Sunday, September 27, 2009

AWL Supporter

Himmelska Hundar Cafe are great supporters --they support many organizations that are out rescuing bears and dogs (Ours are to the right).

I totally forgot how beautiful and fantastic Stockholm is. So green, clean and full of green parks, dogs being walked, and always with their owners.

Interview Radio

One hour interview please click here on the link

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Late afternoon drove AWL out the fridge, and it was a horrible weather. It rained cats and dogs--bad joke--the weather broke the sunscreen down.

Rossella was so touched for the gift from you all --see yesterdays blog--and I also want to thank you all who forwarded the e mails about "shelter in need".
Thank you all, soon we will post videos from the happy refrigerator moment
Please visit for more pictures.


IN TWO days!! AWL can today drive out the refrigerator thanks to You!
Fantastic! AWL are so thankful for your quick response and action. Our youngest volunteer four years-old donated 2 euro from her savings.
Without you we could never done it. Thanks for great Amore team working.

Eric Wooley (US), Keegan Kasten(US), Carina Lidbom (SE) China Platou (SE) Kristine Willis (US), Polly K Truzzolino (US), Pamela Roark (US) Herbert Boutwell (US) Erika & Bobby Andersson (SE) Tracey & Craig Klebber (US) And my beloved husband who cursed me sweetly because I had put in the third seat in the SUV. I love you too! Time to go out in the rain and drive the fantastic present to Rossellas shelter.
More to come!

Monday, September 21, 2009


AWL is in need of a small refrigerator!

One of the shelters we are helping, their only fridge broke down. It means that vaccination and medication will go bad.

We have started to collect donation money to buy one.

Eric, Keegan, me, Olivia, Todd have donated. Will you join us? Please use the "DONATE" button here on the blog, and then send me an email to tell me you want the money to go specifically for the refrigerator. It's that simple.

PS, We have contacted some manufactures...we will see if someone has a cold or warm Amore!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mission Clean Shelter

When you click on this image to enlarge, you can see how many flies that were covering the bowls and table... everything. The whole place was covered with black flies, and it was difficult not to complain. The team was fantastic never a complaint about the smell, flies, worms and dirt. They washed dogs, and started to help with cleaning some of the cages. Also, cutting off big hair "dreadlocks" on the dogs.

Everywhere hung these bottles with a liquid to attract the flies, and it must have worked, they were all filled thick with the flies, but there were so many more. "No vacancy" I guess :)~ You could see the big mass crawling on each other, it was like living cola. It felt like being in the African bush. The dogs seemed to be used to it. Or maybe just resigned to the buzzing nuisance.

One of AWL's volunteers, Kristin, grabbed the hose and started to wash out the red/orange piles with feces and worms. Some dogs threw up, tongues were bleeding, one dog couldn't pee from the pain. Rossella was walking on her knees, "dog" tired. She tells us her veterinarian charges a lot of money for each dog he examines --- and people are dumping dogs outside her gate, but not donations.
Oliva was with us and was in charge of the puppy section. Thank you Keegan and Jackie for keeping an eye on her. You all were and are a super team.

Rebeca, Lindy, Jackie, Keegan, Kristin, Kristine, Eric and Don, you were wonderful and hardworking yesterday. Thank you so much.

Keegan: thank you for the shampoo and gloves. Jackie: towels, cake and snacks. Kristin: fly prevention, collars, and litter box. Eric and Keegan: for donations to the fridge to keep the vaccinations and medicine at the shelter.

Everyone, thank you so much for your hard and perseverance on a hard, smelly, sweaty, fly-infested day. You guys are my heroes.

For more pictures, please check out my personal blog entry for the day.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


For many months I have had a worry inside of me about Grace and Cuccis' future. You remember them from an earlier blog.

Grace's wrists couldn't take the winter that's arriving since she now has arthritis, and to have to sleep outside in the cold and try to get food would be very hard on her. Even the veterinarian Dr. Gigi said so.

I got a call from two ladies, a mother and a daughter that they wanted to adopt a dog, short hair but medium to big size. I told them about the shelter with 500 dogs (where AWL organized several "dog walking missions") and I arranged with the lady that runs the shelter for us to come when they had closed at 17.00 (due to the problem of these ladies in getting off from work)

When we arrived at the shelter, another worker opens the door claiming she didn't know we would come at this hour. I explained that I'd called and made arrangements.

This lady was very rude and when we pointed at different dogs she said, "No, too hectic." Well, we understand, she's been inside a cage for a long time!

The mother and daughter said they would like to take two. How about this old guy?

"No, too old" the lady told us. (Don't they want to adopt these dogs away?)

She told us to come back another day, maybe on the weekend ... we had to go now.

I can understand that she wanted to go home, but there was another person living there. They know AWL, we have been organizing volunteering and donated food so they know we are serious.

The mother and daughter and I drove away pretty disapointed, and upset over the lady's shortness and unwillingness to help us us to take two big dogs out from the cages. The weekend before, when I heard different speakers at the Spay conference, one had said that some shelter personal get so attached to the dogs that they don't want to adopt them away! Could this be a factor in this otherwise unexplainable rudeness?

While driving away, going another way to the ladies' home I suddenly see Grace and Cucci sitting by the side of the road, at a place we've never seen them, like waiting for something. I stop and throw myself out of the car, petting them and shouting at the same time, "What are you guys doing here?'

The ladies comes out and I tell them the whole story about these two dogs. I hear the mother say, "Can we adopt them?"

I was stunned, all the various emotions went through me, it was a miracle!

Grace and Cucci are now living together with these two wonderful heart-warming ladies, and are already getting lovely spoiled.

I could never, ever have dreamed about this. Some might say 'It was meant to be' ....yes I believe so too, but my heart aches when I think how happy this one energetic female at the shelter was, probably believing she had found freedom. I will never forget her eyes when she was put back into the cage again. This was a bitter sweet moment, because someone who claims she loves the dogs perhaps would never want them to find new happiness together with someone else.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Magazine Nara

The Swedish Magazine Nara made a very wonderful article about us/me. From my heart I want to thank the journalist Erika, who in addition to being a wonderful journalist, is also now a great friend.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Dog That Needs You

AWL is searching for a "rehab" foster home for this sweet female. Her two back legs are probably broken. We have arranged to pick her up from the shelter were she has been for three (3) years.
We'll transfer her to a veterinarian clinic for examination, x-ray and if What we need is a calm, loving foster home for her to recover in. Recovery time is hard to tell, it can be everything between 2 weeks to 6 months that she needs proper care, rest and love. She will give you so much back, she is the sweetest, kindest, loving dog I have ever met.

Lindy brushed her, bathed her, and even cut her claws. She only loved sitting there in the grass being seen, touched and talked to.

Please put your own needs to the side, open your door for someone that needs healing love.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


You remember the cat Tiger from earlier blogs? His family was moving, and didn't want him since he was an "aggressive" cat. One animal organization they contacted advised the family to release the cat out into the community, even though he has been an indoor cat his whole life. Normally we don't take care of adoptions... but when confronted with the alternative, we had no option but to try to help.

Tiger got a great foster home, where Vania evaluated him for several weeks. He wasn't "aggressive" at all, quite the opposite. He had been continually bothered in his prior home by several kids who probably played with him too roughly for his liking, and so he reacted the only way he could. Thank you, Vania, for taking him in, and giving him love and patience so he could show us all his "true colors".

Thanks to that "breather" in the foster home, and Vania's evaluation, she were able to place him in an appropriate, loving, forever home.

His new owner simply adores Tiger, and it seems Tiger loves her as well. He greets her at the door when she comes home, and they give each other their sole attention.

Way to go Tiger! Purrrrrrfect Amore ending to this story thanks to Vania Lamanna

Unbelievably smart: Russian stray dogs

Unbelievably smart: Russian stray dogs

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Monday, September 7, 2009

AWL Cleaning Mission V

Wonderful dogs in all sizes, shapes, temperaments but all are waiting for a home. It broke my heart to understand that some had been there for 3 years. Sweeter than sweet but disappears in the crowd.
Darren our super volunteer always there with the scissor, and always makes the dogs calm.

Look at these two....isn't there a home out there?

From above, one old one young both waiting and waiting....can we ever give them hope?

Italian volunteer making the dogs food ready, pasta and pizza, rise and dog pellets, all together.
We want to thank Anna from the Base that donated 10 bags of dog food, Jackie with all the towels and the super chocolate cake for us volunteers, Eric donated muzzle's.
Lindy, Jackie, Darren and Eric got the AWL t-shirts that they have deserved like troopers.
These T-shirts are donated by Mia Mattsson-Mercer.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Volunteer David

"Another Saturday, another Shelter Cleaning Boo (2)" by AnimalsWithoutLimits on

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cleaning Shelter Dog Mission

They were happy to see us!

AWL had another warm and wonderful day at Rossella's Shelter. The volunteers were working hard walking and washing and loving up on the strays that had been rescued, or owners that dumped their pets.

All these 60 dogs are up for adoption, and many off them are so longing after a home.

For more pictures visit

Mission Cleaning Shelter Dogs Today

"Another Saturday, another Shelter Cleaning Boo (3)" by AnimalsWithoutLimits on


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Friday, September 4, 2009

Me and AWL in Swedish Dog Magazine

Thank you to the great dog Magazine Harlga Hund, (you can buy it now) journalist Anna Demert, you are a warm hearted person. Photos taken by Per Hanstorp what a talent. You all got Amore talent.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Giove, You Made It!

Giove (see the picture from earlier blogs) was trapped for many years in a horrible shelter were he had to drink his own urine many times, and often went without food for days at a time. The lack of food and water happened many times during his time there. He is some kind of terrier mix so many were afraid of him ---still many don't understand that it is often the human that creates the dog's "aggressive" mentality through their interaction with the dog--- and needed surgery for a hernia (surgery provided by AWL). Erika and Bobby sat reading my blog and saw this picture of him trying to reach out from the cage. There was something with this little boy that reached across the kilometers, indeed across Europe, and touched their heart.

They contacted AWL and told us they wanted to adopt him! So the journey began (please read earlier blog stories about him) ---he stayed at another shelter, a little better since they got food every day. Once the adoption was for sure, I moved him to a sort of kennne, where all the shots and tests were done, as well as the operation for his hernia. He stayed there for several months, getting well. For four (4) months he had to stay there until I could bring him to our home for evaluation and socialization. One veterinarian told me to be careful because he would nip! They said "Absolutely no children and he wouldn't get along well with our other dogs."

A little nervously, I have to admit, with 13 dogs and 2 children in my house, I definitely didn't want to jeopardize anyone's safety. But then I have learned from my work (12 years) that people are different, environments are different and dogs minds are certainly different. That's why we test them several times and in different situations. The result after three weeks here; Giove was best friends with everyone in my house, he listened and learned so quickly, it amazed me, and with my children he was polite and gentle (they were never alone with him and we didn't have him on the bedroom floor, it's closed to the dogs to come up). In a car, he was wonderful. Out at cafes; gentle, waiting patiently next to the chair. At a veterinarian waiting room with other dogs, no problems!

Eating, he is protective of his bowl, so we fed him in a separate room. When he's done the bowl was removed. (Why protective? In the first shelter they got fed every 6 days... you'd be protective of your food too!). Once we learned these habits, we easily adjusted him and our envitornment to counter the undesired behavior.

Veterinarians; reacted to the stereotype of a Pitbull mix. They immediately wanted to muzzle him and treat him like an "aggressive" dog. In some slight ways, this was a self-fullfilling prophesy. His reaction to being restrained and presented with a needle was learned from his past. (Why? Dog catchers caught him with 2 ropes and pulled in two directions while one pulled him up by his tail to demobilize and lift him up. We have pictures of this... imagine it would leave a permanent memory with him, not a pleasant one! He had been really baddly treated by some veterinarians.)

We went to another veterinarian to give him a shot. Sadly this veterinarian was so scared of this small 10 kg Terrier and started to wrestled with Giove while yelling excitedly. I tried to explain why and how we wanted him to be handled, but this male veterinarian wrestled and yelled, "Do you know this is a dangerous dog?!"

Giove is now at his home in Sweden, getting aquainted with his new mates, a Mastif and Rhodesian Ridgeback. Why the couple drove 22 hours each way to pick him up rather than flying him? They wanted to have some time together with him, to get to know him before he would meet the other two kids.
This is a wonderful couple who have great experience with terriers and dog psychology/training. I would never allow a dangerous or unstable dog into somebodies home, not even my own home. We have had to put down very few dangerous dogs, sadly not their fault their behavior was created by humans. I work for what is best for the dog. Giove, he won a place in Paradise. Good Luck my friend, you did it my "mini-Mandela."

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Giove Pitbull Mix New Life

His new family started the drive yesterday from southern Italy. Giove slept most the way through Germany. He is now on the boat over Denmark...soon home buddy.
You can read about Giove on earlier blog, many years in terrible shelter, drinking his own urine, getting mistreated. The couple saw his picture on this blog and asked to adopt him. After a long waiting they drove 22 hours to pick their little buddy up. That's Amore