Sunday, May 31, 2009

Abby's Return

Today Abby was picked up from LegaProAnimale having been spayed, de-wormed and expot'ed. Her ear looks much better, now she only needs a nice bath!

Such a sweet heart. Sat in the backseat the whole way home, to her foster home. AWL is happy that she got a new start in life and thank you Brian for bringing her home.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Missions go on amidst illness

The need to help the animals doesn't take a break when "key" people are knocked down with an illness, injury or personal tragedy. Far from it. Thankfully, there are others who are just as concerned and ready & willing to step up and fill in when an acute need emerges.

Just such a case emerged yesterday.

Brian, who with his wife adopted Lui and will adopt Fiore in June, found a puppy where he works that clearly is in need. This puppy has a bad wound to his ear, probably worms, and needs some TLC and preventive medicine to get him on the right track in life.

Because Brian and his wife already committed to Fiore as well as Lui, they didn't feel like they could adopt this little fella, too. But they are going to foster him until they can present him for adoption at the next Naples Friends of Animals (NFOA) adoption day on the US Navy base here. (Or before if a forever home comes along).

Animals Without Limits will help with the costs for spaying and treating him, getting his first shots, and checkup. That and the care, concern and love of Brian and his wife, should just do the trick to get this little guy up to par, and read for a good forever home.

He will surely be the light in some body's eye, and the warm place in some family's heart... we just need to make sure he is ready and healthy when they appear.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tiger Aggressive?

Animals Without Limits received an email from a family that wants a solution to their cat problem. They have kids, they have had this cat that they adopted from an animal organization here since he was a kitten, nearly two years ago.

The problem is, the cat is swatting the kids and sometimes the adults. Of course, this is not working. They term the cat "aggressive"!

They had contacted the animal organization who adopted them the cat. Two persons in the organization advised them to let the cat out... just abandon it.

quote "suggested releasing him as he could not be placed in a home due to his repeated aggression" end of quote

This cat is an indoor cat, if he ends up on the wrong side of the balcony door, he scratches and wants in again. The veterinarian gave the family Animals Without Limits' email and told them to contact us.

We are pleased that this family contacted us, and that the veterinarian advised them to do so.

Animals Without Limits' veterinarian has now encouraged and provided advice for the family.

This cat that has been an indoor cat his whole life would probably not survive outside. How is he going to get food? He has been handed food his whole life! Scared of new noises, and objects.

Even if he is having a naughty, "unacceptable" behavior, he will miss his family and will never understand why he got abandoned? There is always a reason to an "unacceptable" behavior.
This is a serious problem when advice such as this, from "animal professionals" is provided families that already don't see many options to solve their problem.

Keep your fingers crossed for this family, and their cat who is having a problem with something in his life. AWL will seek to find the problem's cause, as a way to find a solution.

More later! Is he aggressive?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Children & Horses

Watching my daughter ride is a true pleasure. And today, she trotted for her first time. Bouncing up and down, her helmet was flopping around, and she just giggled!
These two boys --on the picture-- were holding their mothers horse while she was helping another lady, that touched my heart.
But it was difficult watching one boy riding his horse in the riding arena, in the same group as my daughter.
He did n’t use his feet to increase the speed of the horse. He did n’t use his seat to hold an even tempo together with his horse. He used his whip on the horse the whole time.
The instructor did n’t say anything, nor his father whom stood watching with an unexpressed face. The roller coast of emotions.....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Journey to Cat Island

Animals Without Limits did something a little different (for us) today. We journeyed to the nearby island of Procida, to treat some of the harbor cats in residence there.

Dr. Inga, recently returned from sabbatical, and I took some Frontline(tm) and de-worming medicine to treat as many cats as time (and the cats) allowed. Dr Inga had been there before and knew that these cats were well fed and satisfied with the people giving them respect. But she also knew they had a need for treatment.

We took the 45 minute boat ride (ferry) over from Pozzouli. A beautiful day, the sea air and gently rolling waves... pure magic! We managed to treat 6 cats. One had lost his eye and it was running around with a big open wound. Dr. Inga and I tried to catch him but had to give up since he was hiding under a boat and fishing material. Dr.Inga will be returning to the island again soon, and will seek out this cat to try again to catch and treat him.

Dr. Inga knew some of the local people and introduced Animals Without Limits, and our mission to them. Raw fish from one of the harbor restaurants was handed to us to make our mission easier (sushi for the cats!).

Maybe 6 cats treated doesn't seem like much, but to those 6 cats, it sure means a lot.

--- The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Right now am I writing and doing research for my new manuscript.-- It doesn't even have a working title yet, even though I have been writing 124 pages. --
I can tell you that it is a very strong book about strays in different countries, dogs healing children and communication between me and strays ...not giving you too much information here now (I hope). And what went on behind Animals Without Limits, and other "helpers"....during the time in Bosnia, how many people that did AWL and strays a lot of harm. Never talked about this before, it has been to painful.

Hey, we still go out on mini missions, more about that later.

Wonderful People

Last Saturday I met some very interesting people, and it was with joy I sat down and listened to their stories.

One couple had decided to adopt a dog (in the States) and went to a very nice shelter, found a Rottweiler that they fell in love with. A donation fee was asked for, and the couple gladly paid, and they even paid a little more than double the fee. Later they found out that one man could not afford the adoption fee but wanted one particular dog very much. Because of the generous donation from the couple, this man was able to adopt the dog for free.

This is so much Amore.

The family Wyro are a great Amore family, and even the grandmother has donated to AWL. We thank her dearly.

Our friends from Germany visited us yesterday and they brought donations with them; toys, blankets, dog food and money. You are so wonderful, our dear friends.

Bella with her family, thank you again for your donation. Your support means so much to (us) me.

Veterinarian Inga donated to AWL, not "only" her time but also money. Such Amore.

Vittoria, who spent the whole Tuesday morning translating and seeking/research after Oscar's owner. A very frustrating day.

You wonderful people donate and give us help, hope and strength. I love you!

Computer Nightmare

My computer broke down! I feel ashamed to admit it...but I hadn't made any back up.
The e mails are gone, so please re-send me e mail(s) again.
How stupid can I be?

Lui The Fourth

Lui got a new warm, wonderful family. We are so happy for this. Amore Grande

Olivia got a good bye kiss. We miss him since he is a fantastic dog, but also so happy that Lui now can get even more love from a great family.
He was found on the street, castrated by ASL and released back out. Today, we went to ASL to sign papers and change the microchip number. ASL had named him Quatro in the papers.
Lui the Fourth!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mission Question

I want to thank all of you who e mails me with wonderful thoughts and love. I have got several questions, so why not answer them one by one, here on my blog.

First question; Am I not out on missions anymore with AWL veterinarian, or with someone else?

Yes I have, but not as often as a couple of weeks ago. Different reasons; our veterinarian has been in Germany-- but are now back--we missed her a lot.
I still do mini mission, but I do not write everything on the blog since I am working "bone hard" on my manuscript. I want some fresh stories that no one have read before.
Teasing Amore, I guess.

Here is a new picture off Giove all his test came out great. We are so happy for that, and so are his "new" mom and dad!