Monday, April 27, 2009

Cleaning Shelter Secind Time

The alarm went off at 0500 this morning, it was time to make lunch for AWL volunteers that would be out in the shelter cleaning all the dogs today.

With a fever, I returned back home early, and I wanted so much to stay with the great people that are on a sunny Saturday working very hard. They have the biggest, unselfish hearts, and my hat is off for you all (more later).

Every time I would bend down, I' see stars, not easy with an ear and sinus infection, I wanted a dark corner to curl up in.

But you all out there today, thank you so much for doing this for the dogs. You guys are Amore!

What A Surprise

Remember this picture? Last time we helped clean Rossella Shelter, we all fell in love with the dog Fiora. She was so different from the others, we could tell right away; so loving and used to humans. We found out she had been abandoned by her former English family, left in their empty apartment together with her brother.
Well, to every one's surprise, she had been pregnant, and when we showed up to clean the shelter yesterday, she had had these beautiful pups. And we can tell you she is a wonderful mother. She is having her peace in a small building at the shelter were she can nurse kind of in peace and quiet. Do I need to say "They are up for adoption?"

Fiora and her puppies are proof that there is amore in the world.

Animals Without Limits Team Cleaners

A familiar position(s); bathing the dogs.

Picture; See the three blue package to the right on the table. Donated and sent down from Sweden, treats for the shelter dogs. Thank you Himmelska Hundar & Malaro Farskfoder

Without you guys it wouldn't be possible. Thank you so much for your help and love--Amore.
Yvonne Haag, Andre Siedhof, Jussi, Rosanna,

Dennis and Rosa & Keegan,

Brian, Todd and Edison from JFC;
Vania and friends Nick Lauver and Laura, Stephen Dockendorff,

Jackie Diaz, and the Italian team: Rosella, Martina, Pio and Francesca

Rosa was also filming a video story for the Armed Forces Network (AFN) station.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wonderful Donations... wonderful people

Animals Without Limits can't help a flea without the generous gifts and donations from many, many caring people, organizations and businesses.

A big thank you to Himmelska Hundar and Farskfoder who sent great care packages to the Shelter Dogs. Plenty of goodies for them to lay with and have a busy moment. Your companies are so generous to those who don't have an owner(s).

Benny Rosenqvist, one of the world's best mediums and an author, donated money that was collected during a meditation session.

Jennifer in NC, you always think of us, thank you for your donation too.

PS: The Director has been sick, and will be going to the doctor again tomorrow to try to get better so she can get back to helping the animals!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Saved Soul, up for adoption

He was close to being hit five times by fast, speeding cars. To save himself, he flew up on the walkway, bumped into a lady that got scared (she didn't see that he tried to avoid a car) and she smacked him with her purse. Scared, he dashed out on the street again, nearly hit by another car.
Enough! We couldn't watch this or find him dead on the street the next day.
No collar. But very friendly, clean and seemingly some one's dog. He wasn't afraid to walk into the house--the other strays are still walking on eggshells when entering the house (leading us to believe he has been a part of a family before).
So, for now, the director is "fostering" this great dog. AWL is not an adoption organization, but when something like this drops in your lap... one does what one has to do.

3-4 years old. Sheltie mix, with perhaps some Spaniel? Male, castrated and micro chipped. He significantly responds to an English accent. He is very friendly, loving and simply a sweet dog. And soooo cute! We are calling him Lui, but you can name him whatever you like.

According to ASL, he was a stray who they caught, castrated and released back to the street. So, even though he seems to be someone's pet, he is up for adoption if no one steps forward to claim him first.

He's been in our director's house now for over a week. No accidents, and very courteous, great around young kids. He is an awesome, loving dog that needs and deserves a home of his own, with an owner or family that will love him forever. You can see his affection in his eyes!

He'll also be posted on, with other available, wonderful dogs in the Naples area.

Show your Amore by giving this loving soul a forever home!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter

and enjoy each other's company. Amore Love.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Magazine Coverage for AWL!

Journalist Anna, and Photographer Per were on an assignment for the magazine "Harliga Hund" (Wonderful Dog--Bellissima Cani) from Sweden. A wonderful and professional team that also had to babysit the director's children who suddenly went monkey-crazy during the interview.

Animals Without Limits puts all its time, energy and resources into its mission. All staff, including the Director, are unpaid volunteers. So everything, including interviews, have to work around the real-life things, like babysitters canceling 15 minutes prior to when they were supposed to arrive, and husbands being away on business trips. Sometimes, it all happens at once. Like this day.

In this case, it never turned bad, it became a nightmare.....the children were everywhere, whining, fighting with each other. "Could this be my children?" wondered the director?

But a big THANK YOU to Anna and Per, who did a great, profession interview in less than professional circumstances. AWL liked you a lot, you guys got Amore charisma, and did a fantastic job. Perhaps we could do it again, on an actual AWL mission (and without the children??)

Followup: As these things go, the kids both slept for three hours after the journalists left, and four hours later Olivia, the oldest, was in the emergency room at the hospital, very sick.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

AWL helps with adoption of abandoned puppy

Three puppies were left on this Signora's street, and would have faced a hard life if not taken care off. This little guy, "Tommy", was adopted by an Italian family that simply adores him.

He is a sweet heart.

AWL's Dr. Inga did the vaccination and a regular check up just to find out he is doing great.

A donation from the lady that adopted Tommy was gladly accepted so we can continue to help others that are not so fortunate. Thank you so Amore much.

Good Luck Tommy!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

AWL - Shelter Cleaning Mission

Animals Without Limits mobilized volunteers from the US Navy and NATO communities here to help clean another area shelter and take care of the dogs there. This shelter was in much better condition than the "terrible shelter" in January, but had taken in many of those "terrible shelter" dogs, filling the shelter beyond designed capacity.

Thank you all great volunteers for today's mission. You did all a truly wonderful job.
Kristine, Rosa with boyfriend, Keegan, Jackie with neighbor. Siron and Brown, great job!

Dareen did an excellent grooming job, cutting the fur.

Vania and her husband with friends (3), you did a tough job very well.

Cleaning and brushing the dogs. Washing their cages and houses. Many were emotionally touched by the dogs and we hope we gave them a sunny day. They sure gave us a lot of Amore.
The dog "Fiora" was quickly everyone's favorite. Abandoned with her brother by their English owner when they moved to Hawaii (actually left them in their vacant apartment!!). She is around two years-old and so affectionate and well behaved. This dog truly deserves an owner to love forever!

Sarah and Bruce making lunch for the dogs.
In total, the team finished cleaning and taking care of approximately 70 dogs, and cleaning their cages (around 20). We plan to go out again in 3 weeks to finish the job, and hopefully power-wash the pens as well.