Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Handsome English Setter Spot

This handsome boy is called Spot. He was found abandon on the streets, skin and bones and with a broken heart. We were asked if we could help finding him a home.

I was amazed! We found a home in only one hour. Friends of mine, that has lived down in Naples and adopted two english setter rescuers.  Gina, one of the girls died and they have been waiting for a while after the 'right' one for their Princess. I sent them the pictures of Spot and they answered back right away...'he is welcome to our home in Germany'
On our mission down we wanted to meet him and also thank his foster dad Fabrizio. Without foster moms/dads we cannot get our documents ready. We love their help, its amazing since I know how difficult it is emotional to later hand them over. You get so attached.

It was a lovely meeting. What a boy, what a soul....amazing dog. Im in love.

That's Amore!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Our Wonderful Veterinarian

This trip would be so short that I had to cut down on my 'want to visit' list. I always love to go and see 'our' veterinarian since 2008 Dr Damiani. 
He is a very busy man with his own clinic and working on American base.

I had to go to the American base to pick up some things. Who is not coming walking if not Dr. Damiani. We both got so happy to see each other if only for 3 minutes.

Amazingly, he had 'our' AWL t shirt under his vet scrubs. How awesome was that!

Thank you Dr D for still thinking highly about us.

That's Amore!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Heading down to Napels Italy Shelter Mission

With my best volunteer we drove down to Napoli, Italy again. We were so exited and with the SUV full of dog food that we bought in Germany, we were even more exited. --Thank you for your donations, we cannot do this without your help.
We picked up beautiful Nicky and brought her with us to Rossella Shelter. A shelter AWL helped during 2009-2010 and now we are back. Rossella had moved and her shelter was top. Nice and clean.
Its a tough job carrying all these heavy bags...but who said we couldn't. Getting nice summer arms.
As always so many beautiful souls. This guy was so happy to get love and company. He is waiting for his home.
Another little cutie.
Two cuties having a conversation.
Rossella has worked with rescuing dogs for over 30 years. Amazing since it is a very tough work with no salary.

Love and hugs when we got to see each other again.

That's Amore!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Time to Go

Thank Above I'm not born with two left hands!

Both my cars were covered with snow -and ice under!

Time to find my SUV and go on mission down south!

Wake up darling!

Arischa is Getting Ready

Our sweet girl is getting ready to come to Sweden. Sterilization is a very important process in adoption campaign 
She had a family for five years. Family got a baby and they drove Arischa to the state shelter A not very nice place ūüĆļ
Now we are happy that we can adopt her to a family in Sweden

Monday, January 18, 2016

Duncan is Adopted

So wonderful news this morning! Duncan is being adopted by good friends in Sweden!
So thankful! From Italy to Sweden, here we come!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Best Teacher Ever

I remember when I was chosen 'The Dog Friend of the Year' by the fabilous Magazine 'Härliga Hund' It was an honor to be in the same picture as my first rescue Hospice Dog, Dicky. He was in a terrible shape, hit by a car and with broken frontlegs,he laid and had to selfheal. Skin and bones, full of diseases but with a strong heart. I found him in a dark wet cage and I carry him out into the sunshine and green grass. We sat there, him and I. I cried when I had to carry him back into the cage but I promised that I would be back. It took me weeks of hard work until I could go back and convince the lady to give me the permission to bring Dicky to my hospice.
Dicky, you taught me so much before leaving this Earth. In my way of seeing life we didn't get much time together....but for you, it was eternal. 
I learned that we people want time, long time ......our fear to give someone more than we would get in return...we cannot stand.
I promise, when you discover the love that a Senior can give ...you will dare to open your heart heart emoticon
That's Amore!

The honor should go to Dicky instead, 'The Best Teacher Ever'

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


AWL want to thank wonderful Vian Delson and her Gym & H√§lsa in H√∂√∂r -together with another instructor, Lollo and photographer Carina created the In2shape calendar A wonderful donation 4500kr  heart emoticon
Thank you Vian for choosing AWL heart emoticon That's Amore!
AWL vill tacka Vian Delson and hennes Gym & H√§lsa i H√∂√∂r -tillsammans med en instrukt√∂r, Lollo och fotograf Carina skappade In2shape kalender. En underbar donation pa 4500kr heart emoticon
Tack Vian for att du v

Monday, January 11, 2016

Föredrag i Stockholm Lecture in Stockholm

Fira Valentine med en inspirerande Start - 
Tillsammansskapar vi Mirakel!
Alla Våra Hjärtans Dag - för Djuren

En inspirerande dag med eldsj√§len Mia Mattson-Mercer, f√∂rfattare, kr√∂nik√∂r och erk√§nd djurkommunikat√∂r som huvudtalare. Mia √§r grundare av Animals Without Limits, en ideell f√∂rening som drivs av eldsj√§lar och volont√§rer f√∂r de som inte har n√•gon r√∂st -Djuren! 

Dagens intäkter går oavkortat till föreningen.

Kom och låt dig beröras av Mias fantastiska berättelser ur livet
som djurkommunikatör och som president /eldsjäl i AWL
Djuren har bjudit på mod, kärlek och visdom
långt över vår fattningsförmåga, de har så mycket att lära oss,
att ge, n√§r vi stannar upp och lyssnar. 

Mias dotter, Olivia kommer √§ven att ber√§tta om sina upplevelser. F√∂rutom b√•de fantastiska, k√§rleksfulla och ibland sorgliga anekdoter kommer Mia √§ven att ber√§tta om hur djurkommunikation g√•r till, och alla f√•r chans att √∂va p√• detta genom en v√§gledd √∂vning. Ut√∂ver Mias f√∂redrag, bilder och ber√§ttelser kommer ni att f√• ta del av meditations√∂vning och en trumresa (naturkraft) f√∂r att fylla p√• er sj√§lva med energi, samt hitta platsen av inre n√§rvaro (en f√∂ruts√§ttning f√∂r djurkommunikation). 
Dessaövningar och ett kort föredrag om hur vi kan jobba med "Djursom lärare" hålls av en av Animals Without Limits Volontärer Mia Holm

Datum: Söndag 14 februari 2016Tid: 11.15 - 15.00
Plats: ABF huset, Katasalen, Sveavägen Stockholm
Pris: 550kr

Konferencier Kathrin Steinmetz
Anm√§lan: mejla/ring Mia Holm 070-770 0755 mia@thehorsecall.se. 
Anmälan räknas som giltig efter betalning samt bekräftelse av Mia Holm.
Anmälan är bindande då Mia Mattseon-Mercer reser från Tyskland.
Kom och ta del av en kärleksfull inspirerande dag, ta med dig dina 2 benta nära och kära, familj som vänner, och viktigast av allt - Dig själv!

En present till dig själv eller någon du älskar och vill dela glädjen tillsammans med.
Vi utlovar både skratt och tårar -

Varmt Hjärtligt Välkommen!

Djur får inte vistas i lokalen, men är med i våra hjärtan!

Friday, January 8, 2016

You can cry *

You can scream

You can be angry

But never give up!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Its a Promise

The days goes by quickly, amazing scary. So much we want to do, so many souls we want to rescue.

Most of us start New Year with a a resolution of what we want to accomplish. Our promise is to continue working hard rescuing animals. Finding homes, spay and neuter missions, making sure wounded animals (strays) get medical care, food donations to shelters--that allows adoptions outside Italy.

And...open a hospice clinic in Toscana 2017

I hope you will continue following and supporting our work. We cannot do it without you...you are an important link to our work.

That's Amore!

Mia & AWL Team