Friday, April 30, 2010


A small 20lb. (8kg) jack russel/terrier mix that was living inside for 3 years, never outside. She lived with an older lady who can not care for her. Tan and white, short wire hair. apprx. 3 years old. Likes kids ALOT! Likes other dogs, cats I do not know. She is NOT housebroken, she was trained to potty on paper in the house, so the house is where she goes. She would make a good outside dog however. she is very sweet and loving and would make a great family pet. Barks when strangers are at the gate so effective as a small alarm. (Fostermom)
Today AWL had her brought out to be sterilized Her foster mother Wendy linked up with us at the clinic.

Our little flower girl Abby...hit and left to die on a gas station next to the highway, bleeding and with a broken leg (see earlier blog). Her passport will be done in May and her transportation will be in June to Sweden A happy family is waiting for her.

A content stray outside his best friend Mr Butcher.. you could see his tail go in a high speed and a moment later he had a juicy bone in his mouth. I see him there every day!

And Benjamin, our Benjamine the mysterious rescue dog. He now got an infected wound on his back leg and he has a lot of pain in his leg. Benji had to stay at the clinic over night, x ray and other tests will be done. We all are shaking our heads...this Benji!! But we love him so dearly.

Benji was happy to see Dr Damiani, jumping out of joy since Dr Damiani was the only one that would touch him when he had the horrible skin diseases (see earlier blog).

What a busy healthy Amore day!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


My SUV is still at the repair man and since we had to order special parts from the States I don't know when I can get it back. I have to tell you, I miss my SUV so much. Rescuing strays in the smallest FIAT is kind of funny though.
Today Olivia and I picked up three dogs in my rent car FIAT and we really looked funny with dogs everywhere, Capri, Phillipo and Scooby.

All three got safe to Dr Damiani's clinic, and Dr Loungo took care of them and all the paper work that needs for their up coming Swedish passports. Blood test and leishaminiosis were made.

Back home, 19 lovely dogs were waiting for their treatments, and Olivia took care of sweet ABBY. What a sweaty day full of dog hair and Amore.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Muffin is back from the vet clinic were she stayed for three days!!! Yapp Yapp inside and outside, wild rough games. She's now microchip, sterilized and vaccinated (de-wormed and frontline). She got a person who wants to adopt her in Torino but how can AWL get her up there?
And this little lion look a like puppy was found in Varcaturo and now got a family.

Phillipo (from Rossella's) is waiting for his passport--4 months at a new kennel Marco Sanna--Mia walk him every second day-- adopter mother Ulla from Sweden sent money so Mia could buy a bed to him. He loves it! After 2 years in a "not so good" shelter laying on plastic and concrete he is now staying at a 3 star kennel. Soon, --4 months-- he will live in a 5 star home.

Mia and Olivia went to an Italian animal rescue friends. They found puppies full of flies and worms, they are now treated. And of course, Olivia was in heaven.

They also rescued this little sweet heart from being dog food to a big dog with sharp teeth. Roy contacted AWL Mia, he had seen the picture of her on FB and AWL introduced her. A good match we think and hope. Roy could pick "Sara" up today AWL had made sure she got her first vaccination/de worming before saying by by to her rescue family. Roy have already made appointment for microchip, and when time sterilization that AWL will sponsor.

But please don't forget those that suddenly non one want, sick and old. AWL biggest dream and goal is to open a hospice for them. Please help by sponsoring and we can ear mark them.
We are all one family!


Athena and I are over joyed....we are both jumping! Thank you so much for your generous donations, your support means the world to me and the strays in Campania. I love you for your kind heart(s) and wallet(s)

Linda Mc Clintock US
Erika Andersson (Giove and Bobby) SE
Sara Hoover SE+US
Tamara Hampikian US
Ulla Linders SE
Tracey Kleber US
Tom Herd US
Tracy Nettles US
Carol King GB
Charlotte GB
Food donation from Trine US

Monday, April 26, 2010


Adorable puppies, rescued by Martina and Pio. AWL visited them and they are so sweet.
Found down by the railroad near the dog catchers shelters and brought to veterinarian

They were so full of parasites that it took hours to remove them. Now, clean and shiny and up for a nice warm forever home.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


We were out driving around, showing them "the not so good areas." We passed a house when I heared Milla say, "Look, there are as many dogs as you have Mia in your home."
We stopped and got out to walk around when a polite older man came up to us and greeted us. I love many of the people here, they are so generous in their hospitality. He invited us in and we were so impressed by how he was keeping his dogs. So clean and so nice. (He is also a person who builds and invents.)

For his cats, he had made a beautiful passage for them to run through from the inside and out (or opposite) This was completely a haven for both cats and dogs, and for us too. We didn't want to leave either.

AWL donated some bags of food and right away the man said he wanted to give a bag to a lady with a lot of animals. Would we go with him?

The lady was very kind and kissed while invited us in. She picked beautiful flowers to us all and gave Olivia a present. We saw a blue cover with big rocks on it. It was silent but we sensed that something were laying under the cover. I told Olivia to open up (lady didn't mind) and several cat faces looked at us with curious eyes. I asked how long they had been there, and she answered me four (4) years. She didn't want them out since she had a big Rottweiler on the backside that had already killed four (4) cats! On the other side of her gate were ten (10) cats peeking in, and we wondered why she didn't let the locked in out on that side. She was afraid they wouldn't return, then she was afraid they would scratch her car. The man tried to give her solutions but she argued against him the whole time. He turned to me and said "She has a good heart but a bad head!" I knew what he meant and giggled a little. I had seen so much bad things happen to the animals on the outside and many people trying to protect them. Yet, sometimes the reaction of people "with good hearts, but bad heads" became animal neglecter in its own way.

She had more than 20 dogs locked into a room and we were not allowed to see them. She took out two (2) sweeties but we suspect they had kennel cough. We really would like to help this woman with a volunteer veterinarian who could help visit and treat all the animals. AWL would pay for all the medicine.

You knew she wanted what was best, but sometimes love can harm more than cure. We really want to help her in a way that is possible. Any volunteers?

Friday, April 23, 2010


Pictures (c) Sheila Scoppetta

This dog was dropped off at a shelter in this conditions. The Italian volunteers who saved him, said that they had the impressions, he was there, just waiting to die. He is dehydrated and anemic due to the parasites who have literally consumed him. He had to get a blood transfusion. His fur was so dirty and messy that his skin was damaged, and his eyes were infected. But even so, the people who saved him were so moved, when they saw him getting off his kennel to go pee.
AWL will help sponsoring with a donation for his veterinarian bill.

How can we do this to our friends?

Thank you all wonderful volunteers for being there for the animals, and also to the veterinarian clinic.


A I work with the foundation from 09.00 -15.00 and still it is a non-profit organization. My Olivia is a great friend to have with me and I try to make it exiting for her too. Today while I was paying AWL's bills Olivia fed the rescued male Buffalos. She just loves it!

We had Muffin with us (remember the rescue dog from nearly being run over by several cars in front of us) so she could now be steralized and microchiped since she gained weight really well and no more diarrhea.

Our wonderful Athena has now got her rabies vaccinations and microchip. She is such a wonderful, happy girl. I love to sit with her and let the comunication flow...she is such a talker.

"You are here finally! What took you so long?"

After this we went to the comune house (like a town hall)--it took me one hour to get there--and when we finally found the correct floor and Dottoressa, we told her we wanted to adopt Tiger from the Governmental Shelter. We had a discussion and now it will take 8-10 days before I get to know if we can get him out. This is a sensative project so when he is out and everything is arranged I can tell you the whole story.


We moved Scooby and Phillipo from Rossella's shelter last week to Marco Sanna kennel for many reasons. It is easier for me to test them in different situations and bringing them to our veterinarian that is only 5 minutes away. And also to communicate with them to listen to what they want and what has happened before in their lives. Monica and Milla walked them a couple of times while they were visiting, and the dogs seem to be doing very well together. Phillipo had been labeled as "aggressive" towards other males, and I want to start working to see if it is a true label, and if so, to what degree?

Olivia and I left this morning and went to take both out. Since it is a heavy traffic area in an apartment zone, I had to take both in one hand and Olivia in the other one. They were doing great and Scooby the "nice male" and Phillipo did great together. I will of course continue trying with different males later on. It was a nice mini-mission.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Last week took Bonita to Dr Damiani for blood and urine tests. Bonita had started to leak urine a lot and we wanted to know what was wrong. Monica held her and as always Bonita was a brilliant client. Calm and friendly.
We got the result and the protein level is low. We are afraid it can be something with the liver. A new test is going to be made hopefully tomorrow. Keep your paws crossed.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Marie (UK) had told me about the puppies in Lago Patria and today I went with her to have a look at them and feed them. To my wonderful surprise their mother is the one I fed in Varcaturo for 2 years and then she disappeared. Happy to see she was doing well--and her puppies!
Then we drove to the NEX warehouse on Base to collect some dog food donations and cat food too. The cat food I gave to Lynn (UK) who is the Varcaturo cat lady. And the dog food we will drive to a new shelter this up coming Saturday.
(AWL Sweden left Italy on a bus to Sweden yesterday--what an adventure! Thank you for everything)


I picked up Milla and Monica at the airport and together with Olivia we drove to Rossella shelter.
We had food donation from a guy who had left 13 bags at the vet clinic on base (wonderful thank you so much)

This little one we saw a long time ago carried in a box. He doesn't look that well but better.
Thank you so much to all who have donated to AWL Sweden for the money --, and Milla for the generous donation. For the walking belts, retriever leaches, treats, what an Amore day

Monday, April 19, 2010


Photo Mia Mattsson Mercer 2010 (c)
AWL blog has not been updated in several days and we do apologies for that. We have been so busy that there haven't been two minutes over to sit down and relax.

Monica and Milla from Sweden AWL came over to visit Mia and AWL International. Three days but as the whole world knows the volcano ash made it difficult for many people, and AWL Today they finally came on a bus from Rome and are having a long journey ahead. We hope they are going back with a lot of memories and future planes for the strays.
One day after a mini mission we saw a donkey and a happy one....more updates to come

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Monday, April 12, 2010


Muffin was rescued on a busy four Lane nearly killed. With a bad stomach and a fur smell to die for we gave her four baths and then went to dr Damiani to have her examined. Healthy and lovely, she behaved so perfect.
We were so lucky that a "stomach specialist" was there and could listen to our poo poo explanation. We got special food and some medicine, and we also got her vaccinated.
Thank you dr Damiani and veterinarian colleague for your help to the beautiful strays!
Muffin lives in our house, sleeps with Todd, and she now got the hang of our routines.
She is a sweet little girl--7 months old. Up for adoption.....

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Tammy is a wonderful animal friend. She made all the dogs jump out of joy...she had raw hot dogs (why does it feel weird writing hot dogs to dogs?) Funny enough they rejected American Cheese--so its not only me who doesn't like that super yellow rubber thing!--

Ahhhh my love, Scooby and an old sweet German Shepard female. Gosh they are so sweet. I think I know why not many people want to join in dog walks--it is so difficult to be around so sweet and kind dogs--they give love even if they have a terrible situation--try that yourself!

Puppies and puppies, everywhere..sigh! Please keep supporting our spay and neuter campaigns.

And dog (human) food donated to the shelter.....AWL is trying to donate as much dog pellets and can food as possible. A pasta-only diet isn't very healthy for dogs (or humans). Please help us buy dog food!

Lynn, David, Tammy, Vania and Mia....few but we did a great job!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


On earlier blogs have we been writing about Doberman Bella that Maura found in terrible condition --- skin and bones, and also with red mange. Maura's own Doberman didn't accept Bella so they had to live separated, and Bella didn't understand children and could nibble them. Maura with four children, that last part became a big problem. But I admire Maura, she kept Bella, gave her food, love and a lot of treatments for her skin condition. AWL paid for the sterilization.

We also started to look after adoption options, but it was difficult since Dobermans also can be a misunderstood breed. None of us wanted her to become a guard dog in a factory area. An Italian volunteer shared a contact with the "Dobermann's Angels" up in Parma. Bella got an invitation! We were all so thrilled!

The whole family drove the 9 hours up with Bella and met the rescue group in a wonderful, beautiful kennel. Nicolette, a warm and brilliant person greeted us and thought Bella was a great dog, and super specimen of the breed. We all had a wonderful time at the place, Olivia and Max were playing with cute puppies and rolling in grass. I could stay there forever!
Thank you all for your kindness and great working together skills. Special thanks to Martina, Maura, Todd, Nicolette for saving the Angels! You guys are Amore.
More info and pictures later!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


The family and I went out to have a look at a kennel property and a possible Hospice location. On our way home we took a different route, a busy four-laner and the traffic was significatn.

Suddenly we see this little fluffy thing bouncing around the cars, so close to death that we all held our breath in the car. The little one tried to jump over the median, but was to small and kept falling down on the busy road again.

Todd stopped the car and I jumped out nearly getting hit by cars, and scooped her up into my arms and into the car again. Some Italians passed us gave us the "thumb's up" sign that they were glad we'd taken action.

She is only 5-7 months old we guess; smelled like an old pig stable so I rushed over to Alberto's animals store and had her washed. Then home to 18 new friends.

What an evening for this little girl!

She sleeps together with my husband and is so sweet and gentle... and curious about everything new she is experiencing. She is up for adoption to the perfect family. Is it you?