Monday, September 24, 2012


 George is going from Napoli Italy to beautiful Germany. Valerie the rescue and foster mom have been taking excellent good care of George.
 AWL will make sure that George will get the best VIP transportation back up. His "sister" Bella a super sweet Boxer, cannot wait to met him. The family is a wonderful couple, and we know them that is why we can say :"That's Amore."

Saturday, September 22, 2012


You can also read the column in Swedish click here


 Children and dogs are often very lovely together, and they have a lot to teach we adults.  They demonstrate how to be in the moment, have compassion and enthusiasm, ingenuity, fantasy and ideas.

Children's natural way of being and their balance with former street dogs is a beautiful play. The kids are thinking a lot and share their wonderful questions, which in turn allow me to look in my mind for the answers. And if I do not find the answer I seek it further later on.

On weekends, there are many children with their parents visiting us at the Hospice. I love watching kids fall down on their knees to get to the same height as the dogs, or small children standing on their tiptoes to give the bigger dogs a kiss on their head.

I love children’s compassion towards the elderly clients. Meanwhile, I notice how much that has been forgotten within me. Together with my own two children we are now practicing how to be more in the present and work more on our intuition and our thoughts.

When we eat dinner, we frequently thank for our food, to be grateful and at the same time give thanks to the long path before the food ends up on the plates in front of us. I ask Olivia and Max who we should thank: the earth, the rain, the sun, farmers, transportation, stores, dad’s job, mom's wallet and the cook.

Besides that we have a lot of fun, it's also stimulating for me. I noticed with myself how hard I have to get started with my imagination.

A few times a week in the evenings, we experiment with silence. We put ourselves down on the floor for about fifteen minutes and then we say nothing. (Here it is hard for me not to fall asleep!)

Then we talk about what thoughts, smells or any concerns that come up. This is also a good start to learn how to meditate, become aware of our thoughts and to learn to "control" them. But it is also a chance for everyone to think through what is moving around inside us.

Sometimes in life we push away thoughts, forget them or we do not want to remember. And over time, it might be difficult to talk about the suppressed thoughts.

Many years ago I met a happy little guy who understood that I could communicate with animals. He knew that it was through the thoughts that communication took place.

We were with my dog ​​Tjojs when the little guy told me he had bought a gift for Tjojs, but he would whisper it to me what it was, or Tjojs could hear it. "You are not allowed to think about it, because then Tjojs will ‘hear’ it!" the little guy said. But he was disappointed. He had thought about the gift to Tjojs, and expected that she would jump excitedly, but she never jumped.

Talking with children is amazing. We hear many deep thoughts and we should be able to learn something from their natural approach to life's mysteries.

That's Amore!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Our sweet wonderful Princess GABY is adopted. She will move to a wonderful family in Germany that Mia know. We couldn't be more happy for her. In October when her passport is ready she will pack her little suitcase with pictures off Mr Ombra and her dog toys.

In April during Easter time was she spotted by Martina through her car window. A skinny, sick female was trying to search help via walking people in the town. When a man tried to hit her, Martina jumped out of her car and brought her with her to AWL's Hospice. Since then she has been love and pampered back to life now looking like a beautiful Princesses.

Thank you all volunteers, you did it again. And a big THANK YOU to all our sponsors. Without you we could never had rescued her. That's Amore.

Dr Damiani clinic for all help and advices. You are Team Italy!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Our yearly Animal Tattoo Contest is being made. The winner 2012 for best, creative, touching animals tattoo is Chiara V Buccolini (adopted The German Shepard, Frank)

Congratulation Chiara, your prize will be sent to you. That's Amore.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


 Finalemente! Our sweet Sassi got her own family. After a long time were no one saw her, and after  heart broken past.
First abandon by her owner. Lost on the street. Taken in by a family that didn't give her food. She was very ill that the veterinarian demanded that the dog had to go to our Hospice. At our Hospice she grew to a beautiful female dog, but still no one wanted to adopt her.
AWL want to thank Lynn Woodall "the animal free lancer rescue lady" for bringing a lovely family to Sassi. They wanted their Husky to have a sister. We volunteers were nervous (as always) that the family would come back with Sassi after their "try week" Sassi is a big garden digger and eat cords and (everything else) at the hospice. Lynn was confident that this was "the" family.
 Martina and Pio drove over to the family after their "try one week" was over. And this was their update:
"Sassi looks so happy and she's lovely with her new husky friend They are wonderful togheter.
Nika and her husband are very happy about her. They said Sassi is lovely, she never chewed or destroy anything! Just dug a lot.  She dug the size of a swimming. Nika said in the next house they will have a big place where they can dig, since also their husky is a great digger.
Some days ago they went to meet a family with other dogs and Sassi was the best dog.

Her husband told me that after the second day they could never give Sassi back"
Now, That's Amore.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


 Today Angy took Ombra to Dr Damiani for an updating health check, new blood test.

 George that was recently castrated, also visited Dr Damiani with foster-mom Valerie.
Our beautiful Gaby is getting her shots up to date and being prepared for adoption. Got a stay healthy and lovely.

Thank to all you who support and donates to AWL, we can help save life's, without you...we are nothing. That's True Amore.


Friday, September 7, 2012


AWL was invited to The British Community Fest in Lago Patria. There were many tables with exited presentations, from sports clubs to Restaurants.

 Our talented volunteer Chiara Ricci made "tattoos" that were highly appriciated by the young ones.
 Journalist Sandra Jontz is volunteering for AWL a lot on her free time. She is lovely woman and were attracting a lot of people to the table.

 Artist Rita Schneider volunteered and did a fantastic job. We were so grateful for having her there.
 Angelina Ambiginella is having a paint tattoo made. Angy is a very creative woman and had made these wonderful children hats. They were very popular among the young ones.

 Martina Ricci our talented jewelry designer had made new fantastic braclets. As always she gave 50% to AWL
 Our table had a lot to offer, and many people stopped by. We want to thank BCC (British Community Center) for inviting us.

As always grateful for all the help. Martina and Chiara Ricci, Angelina Ambigginella, Rita Schneider, Sondra Jontz. And Valerie Funk for covering the morning work at the hospice.

Ulla Linders Sweden, sent us the flyers, business cards, stickers.

Unique Cosmetic AB donated the Shampoo

You all are Amore, thank you for giving your time to help AWL. That's Amore.

Monday, September 3, 2012


 You can read about our Funny that we adopted from the shelter Caserta (in Caserta) that had a lot of money problems and an Italian organization was working day and night to rescue the dogs there. That evening, we picked Vasili and Funny to come to our hospice (and have a chance).

She (Funny) had severe skin problems but she was looked after and medicated. We washed her every week in a special shampoo, too.
When our clients are healthy, we start to search for a home for them. And for Fanny, a home was found. We thank Silvia Domenighini for opening her home for Funny, to give her a forever home of her own.
 Silvia's dog Nemo gives his greetings to Funny.

 Silvia's cat Tea greets Funny, too.

No adoption is a singular effort, and Funny's was no different.  There were many hands and hearts involved with establishing Funny all the way up north in Italy. Pio Acampora escorted Funny up to Rome, and Funny could stay at Donatella Pizzuti's home (pictured kissing) over the night and then continue up to the Torino area.

I want to thank everyone in the AWL team for making sure that Funny was well taken care of at the hospice:  Martina Ricci, Angelina Ambignella, Sandra Jontz, Chiara Ricci, Ivan Polverino, Federica Morelli, Mia Mattsson-Mercer, Valerie Funk, Lori Alston Garcia, Abigail Long, Sharon Harney and many, many more.

Oh, and I can't forget one of Funny's biggest fan Agata Pallina.

Alessandra Prattico and Ileana Avella (Caserta Shelter's Guardian Angels), we thank you both for having trust in AWL's work.

To all you who donated money to our hospice and Funny, thank you. You are one of our important people that makes it happen.
That's Amore. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

UPDATE Mr Edgar Poe's Heart

Thank you Angelina for being Mr Poes private VIP driver to see his heart specialist.

Dr Damiani wrote last night; "Today, we had the cardiologist at the clinic . She performed the heart ultrasound on POE. Very good news, because she said that POE' s heart does not lo

ok that bad . As a matter of fact, we decided to discontinue all the drugs for the heart. Unfortunately, we do not know why POE had those symptoms like fainting. The cardiologist would like to perform a couple of x-ray and , more importantly, she wants to put an Holter device on POE in order to monitor the heart rhythm in a 24 hours period."
So we are back on square one. But we wont give up, we will find it as long as Mr Poe allows us and most important, want to.
We have wonderful news too. Mr Poe has a fan in Los Angels that sent him and his Hospice friends a check of 2000 dollar

A Big Bark Thank you Mr Craig Kleber. That's Big Amore