Tuesday, September 28, 2010


On Monday, two Italian animal rescuers, Martina and Guilia and I were at the AWL Hospice, when an English speaking woman came by. She was very upset, visibly shaking, and shouting at us through the gate.

She had a puppy in the car that she had just found on the beach trying to suck milk from her dead mother. Many of the beach-front businesses will put poison-laced dog food out on the beach to "control" the stray population. We can only assume that is what happened here, because the lady said the mother had clearly been poisoned, due to the way she looked when found. It was a slow, painful death.

Can you imagine the little one, his tiny stomach knotting from hunger, desperately trying to get the nurishment his instinct tells him should be gotten from his mother? And there she is, her dead teet providing nothing. Simply heartbreaking!

We decided on the spot that AWL could de-worm and put frontline on him, and wonderful Guilia took him to her little shelter. He is up for adoption. Please, can you give him hope?

This is Achilles. People threw acid on him--he is the fifth dog that we've encountered oursleves here in Campania who had been cruely injured this way. In some cases, after sterilization, the stray dogs are released back onto the street and in some ways this can be positive as long as the dog does not approach the people. Normally, the dogs are released in the outskirts, in areas of Camorra territory where people are killing each other. Where people are killing people, the life of a dog is worth less than a cigarette. Achilles, didn't have a home and apparently some people who could not "read" an animal got scared and wanted him out of the area. With acid they harm the animal, drive him off and hope for it to be a slow painful death.

We need help with putting him in a safe place were he can heal and get his wounds looked after. Acid burns are particularly difficult, and can lead to infections if not properly kept clean. Please help us with donations, so Achilles can feel there is hope. Saddly, AWL's Hospice can not take him in because we already have plenty of males, and no room. It's hurting us that already we have to turn down someone that needs us so badly. But with your help, we can still help Achilles. Please help us help Achilles!

Either through PayPal or our Italian account, any donation is very much appreciated.

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IW BANK S.p.A.Via Cavriana, 2020134 Milan

Your kind donation would be so much Amore!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Two special new residents at the AWL Hospice in Campania.

We were contacted by animal friend Martina, about four dogs living on the streets in Napoli, but they had lost their master. They had lived free on the streets with a "bag lady" that was now severely sick, and some people in the area wanted to poison or throw them into a shelter. I wrote to Martina, "bring two, Angel and Tiger!"

Angel is the big male, he is 17 years old and blind. His "eyes" are a female, 15 years old. The next day they were brought by Martina and other animal loving people that lived in the area. It was amazing to watch how Tiger was escorting Angel around outside (setting the boundaries?) and into the hospice were they calmly laid down and fell a sleep. Quiet and loving. We were amazed!

The next morning we hurried to the hospice at 0500 to let them out. No accidents in the house, they walked out and made their business and then went inside the house again.

Angel (blind) is so loving and playful as only a 17 year old dog can be, but he cuddles up to you. Tiger, is ever the guide/bodyguard --- she keeps her distance --won't get too involved in the people, always watching the surroundings--ready to make a move to protect Angel at the slightest danger.

We are all so in love and so impressed, this is not something we've ever experienced in over 15 years of working with animals. That's Amore!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Having puppies is not easy but kind of fun. AWL got a phone call about 6 puppies 4 weeks old pushed down into a bucket and pushed into an American Park. 2 got adopted by the Italian guards, one by an American girl, and me, I am "fostering" 3 of them at the hospice.

I am more of an "oldy lover," puppies are not really my thing. But my opinion doesn't help them, and they needed help. They are now 7-8 weeks old and sweeter than sweet roaming around peeing and pooping everywhere, and then they slide in it. Eating like small little pigs, but gosh it is so sweet to see them sleep so safe together, on top of each other.

The hospice is a place they can be safe, and grow up until someone adopts them.

It was time for their vaccinations and off to Dr. Damiani we went. They really were good, taking their shots like little troopers. They are 2 girls and 1 boy.

But little Gracie had to stay for a biopsy. She has some skin defects that we don't know what it is. On her back paw was a huge blister that hurt her, and still no fur on her back tail. It looks like a rat tail. I went out in the car and got a stuffed animal for her so she has a roommate at the clinic.

I hope Gracie you will soon be back at the hospice, sleeping in your dog bed that Aunt Tracey sent to you all the way from America.

That's Amore!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This is Leo, a happy stray that many people loved in the area where he lived. I got a call from a volunteer, Maria, who had been feeding Leo for the past 15 years. She was very worried about him since his back legs appeared to have started to get very weak. Could I help?

When I met him on a warm afternoon in July, my hopes were not that big. He had lived on the streets for so many years and didn't let anyone touch him. He is street smart and was hiding between the cars when we tried to put frontline on him. He had his territory that was his responsibility, his job, and to take that away from him might sink him into depression.

Nonetheless, a week later we got him to Dr Damiani, and the prognosis wasn't the best for his hips. Its rough being old on the streets when so many other strays want to take over someone's food bowl and space.
Last week, I was happy to call Maria and tell her to bring in Leo to the AWL Hospice, he is a true worthy candidate.

He stole my heart, this grumpy old man who's eyes seem to look through your body. He is not easy to charm, but there is something so wise behind those brown eyes. His mind is fresh and he is very quiet (and deaf).

He hasn't ever been inside a building, so he stays away from the house. Only now, after one week, can I clean his eyes and he even comes up to me when I am at the hospice. He loves the food, only the best is being served and with raw meat, mixed with super vitamins for oldies as well as a painkiller.

(I won't brush him since he will freak out, and that is his protection from being coming cold too. One thing at a time.)

But he is my Amore!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


This is a story I cannot make up my mind about. Was it a positive experience or not?

Let me introduce Filippa, 18 years old and lived in this cage for 17 years and 10 months. She had never been out, always on a concrete floor. Her cage friends started to stalk her since they started to understand that her spirit was becoming weak. AWL got their hospice, and Simona and Martina asked me if we could take Fillippa. Of course! It hurt my heart to understand that she was 2 months old when she entered that shelter.

She went to Dr Damiani for a health check up, then to a groomer and later that day to AWL hospice. So much in one day....she was exhausted. Sleep and excellent food, medicine, she slept outside, she slept inside. She didn't understand were she was, or who I was.

After one week, she wagged her tail. She let the puppies eat from her plate, and did nothing. When we tried to lift her up she thought we were the dogs that had tormented her, and she looked like a barracuda when she bit in the air after us. Never to harm, only to defend.

She became weaker. My intention is not to keep them alive, my goal is to give them a painless and positive ending.

After one and half weeks at AWL's Hospice, I realized she was getting much weaker. I called the lady who had had her for 17 years and 10 months in her shelter, telling her that now was the time. I carried Fillippa inside Dr Damiani's clinic in her first and only bed she had had in our hospice.

Filippa, finally after so many years --- your whole life --- in captivity you are a free spirit. Enjoy running with the air touching your face. I love you.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Our wonderful volunteer Pio and Boss having a great time together.
His girlfriend Martina is a very good friend of mine too. Loving up on one of the eight Great Danes

Children are also welcome to learn, help out and love.

This sweet heart is up for adoption. They wont grow big, but will give big love.

Fillippa is finally free from her shelter cage, 17 years and 10 months in a cage. Now she gets medicine, love and rest. That's Amore AWL does!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Such busy days, it's been crazy here. We went out to Lega Pro Animale and picked up the whole Great Dane family that we have "rescued." Lega Pro was the only place who could fit in 2 adults and 8 puppies for a health check. They are wonderful dogs, but jumping in the car? Oh no we had to lift them in. Suddenly my big SUV seemed small.

5-6 weeks old.

The same day, we took over 4 German Shepard puppies that were put in a dirty bucket and abandoned at an American recreation area. The Military Police called me before calling the dog catchers, since then they would go to the "not so good' shelters. What could we say? Of course, we would help.
We took them to have their poop checked, and they had some patches without fur, which we wanted to have an analysis done on, to make sure it is noting serious. And it was not Demodex, its "just" bacteria. Thank you, Dr Gigi.

12 Puppies, yay! And I am not a puppy person. It is so much work, they are constantly pooping and walking in it, and of course on me too. They are cute, but my passion goes out to oldies, but AWL helping all four legged animals, young or old. That's Amore!

Thank you Kendra for calling about the German Shepard Pups, Tammy for getting them and fostering them for a couple of days, then handing them over to me. We hope we can find forever, loving homes.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Sponsored AWL with 60 fantastic t-shirts (pictures will come) thank you so much to the Family Seibert in PA-USA your gift was (IS) HEART-WARMING

Giles Evans, Ed Roberts and Chip via Trine --- AWL recieved the donations, thank you so much!

Charles Beard, Tracey L. Nettles, Traci Van Field (USA) thank you for your generosity.

In the waitingroom today at Dr Damiani's clinic, I started to talk to a woman who was there with her cat. We talked about how she has PCSed (moved) with her 12 year old cat from the States to Japan, and now she is in Italy. What a great lady. Before leaving she giva a generous donation. Thank you Miss Hall.

Craig Kleber you are a wonderful animal-caring person. Thank you so much for every month's generous donation. You are our big hero!

Same goes to Giove's family Erika and Bobby Andersson in Sweden, also every month you make sure we are not forgotten, and continue to help the other Gioves out there.

Sara Levin, I recognized your e mail address :-) Thank you for remembering us!