Sunday, January 15, 2012


The Italian team with Simona and friends from us AWL team came these pictures from a lady living in Castel Volturno in Italy.
She lives in a room in a house with no roof, no water, nothing to cook. In Campania region you dont have any security net to fall on when you dont have a home, job or being sick.
Her only friends are 8 strays that she talks to and gives her love back in return. The people around want to have her removed, out on the street somewhere else. They claim it stinks. Her yard is full of trash, but outside on the streets there are same amount trash. Who is worse?

This dog is in need of treatment, she got mange. Another dog has a broken leg after a car accident.

Instead of wrinkling the nose and complain, Simona with friends and the lovely AWL team went there today to clean and medicate.

We are in desperate need of donation to be able to help this woman and the 8 strays. We need to have all the dogs spayed and neutered, vaccinated, examined and then find foster home.

We also need water containers to feel up and deliver to the lady. Cloths, blankets, dog food and of course food to the lady.

You can donate paypal or our Italian bank account

We cannot help all but those we help, we help!

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