Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Talented Martina Ricci designed our new flyer, and AWL loves it. Thank you so much, you put a lot of That's Amore in the design.

Monday, May 30, 2011


As we remember our Military men and women this Memorial Day. Also remember the dogs that have served beside them.

Silver Trails Animal Inn picture shared)

Friday, May 27, 2011


The summer can start! Friday June 3 at Hotel AGORA in Lago Patria/Varcaturo. Starts 18.00 --

BBQ and Charity for the Animals.

Great fantastic hand made Italian Jewelry, raffles with wonderful prices.

Bring your children, and your wallet, have great food and meet wonderful people. That's Amore!

Via Staffetta 217, Lago Patria 80014
081 334 05 94

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We named him Fluke.

He is maybe 6 months old, found roaming around in Lago Patria, scared by cars and other strange noises around him. You could tell right away he was someones pet.

He got a collar, but no microchip or other tags. You can tell he is not a stray!

He is a puppy that someone didn't teach manners. He is loved, but has no style. That is not a problem since Fluke is a fast learner. He was not used to other dogs, scared he entered my whole pack who think he has no manners.

He wants so badly to be next to you, not annoying but to be assured you wont leave. He hates to be alone.

Every morning he goes with the children to the bus stop, he loves the attention. And when the kids goes on the bus, he wants to join.

Reward to any kind of information. If he is abandoned I want to know so we can start the process of advertising him for adoption. Please, for Fluke's future.

Monday, May 23, 2011


We got to met Benny, recently home from a tour in China. Benny Rosenqvist is a famous medium and author, and also AWL Adviser.
Like always it is thrilling, loving and growing to meet Benny. Olivia was extra happy since he is her Godfather. That's Amore.

Visit his homepage Benny Rosenqvist

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Yesterday while walking home this handsome male, 6 months old was struggling by (with) himself on the streets. He was scared for the cars, and people, jumping back and forth nearly killing himself.
Me and my children managed to take him gentle to our house.
He was not used going in a car, not used being inside a house and not used by other dogs--so when my 19 dogs came to greet him, he didn't know what to think.

He is a fast learner, and plays very well now. He even went with us to the hospice today where he and Billy Bob had a blast playing.

He has a collar but no microchip. Anyone know anything about this dog? A reward is promised!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Our Craig from Los Angeles did it again, he is our AWL Guardian Angel. He donated money for Robyn's surgery/amputation. Thank you so much, you are our hero.

Also Lena Lilier donated to "Sweet Robyn" so we could go back to Dr Damiani for a health check afterwards.

Himmelska Hundar Milla and Kate donated also for Robyn, AWL were able to buy painkiller.

AWL Sweden sent AWL International, donations from different members in Sweden, and from donation jars in HH cafe'

But Robyn has destroyed a whole room and we have no money to cover those expense. We were promised donations for her, but these persons decided later on not to donate when they heard that Robyn's surgery was covered. Please we need help.

Ulla Linders sent donation to buy dog food for Adrianna's shelter which we did (see preview blog)

Mille Grazie Sandri Federica soldi donatzione. That's Amore.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


This weeks column is about humans abandoned animals and then blaming the mess on God. Or they will turn the other check away scared of maybe meting the person in the future.
Responsibility and Commitment is a weak vein in the humans body.

Read the column and you can have it translated by google. That's Amore help!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Open House at Casa dell'Amore this Friday 20th at 18.00 Prosecco and beautiful jewelry.
Buying for 10 euro, 5 euro goes to AWL. Now That's Amore!

Porte aperte a Casa dell'Amore questo Venerdì alle ore 18.00 Prosecco e gioielli fantastici.

That's Amore!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


AWL got great help from Maria Hahne (Sweden) She flew down and helped out at the hospice every day and did that so fantastic --so the last days she was there by herself runing the place.
She also got to visit a shelter, and Dr Damiani clinic. With great passion and strong hands, did she clean, walk, fed and kiss all the Casa dell'Amore clients with fantastic Amore. We all are so thankful for her help (and donation) That's Amore!

AWL got a great suprise when we open the package with these beautiful key rings (flashlights) Donated from Ulla Linders (Sweden) '

This is bright Amore!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Swedish volunteer Maria Hahne flew down to help out. We took Billy Bob with us to Dr Damiani for his rabies shot and blood test done (and microchip). Billy Bob is finally getting adopted by a wonderful lady and her family in Sweden. Maria was very impressed by Dr Damiani and also thought it was extra fun to met him. Since, he was the one treating the very sick dog Bonita that Maria adopted

Little sweet Pennylane got vaccinated and microchip. She was rescued from the highway.

This was a good morning, and thank you Dr Damiani for your passion and commitment to the animals. That's Amore!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Ms Mapel was found roaming around on the streets, lost and scared. She was brought to the hospice were she became a Alpha lady. She didn't mind taking place.Martina our great adopting coordinator found a lovely home up North.

We are so blessed, they keep loving her and sending us pictures.

Now, that's Amore!

Monday, May 9, 2011


New picture of our little tropper. It is a "he"

An American family found a kitten stuck in a hole behind a wall in their parco. It was crying and crying for hours, and they never saw his/hers mother. The hole was at the bottom of a long slope, and the man was afraid it had crawled out of wherever the mom was nesting and rolled down the hill and into the hole. Once he heard it and saw where it was, he couldn’t leave it there.
They took it to a local vet that night (at midnight!), but they had no good advice besides “put it back where you found it.” He did direct them to a pharmacy which sold kitten formula, so at least it’s had some food.
This little Kitten is up for adoption to a loving forever home (no de clawing)

I have been feeding every two hours, but that was too much for him/her. So I we went to every three or four hours and he/she likes that MUCH better. Eats well, sleeps well. VERY active. I can see how it got itself into so much trouble. Yes, I'm definitely feeding him night and day around the clock, and cuddling, too. I feel like a zombie though. No sleep for me, yet. Reminds me of when my daughter was an infant.The kitten's fur is healthy looking and feeling. It seems to be getting very used to being held and as of midnight last night, it started purring, when I cuddle him to my chest. The purr of a 2-3-week old kitten is cute beyond words! The kitten eats, sleeps, and hollers very healthily. I think it's even yelling at me sometimes when I wake him/her from a nice nap to feed.Someone is going to be very lucky and get a very cute, very active, very curious, very sweet, and I think very beautiful kitten. :) Kristin


Sunday, May 8, 2011


... to all two AND four-legged mothers.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Remember Sunday Rose from earlier blog, found close to death in a water filled ditch. Re-fresh your memory here.
She went to Dr Damiani for a health check and we had a immune system biopsy done to see how her immune system was doing. And to our delight, nothing wrong with that.

She is fantastic. Now her little tail is going in a full speed when she hears us, and even a cute bark. She jumps up on our leg to be more petted. She is full off energy and her belly is growing, she is actually getting chubby. That;s Amore.

Thank you Veterinarian Sara who rescued Sunday Rose and donated a lot of food an a whole bag of medicine. That was wonderful.

Thank you Dr Damiani for your time to make Sunday Rose stronger and healthier too.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Outside the CONAD food store in Lago Patria there have been two strays living. They had been living there for many years and some of the local people couldn't even remember when they had first arrived. Many times when I went there to do some food shopping, I would buy an extra pate of wet food for them. I know I was not the only one. They were kind of chubby.

Two years ago one of them had a wound on his ear, a veterinarian and I stopped and wanted to medicate. Out came the store manager asking what we were trying to do. The veterinarian, who thankfully spoke Italian, explained who we were. The man looked at us and nodded his head, we could medicate. The people were looking out for "their" strays.

Many people were kind towards the animals, feeding them and keeping an eye on them. Some international people just can't seem to stand seeing what they feel is an abandoned dog, one who is not laying on a dog bed.
The difference was, these dogs were born free, lived free and didn't understand what a dog bed was!

The male got better, and his partner an older female that I called "Momma dog" stayed around the parking lot. This last year people started getting worried about Momma dog, she was old and winter became so cold for her. But what to do with a dog who didn't want you to touch her or bring her somewhere, she only wanted to live and die outside her store:
CONAD. That's why we often don't like to watch documentaries about animals in the wild, where Mother Nature let them die or become eaten when weak.

Working with the Italian volunteers was wonderful. They were my eyes and updated me about the strays who lived around us. One morning last week, a message from Martina came to my phone. She was very upset and told me that ASL (Governmental veterinarian/dogcatcher) had caught "Mamma dog"
and brought her in. Someone had called and said she had a tumor on her leg (which she had).

I became upset since I knew they would never put her back where she belonged, where her friends were, two legged and four legged. I could only image how afraid she must have been. She was a very shy, laid-back dog, never went up to strangers, stayed a little removed. You actually didn't see her even if she stood in front of you.

Locked in a cage in a truck, brought to a noisy place with other dogs howling, shots and then woke up in another cage with more noise. They would afterwards drive her to the Governmental Shelter in Giuliano --- the well known death shelter --- where we had filmed and many volunteers broke down crying.

I texted back asking Martina to call and ask after the dog, "Could we take her?"

Martina knew this dog, she knew the people who fed her. She would try but it would be difficult.

Sometimes, your love can harm and destroy. "Momma Dog" had a small tumor on her leg, and for that, her freedom would be gone. Her last months would be on a wet concrete floor, never go out and where a water hose stuck in through the bars, and cold water rinsing away her poo and pee. A water bowl with green algae bottom, and the noise from 300 dogs never quieting, always horrifying. She would die alone with strangers and not the one who loved her, who she had spent her life with.

Some dogs with long freedom and friends, should end their life's there, if not suffering. How would you want to die? In a mental instuition tied to a bed among strangers and their constant screams?

Martina texted me back. We could come and pick her up the next day as long as we changed bandages and gave medicine. After Easter we had to show her to the ASL again. The next day Pio drove fast and picked poor "Mamma Dog" up who was clearly terrified. Lovely, but terrified. She didn't look at you, it was like "if I don't see you, you won't see me!"

We brought her up on the second floor at the Hospice, where the big balcony was set up for her, with blankets as beds and plenty of food.

When she met Martina she became very happy and her tail went off wagging rapidly, she saw someone she recognized, a friend. The next day when I came she was happy and sweet, like she understood this was a good place. For several days now I have changed bandages and injected anti-biotics. Tomorrow Pio is taking her back to ASL so they can check that we have done a good job.

Please keep your paws crossed for "Momma Dog," alias Friend (Amica), that she can return to us again. We have a plan B for her, an Amore plan B.