getting grey.

Me, and Animals Without Limits dream is to open up a sanctuary for older dogs, so they can have a quiet and healthy ending of their long rough life. With people like Lin, it has made it a little bit easier down the road for Eric, together with his long term friends.

This is heart warming Amore! We need your help with donations, and it will become warmer Amore!

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Friend Adapting

Introducing a new dog into your home can take up to six months before he adjusts. To feel comfortable knowing you, his new home and perhaps his new "friends".

That made me realize the same happened to me, and my children. With Olivia and me, we bonded right away, but with Max it actually took little more than six months.

Same with animals and families. That's why it is important not to compare or to remember the former dog "to much". It is easy, but dangerous!

It is an Amore to see every individual life as unique and special.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Internet Problems... again

Deja vu in the casa this weekend. The internet connection (and phone line) went down early Saturday. We hope for repair on Monday, but for right now, I'm not able to make a post. Please check back soon.

Reminds me of a year ago when we went without internet for over 2 months! Urgh!

No internet Amore here!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Palin & Wild Life

Sara Palin view on Wild Life hunting.

No Vote Amore Mrs Palin.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dogs in Danger USA

A heart breaking website I found that is doing a fantastic, difficult job. I looked into their Memorial Page and my tears kept falling and falling.

Some people say that it is better for the dogs to be euthanized, but looking at these pictures it kills my heart that many people are turning their heart and eyes away from these dogs who are mankind's best friends.

It doesn't have to be like this. If only people could be responsible. Spay and Neuter. Responsible breeding. Responsibility period.

A life is a life, and we owe it to create a safe warm home for everybody--when a heart beats--that is life--that is Amore

"It may be uncomfortable for some to see lists of names and photos of dogs scheduled to be euthanized, but, the truth is uncomfortable. By making it personal, we believe more people will be compelled to help these dogs. Thus dogsindanger.com refuses to present a sanitized version of the truth. Our ultimate goal is to see a day where healthy and treatable animals are no longer killed by their most trusted friends. "

Dogs in Danger

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lost Project Dog

(This story began 6 September... read below)

The Ipercoop project is not going that well and the reasons are different, and many.

I went back to the shopping center and found out that one out of the three dogs was missing. He was the sweetest and least harmful out of the three dogs. According to the store workers I talked to, he got kicked away in a harsh way, that made him disappear. The other two were still outside the store when I visited, but no sign of the one pictured.

Based on my experience and knowledge, it must have been in a "very not nice way" because "just" being scooped away doesn't make a dog leave his pack, not when you are "just a young dog"

I have been there asking around, but many people don't care, they just shrug their shoulders. One dog among thousands. I can almost hear them thinking, "Come on lady you've got to be kidding!"

My heart bleeds, and it is a lost Amore feeling.

Ramada Halaslaughter Dahbiha

Different videos from different countries shows Islamic slaughter from Nordic blog

I do agree about what Nordic says about the West's way of slaughtering animals is not being cute either, but for Amore sake. Why did God create us all, living souls if it wasn't for learning how to respect each other? Sweden is one out of four countries that demand that animals have to be tranquilised before slaughter since it takes up to several minutes before the animals are losing consciousness by having their throat cut. (18 th century veterinarians started fighting to give the animals this law, 50 years later the law would finally be enacted)

I remember when I saw this happening to a lamb in front of my house in Bosnia 2001. I was not prepared to witness this terrible ritual. A little boy was standing, sucking on a lollipop, holding his mother's hand. No reaction from the people while the lamb was laying gurgling in his own blood, slowly, slowly dying.

I fell down on my carpet begging to my God for the lamb to die quickly. The people downstairs were begging to their God for the lamb as a gift to him.

I don't know who's God listened!

Painful Amore!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Wonderful Animal Story

I wrote about "Dustflake" last Thursday, September 4 th, that was found by friend and AWL sponsor/supporter Ylva, brought in their parco, then to LegaProAnimale for check and fix up.

Last Monday we picked her up, and it was a happy, playful and energetic "new"dog. I have never seen such a transformation in such a short time.

Ylva tells me she is wonderful. No accidents inside, she follows them, sleeps on her little bed in her "private" area inside the house. Nils, (pictured) she adores, and curls up to him, she doesn't say or do anything when he with his toddler hands pulls her leg or fur.

I always get amazed, and it never stops surprising me, how fantastic these "former" strays are, coming in from a life on the street, and adjust themselves with great love and admiration for their new family.

By the way, her name is WILMA

More people should see this, and explore it too. This is fantastico Amore!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Wonderful Help to AWL

Animals without Limits wants to thank a fantastic sponsor, Jessica Lingonstierna in Sweden.

I personally think she is one of the best web designers in Sweden. It was with a lot of courage and ice in my stomach that I asked her if she could create/design Animals Without Limits homepage.

From our heart, and all the animals, you Jessica are helping us so much by creating a great and beautiful, informative site. This is Amore!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

AWL Donations Distributed

Together with Animals Without Limits volunteer Chris, we today delivered eight (8) bags of food, collars and leashes and two new blankets to the Cimitero per Animali (Cemetery for animals).

I have earlier on this blog told you about this beautiful and peaceful place, and how the "stray animals" there are comforting and healing you through your grief. The cimitero owners are taking care of an ever-growing group of strays --- dogs and cats --- as well as providing solace to the grieving owners who bring their companions here for a final rest. AWL is helping these strays together with the cimitero per animali owners Lisa and Anna with some donations.

They want these dogs to have a warm loving family and would love for people to be able to adopt them. They will of course be spayed & neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed and with a beautiful collar. The grey Mastiff in the picture is a loving goof and ready to be loved forever by a family. There are three (3) Dalmatians, and some "fur balls" of joy.

Yes we do not do the adoptions, but when being asked we or course want to help, by letting the words travel to your computer, and your heart.

Are you ready for some Amore?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Project: Supermarket Dogs

Animals Without Limits are looking at a new project since this is starting to become a big problem for the strays "hanging" outside big supermarket areas. The heat is incredible, not just for the humans but also for the animals.

The dogs are seeking shade, and places with air conditioning likely in between the doors into the stores. Some people find it annoying seeing the dogs laying there--many don't like to be reminded by the sight of dirty, homeless dogs. One person told me that it reminded her of seeing dirty, homeless people. She could never face them, she felt uncomfortable.

So the Animal Control gets involved to "clean" up the situation and the dogs end up in the "shelters of no return" were they will sit locked in the dark, among hundreds or thousands of their fellow prisoners. With little hope of adoption or freedom --- a life sentence until the light goes away forever behind their eyes --- they will languish in inhumane conditions to earn the shelter-owners Euro 3.00 per day per head from the government.

Everything that has life, should always be treated with respect.

Sabine--AWL volunteer --- and I went and looked for the three dogs that are now hanging around this Super Market. It breaks your heart that you cannot do more for them quickly, before the Animal Control arrives.

We bought dog food (took the trash with us when we left) a bowl, and water bottles. Gave them Expot (a topical insect repellent) to prevent them from insects bites that are an enormous problem here.

We also talked to one of the stores, closest to one dog, and asked her to call AWL as soon as possible if she saw the Animal Control.

Our goal is to do something for these three dogs. Yes, you cannot save them all, but I was told a story from a friend when I was saying the same thing (see if I remember it correctly):

'The beach was full of starfish and a little boy was picking up one by one and tossing them back into the ocean.

His father came up next to him and said, "Son, it is no use, you cannot save them all."

The son looked up at his father and answered, "You tell that to the starfish that are now back in the sea!"

That is why we try! Hopefully we all can see the Amore!

(More to come on the Ipercoop dogs!)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

New AWL Project: Dusty

"Dustflake". Copyright (c) 2008 Ylva Drougge-Mercer

A couple of days ago I got a phone call from my friend --- and AWL-worker --- Ylva. With her bubbly voice she told me about her new "friend" a small skinny young female that was hanging around her street and gate. I told her to give this female dog water but not too close to her house or the dog would soon move in.

Ylva did so. Later I got a phone call, same exited voice, "Oh! She is so cute, I think I will feed her."

The next day, another even more exited phone call; "I have her in our garden, she is so lovely to me and my family. I want to give her something in return." Later, "I want to take her to the veterinarian and boost her health up, and fur and then take care of her."

Said and done! I made an reservation at the veterinarian station and picked up Ylva and "Dustflake" (don't worry, it is a working name) and drove her out to Lega Pro Animale where she will stay for three days getting sterilized, vaccinated, her leg checked... well, tutti.

"Dustflake" chose a great family with a lot of Amore! Dogs know these things!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Horse Beating

On my way out to the veterinarian clinic yesterday, I saw a horse with a buggy and three big men sitting inside it. Coming towards me on the same small narrow road, I pulled to the side and waited, I didn't want the horse to be scared by my big Suburban.

The young horse were trotting, with a body shape like a half moon, trying to escape the brutal whips she got from one of the big men behind her. The horse tried to slow down while passing me, and the man whipped her harder on her back, and back legs.

The three men looked at me while passing, and I yelled "Basta, basta!" (stop!stop!)

With tears in my eyes I saw the man walk off the buggy, and while holding the horse he whipped her as hard as he possible could.

It is not many times I pray, but at that moment I prayed with tears in my heart, for more Amore!

After I wrote this I read my Swedish newspaper. There it was an article about beating and scaring trotters to trot faster on asphalt. It was posted on YouTube and behind you can see motorcycles drive and scare the horses to trot faster. Along the way stands bystanders watching, this is the new sport. The horses are kidnapped from Italian trainers and later on used in illegal street racing in Italy.

This is no human Amore!