Monday, February 29, 2016

Fast to the Veterinarian Today

I saw pee dribbles on the floor I looked around on 12 dogs trying to zoom in who's it was.

I divided them into sections and my eyes glued on the yellow Labrador Trooper 

Fifteen minutes I saw dribbles in one section-- where Trooper stayed. Then i saw tiny blood. I whipped his pe is and yes.. There it was!

I called our veterinarian right away and left the house! 

Ultrasound showed very bad bladder infection no crystals. Injections, antibiotics and b vitamin and medicine with me home! 
Thank you Dr Hummel

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Daryl is Better

We are so happy no words can describe the inner hear beat in our chests

He can now eat and we transported him to a wonderful carrying foster mom, Sheryl

We got someone in Sweden that is really interested to adopt him. Now he has to get stronger But we are so happy!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Daryl Little Prince

He was found on the streets and being sick The veterinarian have done many different tests, deworming, IV and with vitamins. Daryl still got fever and not doing very well.
We are worried Please send light and prayers.
Every hour we hope and are holding our breath Come on Daryl, you can do it!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Forever Foster Home

"Life has to go on" as Nonna Maria would have expressed herself

This morning we took Bomba to the veterinarian for vaccination, de worming and health check.
Bomba lived earlier in an older family that couldn't take care of her. She was being brought to the veterinarian to be but down to sleep. The veterinarian refused. 
In a shelter a black older dog got not much chance to be adopted, I would say no chance at all. 
We stepped in and got a wonderful forever foster family. In return we help with some invoices (agreed) 

This is a wonderful win/win situation for the dog, new family and AWL 

That's Amore!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Coming Home

This little one is soon coming home to his new family!

From Italy to Sweden ❤️
That's Amore!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Germany and Sweden Rescue Mission

Arischa and Snuffle were staying in my house for a couple of days here in southern Germany. I like to have new rescue dogs staying at my house since I can read them and get to know them. It has happened that people have adopted dogs and then blamed something on the dog that was not true. In this case I can document everything. Of course, some things can change at the new owner that didn't happen here, due to different kind of energies or not well-behaved children ;-)
We the flew Stuttgart, Germany to Stockholm, Sweden to meet the two new moms. Arichas new mom I had met earlier 20 years ago when I worked with her horse(s) She also volunteer for Swedish organisation that help Spanish dogs (she adopted from there too, great dogs)
Sweet Eva came and had brought a blanket for Snuffle since it was cold- They bonded directly. Snuffle had been bought as a small puppy, the owner had got tired and abandon him. Snuffle was like a happy flying squirrel. Me and my children loved him. We were so happy Eva had adopted him, or we would have kept him.....#14 dogs I am trying to cut down on the amount of rescue dogs.

I am so touched and thankful Eva for the handmade gift you made for me. It has a special place in my home. Thank you !

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Meeting with Portugal Rescue Organisation

 For the first time I flew to Portugal, Lisbon to meet the organisation that are doing a lot of changes for the animals without a home or stuck behind bars. It was a pleasure meeting them and the veterinarian team behind the changes.
 It was heartbreaking to come to the shelter that is communal shelter. The smell, the cages the sad eyes, the hopeful eyes the hopelessness  My tears came but as I said, 'its not a weakness to show tears as long as you want to do something to change the world'
 This is how they sit for years, alone. A 2 kg rat is passing in between the bars to eats some dogfood. No one goes in to them to pet, only a hose of cold water is being washed in splashing the dogs. No blankets, nothing. On weekends no one.
 I met a homeless dog that belongs to a homeless man. But they are rish they belong to each other and they got their freedom.
 Are these dogs normal in their head after years in these boxes?
 Many are! AWL flew out one girl that had been there for quiet some time. Another young dog that was being abandon by its owner.
 Thank you Mafalda and Raquel for showing me around!
 I flew with Lufthansa and what a wonderful trip back to Germany. So much love for the dogs.
I had Snuffle as a hand luggage and Arischa flew cargo. I was nervous for her. But everything went wonderful.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wonderful people

The world Are full with so many wonderful people 
On Lisabon airport I got so happy to see a Starbucks coffee shop I hurried over with my rescue dog Snuffle!

I ordered a chai tea soy and while waiting I told them About Snuffle!
They looked at him and then me, "Really?"
I nodded a yes.
"It's on the house!"

Amazing! Than you Starbucks Staff

That's Amore! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Curls and Love

Senior Angelo rescued from Italy has a heart of gold. Three legs faster than our Labrador 

Curls and Love

Senior Angelo rescued from Italy has a heart of gold. Three legs faster than our Labrador