Thursday, January 30, 2014


 We are so happy that Kino the Husky is now in his new home together with his American family here in Germany. WE wish him all our best together with mom, dad and cat.
 We were worried that Kino would chase the cat but it showed us how wrong we humans can be in our "narrow mind thinking".
The cat chased Kino who was terrified. Sorry Kino we cannot help laughing.

Thank you Kino and family for your wonderful donation to our Hospice Casa dell"Amore down in Italy.

That's Amore!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


We truly want to thank Ms Diane Jensen and Ms Viviane Sellam, for their donations in Mr Chuck Kleber's memory.

Please read more about this wonderful man Mr. Louis Charles Kleber 

Long Live his Memory. In our Hearts he will always be remembered. A brilliant man!

That's Amore

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Write you name in my heart!

Valentine’s Day is soon upon us! You humans will express your love for that sweet someone special. But what of us? We Seniors here at the hospice also have big hearts; big enough for all of you! Make us your sweet valentine --- write your name on our hearts! You can sponsor me or one of my friends by donating 5 euro/dollar per heart thru Paypal here on the page.

Please don’t forget to earmark your donation with the name of your Senior 4-legged sweetheart!

That’s Amore!
Stella – President at Casa dell'Amore

Skriv ditt namn i mitt hjärta!

Snart är det Alla Hjärtans Dag! Vi som bor här på hospicet har plats för många i våra hjärtan. Vill du skriva ditt namn i mitt? Sponsra gärna mig eller några av mina vänner här på bilden genom att köpa ett eller flera hjärtan för 50 kr via bankgiro 476-9246 fram till Alla Hjärtans dag. Skriv ditt namn på inbetalningen så vi kan tacka alla som hjälper oss. 

That’s amore!
Stella – chef på Casa Dell’Amore

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


 We are searching after a forever home to Laika, who acctually have been someones pet for 14 years. Don't let her age scare you,  she is incradable happy and outgoing. Laika has so much yet to offer.
She listens to the name Laika and she was someones pet for 14 years.

One day the family took her to the veterinarian to have her put down for sleep.
This is because Laika is epileptic and also came to have 4 seizures a day.
To their surprise the vet pointed out for them that the medicine they gave her was no longer being used for years, but it was also toxic for the dog.
Medication had to be changed ( Gardenale twice a day ) and immediately no seizures.
Despite this, her family ( an elderly couple ) didn't want to take care of her.
By the grace of the Lord the vet in question is also the Hospice veterinarian -- given his enormous heart. Of course he refused to do the euthanasia of the dog and asked for a small place at the Hospice.
For over a month has Laika been our guest and has NEVER had a seizure .
She is size small (about 8 kg) and despite its age is full of life , playful , cuddly, wagging happy tail .

AWL want to give a happy ending to Laika
A family that wants to take care of her and care for the rest of his life.

Or, you can become her sponsor dog. Help with a donation a month (min 10 euro) it can help the long way for her medicines, or wet can food.

For more information send us an email.

That's Amore!

Monday, January 20, 2014


 We would love a pet-walker for our Seniors, and also to help the volunteers not to have to lift strays/rescue dogs in the car. It can be dangerous to lift up a stranger dog by a stranger person. But also to help our Seniors to get into the car easier without having to jump.
 Paper towels! I don't know how much paper towel we are going through every week. Always a must! And, smelling strong and clean floor detergent would be fantastic.
Some of our clients do have a lot of energy and need walks. Even if they are Seniors doesn't mean they want to stay in a small garden. Its like keeping athletic grandma locked into her room!

If you want to donate money please earmark the donation and we will publish the pictures together with a thank you. (Paypal and also here on our blog) (donera)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Thursday, January 16, 2014


 Pepe a young and handsome male followed one of our volunteers home. We think that every strays in that area knows the love and wonderful life at Valeries house.  He was taken to Dr Fransesco at Dr Damiani Clinic to be castrated. He was such a good boy.

 Even in the car he was acting like a true star.
He is BiG and a young sweetheart. Very beautiful. He would be great in a family together with another trained dog for him to read off of. He is a fast learner

We might think he was abused! Just doesn't like yelling, then he hides by the door.

Never a growled.

Needs some training, super smart. Good with cats, dogs, kids (although isn't mindful of his big goofy size).

Knows only after a couple of days sit, come and is learning to walk on a leash

He is a wonderful, happy dog, that follows your instructions when you say please and I love you.

 Would you adopt me?
 I admire everyone that comes my way!

Few accidents in the home. But hey, I am learning what it means to be an indoor dog!

That's Amore

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Monday, January 13, 2014


 You might  know from earlier blog postings about our Horse Hospice in Sweden. About Tequila, the former famous race horse that got an injury and was going to be put to sleep. AWL did the re-search via veterinarians that Tequila could be a "normal" horse if someone would adopt him, give him care and trust.

We did!
 Only two months later, we are so thrilled to tell you that he is doing so much better. He gained weight, he is not in pain/discomfort. Tequila is a happy horse, having four women that works with him on a weekly schedule.
Still, we need to give him acupuncture, massage and soon the black smith. Please help us keep his spirit up by donating to our Horse Hospice.

He is a wonderful example, that life is not over until last person turns his back. We didn't!

PAYPAL here on the blog (sponsor)

That's Amore!

Friday, January 10, 2014


I have written many times in anger about the abuse of a dog or other animal.  I’ve written in mourning about the passing of one of our clients.  I’ve pleaded for donations, and I’ve reported on our successes.  All of those are difficult to write in their own ways.

Today, I write of the passing of a dear friend to Animals Without Limits.  One who, though we never met, had helped us not only monetarily, but with kindness and wisdom, concern and humor.  And love.

Louis Charles “Chuck” Kleber is one very special man.  AWL and I will dearly miss getting warm, interesting emails from him.  He always made me smile, and even brought joy to my children. You could tell he loved life, and shared that love of life with all he met.

In my opinion, he was a great thinker, and full of knowledge which he imparted with very well written correspondence. He shared his memories from different countries and different experiences. His enormous heart for animals was evident from his lovely support to our organization, Animals Without Limits.

I loved how he shared his own memories in his messages.  Sharing. It meant so much to be able to take part in a person’s interesting life, and his certainly had been (and was) interesting.  He gave dog food to shelters through us. It was such a great Halloween gift!  He helped fund our hospice operations.  One of his most touching donations was to fund “Vinnie’s Rescue Van”. You see, Vinnie had been a special dog to his son Craig and daughter-n-law Tracey, and had also touched Chuck’s life. Chuck wanted Vinnie’s spirit to live on in a tangible way helping others less fortunate.

I loved his positive spirit, so wise and so calm. He had a way of being able to see the light in many dark things.  He taught me that not knowing each other doesn’t mean kindness cannot be shared.  My children received postcards from him with wild animals pictures, and he always took the time to write some words about the animals. He was educating in an interesting, engaging way a couple kids he had never met.

He was a funny, serious, loving, interesting man who probably is laughing right now, saying to his new angel friends, “this is not so bad up here.”

He was a great storyteller, and I am so thankful to have received some of his stories. 
One of his favorite quotes;
The Scottish veterinarian and writer, James Herriot (1916-1995), said
"If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude,
then animals are better off than a lot of humans."

Godspeed, distant Animal friend.  You will be greatly missed.  

Animals Without Limits
Mia Mattsson Mercer with AWL TEAM ITALY