Thursday, April 28, 2011


This is about Shaggy Raggy who knew how to find a new home. Go and lay down next to all the garbage dumpsters, there is always someone who will fall in love with you. And his dream came true. You can read his story here in Tidningen NARA

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Do you remember Spencer? Sweetest girl even if the first owner thought for 8 months that Spencer was a she. He adopted her away.

Then she was 3 days together with a guy with a bad attitude. So she moved in with me in my house to be under "check out" since I don't like when people blame their attitude on a dog that cannot defend himself (her) I can tell that she was great, ok she ate some underwear's, but that gave us an excuse to buy new ones.
I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! Look at grandma, priceless.

Our very excellent adoption partner Martina Ricci found a wonderful warmhearted loving family for Spencer up North. Spencer has been there for one month now.

I can tell you that when she arrived safely, thanks to Martina's partner Pio the driver, the whole Italian family were waiting for Spencer to welcome her.

That's Amore!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


thanks you Jonnie and Ashley Texas USA for making it possible for AWL to have all these dogs (cat) spayed and neutered. That's preventing Amore!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Sunday evening Martina and Pio drove along the highway and saw this little girl walking among the high speeding traffic. They stoped and scooped her in. She was full off ticks and also in heat. She stayed in the rehab/hospice over the night, and was picked up by Mia in the morning.

Out to LegaProAnimale for sterilization. She was such a trooper even if the vet had a hard time finding her vein. She stayed over the night, picked up by Mia and brought back to her house.

Many thought that Mia would keep Penny Lane --2 years old-- but Mia likes to have dogs that are up for adoption in her home to monitor them before handing them over to the best family. Yes, Penny Lane already got three families applying for her.

She is wonderful and you can tell she has never been in a house before. Very shy and gentle, like excusing herself the whole time. Great with children and animals.

Lynn gave her a bed today, and she loves it, she sleeps the whole time.

It will be hard to adopt her away, we are all very found of her, our Penny Lane. She is Amore!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


He did it again! Our super, wonderful, generous man from Los Angeles, Craig Kleber donated $1000 dollars for dog food to be delivered by AWL to Adrianna's 400-dog shelter. We had to special order the food on base and thanks to Bill who ordered Purina, they (Purina) gave us $2 dollars off of each bag. Every one there heard about this great guy from LA, "What? Really?" "Send our regards," said Italian workers at the Commissary. Many Americans were stunned, "you've got to be kidding --- a thousand bucks?"
Trina took the truck and me the SUV and we drove this bright sunny day and picked it all up. I love my SUV, half a pallet was driven in by a forklift, the other 33 bags the guys and Trina brought in the Truck, and of course my Olivia helped. And me --- I had the best job taking pictures!
My angel is a big fan she has heard his name many times. It is important for her to understand there are kind people too.

People came out to be sure... one guy from LA donated to a shelter here?
Thank you Mister Craig said Angel from the 400 dog shelter...yes her name is Angel (didn't know until someone posted the name on FB)
At Adrianna's shelter in their little storage laid maybe 60 bags, that's all they had for 400 dogs. Adrianna was speechless and her love and thankfulness goes to you, Mr. Kleber, across the many miles. You have touched so many hearts here, you are our Saint! We don't know how we are going to express our thankfulness. I hope you realize how many eyes you have lit up with a hope for human kindness. You give us hope Craig. Thank you!

Friday, April 15, 2011


AWL's Hospice had its first, small charity party with a lot of beautiful glittering jewelry, both for women and their beloved dogs. AWL wants to specially thank Martina Ricci and Chiarra Ricci for their fantastic collection, all hand-made. What was very touching and big, they donated half their income from the sale of their jewelry to the Hospice! We are so thankful for their generosity and support, their love for the rehab/hospice animals is so big.

Photographer Alessandro de Falco donated approximately 20 framed pictures for sale, and he took portraits of all the Casa dell'Amore clients. What a fantastic, big heart.
Angelina had baked and sold many of her delicious marmalade or chocolate cookies and donated all the money to the hospice. What a generous team. We love you, that's amore! We also want to share a big hug and thank you to Patty who made cupcakes and brought punch with her. Always a great volunteer. Angelina's sister came with mini pizza and other finger food. Tatiania with the most amazing fudge, it went down quick. Dog food came delivered by Wendy, Kimberly & husband and Lynn. Lori donated a big crate and had a lot of cactus and succulents with her, that she and my children planted. All you who came and bought and mingled, thank you for showing up. You all are our Amore supporters for those who love us unconditionally back, whatever we do and whatever flaws we have.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Picture Mia Mattsson (c) 2011 A small, fragile little angel has arrived at our hospice. We all are already so in love with her. I think it is because her story touches us enormously, and many times pain and evilness can join us together.

My friend Martina sent me an email one week ago about this dog with a picture with the story (read earlier blog.) She asked me what I thought. It is so great to work together with Martina since she is so much my eyes.

It's a jungle out there with different cases and every day we get so many requests, but Martina knows. This past Sunday came Sunday Rose, together with the veterinarian Sara who had saved her from drowning in the ditch. Martina was also there helping to greet our new girl at the Hospice.

Sunday Rose had been thrown like an old rag into a ditch. She was laying there barely alive, her claws were so long and curled. Someone had dumped her, this 15 years-old female, blind, arthritis and yesterday I got a text that she also has leichaminiosis. But what I like with my team is, and what we have learned, is that the diagnosis can be bad but we fight for our clients (as long as they don't suffer.) We are generally not used to see sick animals (nor many sick people either --- we hide them away, rarely seen or heard, certainly not out roaming on the streets) so we fear what we see, scared about being reminded about pain and death. Does it scare our sense of immortality?

Picture Chiara Ricci 2011 (c)

Sunday Rose is doing wonderfully. She has her dog bed in her bedroom, and the balcony doors are open and she goes out on the blanket and lays in the sun. She eats a lot, we all smile when she "Hoovers" in the good nutritious food, and she has two teddy bears that she loves to snuggle up with.

We still need help with donations for her treatments because her medicine is expensive -that is why many sick animals are being dumped here.

People cannot afford to treat the illnesses and many don't want to be lectured at the veterinarian clinic. Their belief makes them leave the dog so God can make the choice. When they hear about us, they say God sent us to save their animal (it is delusional and a self-fulfilling prophesy).

Love has different eyes and minds, can we call that Amore?

Monday, April 11, 2011


Children are very important factors in our worlds growing and developing. They have fresh minds and do not have an inner voice that stops them. They talk as they feel, no double messages, only straight forward fact and insight.
Olivia's school was having their Science Expo 2011 and her teacher thought it would also be a wonderful idea if Olivia with classmates would have one exibit about Animals Without limits, next to their Penguin exhibit. The teacher, Ms Linderman, thought it was very important to teach children of all ages about the problem we are having with a lot of abandoned and sick dogs. She supports our idea that it is better to leave the strays as they are if you don't have a Plan A and Plan B.

The Expo was so much fun and the children did great handing out fliers and stickers, not to forget the lollipops (what a good trick, mom!) We had more than 100 children visiting our table and Olivia and her friends did a fantastic job giving the information out.

Suddenly we heard one five year old say "Oh my Gosh!

It is so great what you do!" We had a big "folder" with pictures that showed: Picture one; One dog is laying receiving IV (We give medications)
Picture two; 30 bags of dog food (we give food donations)

Picture three; A dog behind a broken cage, (we make sure that dogs will be saved)/div>
Picture four; A child is kissing an old dog (we make sure they get love)

What was amazing with the children was their curiosity and desire to learn, but no fear of seeing something unpleasant. Many adults looked away saying "Oh, I cannot look at that." Many times their questions were inspiring and challenging, and not to forget: they are our future. That's Amore.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


She is very old, maybe 15, blind, arthritic, some little mammary tumors...we are waiting for blood tests results.

Someone threw her in a ditch!

A veterinarian was out with her dog and found her in the ditch covered with water almost dead.

We named her Sunday Rose, and tomorrow she will join the others at AWL rehab/hospice.

This will be Amore.

Friday, April 8, 2011


I have visited Robyn Wire every day since she was brought in to Dr. Damiani's clinic (read earlier blog entries.) Dr. Damiani called me after the surgery to tell me the remarkable news that Robyn was doing fine after 5 hours surgery. Dr. Damiani and his team had to amputate the whole leg, because if it were only amputated from her wrist she would still probably lean on her stump, causing wounds and infection to easily develop. She also had to be sterilized, and have two hernia surgeries (probably due to her recent litter of puppies.) I made the decision (since she is (AWL) dog, with the advice of course of Dr. Damiani, to do all the surgeries at same time.
Her personality is typically a farmers dog: distant, won't make eye contact. A novice person would read her as afraid. That is why I didn't want to have her go through two traumatic surgeries --- while she is anesthetized let's do everything towards getting her better. I am so amazed by Dr. Damiani and his skills. He is so thorough and informative. Never is he big headed, rather he is so down to earth and his passion for dogs (animals) is wonderful.
Yesterday I went to see her and out she comes walking on three legs. I was stunned! Already!
If this was a human the person would be still in bed eating painkillers and it would take weeks before they regained the strength and ability. Children and animals are amazing, positive warriors / survivors. She is ready to come to AWL's rehab/hospice for treatment and when she is ready for adoption we will let you know. A wonderful gentleman from Los Angeles Craig Kleber wrote me a letter telling me he would finance her surgery! We are so thankful for his support for Robyn. I also want to thank Lynn Hunter, Lena Lilier, Tammy Hampikian and Tracey Kleber for their donations for upcoming treatments for Robyn. With all your support we can have a faster recovery for Robyn. Without your support we couldn't have done this. We love you. You guys are Amore.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


AWL is still running the spay and neuter project 2011. Above Dr Gigi together with Mama Rosie.
Me with "my" wonderful Mama Rosie (Foster mom Nicolle took the picture)
Pio with Stella. Thank you all for helping putting a stop to the " puppy machine on the street"

Jonnie and Ashely for making it possible, drivers; Pio, me and Nicolle.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Please read Sunday blog entry about Robyn found with a wire trap around her leg. Today did Dr Damiani and his team make the surgeries. Robyn had to amputate her right front leg, it was "dead" She also had two hernia that were fixed and at the same time we wanted her spayed. Wonderful Dr Damiani and team worked hard from 13.00-17.30 with Robyn. That's Amore. Some would say poor little girl...but she is safe now and in good hands. If not found by Rob and Tammy she would have died, slowly and painful. Thank you Dr Damiani, are a hero! More tomorrow!


WE WELCOME YOU TO HAVE A WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL DAY AND YOUR WALLET AND KARMA WILL GLOW. Via Lago Patria 245 (main street look after the two biggest trash piles, behind we are)

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Rob was out hiking with 5 of his dogs this morning as he does every weekend, and Stewart one of their dogs, was barking at something in some bushes and would not leave. Rob usually ignores them when they bark but Stewart was very insistent. Rob went over to investigate and it was this dog with its leg twisted behind it stuck in a trap.
Rob came home and got his wife Tammy and they hiked back up with wire cutters, towels and a crate to carry her. Tammy got under the brush and held her (she was strangely calm as though she was giving up on life) while Rob cut away at the wire that was holding her to the ground. They gently put her in the crate and walked back home.
Tammy called AWL whho promised to stepp in and help. Tammy called and Dr Damiani rushed into his clinic on his day off (Sunday) HeDr Damiani had a difficult time getting the wire trap off her leg - it was very thick wire and very tight around her bone. He has never seen a trap like this before and it made Tammy think of how many other animals may be out there slowly dying.
AWL named her Robyn after her rescue team (Rob) She will stay at Dr Damiani and undergo steralization and Dr Damiani found she also has hernia. She will have to have her right lower leg amputated. When she can she will get her health back at rehab/hospice (AWL)
It will cost around 500 Euros to pay her vet bills and bring her back to health. We will do our best, but we need your help now! Please go to and make a donation—any donation you can make will help us save Robyn! But we need your help NOW! Please share this with your friends!”

Pictures taken by Tamara H